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Energy Sources


At 1:30 am on February 2, an electrical power plant substation in Escanaba, Michigan exploded. The city is located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and its 13,000 residents were left without power for several days following the explosion. Fortunately, there were no injuries and power was eventually restored.
This unlucky incident features an intriguing and unexplained aspect: the mysterious beam of light that can be seen shooting straight up as the substation exploded. Or as some would say, shooting straight down.
The official explanation was that the beam was caused by ice crystals reflecting the light of a passing train.
While there are a lot of videos showing ‘UFOs’ hovering above or near power stations (nuclear power stations in particular), there were no unidentified flying objects seen in the area at the time of the explosion. However, the skies were cloudy and if the beam had indeed been caused by something from above, it wouldn’t have been visible anyway.
Two years ago, there was another explosion at the Combat Readiness Training Center in Alpena, MI, 250 miles east of Escanaba. It received no media attention but there were rumors that it had been caused by Spetsnaz, the Russian special forces. Word has it that the Spetsnaz has a secret plot to bring down the United States’ power grid. Unconfirmed, yet a terrible prospect nonetheless.


I only took parts of this article’s statement. Why? Because it’s important to establish an idea of what I think the issue is.
Next is a statement taken from a soldier:
BREAKING!!! Spetsnaz Teams Deploy In The US; War With Syria To Be Trigger For Attack (With supporting video PROOF!)
Using “Operation Northern Strike”, the largest multinational air and ground combat exercise in the country as cover, Russian Special Forces known as Spetsnaz have established a foothold in Northeastern Michigan in the sleepy resort town of Alpena. While the town may appear “sleepy” to the casual observer, to those who have been paying attention Alpena is clearly becoming a staging area for a foreign invasion of the United States.


In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, host Bob Powell details several of these strange happenings; including his own encounter with a group of Russian Special Forces – Spetsnaz. While that is simply Powell’s own eyewitness testimony, all of the other assertions made in this episode are PROVEN in previous episodes of The Truth Is Viral that are linked in this video’s annotations.
Patriots in Alpena have been the targets of intimidation coming from the pilots of military helicopters and black vans that roam the streets at night.


Last year, the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center was the epicenter of a huge explosion that rocked Northeastern Michigan for hundreds of square miles. Mainstream media was silent despite the fact that the explosion was confirmed by Alpena County Undersheriff Terry King, who stated that he was in the Sheriff’s Department when he felt the building shake. 911 dispatchers received a large number of calls to report the blast, and scores of Facebook users reported it as well.
Strange things are happening in Alpena Michigan. There have been reports of UFOs engaging US fighter aircraft over Lake Huron, and there are radar tapes that prove aircraft did go missing over the lake at the time of the sighting, about 12 hours after the explosion. You will not believe your eyes! Make sure that you click on the original screen captures of the planes disappearing from radar!
Then once my story started to get out there, the CIA sic’d famous disinfo source Sorcha Faal on me in an attempt to discredit the facts of this case, and me. Watch me destroy that POS in this video:


Please remember to share this wherever you can. The lives of your friends and family, and thousands of people you will never meet, depend on it. The lives of MY family depend on it, because the more visible I am the harder it will be for them to make me disappear or have an “accident.”
This ain’t no joke folks, the time for games is over. I’ve already painted a huge target on my own back, and I don’t mind. Someone had to do it. But please don’t let it be in vain. Share this post in every way you can; then share it again, and again.
Let’s get busy saving some lives and a few souls for Christ shall we? Ooh Rah.
God bless and Semper Fi,


So, we have two ‘events’ but keep under cover. We must do our part to spread the TRUTH!

I noticed that the internet news is covering more and more ‘events’:

7/21/15 Retired Air Force Colonel Claims New Evidence Will Blow The Lid Off Rendlesham UFO Sighting

7/21/15 UFO hunters claim ANOTHER huge alien mothership is draining Sun of energy in NASA images

7/22/15 Kansas woman says UFO blocked out moon and stars

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  1. Kittii

    Ernie Mink is complaining about me posting off topic and random videos. I just hope other people see the connections. That’s all I’m doing. I was just exposed to Amy Schumer. She’s half Jewish and a comedian and her jokes are raunchy sex ones. Now they are making movies with her. Here’s the latest: Amy in bed with the 2 Robots of Star Wars. Are you watching “Humans”? It’s bringing up all kinds of ethical dilemmas we may face in the future. Isn’t it important to talk about these things? Doesn’t it open up doors to share Jesus?

    Amy was on the cover of GQ Magazine with the 2 Robots and one of their fingers in her mouth. Symbolism?????????????????????????????????????????
    I’m just trying to get you to connect things and see the symbolism and to recognize it when you do.

    July 23, 2015 at 10:47 AM

  2. Kittii

    People need to wake up to this kind of stuff and recognize it.


    July 23, 2015 at 10:51 AM

  3. Kittii

    Being sarcastic?????????????????? If not say so.

    July 23, 2015 at 11:40 AM

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