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Paranormal Encounters

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I want to publish this story because it’s important that people understand what’s going on around us.
Firstly, even if you don’t believe in the supernatural…all you’re doing is giving the dark side of the supernatural the ability to work in your life!
Secondly, even police/firemen/first responders are believer’s….even if they don’t understand what it is….
When a policeman is trained, he/she is trained to report certain instances on terms which can be misconstrued as something totally different. This is the whole idea!
Case and point…if they come upon something supernatural? They are told to report it as a ‘domestic violence’ or ‘psychiatric’ issue!


We recently hunted down a very creepy story that has the added benefit of being an official police report, which we love. In fact, we could make it a whole section on our site, as there are hundreds of eerie, anomalous reports from police officers about paranormal encounters they’ve had while responding to their calls. The following one is a pretty good one.
The story goes, a police officer (let’s call him Steve) is called to a residence for a “5150,” or the number they assign to a case when there may be a psychiatric problem going on. When Steve arrived at the residence, the homeowner, a grandmother, explained that her 20-something son had taken drugs and was flipping out. Apparently, the young man reported that every time he went into his bedroom he saw an old man dressed in a WWII uniform hanging by a noose from the ceiling of his room. The lady was too scared to investigate herself, fearing that the hanging body was one of her grandson’s overdosed or mentally distraught friends.


The police officer next spoke to the son, who was under the influence of a stimulant. The young man explained that he was told by a “spirit” to not enter the bedroom, because her father, dressed in his military “Class A” uniform was hanging in his bedroom.
Steve checked the room and, sure enough, there was no body hanging from the ceiling. He started explaining the situation to the grandmother but was suddenly pulled aside by a veteran officer who had just arrived on the scene. The officer told Steve that earlier in his career he had responded to this same residence–the same bedroom, in fact. His assignment had been to investigate a suicide by an older male subject who had hung himself. The subject who died was a WWII veteran and had dressed in his military uniform and hung himself.
Perhaps, this story had been passed around the town and was part of the collective unconscious, slipping into the boy’s thoughts while he was on drugs and causing him to manifest a hallucination of the old man.
Or maybe it was a ghost.

Okay…let’s not be deceived….there are NO ghosts, per say. The spirit of yourself moves on….anything left here are not human spirits.

2 responses

  1. Our spirit moves on? I was under the impression our souls go into sheol until the great day of the Lord’s return?

    August 13, 2015 at 4:38 PM

    • Our spirits move on from here….this was my point. Anything left here are demonic! Of course, GOD sends HIS angels to help us, but they don’t come to harm us or deceive….so their not even in the same category…in my opinion.

      August 14, 2015 at 7:14 PM

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