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Sick of being sick?


I am posting this article because the winter season is upon us, but also because many people know very little about this kind of information. The medical field would rather you depend on them then know natural remedies. Did you know that when a doctor attends medical school/college, they are only taught a few HOURS of natural remedies versus prescription avenues. That’s up to 12 years of schooling/teaching and only a few hours placed on such an important topic.


Many of the prescriptions made now are so bad for you. They have so many adverse reactions that when you watch the commercial, it takes longer to explain the adverse reactions versus the remedy it’s suppose to help/cure. Most even tell you that they cause CANCER!


Recently I was hospitalized and since then, I have been ill. It’s been a month now, and still I have this cold/flu. I’ve tried to let my natural immune system fight it, but due to the low vitamin D levels in my system for which I must take 50,000 units of each week…it has made my immune system extremely bad. So much so that I can’t fight it off. So, I took Grapeseed extract, Oil of Oregano Capsules (an a natural antibiotic) for a few days, and didn’t feel much better. So I began taking Echinacea, Vitamin C and Multi-Vitamin…for a couple days…and I felt a little better but it still won’t leave me be. So I bought some natural essential oils!
Of course, the first this I did was prayed, and played videos which I do on a regular basis for demonic infestations and oppression and I know this helps! GOD is good.
I began doing research into more natural remedies because it’s been over a month with this illness!
This is what I found!!


The first thing you need to learn about is THIEVES OIL:
One of the most popular herbal legends is the Legend of the Four Thieves.
A group of four brothers began robbing the dead. At first, they were largely ignored, as everyone knew they would eventually pay the price by catching the plague themselves but, to everyone’s surprise, they managed to avoid catching the plague and continued robbing graves, amassing a great deal of wealth. They became legendary and everyone wanted to know how they managed to avoid getting sick. What secret did they possess.

Years later, when they were finally captured, they were asked for their secret during questioning by the King or be put to death. They agreed to share their secret in return for their pardon. This offer was accepted and the secret is now out. These men were the offspring of a perfumer and herbalist. They learned about essential oils from their parents during their childhood. They knew these oils would protect them so they rubbed them on their bodies and used them to clean anything they brought back. The powerful blend is now called the Thieves Blend, Legend of the Thieves Blend, Grave Robbers Blend, and countless similar names.
More official story?

The bubonic plague wreaked havoc in Europe off and on for about 600 years before peaking in the 1300s. Century after century, as late as the 1700s, outbreaks claimed up to half the population. The plague had a big influence on the life of William Shakespeare, having claimed the lives of some of his siblings as well as causing his theater to be shut down during several especially nasty outbreaks in London between 1593 and 1608.
It is well know that the bubonic plague is a bite-based infection. A lesser known fact is that there were many more victims than those bitten by fleas. It turns out that the bubonic plague was often the first step of a progressive series of illnesses. Two other types were pneumonic and septicemic. The resulting pneumonic plague was also very infectious and allowed person-to-person transmission.


This is the period of time responsible for the bizarre images of physicians wearing dark robes, wide-brimmed hats, and masks with long beaks. There was actually method to the madness. These beaks held dried herbs, spices and essential oils which the physician breathed. The robe was doused with a similar fragrant concoction. Scientific evidence today is building support for this seemingly outrageous behavior.
Four Thieves Vinegar RecipeMeanwhile in France another interesting aromatic legend developed around a horrid sounding witch’s brew known as “Marseilles Vinegar” or “Four Thieves Vinegar.” A variety of recipes floated around. One recalled by Scientific American in 1910 included things like dried rosemary tops, dried sage flowers, fresh rue, camphor, “spirit,” garlic cloves and vinegar which was to steep for 7 or 8 days “with occasional agitation.” It was said that this “medicated vinegar was invented by four thieves of Marseilles who successfully employed it as a prophylactic during a visitation of pestilence.” For those who don’t travel the renaissance fair circuit, “pestilence” was the medieval term for bubonic plague.
The earliest online English reference found so far is in the 1825 Pharmacologia. After recounting the story of the aromatic vinegar used by the four thieves of Marseilles, it goes on to note that, “It was, however, long used before the plague of Marseilles, for it was the constant custom of Cardinal Wolsey to carry in his hand an orange, deprived of its contents, and filled with a sponge which had been soaked in vinegar impregnated with various spices, in order to preserve himself from infection, when passing through the crowds which his splendor or office attracted. The first plaque raged in 1649, whereas Wolsey died in 1531.” The Pharmacologia then sites the French Codex and The German Dispensatories as possible earlier sources of the vinegar recipes.


Was the concoction actually effective? Despite being branded a “very useless preparation” in a 1854 medical book, stories persist that indicate there were certainly positive results, if only because of the garlic. Apparently doctors who carried garlic in their pockets were protected from the plague as were French priests who ate garlic and safely ministered to the dying while the garlic-free English priests fell ill.
But the biggest twist in this tale is yet to be told. In 1966, a book called “Nature’s Medicines” was published with this tasty tidbit…
Black Plague Priest”In Marseilles, a garlic-vinegar preparation known as the Four Thieves was credited with protecting many of the people when a plague struck that city (1722). Some say that the preparation originated with four thieves who confessed that they used it with complete protection against the plague while they robbed the bodies of the dead. Others claim that a man named Richard Forthave developed and sold the preparation, and that the ‘medicine’ was originally referred to as Forthave’s. However, with the passing of time, his surname became corrupted to Four Thieves.”


Some people say Thieves Oil does everything!

Here’s some recipes/resources:








essential oils

This article is to inform you on natural remedies but is NOT meant as medical treatment for serious health issues.

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