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Fusion of Illusions


This is crazy, right? This couldn’t ever happen! It’s a fusion of illusions…and someone drank the kool-aid. Well, think again!

The depopulationists are going all out again, pushing really hard for the reduction of 6 billion people on the earth in order to take the planet down to precisely what is being suggested as its “sustainable carrying capacity of one billion people.”

But this time around, the depopulation plan may well be codified by the Vatican. Professor John Schellnhuber has been selected as a speaker for the Vatican’s rolling out of a Papal document on climate change. He is the professor who earlier stated the planet is overpopulated by at least 6 billion people. Currently, the Vatican is providing him a platform which many anticipate will effect in an official Church declaration supporting revolutionary depopulation in the name of “climate science.”

“The teaching document, called an encyclical, is scheduled for release on June 18 at Vatican City,” accounts “Perhaps with the exception of the 1968 encyclical on contraception, no Vatican document has been greeted with such anticipation.”

A completely new Planetary Court to hold capability over all nations… one arena to rule them all

Schellnhuber daydreams about a “Planetary Court” led by a new “Earth Constitution” which would hold capability over every nation and government on the globe. As he describes himself in this data on, he is a supporter of an all-powerful, climate-focused world government that would rule over the planet… a literal “science dictatorship” according to whatever “science” the climate change advocates can fabricate together each year.

As Schellnhuber states:

Let me conclude this short contribution with a daydream about those key institutions that could bring about a sophisticated — and therefore more appropriate — version of the conventional “world government” notion. Global democracy might be organized around three core activities, namely (i) an Earth Constitution; (ii) a Global Council; and (iii) a Planetary Court. I cannot discuss these institutions in any detail here, but I would like to indicate at least that:

– the Earth Constitution would transcend the UN Charter and identify those first principles guiding humanity in its quest for freedom, dignity, security and sustainability;

– the Global Council would be an assembly of individuals elected directly by all people on Earth, where eligibility should be not constrained by geographical, religious, or cultural quotas; and

– the Planetary Court would be a transnational legal body open to appeals from everybody, especially with respect to violations of the Earth Constitution.

Schellnhunber, to put it differently, thinks a new world government can make “freedom” for humanity by dictating to it with a new Planetary Court led by an Earth Constitution which will undoubtedly start by affirming the planet can only support one billion people. The other 6 billion or so basically have to go. So alternatively of a Bill of Rights, this new Earth Constitution will be set up on a Bill of Deaths and a global government that could possibly order the extermination of billions of human beings as a way to “save the climate.”

“In an unprecedented encyclical on the subject of the environment, the pontiff is expected to argue that humanity’s exploitation of the planet’s resources has crossed the Earth’s natural boundaries,” reports The Guardian. “…The world faces ruin without a revolution in hearts and minds.”


The Guardian goes on to document:

The pope is “aiming at a change of heart. What will save us is not technology or science. What will save us is the ethical transformation of our society,” said Carmelite Father Eduardo Agosta Scarel, a climate scientist who teaches at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina in Buenos Aires.

California Governor concerned that too many folks exist

Interestingly, California Governor Jerry Brown could possibly greet such a depopulation plan structured under a new world government. He lately tweeted about California having too many folks, stating, “At some point, how many people can we accommodate?” Gov. Brown goes on to mention that climate change is the cause the existing drought is so much more worse than anything most have seen in the past.

Seemingly, California has too many folks, Gov. Brown claims, and that means California needs to be by design depopulated.

With this, the Vatican and Jerry Brown join the initiatives of other depopulation supporters like Bill Gates, who once stated that vaccines can help decrease the world population by 10 to 15 %.

True to that case, vaccines given to young women have now been identified to be deliberately laced with sterilization chemicals, as outlined by the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, a pro-vaccine organization funded in part by UNICEF.

Likewise, a alarming 75% of children given vaccines in a small town in Mexico ended up hospitalized or dead after the latest round of vaccine shots that many have speculated may very well be part of a depopulation test run.

Rapid depopulation vs gradual depopulation


Since YOU are one of the objectives of global depopulation, you may want to boost your awareness of how it may very well be executed. When it comes to depopulation, there are 2 techniques thought of by the globalists:

GRADUAL DEPOPULATION: This approach concentrates on hidden sterilization via vaccines, free birth control pills, and “social services” education initiatives that attempt to persuade women to have fewer children. The strategy is to slowly let the present population of 7 billion die off while the birth rate plummets, triggering the total population to shrink over time. You might call this the “non-violent” means to slowly reduce the population over time. Nobody has to prematurely die for this to be pulled off, quite simply.

