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Europa Conference


It’s nice to be appreciated, right? And when it’s done in the fashion such as this most would think it’s just as it seems…innocent. But, look closely.
With over 20-plus categories, the tech companies are actually what these founders consider ‘startups’. New and upcoming technologies which are being focused upon.
Founded in 2009 and still run today by Mike Butcher, the Europas are the premier awards for Europe’s hottest tech startups.


The Agenda For The Europas Conference: AI, Drones, Health, FinTech, Fashion & More


The Europas 2014 – Europas Awards Highlights, 2014



Notice the pyramids….and even an all seeing eye!


A parallel event, PathFounders is also being staged in the next coming weeks designed to bring early-stage founders together with investors. PathFounders will bring a select group of 100 of Europa’s …opps Europe’s early-stage founders, VCs and angel investors.




Previous Europas winners have included Supercell, Layar, Podio, BlaBlaCar, SoundCloud, Seedcamp, Socialbakers, Mind Candy and


The judges?
Here’s a clue!
Mike Butcher, Chair of The Europas Awards


Twisted Tree….


There were the clues and symbols…now let’s get into it!

Europa was a Phoenician woman of high lineage, for whom the continent Europe was named. This is connected to the Greek’s so-called mythology. But, if you do your research…you will find it’s true.
Europa is connected to Astarte, which has everything to do with the past and present. Astarte goes by several names but the one that really stands out is…Ashtara/Ishtar. I believe this same demon/fallen angel is connected to the Ascended Masters now, and one of their leaders-Ashtar.
These fallen angels are who the Roman Catholic Church worship and revere…therefore it’s no big surprise that the country was named after them.


Let’s begin with their first winner…
EyeEm–Notice the symbolism! EYE! As in All-Seeing Eye…

GoCardless–this is perfect for the New World Order agenda…right?
Petcube–check on your pet while you’re not home. Yeah, right…anyone who’s a good hacker can view this same camera! Creepy…

DataSift–is the leader in Human Data Intelligence. Transhumanism….enough said!
ZenMate–hmm…we got the New Age Movement connection, right here folks!
Swiftkey–a keyboard that learns from you! Scary…makes me think of Terminator!
CodeClub–teaches kids to read code….computer code. Did you know that when the elite want to ingrain something into our brains…they begin while we’re children!
Hide My Ass!–yes..really. It’s a proxy server…to supposedly hide your activity on the net. IMPOSSIBLE! There’s nothing, I mean nothing you do that’s not tracked! It’s a facade. Why do you think the elite created FaceBook? To keep track of you/friends/family to use their biometric face tracker. Also, Cloud…which is a source where you can upload your pix…whatever and keep it. Do you really think they don’t know what you have there?

Let’s see…what other agenda have we missed…ohhhh yeah!
Let’s not forget who performed….Bearded “Lady” Conchita….of course. Famous for singing…”Rise Like A Phoenix”….fitting don’t you think?

Event Sponsors? Level39…numbers mean a lot to the elite…especially that of 13 or equivalent thereof.



3 responses

  1. “Let’s see…what other agenda have we missed…ohhhh yeah!
    Let’s not forget who performed….Bearded “Lady” Conchita….of course. Famous for singing…”Rise Like A Phoenix”….fitting don’t you think?” The first thing that should shock you is the fact she looks like half man half lady, pushing the gay/LGBT agenda and luciferian/satanic chaos. That is more important than what else she is doing. All the stuff with the Phoenix is just another part of that

    June 17, 2015 at 8:28 PM

  2. Note the opened pomegranate at Ishtar’s left foot.

    Note: I haven’t read this in any of the many sites, books, or blogs I read – but like Facebook, there has been an explosion of similar sites (some free or very cheap) designed to get people to reveal many, many personal, family, and friends’ details, all aimed to create ever more precise biographies and algorithms about everyone everywhere, i.e. Ancestry, eHarmony, Match, Our Time, Pinterest, tarot-astrology readings, Amazon & other bookstores – ebooks to learn your interests, Netflix, Hulu & free movies-tv viewing – again to learn interests.

    Clearly, now everything we search, credit card purchase, food-clothing-restaurants, alcohol & pharmacy item purchased, are all being acquired to understand you and your vulnerabilities better than you know yourself.

    You report to powers-that-be & insurance companies that you are happy not sad, drink little, watch your diet, and get some rigorous exercise. Why then do you buy bullets, lots of beer, outboard motor oil, watch 9-11 – Boston Bombing – Sandy Hook & other clearly nutcase conspiracy sites that claim the government and zionists are out to hurt you? Sites like MysteryoftheIniquity, VigilantCitizen, thetruthseeker, Global Research et al only serve to confuse you and profane your unilluminated mind. Leave the bigger decisions to the extremely informed and only there to serve government agencies and banking services like the UN/¡\CIA/¡\AMA/¡\BAR/¡\MI6/¡\IDF/¡\CFR/¡\CDC/¡\WHO/IMF/¡\IRS, etc., and if in doubt, follow the guidance of the most righteous and enlightened of them all – the IHS, and the many “brotherhoods” and “fraternal orders” to be found by piercing the ‘veil’, in front of Solomon’s Holy of Holies, behind the columns, under the arches of the “temple”, beneath and wearing much decorated ‘fez’ caps and aprons, who only answer to (in a very round-about way to) the supreme council of the illuminated ‘elders’ and godfathers of the 12-tribes, 13-bloodlines, the 1-IHS, and the all-imposing all-seeing eye of their master djinn – Sauron.

    June 18, 2015 at 2:06 PM

    • So, in fact your telling people to ‘follow’ the Illuminati? This is the culmination of all secret brotherhoods….and you want people to follow them? This is exactly what the rest of the world is doing. They are asleep to the truth! I will not align myself with such ignorance. I will only follow GOD!
      Confusion is from Satan and this is exactly what the ‘brotherhoods’ do! You, my friend are confused. Wake up!

      June 18, 2015 at 3:39 PM

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