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Burning Man Funhouse

burning man

2015 Art Theme: Carnival of Mirrors
Don’t let the pretty pictures fool you….It’s BAAAAACK! It’s a CARNIVAL! Literally.  This year is not going to change the Burning Man’s arrival. Ir’s here! So many people spend their valuable time to make ready for this event…spending money, time and energy on something that’s as Pagan as anything you will witness. Why do I say this…well…you will see!
“The spectacle is not a collection of images; it is a social relation that is mediated by images.” – Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle

Spectacle is right! Some people just don’t know when to stop!

This year’s theme is about mirrors and masks, mazes and merger. It will be a kind of magic show that takes the form of an old-fashioned carnival. This Carnival of Mirrors asks three essential questions: within our media-saturated world, where products and people, consumption and communion morph into an endlessly diverting spectacle, who is the trickster, who is being tricked, and how might we discover who we really are?

The Funhouse
From the looking glass to the selfie, people seek answers to the riddle of identity in their own reflections. Yet even the most perfect mirror shows only the persona, not the person. This year a funhouse at the center of our carnival will contemplate the puzzle of self-consciousness. Many kinds of masks and mirrors will line the corridors and chambers of this interactive maze. Here people will confront a shuffled deck of selves: the me they want to be (but aren’t), the me they repudiate (but are), the me they can’t imagine (but might be).

At the heart of this disorienting maze, a final passage will reveal a courtyard that surrounds the Burning Man. Photo booths will here record the faces of participants, merging them into a swirling stream that will envelop the entire body of the Man. The brittle mirror and the occulting mask will melt away, and at this point there’ll be no gag, no swag, no souvenir of self; the show will be you.


This year is a tad bit different in that strange things were happening! Bugs! Attacks of the bugs…my first thought was bed bugs because they’ve been so prevalent in the media in the United States this year, but it wasn’t. These were downright strange bugs! Some thought maybe they highjacked their way into the scene by wood…art sculptures of these magnitudes take enormous amounts of wood…but that’s not it. While others suggest weather has played a part, then, others (ridiculous as it may sound) speculated it was some other things such as:
Burning Man Bugs and The CIA [link]

Burning Man is Swarming With Bugs This Year [link]
An entomologist informally identified three kinds of bugs based on reports: false blister beetles, false chinch bugs, and Say’s stink bug, otherwise known as green stink bugs.


Well, that pretty much says it all, doesn’t it!


Then we have the WEATHER! No it’s not the first year of the dust but it’s certainly something strange!

Burning Man Documentary 2015 [link]


Temple of Transition
New Age movements have a field day at this event! Many of the treasured sculptures take days to build, only to burn them down in minutes! Makes little sense to me but I guess it does to them.


The myth of the Trojan War originates from a quarrel between three Goddesses: Athena, Aphrodite and Hera.


Burning Man is Everywhere! [link]


May 1…BELTANE! Gaelic May Day festival. The Witches Ball…it’s the Summer Solstice and it’s celebrated by witches, druids, and heathens, worldwide. Paganism is always evolving…and pictures like this take the guess work out of what they’re doing. This holiday is just a tad bit under the famous Halloween for witches…it’s one of their favorites.

The special bonfires of old are nothing new at this event. With the wood is kindled, and flames are roaring, it holds many traditional values for Pagans. These rituals have been performed for thousands of years…and seem to be making quite the comeback!

The “AOS SI” were the supernatural race of the elves and fairies in the mounds which the tradition celebrates…but it’s nothing more than a celebration of nature as well. Nothing new here.


Did you know it was the tradition od the Tuatha De Danann…the “People of the Goddess Danu”…and their ancestors who began these traditions? This is the Merovingian crowd! A Satanic bloodline…


Seems the world over has done little to stop these kinds of events, so much so that it’s made it’s way around the world and then some.


Lastly…this is my final thoughts on this event!

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