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Disguised Agents


This article is about agents in disguise….agents not of this world. I know, many people don’t believe in UFO issues. Even worse, many more don’t believe their demons. All we can do is present the TRUTH! Some will change their minds, while others will scoff and laugh. Sadly, it takes an actual abduction to change people’s minds.

These demons hide as an actual UFO itself, yes…organic. Or they even hide in the skin of a creature. We have many creatures on this earth that cannot be explained.


UFO hunters claim ANOTHER huge alien mothership is draining Sun of energy in NASA images

Mothership – Massive Alien Craft.[link]

Foam UFO: Weird glittering floating mass caught on camera over Philly (VIDEO)

7 and Tioga ufo sightings [link]


It’s no secret to ‘their followers’…

Ashtar responds to followers about UFO clouds:

These two photos were sent into us from a reader of UFO Sightings Daily. They said that they were in the cockpit of a Citation Jet when they took these photos. He said, “We were around 17,000 feet on initial descent from West Bend, WI when we noticed these unusual tunnel clouds. I suspect these are not natural.”
He is correct. I Scott C. Waring have personally witnessed these first hand back in South Dakota in about 1989 or so. What I saw then was the tunnels began above our parking lot and every 1-2 minutes a bus size glowing orb appeared inside of the beginning of one of the four tunnels and then shot off at high speeds through the tunnel. I saw over 30 orbs shoot off before I had to take off to work…late. These cloud tunnels are roads made to cloak the travel of certain glowing orbs used for transporting living creatures. I and thousands of others know what we saw that day in Rapid City.


The strange clouds – Japan TV [link]



LATEST STRANGE WEATHER-Gigantic Rotating Cloud [link]



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  1. This is correct that the whole alien agenda is a cover for the fallen angels, aka demonic entities. If you watch the movie The Fourth Kind, this is a perfect example. What appears to be the fourth kind alien abduction, is in fact oppression/possession. That is also why the owl (aka Molech) is flashed several times throughout the movie. The Illuminati and all connected to them are well aware of what they embrace and give out.

    July 22, 2015 at 7:48 PM

  2. Reblogged this on Lissa's Humane Life.

    July 22, 2015 at 11:07 PM

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