Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

KEYS to Time & Space PT5


The antidote to fear is knowledge.
Christian tradition gave David a distinctively Christian perspective, seeing David’s battle with Goliath as the victory of GOD’s king over the enemies of GOD’S helpless people as a prefiguring of Jesus Christ’ victory over sin on the cross and the Church’s victory over Satan. David hurls a stone from his sling with all his might and hits Goliath in the center of his forehead, Goliath falls on his face to the ground, and David cuts off his head.


When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place…for then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. I firmly believe we, the people are the church and the abomination is the desolation of our DNA by the elite because this is the Temple of GOD within us. The whole ‘3rd eye’ symbolism is key to the New Age Movement and how they deceive so many. Like the stone which hit Goliath in the center of the forehead, so to shall GOD desolate Satan in the proverbial third eye, in the last judgement. And CERN is part of this scenario…


The Three Stages of CERN
1) What the media tells us about CERN…
This is what the media/television tells the puppets to believe. Of course, the media (every avenue of it) is owned and operated by the elite who control what we see and hear.
2) What CERN says or alludes to…
CERN wants people to believe their intentions are good and they are only out for the best interests of mankind, but the truth is much more sinister.
3) What is really happening…
Like a magnet flipping another magnet, and spinning it into circles. So to will be what the end result of CERN effect on earth, of course this is after they have opened the portals/gates to the abyss…with the key!
CERN refers to itself as the “Gateway to the Universe”. –
A large portion of CERN is located in the territory of Saint Genis Pouilly. In Roman times it was called Apolliacum. The name Pouilly comes from the Latin ” Appolliacum “, with the Latin suffix “iacum” denoting possession. The town and a temple were dedicated to Apollyon – the destroyer (Shiva/Horus).
“…to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit …And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.” – Rev 9:1-2,11


Cernnunos-represents the god of the underworld. What a grand parallel!

“All the magnets on the LHC are lectromagnets. The main dipoles generate powerful 8.4 tesla magnetic fields – more than 100,000 times more powerful than the Earth’s magnetic field.” -
The Ring of CERN-like a bell, or a tone…a vibration. Can it actually unseat the gate/portal with the frequencies? I had a thought…I was watching one of those videos where they place all the strange events of each month together and present it to the viewer due to the fact that main stream media is controlled…and that video revealed a huge storm taking place….well you will understand better when you see the videos and then I will explain:
Strange sounds what on earth is going on??? [link]
SOUND of HAARP WEAPON IN ACTION !!! SCARY Lights & Noise!! 2011 [link]
Strange Sounds During Hail Storm – Australia – 2014 [link]
Although these sounds don’t always accompany storms, I think it’s strange. People automatically think of HAARP, but why couldn’t it be from CERN. It’s effects on Earth may be the reflections of what is happening all around us…just a thought.
Statue of Shiva at CERN—light god particle

Womb of the abyss releasing the demons, and some say they have already witnessed entities forming, entering our dimension-within CERN.
Does CERN possess a ‘key’ to open the stargates/portals to allow certain entities to pass?
Warfare Dimensions…so will the elite demonize the dark matter, making demons the weapon? Order out of chaos!


Dance of Symmetery-Symmetry is a dance-opera film, in which Cern scientist Lukas is thrown off balance…much like my theory of what will happen to earth. And let me add…
Origins of Lucas/Lukas:
Latin: Bringer of light
Greek: Patron saint of doctors, artists, and creatives
English: Bringer of light

First released at the wait for it….drum roll, please! EYE Art Festival…well, if that doesn’t catch your ‘eye’…I don’t know what will! The All Seeing Eye is a popular symbol now that the Illuminati are so bold and open.


