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Combine with Chemosh-The ancient word for ‘king’ in Hebrew is written as mlk. This is variously translated according to the context as melek or melchi, or malakh (‘messenger,’ ‘angel’), or as the proper name Molekh, also spelled Moloch or Molech. The fact that contemporary translators have never been aware of the meaning of this word has led to a great deal of confusion not only to its meaning, but also to the Satanic cult of the Canaanites which was in constant conflict with the Mosaic religion and culture of the Old Testament prophets.


The most significant prophecy against Lucifer is found in Ezekiel chapter 28. Like Isaiah 14, it is directed at the “king” (mlk) or “ruler,” this time of Tyre, but the Hebrew word and the context of the chapter clearly indicate that this “king” is actually a specific reference to a fallen spirit or entity. In the context, he is called both a kherub (a winged angel) and a man, which also
indicates that the prophecy was spoken against an actual living person who had passed through the Luciferian initiation which, for a king at that time, constituted apotheosis (becoming a god, as a reincarnation of Osiris/Lucifer).
In all but one instance which has been regarded as an error of transcription, mlk appears only as the subject of a preposition in the Bible. “Passing children through the fire lmlk” is usually interpreted as human sacrifice to the god of the Philistines (Molekh), but in reality it is most likely a metaphor for initiation into the doctrines of Lucifer which are collectively referred to as the fire of the magi. That is not to say that human sacrifice is not also meant, and there is substantial evidence that thousands of children were sacrificed over several centuries at the post- Philistine period Phoenician capital of Carthage.
A literal rendering of lmlk suggests ‘as the Molekh’ and, therefore, ‘as the Asar.’ Any change to a proper name is arbitrary, though not necessarily without merit. Both melek (‘king’) and malakh (‘messenger’ or ‘angel’) could be the words intended by the Biblical authors where Molekh is inserted. Malakh would be a reference to his status as one of those who came from heaven to earth, or else as a transliteration of the Akkadian Milqartu or Malku. (In the Enochian tradition, the leader of the nefilim was called the mal’akh ha’mastema or ‘angel of hostility.’)
Melek would have evolved as a reference to his lordship over a territory or territories, and indeed the Akkadian bel and the Phoenician be’al which mean the same thing were synonymous with the local deities of the Levant. As evidence of this, the Mandaic derivative melki retains the same meaning, but is actually used in reference to heavenly beings—particularly the Ascended Masters of the New Age Movement.
More often than not, the generic name of Baal is understood to be in reference to Molekh, as Molekh was the supreme god of the oldest of the pantheons in Canaan as well as the Lord of Tyre, but it was also applied to Yahweh by the Israelites living there. He was often depicted as a bull, and the fact that the Hebrews built a golden calf as their idol immediately after leaving
Egypt may be positive proof that the association between the bull and the hunter extends beyond the Fertile Crescent into antediluvian Egypt. In any case, the language and alphabet of the Hebrews are similar to and probably inspired by those of the Phoenicians, and it is not always easy to differentiate between the separate pantheons, as most people falsely believe that the
religion of the Hebrews was monotheistic rather than henotheistic.


The name of Molekh was also interchangeable with Baal Hammon, indicating that he was the “lord” or patron god of Ammon (descendants of Abraham’s nephew Lot). Likewise, Beelzebub (be’al of zebub) was used by the Pharisees in the New Testament and is often translated as ‘lord of the flies,’ but actually has the literal meaning of ‘lord of those which have
flown’ (or ‘lord of the flying things,’ the modern connotation of which would be ‘lord of the UFOs’), and is therefore also likely a deliberate reference to the Sumerian air-god Pazuzu, who was the original Mesopotamian prototype of Molekh. Other names by which he was known are the Tyrian Herakles, the Greek Kronos and the Roman Saturnus. He was known in his last form as the Cretan Zeus or Marnas, and his cult became the last to survive the purge of paganism in the Christian centers of Europe, persisting until 402 AD.

The Elkasaites emerged from one sect of Essenes in Palestine called the Naassenes (from the Hebrew nahash, ‘snake’). (They are connected with the Dead Sea Scrolls, which gives us a whole new light on these texts!) They incorporated Jewish/Satanic customs into the religion of the Essenes, and this is how the Synagogue of Satan preserved the Jewish religion after it was destroyed by Rome and permanently fused it into the greater Luciferian ideology. Their name
comes from Elkasai (‘hidden power’), who flourished during the reign of Emperor Trajan and wrote in Aramaic. This Elkasai supposedly received a book from one of the malakhim while in Persia, and it found its way to Rome in the 3rd century where it was presumably lost or hidden.