RAPID DEPOPULATION: This approach consists of fast-kill techniques to basically murder billions of people while blaming it on something else. The more than likely prospects include the release of an aerosolized bioweapon (Ebola 2.0?), the assemblage of aggressive cancer viruses in vaccines (see the confession of former Merck vaccine scientist Maurice Hilleman for background), global nuclear war, the deliberate release of EMP weapons that eradicate the power grid, and so on. These are undoubtedly the more nefarious, dastardly depopulation things to do, and they would certainly be made up of global murder on a enormous scale.

“Gradual depopulation” techniques have been tried since the 1970’s. They have not worked. As world population continues to rise, the global power brokers now appear to be experimenting with “rapid depopulation” techniques to accomplish their goal of getting rid of 6 billion people from the planet.

Planned depopulation vs. accidental depopulation

Another dimension in this dialogue comes forth in the variation between “planned” and “accidental” depopulation.

Planned depopulation is, needless to say, the goal of actions and policies which are meant to instantly and quantifiably decrease the number of humans living on the planet.

Accidental depopulation is what occurs when catastrophe strikes and the systems keeping modern civilization humming along abruptly fail: a power grid failure, for instance, or a runaway genetic pollution of crops that leads to global starvation. The climate change scientists strongly encourage that the discharge of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere will somehow trigger the catastrophic collapse of society, leading to the deaths of millions or billions of people.

Keeping that in mind, the globalists observe themselves as being compassionate for humanity by invoking planned depopulation, therefore preventing catastrophic, accidental depopulation (i.e. a global die-off following the catastrophic collapse of the global ecosystem). That’s how they rationalize hidden vaccine sterilization programs, for instance, or talk of getting rid of 6 billion people on the planet. Put simply, when they are murdering you and 6 billion of your brothers and sisters, just remember that in their own minds, they LOVE life and are defending the ecosystem!

But how, specifically, do you go about getting rid of 6 billion people if you are a globalist pushing for mass murder in the name of climate science?

How do they eliminate 6 billion people? 12 monkeys!

Killing 1 person is called murder. Killing 6 billion people is referred to as “climate science.” But how do you make it work, accurately?

It’s less complicated than you might believe. As represented in the movie 12 Monkeys, all it takes is the launching of a weaponized, genetically engineered virus in any significant airport, anywhere in the world. (I’m not saying this is legitimate because it was in a movie. That would be ridiculous. Alternatively, in this situation, the movie properly shows the actuality of how easily a bioweapon could be distributed by someone with the objective to eliminate human civilization as we know it.)

From there, the virus recreates and distributes globally, triggering widespread death and depopulation while simultaneously strengthening world governments to control their populations with medical police state forces such as required quarantines, restrictions on travel, forced immunizations, medical checkpoints on highways and so on and so forth. (It’s sort of the ideal police state design if you think about it, and it gives governments the reason to insert medical tracking RFID chips into everybody’s bodies at gunpoint. C’mon you control freaks, you know how thrilled you get when you think about microchipping the population! It’s ENTERTAINING!)


The U.S. military currently has biological weapons which could kill one billion or better

It’s an undebatable truth that the U.S. military has long manufactured and put into practice such viral bioweapons to possibly utilize as weapons of war. (I previously mentioned about the airborne Ebola that ran crazy through a U.S. Army medical research center in 1990, killing an complete building full of monkeys before they “nuked” the building with sterilization chemicals.)

While international treaties promise such research has been forgotten, only a fool is convinced such hollow promises are ever maintained. In fact, the research is simply moved into hidden state, continuing as normal on “black budgets.” Nowadays, the United States government has viral strains which could decimate humanity in less than a year’s time… and they might be “accidentally-purposely” launched anywhere on the planet without detect.

Not surprisingly, if you were going to launch a deadly virus to decimate humanity (the word “decimate” means to kill 1 in every 10, incidentally, it does not mean to “eradicate”), you would first make sure all your elite globalist buddies acquired vaccine shots against the virus. Normally, those vaccine shots would be produced without any of the mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and MSG found in vaccines given to the general public, thus producing them considerably safer. The CDC, obviously, would remain totally silent on this pandemic, just as they also have managed total silence on the admission of their scientist Dr. William Thompson, who openly confessed to taking part in scientific deception at the CDC to conceal the links between vaccines and autism in African-Americans.


The public would be left to fend for itself. And in this situation, guess who would be most probable to succeed? People who use medicinal herbs and immune-boosting superfoods. Those who are wiped out by the weaponized population control virus would mostly comprise of the elderly, the immunosuppressed, and the malnourished.