In this performance, it seems like they are going into another dimension, or the abyss.
Symmetrical balance: take a picture and divide it down the middle. Are both sides the same? That’s symmetrical balance, also called formal or passive balance. Why passive? Because it’s very explicit and requires no judgment or interpretation.
Asymmetrical balance is called “active” balance because it requires a little more work on the part of the viewer to understand that there is, in fact, balance. It’s also sometimes called “occult” balance. Put away your Ouija board; it’s called occult balance because there are no set rules defining what the right way is to achieve it – it’s a mystery!
The quantum geometry described in the Symmetry is reminiscent of a wheel intersecting a wheel, both spinning in opposite directions, and this produces a counter-rotation, a double helix. It is this quantum geometry that defines the self-similar motif, the spiral of DNA is perfect.


The Modern Tower of Babel-CERN
The fallen angels already had insider information about the mechanics and principles involved in transiting between dimensions, as well as a host of higher knowledge of the laws of science and nature. At the tower of Babel, the phrase “they begin to do” has the idea of to bore (H2490), and to break, as if by a wedge, and also the idea of a player on instruments. Was the Tower of Babel a facility such as CERN? Was it meant to be the headquarters of technology and knowledge for the sole purpose of undermining GOD?
What if I told you there was an ancient story that was once again being replayed…in the days of the Tower of Babel, it was a culture of Pagans who came together trying to acheive equality with GOD, by building a tower into the heavens…or was this a metaphor for opening portals such as the story of Jacob’s Ladder? And once again we now see this in modern times, we have this same scenario being cast upon us once again.
And crazy as it sounds it would have been achieved if GOD had not intervened by blowing the tower to pieces. And this is where we get the confusion or the legends of the launguages…each being different, and the people being separated. Genesis 11 is the story we see then, and now. Will we once again see GOD intervene? At what point will this happen?
Jacob told GOD:
Genesis 28 (KJV)
17 And he was afraid, and said, How dreadful is this place! this is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.
The gate? Well, history has a strange way of repeating itself…and this is because GOD is cyclical. Ironically, this is what CERN looks like…and what a portal is said to look like….
Even the LOGO of CERN reveals a three-dimensional tower, don’t you think? If this machine can destroy the world, wouldn’t it be considered ‘god-like’?


The bottomless pit / abyss, is different from “the pit” (Grave / Sheol). The bottomless pit is most likely a black hole, or a singularity, where the fallen angels (including Apollyon) are unable to get out. Nothing in our mental concepts is more bottomless than a black hole; a singularity that is infinitely dense yet infinitely small where the laws of physics break down.
Notice how the Bible describes them in Rev 17:8,11 – “The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. …And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth…” The Bible makes special triple emphasis of the fact that the beast (Apollyon) exists, but he does not exist in our world – because he is locked in another!
Shiva is the third god in the Hindu triumvirate. The triumvirate consists of three gods who are responsible for the creation, upkeep and destruction of the world. The other two gods are Brahma and Vishnu. Brahma is the creator of the universe while Vishnu is the preserver of it. Shiva’s role is to destroy the universe in order to re-create it. Hence, a New World Order? Sounds like a parallel to me!

Etheric Plane
The term aether (also written as “ether”) was adopted from ancient Greek philosophy into science, utilized by Madame Blavatsky to correspond to akasha, the fifth element (quintessence) of Hindu metaphysics. In physics, quintessence is a hypothetical form of dark energy.


Dark Attract Dark Series:
Yes, they know exactly what they are doing!
The alchemists code of fertility-the alchemy needed to form a gate? Earth/Water/Fire/Air. Forming the Star of David…which is not mentioned in the Bible, by the way. The symbol itself generates the behavior of–As Above, So Below.
The Elements – In most instances when the elements are mentioned there are four, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, but there is another more elusive element which is difficult to describe or define, it is ether or spirit. It is the most powerful element, apart from the element of pure Light! GOD is pure light and nothing exceeds GOD!
In witchcraft, the fifth element is not the most known element but it is the one that holds the other four elements together. It is invisible, with no physical bounds. Of course…this is the supernatural or spirit world.
According to ancient and medieval science… aether, also spelled æther or ether, also called quintessence, is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. Aether is related to αἴθω “to incinerate”, and intransitive “to burn, to shine”
In mythology, aether is said to be the pure essence that the ‘gods’ breathed. Of course,…this most likely is the fallen angels i.e. Greek half-breds. And they are said to ‘shine’…this is why Lucifer is mistaken for an angel of Light but in fact is an angel of darkness.


