Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Legion & the Cloak of Light


Legion & the Cloak of Light
I want to give Round SaturnsEye or otherwise known as R$E – props for creating the videos included in this article. What a brilliant mind GOD has placed into this person! Courage and persistence has placed R$E at the forefront of today’s Believer’s who are standing up for the Truth of GOD.
As many Believer’s know, we live in perilous times and in these end days we are coming up against strong competition. This competition consists of people who are (in their mind’s eye), earnestly attempting to discredit people who are on the TEAM OF GOD and exposing the darkness.


As such, we are witnessing people coming up against Believer’s who are professing to be “Believers” themselves. Try as they may, the darkness seeps through the actions of these false believers.


This is indeed the…
“Legion of the Cloak of Light”
I have ‘followers’ on my site which I believe are in this category. If the shoe fits, right?
I want to expound upon this subject because there are many people who are doing GOD’S work, and are getting the brunt of these actions from the dark side.
First, let me point out there are TWO kinds of worker bee’s here! The first kind tries to surf the internet and serve these “Ascended Master” fallen angel/demons by spreading their pollen! Blinded by the false light, they are pulling others into the pits of hell. Then, there’s the second kind…a net of people who float about seeking to cause chaos on people’s sites to discredit their work for GOD.


Many of these people within these organizations on the internet and worldwide, believe themselves to be on the ‘right side’ of the fence, so to speak. They are blinded by a false light. This false light, is of course…Satan and his lynchmen…the fallen angels/demons. I categorize them into the same line because ANYONE or ANYTHING against GOD is of the darkness…and I consider them to be a demon, of sorts.
The most common ‘word’ utilized? “LIGHT”…
You will notice a flow of elements which connect these sites…some of these may prove to be their downfall. These elements, seemingly innocent are designed to trap the weak in faith!
I will list a few sites which are working for the darkside (fallen angels);
Building communities based upon divine principles..


1. We are one.
2. We are all family.
3. We are each individual sovereign aspects of the creator source.
4. That which you give, you will receive.
5. Intent facilitates creation.

Legion of Darkness

6. Energy flows where the mind goes.
7. You reap what you sow.
8. All life is sacred.
9. Respect and honour the self and each other as aspects of self.
10. Take only that which is given freely.



11. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
12. Cause no harm.
13. There is only one love, and it exist whether anyone can see it at all.
14. There is only one truth, and it exist whether anyone knows it or not.


I give you a SMALL list, considering there are perhaps, millions, if not billions of these websites which seek to spread the false light of Satan and his fallen ones. These groups work independently, and also as a unit with other organizations:
Even music is being infiltrated by these demons:

The first lists were those who are ‘caught-up’ in the masquerade…now this second list is more IN YOUR FACE…and I warn you the images are not good!
Now comes the wickedly deceiving….

Who are “Legion”:
Mark 5: (KJV)
9 And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.




We deceived jesus, the apostles and the church.
We are devouring the weak today. We are Legion through men, among men.
Adapa found us and Dumuzi in days of old. They called us the Serpent. The first Serpent.
We are not male or female. We are Legion.
The Axial Rod is our monument.
Soon they forgot our name.
Generations later would find us in Eden as the Serpent offering knowledge.
They had forgotten our name.
Later we would be referred to as Satan, Lucifer and Devil.
Today they have forgotten our name once again.
They think we are myth. Forgotten Knowledge
This has been our goal for the Day Of Ages. We work among shadows.
If you want to join the over 6,700 demonology members of Legion and access the Day Of Ages forum you must be initiated.
Create a video stating “I Deny The Holy Spirit” Post it here:
The Blasphemy Challenge
Once we have confirmed that you have accepted the “Blasphemy Challenge” and cleansed yourself from any previous blessings that may have been on you, you will be sent instructions how to become a vessel for Legion. While you wait for the instructions you need to start fasting. Water only! No television! No alcohol! You must be fully aware for sixty-six hours!
You will be renewed when Legion enters you. The vessel must be willing. You will be asked to make a commitment to Legion in this life and the next. You must agree to remain anonymous with all actions (in person or online) done in Legion’s name. Six of our members can meet with you in person to make the final possession if you are in a large city. We have at least six members in most of the large cities in America. If your location is not covered then you will be sent a time to be online with six of our members for the final baptism.
Start your new life within Legion. You will be known by the Legion community as half light, half dark. Half truth, half lie. You can keep your first name (true) but you will need your last name (lie) changed to something related to the Torah or Christian bible (example Bob Johah). Half truths are the best deceivers. This is how you will know you are dealing with Legion members without having to ask. You will be given an assignment if called to by Legion at any time. If you are in an authority position within a church (many of our members are) we can get you on a project immediately. If not, your first assignment will be “wolfing” sheep online so that we can see how effective you are before allowing you into the Bishop’s Circle.


The truth is plainly written. They seek to cause havoc…chaos. They infiltrate your churches! Your websites….etc. They admit once you accept this ‘initiation’ -you are possessed!
Day of Ages?


This is a transforming of the philosophy/theosophia…that of Blavatsky:
GOLDEN AGE: According to Blavatsky’s writings, there will be seven root races assembled for our Earth; each root race is divided into seven subraces. The seventh root race will arise from the seventh subrace of the sixth root race on the future continent that the sixth root race will be living on that will arise from the Pacific Ocean.
Where did the name of this group originate?
Ningishzida (sum: dnin-g̃iš-zid-da) is a Mesopotamian deity of the underworld. His name in Sumerian is translated as “lord of the good tree”

Satanists “posing as Christians”
LUCIFER EXPOSED // The Rise of the Phoenix

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