Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

12 ancient paintings containing evidence of aliens


You can visit places all around the world and see the strangest things. Things that don’t make any sense if you don’t know the truth.
The agenda is to confuse people. Make the believe that a relationship with GOD is ridiculous. It began with Satan using religion!
He convinced mankind that they needed religion, not GOD!
He also has convinced most of mankind that they are going to become gods.
They disguise themselves as many kinds of entities but the reality is they were the same then as they are now. Nothing has changed in thousands of years.
Faith is a battlefield. What side do you stand on. Do you believe the lie?


Saint Wolfgang and the Devil 1475
According to lore, Saint Wolfgang forced the Devil into helping him build a church. Also, somebody must have done something ridiculously bad to end up as a Devil’s rear end.


The Baptism of Christ, 1710
This is what I believe to be the Star of Bethlehem!



Peruvian Hill Carving, 6th Century
Locals believe the peak of extraterrestrial landings were popular when Jesus was born




Egyptian Pictograph, 400 BC
An alien was offered a sacrifice because this is where blood sacrifices originated. Also the same with cannabalism.



The Annunciation with Saint Emidius, 1486
The Annunciation celebrated the announcement of Gabriel to Mary that she would conceive the Son of GOD. The agenda is for you to believe Jesus is an alien! But, truth be? The false messiah will be…an alien/fallen angel.



Glorification of the Eucharist, 1600
Transmissions to Earth? Really? Technology? Lion with a human face? Transhumanism began long ago, people!



The Crucifixion, 1350
Futuristic time travelers! Interestingly…stopping in at the most opportune times! This is so obvious!



Madonna with Saint Gioannino, 15th Century
Mixing alien ships with Madonna! Let’s get it straight…they were giving you all the clues! Fatima is not from the GOD we know!


Illustration from “Ume No Chiri, 1803
According to explanations, this depicts a real-life artifact found by Japanese sailors. It’s interior was iron and glass and the inside featured strange letters which are depicted in this diagram.


Italian Cave Painting, 10,000 BC
Two spacesuit entities…interesting isn’t it?


French Cave Painting, 13,000 BC
Seems the agenda began long ago to get mankind to revere these fallen angels and that’s exactly what has happened!


Most of these pictures originated within the Roman Catholic Church…which is where we get the picture of “Jesus Christ”….but it’s not the real One!

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  1. Good post, and you are correct. Since we never saw Jesus Christ in person to begin with, putting up any picture to represent him in any way would be pointless. So the reason is obvious deception and heresy within the Roman Catholic church. It is also known in secret circles that in order to be a true Luciferian/Satanist, you are required to be an ordained priest. How is that for irony 😦

    July 8, 2015 at 9:07 PM

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