CERN is a giant machine…a machine made with huge magnetic elements. And if you place one magnet next to another, what happens? They gravitate toward one another. If you take a small magntic bead and attach two rods perpendicular to one another on each side of the ball…and take another magnet…and slowly move toward the constructed piece, what happens? It spins!
I believe this is what will happen to earth eventually unless GOD intervenes…of course HE did before but the Bible specifically tells us strange events will happen in the end days and some of those explanations sound much like this example I’ve given.
Year of the Light/Body of Light
Let’s look at the parallels of these two definitions. The combining of science and religion took seperate paths long ago with Darwinism…but that is no more. Satan wants nothing more than to combine the two! Forcing man to become ‘enlightened’…or possessed!
In the esoteric world the doctrine of the ‘Body of Light’ is replete throughout Western esoteric literature. Unfortunately, while many references are made to the concept, little information is supplied regarding its origin (or formation), stages of growth, and applications. Under the general heading of chi kung, or Chinese internal alchemy, these practices are designed to create and mature a body of subtle astral and etheric energy that is capable of existence independent of material consciousness.
This body is also thought to be capable of infusing the material body with sufficient energy to allow it to become more subtle and ‘etherial’. This ‘etherialization’ is said to make the physical body, under the direction of the adept, capable of de-materialization at the time of death. Enoch, Ezekiel, the ascension of Jesus, his mother Mary, and even Mohammed with his horse, are often given as examples of this form of dematerialization in Western spiritual literature.


The idea of the ‘simulacrum’ is the closest we have, and may very well be the starting point of such experimentation. It can be seen from the Eastern literature available, that the idea of the “Body of Light” often called the “Rainbow” or “Diamond Body” is the perfection of a vehicle for the exteriorization (projection), and continuation of consciousness beyond material reality.
Did you get that? The Rainbow? Hmmm..sounds like a meshing of the sexual revolution which Satan has thrown into this world…transgender, etc. Just a thought…
So continuing the consciousness…this is exactly what the elite are doing…’upgrading our consciousness’ into machinery…or robot!
Atziluth or Atzilut is the highest of four worlds in which exists the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Beri’ah follows it. It is known as the World of Emanations, or the World of Causes. In the Kabbalah, each of the Sephiroth in this world is associated with a Name of God, and it is associated with the Suit of Wands in the Tarot. The realm of Atziluth is thus related to the top three Sephirot of the Tree of Life; these three spheres of Kether, Chokmah and Binah are considered to be wholly spiritual in nature and are separated from the rest of the tree by a region of reality called the Abyss.
Atziluth is the realm of pure divinity. The four worlds of Kabbalah relate to the Tree of Life in two primary ways:
Firstly, it is taught that the whole tree is contained in each of the four worlds, and in this manner they are described one on top of another, and in symbolic form, by a diagram called Jacob’s Ladder.
Secondly, is taught that the Tree of Life can be subdivided into four horizontal sections, each representing one of the four worlds.
This falls right into the category of the Freemason’s goal of the “Fountain of Life”…to extend one’s life, or immortality.
Freemasons are taught within the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, that the first 3-3 ½ years are spent learning very basic magical procedures, coupled with the memorization and intellectual comprehension of a vast amount of qabalistic, alchemical, and astrological knowledge. This involves ritual magick! I believe these are achieved with Solomon’s Key rituals…just a guess.
Of course, all these rituals end with the Kundalini paths with the final being ‘total possession’ of your spirit/soul by demons.


