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Decade of Portals PT 1


We live in a time like no other. When the veil thinneth and the boundaries are hard to distinguish. This series will deal with what is going on as it relates to Scripture and prophecy.


“Supernatural appearances at Jerusalem–About this time, for forty days together, there were seen at Jerusalem, in the air, very strange sights of horsemen and footmen armed with shields, spears, and swords, and in great companies, fighting against and charging each other, as in battle-array; which foreboded those calamities of war and desolation which soon happened to that city and nation. And the like were seen at the same place before the destruction of that city by the Romans. So Josephus tells us, who lived in that time, and attests to it have been vouched to him by such as had been eye-witnesses of the same.” The Old and New Testament Connected in the History of the Jews and Neighbouring Nations Humphrey Prideaux, D.D. pp 146
Now, many years later–was this a portal utilized by GOD or somethings more sinister?
Now, this may indeed be performed by the technology we know as Blue Beam, or was it meant as a metaphoric/prophetic gesture:
Fourth Horseman (death) Egyptian riots. [link]



Some people involved in various forms of witchcraft believe that the Watchers are ‘good’ spiritual entities, who keep guard over every portal that links all the worlds together.

They transverse into our realm through what is referred to a portal.


Unfortunately, a lot of people are deceived by these portals. They seek to make contact with these ‘demonic entities’, believing they are contacting beings from other dimensions. These beings are constantly moving between these dimensions, using these portals, or openings, in order to deceive all of humanity.


Whenever a dimension is navigated, all kinds of startling physical manifestations can occur—brightness, thick clouds, hail stones, thunder, lightnings, sparks, and quakes. But, what you must understand is they only duplicate what GOD does…this is how they deceive so many. For instance…the most common phenomenon is the manifestation of thick clouds whenever GOD makes an appearance. There are four passages in the Bible where these thick clouds are mentioned in relation to the navigation of GOD’s throne into our dimension—Job 22:14, 26:8, Ps. 18:11 and 18:12.


Joel 2:2 and Zephaniah 1:5 describes thick clouds and darkness that will surround Gods throne on judgment day. Usually, following these clouds are loud thunderings, like sonic booms. The below Bible passage is a chilling description of the sounds heard in regards to God’s throne:
Psalm 18 (KJV)
13 The LORD also thundered in the heavens, and the Highest gave his voice; hail stones and coals of fire.

Atop Mount Sinai were heard many thunderings, lightnings, fire, smoke, and a thick cloud that descended as the throne of God drew closer. It was such an event that the ground shook and trembled, as in an earthquake. Moses described it as so terrible a sight that even he quaked and shook upon witnessing it.


Author C. K. Quarterman states:
The speed of light prohibits matter from traveling beyond its limits in our realm; its a sort of stop sign, if you will. The Creator built into the system automatic stops such as the speed of light. The reason? To stop the spread of sin and corruption. Humanity limited to below the speed of light would never gain entry to other worlds, though he might imagine such worlds in his mind. It seems ancient man knew this limitation and in the building of the Tower of Babel may have been looking for a way to circumvent it.
Portals and the attempt to create them is nothing new. Humanity has been about trying to create them since the Tower of Babel. However, the legitimizing the search of such is entirely new. Now emerging figures in Christendom are seeking to create openings. There seems to be a rush to see who can outdo whom. What once was understood to be forbidden is now fast becoming legitimized by left-wing Christians. What they expect to step out of these event horizons is an interesting question.
It’s amazing that all over the world, groups of people strive to open portals, believing that positive and friendly beings will come through the opening and greet them with kindness. This, however, is just not true. The Bible makes it clear that Satan can appear as an angel of light, and that he is the father of lies. It also tells us that Satan comes to kill, to steal, and to destroy.

C. K. Quarterman further ads:
When a portal ingress activates, time can be suspended. Dimensional doorways are opened as is often seen in UFO encounters that stop time. A vortex, cloud, or haze will appear. Many UFO sightings follow this pattern and are connected with these portal-opening events. Portals are what they are: openings into this dimension from another dimension. The question is, for what purpose and what might one expect to come through?