Manichaeism developed as a combination of the Greek, Hebrew and Persian traditions, all themselves derived from the Osirian mystery school, with an emphasis on the dualism of the Gnostics (Mandaeans). (Technically, the Naassenes were the first group to called Gnostics, according to Hippolytus. The transmission of the Naassenes to the Manichaeans via the Elkasaite
sect is pretty straightforward, and accounts for why Manichaeism has become synonymous with Gnosticism, even though there were actually many Gnostic sects in Palestine prior to the Manichaeans.) The founder of the Manichaean sect was a man known simply as Mani.
Mani lived in Babylon in the 3rd century and was raised in the Elkasaite sect but diverged from their Christ-friendly teachings. Manichaeism supposedly died a natural death, but in truth it is the version of Gnostic (anti-) Christianity which is practiced in all churches today, filtered through the heresies of the Paulicians, Cathars and Bogomils who were directly responsible for the secret doctrines of the Templars and Jesuits.
Mani’s writings preserved much of what would have otherwise been lost concerning the beliefs and practices of the ancient Mandaeans. Most important to this study is the meaning of the name of the Asar. According to the Mandaic Dictionary, usar (a variant spelling also common to the Egyptian translation) can have the meaning of ‘store or treasure,’ ‘mind’ or ‘thought’. The most valuable treasure in the universe is knowledge, or illumination. Lucifer, the source of knowledge, is light and life and all good things, but he is first and foremost a state of mind. In Luciferianism, it is the mind itself which is worshiped, and it is Lucifer to whom credit is given, but it is the man himself which is God.
It is almost certainly the case that the Johannites were exactly the same sect as the Manichaeans, considering that their existence went unnoticed by the religious establishment until 1622, when a group of Mandaeans along the Euphrates were mistakenly called “Christians of St. John” by Portugeuse missionaries. Between the Johannites and the Manichaeans, neither group ever gained much tolerance or a sizeable following, and the secrets of both groups have been hidden well. The Manichaeans disappeared shortly after their prophet (Mani, or Manes, the name which refers to all the Ascended Masters in Latin—all of whom Mani claimed to the reincarnation of) was killed (c. 276 AD), and the Johannites became dead to the rest of the world until Hugh de Payens brought their religion to Scotland and France.


I believe these entities are all the same beings. Illusionists, demons in disguise.

Among Madame Blavatsky’s writings were her descriptions of “The Lords of the Flame”, who resided on Venus. Guy Ballard, one of Blavatsky’s disciples, popularized her teachings in the United States. He founded an offshoot, “The Great I AM”, which made contact with extraterrestrials a vital part of its teachings.

“This race could live with equal ease in water, air, or fire, for it had an unlimited control over the elements. These were the ‘Sons of God’; not those who saw the daughters of men, but the real Elohim, though in the oriental Kabala they have another name. It was they who imparted Nature’s most weird secrets to men, and revealed to them the ineffable, and now lost ‘word.’ ”

“To continue the tradition, we have to add that the class of hierophants was divided into two distinct categories:‡ those who were instructed by the ‘Sons of God,’ of the island, and who were initiated in the divine doctrine of pure revelation; and others who inhabited the lost Atlantis — if such must be its name — and who, being of another race, (born sexually but of divine parents), were born with a sight, which embraced all living things, and was independent of both distance and material obstacle. In short, they were the Fourth Race of men mentioned in the Popol-Vuh, whose sight was unlimited, and who knew all things at once.”
In other words, they were the Lemuro-Atlanteans,
This last tradition corroborates the one given from the “Records of the Secret Doctrine.” The war mentioned between the yellow and the black men, relates to a struggle between the “sons of God” and the “sons of giants,” or the inhabitants and magicians of Atlantis.


You see….even Helena Blavastky admits who and what they are!