Few really know what the YEAR OF THE LIGHT really is…now pay close attention!
The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, 2015 (IYL 2015) is a United Nations observance that aims to raise awareness of the achievements of light science and its applications, and its importance to humankind. The International Year of Light is “a global initiative adopted by the United Nations to raise awareness of how optical technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to worldwide challenges in energy, education, agriculture, communications and health.”
The IYL 2015 launched at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on 19 January 2015, with the unveiling of 1001 Inventions and the World of Ibn Al-Haytham which is a global campaign that includes a series of interactive exhibits, workshops and live shows about Ibn al-Haytham’s achievements in optics, mathematics and astronomy, and his importance in laying the foundations of the present day scientific experimental method. The campaign was created by the 1001 Inventions organization, which is a founding partner of the International Year of Light.
As part of the international campaign, UNESCO will also host an exhibition and a conference, to take place on 14 September 2015, titled The Islamic Golden Age of Science for the Knowledge-Based Society. In line with the event three organizations from Hyderabad viz MS Academy, Mesco and ILM Foundation launched i Quiz 2015 – a National level quiz competition on ‘Golden Age of Science’. The competition will be held across 64 cities in India and the grand finale will be held in Hyderabad.

So, what so we have so far? We have the Kabbalah opening portals (the esoteric version of Jacob’s Ladder) with the body becoming a portal. But, combining this with science allows the formation of a portal within a portal!

Alhazen was an Arab Muslim philosopher widely known for his experimental physics, modern optics (light!), and scientific principals and methodology. His work influenced many people, including Roger Bacon, Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Rene Descartes, and Johannes Kepler.
Roger Bacon was a Franciscan Friar…do you see how this is transitioning into the religious (Roman Catholic) world! The “Brotherhood” of Friars, is nothing more than a spin-off of The Brotherhood of Light…the Ascended Masters…a.k.a…Great White Brotherhood. What they want you to believe is they are gods! And they are beings from other dimensions of light….but don’t be confused….they are nothing more than demons in disguise.
In case you didn’t know…the name BACON derives from FRANCIS BACON!
Sir Nicholas Bacon (28 December 1510 – 20 February 1579) was an English politician during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England, notable as Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, (an officer of the English Crown charged with physical custody of the Great Seal of England). He was the father of the philosopher and statesman Sir Francis Bacon. Bacon’s alleged connection to the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons has been widely discussed by authors and scholars in many books. In fact some believe he was possessed by none other than Saint Germain…an Ascended Master. He was influential in the foundations of The United State of America.


Do you see how this is all fitting together like a giant puzzle!

Alhazen feigned madness so he could avoid punishment from the Caliph…meaning he faked madness to avoid death! Ironicaly, Alhazen is considered to be the “founder of psychophysics”…a sub-discipline of modern psychology. Which is a bunch of hogwash if you ask me! Although we do have mental illnesses, I believe many sicknesses of the mind and body to be spiritual! Another words…to be demonic originated.
One of the major scientific anniversaries that will be celebrated during the 2015 International Year of Light is: the works on optics by Ibn Al-Haytham.
I know you’re thinking so how does this all fit into the subject of CERN?
CERN is light-based technology!
A deeper look into how CERN is being used as the key to the bottomless pit, the bending of light, collide of dimensions & turning of the key. This all connects to androgyny, or the combination of the masculine and feminine.
“2015: Year of Light” // How Lucifer is using CERN to crack time (R$E) [link]
Everything (with the exemption of GOD’S Word) is an inversion or perversion, because Satan is the god of this world…for the time being.
So, essentially…CERN is nothing more than a machine/portal which is being utilized by Satan so he can escape the PIT or ABYSS!

The prism is a transparent optical element that reflects light…this is a perfect explanation of Satan! And PRISM is a clandestine surveillance program under NSA which collects internet communications from at least nine major US internet companies. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to that subject! A global networking matrix to control the masses…with the head of the serpent being Satan!