That could possibly be exactly who the new “Planetary Court” world government wishes to get rid of in the first place, sparing the able-bodies workers who pay confiscatory taxes to governments and produce economic output that can be taken advantage of by the globalist corporations.

So I now toss the question back to the Pope, Professor John Schellnhuber, Bill Gates, Ted Turner and other depopulation enthusiasts: How specifically are you planning to get rid of 6 billion people from this planet?

The absolutely comical part in all this is that the world’s masses are currently so completely brainwashed by climate hype that if you instructed them to voluntarily report to “eco-friendly euthanasia chambers” to preserve the planet by killing themselves, they would line up in droves to conform! Heck, they would purchase tickets!

Surprisingly, that may not be such a bad notion just to employ the global Darwin award and compel the world’s most idiotic, obedient sheeple to voluntarily eliminate themselves from the human gene pool in a sort of modern-day mass sacrifice to Gaia. The Aztecs made it happen, and that worked out just wonderful! (Just check with all the Aztecs that are still around.) What could likely go bad?




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  1. Nothing would surprise me anymore, but then one has to wonder, how do people like this get to be who they are? I love Microsoft and use the products, and always will. On the other hand, I cannot support vaccines or GMO’s, although pretty much all of us eat them sometimes.

    Eating all organic is more expensive, and most just do not have the budget to sustain doing that. Also, you have to be careful where you buy so-called organic, because in order to be truly organic and NON-GMO, this has to be tested and sold as such.

    If you look at the Georgia Guidestones, you are left with “who did this?” That alone has to make people question the goals of people in power, not to mention their plans for the future. Only time will tell.

    Faith, hope and love, but the greatest is love. We need to stand on the promises and love of the one true God and Savior Jesus Christ.

    July 9, 2015 at 8:21 AM

  2. Kittii

    July 9, 2015 at 5:23 PM

    • Nothing is new under the sun, only a different page in their book. I have long seen much of this. Just looking at the Terminator movies reveals much of this idea. The transhumanism movement is connected to the LGBT/homosexual movement, and also why people like Obama and Ellen DeGeneres coined the word “selfie”, plus they are in direct denial of being on the path of the same agendas, and attempt to deceive you into thinking it is about love and kindness, when that is totally opposite of what all of this really is. People have been warned.

      July 9, 2015 at 7:02 PM

  3. Kittii

    July 9, 2015 at 5:27 PM

  4. Kittii

    July 9, 2015 at 5:28 PM

  5. Kittii

    July 9, 2015 at 5:31 PM

  6. Kittii

    July 9, 2015 at 6:00 PM

  7. Kittii

    July 9, 2015 at 6:12 PM

  8. Kittii

    July 9, 2015 at 6:14 PM

    • Kittii

      I’m listening to these idealists talk about their utopian future, but I will never see this technology anything more than leading us to Armageddon and the Anti-Christ. For them SIN doesn’t’ exist and doesn’t enter the equation. They do talk about ethics, morals and control, but who makes up the rules? Just look at all the false flags going on?? How so many naïve people don’t even see it? Besides there’s too many us useless eaters living.

      July 10, 2015 at 1:24 PM

  9. Kittii

    They are coming to an office near you: job-gobbling robots that can do your work better and more cheaply than you can. One in three jobs could be taken over by a computer or a robot in the next 20 years. Most at risk are less skilled workers such as machine operators, postmen, care workers and professional drivers. The CEO of Uber, the ride-sharing company, recently said that his goal is to replace all the firm’s drivers with autonomous cars.

    But it’s not just blue-collar workers who are under threat. The relentless drive to replace expensive humans with artificial intelligence poses a threat to better paid jobs too. People whose work requires uniquely human skills, such as teachers, priests, and social workers, are likely to be safe. But already in law firms, junior lawyers are being replaced by software that can scan reams of documents in search of evidence; and in hospitals the role of pharmacists is being taken over by drug-dispensing robots. What’s worse, the people gaining from all this disruption are those already rich enough to own the technology and algorithms. Many experts are warning of a ‘winner takes all’ world of billionaires and beggars which will lead to increasing social unrest.

    That’s the view of the tech pessimists, but others would argue that all this automation anxiety is overblown. While advances in technology have always caused disruption, in the long run they have led to the creation of more jobs. To give an example, in the 19th century the industrial revolution wiped out jobs on the land as farm workers were replaced by machinery, but millions found new work in factories as they sprang up in the cities. Why should things be different with the AI revolution? The vastly reduced costs to business, say the optimists, will create a boom that will ultimately lead to millions of new jobs — jobs that we can’t even envisage yet. For many the release from the daily drudgery of work will lead to new and more fulfilling means of employment. And for knowledge workers such as scientists and doctors, AI will enhance their expertise, not replace it. There will always be a premium paid for human ingenuity and insight, and these are the very qualities that will ensure we will prosper from this latest development in human history.