Lucifer has from the beginning attempted to keep humanity in the dark destroying any true information. The Book of Enoch, The Book of Jubilees, and the Book of Giants are examples of fallen angels destroying information about themselves. How they originate, we don’t really know and I don’t put much stock into them but we notice their parallels to times of the past, present and future. Satan has ‘some’ knowledge about this but is NOT omniscient, omnipotent, or omnipresent. We are not to fear him or his trickery.
Our history is filled with the noble who have suffered at the hands of the fallen angels. There have been many who have given their lives to further mankind’s knowledge of these events; even now in our time many are giving their lives in an effort to inform mankind of the story. ~ CK Quarterman
These same noises oftentimes accompany events involving portals and are not necessarily unique to GOD’s appearances. These sounds can be heard when demonic entities enter into our dimension, too. And they take many forms…

Weather on this planet of dirt and sand has become strange, if not…odd! The increase in odd disturbances has escalated to a crescendo of what some are calling apocalyptic. It’s not only affecting the world and people who live in it, but also other creatures too. the many deaths of animals and the like have been witnessed for years now. A good friend of mine said she thought it might be the disappearances of these creatures in which we see happening, are taking place in the same sequential order in which GOD created them! Now that was something that made me think! I’m not going to list these deaths but I do have a series which reveals SOME of this taking place:
Massive Death Connections
But I stopped chronicling these events some time back, it was just to traumatic for me.
Strange Things Are Happening in our Skies [link]
2015 Strange Weather and Events 2015 [link]
Signs Of The Times: 2015 is STRANGE – Winter [link]


“Light pillars scrape the night sky over Victor, Idaho, on January 26 (2009). Typically seen in polar regions, the vertical columns of light have been appearing along with frigid temperatures at lower latitudes this winter. Light pillars appear when artificial light (shown in diagram above) or natural light bounces off the facets of flat ice crystals wafting relatively close to the ground.” Note the phenomenon occurs over furthest northern latitudes but lately they are seen as far south as Idaho.
This next set did occur in Canada near Toronto but the pillars did not act as they usually do: “Did you see something strange Friday night? (January 13, 2010). A British Columbia UFO chronicler and paranormal expert is reporting eyewitness accounts of strange vertical lights in the sky over Dundas and Waterdown. The witness thought they could be “light pillars,” a visual atmospheric phenomenon created by the reflection of light from ice crystals from a light source such as the sun or moon, but they are not usually seen from several viewpoints.”
Was mysterious jellyfish in sky caused by space satellite reflecting Northern Lights?
“A strange jellyfish-shaped object spotted hanging in the sky over Norway, may have been caused by light from the aurora being bounced off a space satellite, experts say. If proven it will be the first known case of a satellite reflecting the Northern Lights.”
credit: The mysterious phenomenon was photographed last week by amateur photographer Per-Arne Milkalsen over Andenesm, Norway.
Mysterious Lights in the Sky [link]
Strange Flashes in the Sky [link]
what is happening to our world? STRANGE Weekly Events & WARNING For 2015 [link]


Vatican Lightning-
The top exorcism priest in the world admitted that the Devil lives in the Vatican!
“The Devil resides in the Vatican and you can see the consequences,” said Father Amorth, 85, who has been the Holy See’s chief exorcist for 25 years.
Lightning bolt hit Vatican not once but TWICE hours after Pope’s shock resignation
What is the chance of lightning striking St Peter’s?


Is it just strange lights, reflections? Or is something else more sinister going on?
Strange Lights in the Sky [link]
Some people believe that GOD’s angels come in many forms and this is true, but we must also remember that Satan and his fallen angels come as light too!
Angel of the Lord ~ closeup. ***+*** [link]
Angels flying around OK tornado [link]


If you know GOD then you realize how HE puts everything together for HIS perfect plan. It’s not by coincidence that when I take time off to rest that it just so happens that I watch a movie called, “Hanger 10”. How does it happen that this movie directly connects to the article that is being put together? Divine intervention is always in play when you know GOD!
Hanger 10-It has gotten some rather bad press, no doubt. It’s drawn out in some parts, and in others it mimics exactly what’s taking place on earth. We are being invaded and our governments are keeping it secret. Invaded by supernatural entities not extraterrestrials! But, what I want to point out in this movie is about 20 minutes in you begin to hear strange sounds coming from the forest. Oh wait…let me explain the plot a little…
The plot is centered around the Rendlesham Forest Incident:
The three people seek to find a treasure but instead find strange activity taking place all around them.
So, once the movie gets going, in around 40 minutes, the activity in the sky takes place…this is where it gets very interesting for me! It mimics exactly what was discussed here about lightning and thunder.
Here’s the full movie on YOUTUBE:
HANGER 10 [link]


Don’t you agree that this is just a little close for comfort here? How would this mimic the real agenda if they didn’t know exactly what’s taking place? I submit to you that this writer/directer is, ‘in the know’.
With that being said, please take notice to the sounds which take place in the skies in this movie. And what’s been happening all around the world. Also, I wonder if it will escalate to the degree which is shown during the final minutes…we will have to wait and see.



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