Suicide Silence-Cube of the Hellraisers
Now, this is obviously a satanic band! But many times, the demons feed these people their lyrics and graphic images.
Other interesting names for CERN experiments include…
AEGIS [the shield used by the Greek god Zeus]
ALPHA [the beginning; A]
ALEPH [phoenician letter derived from from Egyptian ox’s head; the Hebrew equivalent to the English A]
ATRAP [a trap; a device or tactic intended to catch]
DELPHI [In Greek mythology, the location of the navel of the world. The physical site (upper Greece) was also a major site of Apollo worship, including an eternal flame to Apollo, with the city dedicated to Apollo.]
COMPASS [instrument used for navigation and orientation; first invented as a device for divination and fortune-telling by the Chinese-note how this looks like a bee’s comb…the collective consciousness?]
TOTEM [a spirit being, sacred object, or symbol that serves as an emblem of a group of people]
ISOLDE [a character often confused with the goddess Minerva*]
ATHENA [Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic war, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill; equivalent of Roman goddess Minerva]
AWAKE [awake is the opposite of the state of being asleep-also ‘enlightenment?’]
NA61/SHINE [Lucifer and the fallen angels ‘shine’..a false light]


Solar Axion Telescope ANtenna-SATAN


I was finished with the article and suddenly, The Holy Spirit said…no, you’re not! It goes like that sometimes!
Leadbeater…does that name ring a bell? Well, if you’re any kind of researcher/truther then you know, if not…let me blow your mind.
Charles Webster Leadbeater was an influential member of the Theosophical Society, author on occult subjects and co-initiator with J. I. Wedgwood of the Liberal Catholic Church. Originally a priest of the Church of England, his interest in spiritualism caused him to end his affiliation with Anglicanism in favor of the Theosophical Society, where he became an associate of Annie Besant.
His interest in Divine wisdom or Theosophy was stimulated by A.P. Sinnett’s Occult World, and he joined the Theosophical Society in 1883. The next year he met Helena Petrovna Blavatsky when she came to London; she accepted him as a pupil and he became a vegetarian.
Around this time he wrote a letter to one of the world’s Ascended Masters, Master Kuthumi, asking to be accepted as his pupil. Shortly afterward, an encouraging response influenced him to go to India; he arrived at Adyar in 1884. He wrote that while in India, he had received visits and training from some of the “Masters” that according to Blavatsky were the inspiration behind the formation of the Theosophical Society, and were its hidden guides. This was the start of a long career with the Theosophical Society.
He wrote many books, etc…but the information I want to present deals with his writing of “Messages From The Unseen World” (1931). It speaks of communications from the ‘dead’…and I use this word lightly…because it’s not the typical DEAD! Most people’s vision of dead is when a loved one dies and ‘passes over’…but you see there is where the trickery begins! When a person dies, he/she’s soul/spirit moves on, it does not stay in this dimension nor is it allowed to remain or return.
Leadbeater speaks of astral communications and this is nothing more than what the Bible calls…similar spirits and witchcraft.
“15 Another case is that of a book written by a certain Mr. Babbitt in America, called The Principles of Light and Colour. He is rather fantastic in many ways, but we find a number of statements in that book which are true, and I am told that he received them all in some way (I do not know in what way exactly), through spiritualistic influence, inspiration, or teaching. For one thing, he was the first man, so far as we know, to depict a physical ulti­mate atom. We find a drawing of it in his book which very closely corresponds to that which our President and I made nearly twenty years later. I think his book was published in 1878 or thereabouts, whereas our first attempt at occult chemistry was in 1895. You will see that his drawing of the atom is practically correct. There are a great many other state­ments which he makes about it which we have not been able to verify so far. He represents atoms as actually touching one another, and in various ways he puts them into combinations which I should think from our own observation would be impossible. We find atoms always floating with a certain amount of space round them ; but the fact remains that whoever communicated with him gave him the real shape of the atom as a kind of spiral, wire-like body.”
This falls right into the CERN category! Now, to understand this next part, one must pay close attention to two key areas…1) world government led by Julius Caesar; 2) San Andreas Fault…