    July 9, 2015 at 6:15 PM

  10. Kittii

    July 9, 2015 at 6:17 PM

    • Kittii

      Watch this video. He shows how a computer does facial coding. A web cam is able to interpret facial muscles. By training that computer we can learn to teach it what a smile is. What a negative reaction is. We train these machines to interpret and know what human emotion is. Numbers keep doubling and the devices keep getting smaller. He goes on to say this provide solutions for disorders like Autism. Didn’t we create that disorder? Robots to develop a synthetic empathy?????????????? That’s what we want???????????? To understand and interpret human intent. But not everyone thinks alike. Isn’t that what sin is all about? Ever heard of “wearables”? we use fitness trackers on our wrist. There’s going to be computers imbedded into our clothing? in addition to our wrists or our glasses. but further along the continuum of wearables there will be small censors implanted under your skin! Ad technology becomes smaller, cheaper and more powerful 50 billion devices will be connected over the next decade. The internet will be more like a utility. Like electricity, it will be something you plug into. This invisible force will connect all these fragmented systems, becoming a digital nervous system for the planet, that everything we interact with will become a part of. The real power comes when these devices begin to talk to one another. These agents will run in the background and take care of you. Soon where after you will “wear technology” but you will ingest it? Just like in “The Bourne Legacy”??????????????????????? Smart Pills! Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That allows a potato to power a light bulb will monitor your vital signs for 72 hours and it will provide real time insights on your health wirelessly to your doctor. It’s already received FDA approval. Expected to be released in late 2015. Body 2.0 will include artificial eyes with zoom capabilities, infer-red censors, night vision will be possible, the prosthetic limbs of the future will be more flexible, than are original organic limbs we have today. Retinal Implants in the future will allow the blind to see an recognize faces. There are already arms that can move by human thought using a small implant in the brain. If you think inception was just a movie MIT scientists have implanted memories into mice. They’ve isolated an individual memory in a mouse’s brain and used recall of that memory forcing those neurons to fire. Researchers have been able to pin point memories and erase them. Eliminating them without affecting other memories. He sees this as treating Alzheimer’s or dementia, post traumatic stress syndrome, personal traumas or other neurological disorders. Sounds so altruistic! He shows a You Tube and then a clip reconstructed from brain activity using a MRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the beginning of mind reading??????????? or seeing through another person’s eyes???????????????? Record your dreams? The video is 3 years old he’s showing you. Computer chips won’t just be in your computer or your phone, doctors will implant them in your brain and they will restore sight to the brain and hearing to the deaf. There are over 300,000 people with cochlear implants It’s the form of a neuro- prosthetic that allows deaf people to hear. The beginning of the brain net? a successor to the internet?? A form of virtual telepathy!! That will allow you to create music, drive a car, communicate with other people. Even surf the web at the speed of thought. Movies will no longer be these 2 dimensional slate tablets that you look into and blast sound at you, they will be fully immersed with experiences, complete with feeling and emotion.; the way the directory originally intended. Share your digital vacation experiences that didn’t actually take place. All happened in your mind.

      You can watch the rest to see what he says. I couldn’t find the transcript on the internet.

      Death’s an industry that’s more lucrative than iPhones, politics, and taxes. Android’s an option, elections clean house regularly, and clever people don’t pay taxes. Revenue fluctuates in these industries, but morticians and Medicare…

      For a few billion people around the world, Christmas is the most important and relished holiday of the year. It’s the day with the most gift-giving, the most family get-togethers, the most religious activities, and the most colorful fairy…

      “I think that Ray Kurzweil’s estimate that we will achieve human-level Artificial General Intelligence by around 2029 is a reasonable guesstimate,”

      “a robot with human appearance.”

      IMRSV (formerly Immersive Labs) is a computer vision company based in New York City specializing in face detection software. Cara is a real-time software that turns any camera into an intelligent sensor. Cara can detect gender, age, attention time and even emotions across multiple faces simultaneously. Privacy by design, Cara doesn’t record video or images and does not collect personal information. IMRSV was selected as one of the 25 hottest start ups to watch in New York City by Business Insider and is a TechStars NY alumni.

      July 13, 2015 at 11:36 AM

  11. Kittii

    July 9, 2015 at 6:36 PM

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