“Sons of the Serpent-god,” or “Sons of the Dragon,”

“The Assyrian priest bore always the name of his god,” says Movers. The Druids of the Celto-Britannic regions also called themselves snakes. “I am a Serpent, I am a Druid,” they exclaimed. The Egyptian Karnak is twin brother to the Carnac of Bretagne, the latter Carnac meaning the serpent’s mount. The Dracontia once covered the surface of the globe, and these temples were sacred to the Dragon, only because it was the symbol of the sun, which, in its turn, was the symbol of the highest god — the Phoenician Elon or Elion, whom Abraham recognised as El Elion.* Besides the surname of serpents, they were called the “builders,” the “architects”; for the immense grandeur of their temples and monuments was such that even now the pulverised remains of them “frighten the mathematical calculations of our modern engineers,” says Taliesin.†

De Bourbourg hints that the chiefs of the name of Votan, the Quetzo-Cohuatl, or Serpent deity of the Mexicans, are the descendants of Ham and Canaan. “I am Hivim,” they say. “Being a Hivim, I am of the great race of the Dragon (snake). I am a snake myself, for I am a Hivim.” (“Cartas,” 51; “Isis Unveiled,” Vol. I., 553, et seq.)


These bloodlines are the same that the Royalty, and Freemasons originate!!

Samael or Satan, the seducing Serpent of Genesis, and one of the primeval angels who rebelled, is the name of the “Red Dragon.” He is the Angel of Death, the Talmud saying that “the Angel of Death and Satan are the same,” and, killed by Michael, he is once more killed by St. George, who also is a Dragon Slayer; but see the transformations of this. Samael is identical with the Simoom, the hot wind of the desert, or again with the Vedic demon of drought, as Vritra; “Simoom is called Atabutos” or — Diabolos, the devil.


Typhon, or the Dragon Aphophis — the Accuser in the “Book of the Dead” — is worsted by Horus, who pierces his opponent’s head with a spear; and Typhon is the all-destroying wind of the desert, the rebellious element that throws everything into confusion. As Set — he is the darkness of night, the murderer of Osiris, who is the light of day and the sun. Archaeology demonstrates that Horus is identical with Anubis,* whose effigy was discovered upon an Egyptian monument, with a cuirass and a spear, like Michael and St. George. Anubis is also represented.

Cosmologically, then, all the Dragons and Serpents conquered by their “Slayers” are, in their origin, the turbulent confused principles in Chaos, brought to order by the Sun-gods or creative powers. In the “Book of the Dead” those principles are called “the Sons of Rebellion.” (See also “Egyptian Pantheon,” pp. 20, 23.) “In that night, the oppressor, the murderer of Osiris, otherwise called the deceiving Serpent (Verse 54) . . . . calls the Sons of Rebellion in Air, and when they arrive to the East of Heavens, then there is War in Heaven and in the entire World” (v. 49, “Book of the Dead,” xvii.).
In the Scandinavian Eddas the “War” of the Ases with the Hrim-thurses (frost-giants), and of Asathor with the Jotuns, the Serpents and Dragons and the “wolf” who comes out of “Darkness” — is the repetition of the same myth. The “evil Spirits,”* having begun by being simply the emblems of Chaos, became euhemerized by the superstition of the rabble, until they have finally won the right of citizenship in the most civilized and learned races of this globe — since its creation as alleged — and became a dogma with Christians. As George Smith has it: “The evil principles (Spirits) emblems of Chaos” (in Chaldea and Assyria as in Egypt, we see) . . “resist this change and make war on the Moon, the eldest son of Bel, drawing over to their side the Sun, Venus and the atmospheric god Vul.” (“Assyrian Discoveries,” p. 403.) This is only another version of the Hindu “War in Heaven,” between Soma, the moon, and the gods — Indra being the atmospheric Vul; which shows it plainly to be both a Cosmogonical and an astronomical allegory, woven into and drawn from the earliest theogony as taught in the Mysteries.

In these examples from her, she tries to explain away the obvious! But, only the deluded are blind. Only the blind do not see.


What’s sad is this form of idolatry had only increased since the days of Noah and Moses…even more so now. In fact the elite worship these beings as their gods. Be aware that these Ascended Masters, and Galactic Federation of Light are all deceivers! LIARS. Demons in disguise.

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  1. Molech is represented by the occult Luciferian/Satanic/Witchcraft symbol of the owl, as seen clearly flashed in the movie “Fourth Kind”. This is referenced in connection to Bohemian Grove and The Cremation of Care ceremony done there. Also alien abduction, which is nothing more than demonic oppression/possession.

    May 26, 2015 at 8:09 PM

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