According to C. W. Leadbeater, a colony will be established in Baja California by the Theosophical Society under the guidance of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom in the 28th century for the intensive selective eugenic breeding of the sixth root race. The Master Morya will physically incarnate in order to be the Manu (“progenitor”) of this new root race. By that time, the world will be powered by nuclear power and there will be a single world government led by a person who will be the reincarnation of Julius Caesar. Tens of thousands of years in the future, a new continent will arise in the Pacific Ocean that will be the future home of the sixth root race. California west of the San Andreas Fault will break off from the mainland of North America and become the Island of California off the eastern coast of the new continent.
Victor Skumin proposed a definition and classification of Homo spiritalis (Latin: “spiritual man”), the sixth root race, consisting of eight sub-races (subspecies): HS0 Anabiosis spiritalis, HS1 Scientella spiritalis, HS2 Aurora spiritalis, HS3 Ascensus spiritalis, HS4 Vocatus spiritalis, HS5 Illuminatio spiritalis, НS6 Creatio spiritalis, and HS7 Servitus spiritalis.
One of the first projects of CERN:
CESAR: CERN’s first storage ring
Let’s go to left field for one minute…
It is said that these flying crafts in the air (so-called ‘aliens’) are symbiotic. Symbiosis is a living organism which is interdependent upon another. Scientists differ on the definition but I think we need to focus on machine hybrids. Yes, hybrids.
When you witness these craft in the sky, it’s not uncommon to see them split off one another and then come together as one again. Primarily this deals with the ‘collective consciousness’ mentality. It all connects to the New Age Movement and their doctrines. I know it’s confusing but stay with me here.
The ‘collective consciousness’ deals with the terms “hive mind”, “group mind”, “mass mind”, and “social mind”. The “collective consciousness” is the extent to which many people share an experience in common, but it’s so much more.
It’s a spiritual collective. Think of it this way…telepathy is based on this theory…one can read another mind without the process of speech….this is a type of collective consciousness. The new age mentality like to think of it as a transcendental reality.
Confusing as it is…it’s plain. The Unitarian Church is another doctrine which combines the New Age Movement esoteric theology with Christianity.
This all reminds me of the “Bee Colony”…and yet, they believe themselves to be ‘self-reliant’. All is one, one is all.
Now, combine this with machines. Yes, machines.
This is what many call TRANSHUMANISM.
It’s the combining of the consciousness with machine…making it a LIVING MACHINE! This is transforming the human condition by eventually developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.
Each generation has mentioned ‘gods’ who want to help us ascend. This is part of it.
The U.S. National Science Foundation report titled “Ethics of Human Enhancement: 25 Questions & Answers.” Some of the topics covered include:
Policy implications of human enhancement.
Moral and legal significance of ‘natural’ vs ‘enhanced’ persons.
Social and communication issues caused by enhancement disparities.
Is enhancement a right, a requirement?
Military aspects of ‘enhancement’.
Copyright and patent issues regarding ownership of enhanced DNA and persons.

Living Machines- The Rising Of The Robot
Does this parallel the Scripture about people who want to die but cannot? And believe me this is not something GOD would want for humanity, it’s what Satan wants. It actually takes GOD out of the equation and puts man in the forefront making himself, a god.
Revelation 9 (KJV)
6 And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

The connections here are this:
1) changing our DNA.
2. Combining it with machinery.
3. CERN (Lucifer’s technology)
Is this the ‘new race’? Transhuman?
“By that time, the world will be powered by nuclear power and there will be a single world government led by a person who will be the reincarnation of Julius Caesar. Tens of thousands of years in the future, a new continent will arise in the Pacific Ocean that will be the future home of the sixth root race. California west of the San Andreas Fault will break off from the mainland of North America and become the Island of California off the eastern coast of the new continent.”
Are we looking at a New World Order/One World Government with CERN as the ‘progenitor’? Progenitor with the new gods coming!
The San Andreas movie seems like a predictive programming plot! Will California fall into the ocean…I’ve heard these kinds of rumors since I was a kid…and now I know where they originate…from Blavatsky Theology.
All this reminds me of the “Clockwork Elves” conspiracy….strange stuff there too!
Machine Elves –,N-Dimethyltryptamine#Machine_elves
All in all, we have a machine mentality with ‘gods’ coming through portals from machines they have helped us make! Crazy stuff, folks!
Final Thoughts
GOD gives us discernment to have the keys needed to reveal the Truth of His mysteries. We have several lines of activity which intersect but one wouldn’t know this unless they see the connections which is brought by discern from GOD.
This subject comes down to which side are you on? The agenda of the elite is to enlighten your mind, not to Satan, but to Lucifer. Although we know this is the same entity…fallen angel, not everyone has this knowledge. And if they do, they’ve been convinced by programming that Lucifer is good and GOD is bad.
Isaiah speaks of gates throughout the whole book! And we are told in no uncertain terms that GOD will give great courage to the warriors who stand at these gates. This is why we are told to STAND STILL! And know…
Isaiah 28 (KJV)
And for a spirit of judgment to him that sitteth in judgment, and for strength to them that turn the battle to the gate.
The Spirit of the LORD will rest on him– the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the LORD. This is discernment and the Spirit of GOD within them to understand. Also, those who do not understand what is plain to see, but instead scorn and despise it as mean and trifling will be justly punished.

On The Path Of The Immortals – Tom Horn – Steve Quayle – Cris Putnam [link]

Satan the Savior – Astonishing Vatican Plan to Unveil Humanity’s Deliverer [link]

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    Here is a list—undoubtedly incomplete—of films made since 2000 that deal with people being “infected” with some kind of virus that leads to horrifying consequences:

    ◾Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014): Some sort of global plague has wiped out most of humanity, giving apes a definite leg up.

    ◾Absolon (2003): A virus wipes out five billion people and the only thing standing between the rest and death is a drug called “absolon.”

    ◾Retreat (2011): A couple in a remote cottage get a visitor who tells them that an airborne killer disease is sweeping Europe. Tagline: “No neighbours. No help. No escape.”
    ◾Slither (2006): An alien plague infects a small town with really disgusting slithering slug-like things.

    ◾Dawn of the Dead (2004): A global plague creates flesh-eating zombies while people hide in a mall.

    ◾Azaan (2011): A secret agent must stop “terrorists” who are about to unleash an unknown strain of the Ebola virus.

    ◾The Invasion (2007): Aliens use a plague to take over people’s minds and flatten out their facial expressions.

    ◾I Am Legend (2007): The last man on Earth talks to himself a lot and fends off zombie-like survivors infected with a virus that wiped out humanity.

    ◾The Crazies (2010): Residents of a small town become insane killers after a mysterious toxin infects their water supply. It’s considered too late to bring in bottled water.

    ◾Parts Per Billion (2008): A global pandemic kills millions, and three couples get all romantic and sad about it.

    ◾Contagion (2008): Another global pandemic kills millions very unpleasantly. Revealing tagline: “Don’t talk to anyone. Don’t touch anyone.”

    ◾World War Z (2008): A UN employee attempts to save the day as he tries to find a cure for a zombie pandemic that threatens humanity.

    ◾Shaun of the Dead (2008): A light-hearted look at zombies trying to eat everyone in an English village.

    ◾Warm Bodies (2008): A romantic comedy about a young woman falling for a surprisingly engaging zombie. A rare optimistic film on the topic.

    ◾Cell (2015): A mysterious signal is broadcast that turns people into maniacal “zombie-like” killers.

    ◾The Signal (2008): A pulse is transmitted that turns people into maniacal killers: zombies, if you will.

    ◾Zombie Apocalypse (2011): A zombie plague kills 90% of the American population.
    ◾Quarantine (2008): Residents of an apartment building are infected with a virus that turns them into bloodthirsty killers of the zombie variety.

    ◾Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011): They thought they had it contained, but passengers on a plane are infected with the same virus, and it turns them, as you might expect, into bloodthirsty killers.

    ◾[Rec] (2007): Firefighters enter an apartment building and are attacked by the victims of a terrifying virus who have turned into zombies.

    ◾[Rec]2 (2009): Cops in riot gear go into the building with the terrifying virus, and they find out that riot gear doesn’t work against zombies.

    ◾[Rec]3: Genesis (2012): A couple’s wedding is ruined when the guests turn into zombies and kill everyone.

    ◾[Rec]4: Apocalypse (2014): They try to isolate a virus in the middle of the ocean that turns people into zombies, but it doesn’t work. More zombies.

    ◾The Happening (2008): A mysterious plague causes people to begin committing suicide. Many watching this movie had a similar impulse.

    ◾Virus Undead (2008): A virus carried by diseased birds causes corpses to reanimate in search of human flesh.

    ◾Pontypool (2009): People are driven mad by a virus carried by the spoken word.
    ◾Flight of the Living Dead (2007): A virus causes people to turn into zombies on a plane. (A line you won’t hear in the film from Samuel L. Jackson: “I have had it with these motherf*#king zombies on this motherf#@king plane!”)

    ◾I Am Virgin (2010): The survivor of a global pandemic is hunted by other survivors. Not sure where the virgins come in.

    ◾Blindness (2008): An epidemic of blindness causes society to break down. People become disagreeable without literally turning into zombies.

    ◾Extinction (2015): They thought the cold had killed all the zombies, but they were wrong. I guess regardless of the movie, you still have to shoot them in the head.

    ◾Doomsday (2008): A virus kills millions and a wall is built around Scotland to contain those infected. 25 years later the virus is back and lots of things get blown up.

    ◾Mulberry St. (2006): A deadly infection in Manhattan causes humans to “devolve into blood-thirsty rat creatures.” Actual rats are not sure what to make of this.

    ◾Resident Evil (2002): A lab accident causes hundreds to turn into flesh-eating creatures. The story continues in Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004), Resident Evil: Extinction (2007), Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010), Resident Evil: Retribution (2012), and Resident Evil: The Last Chapter (coming in 2016).

    ◾Bio-hazard: Degeneration (2008): A Japanese film about a deadly virus being deliberately unleashed.

    ◾Cabin Fever (2002): Five college kids rent a cabin and are infected by a flesh-eating virus.

    ◾Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009): A flesh-eating virus is spread through bottled water.
    ◾Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero (2014): The flesh-eating virus is back, this time on an island.
    ◾The Roost (2005): The undead arise on a farm.

    ◾Carriers (2009): Four friends fleeing a global pandemic find out they are carriers.
    ◾The Thaw (2009): An Arctic research expedition releases a deadly prehistoric parasite.
    ◾Mutants (2009): A couple hides from the zombie apocalypse spread by a virus only to find one of them is infected.

    ◾Last of the Living (2009): A virus turns people into zombies, essentially.
    ◾Mission Impossible 2 (2002): Tom Cruise and his team try to recover a man-made bioweapon virus.

    ◾Day of the Dead 2: Contagium (2005): Army loses control of bacteriologic weapon that changes human DNA. Conflict ensues.

    ◾Infection (2004): A Japanese film about a virus that breaks out in a hospital. You’d think that would be convenient, but it isn’t.

    ◾Ultraviolet (2006): A virus gives a woman super powers in the future. (Now this sounds like fun!)

    ◾Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America (2006): An avian flu is transmitted to humans, as the title fully explains.

    ◾The Terror Experiment (2010): A terrorist tries to expose the government’s biological warfare weapon, a deadly virus that causes people to kill each other as viruses in movies tend to do.

    ◾Zombie Strippers! (2008): A zombie epidemic sweeps through a strip club. Still looking for the virgins from the other movie.

    ◾The Veil (2005): A town is infected by a deadly virus and military types are sent in to find survivors.

    ◾Antiviral (2012): Obsessed fans pay to have viruses injected from celebrities. If this sounds like the plot of a David Cronenberg film, it should because it was the directorial debut of his son, Brandon.

    Does this simply reflect our anxiety about the state of the world? Is it a depiction of some of the things we fear most about the future? Or could it be an effort to cause anxiety, to distract us from the atrocities routinely carried out by the elites who currently run things in our world? What is the military-industrial-entertainment complex (as dubbed by Fox Mulder in an episode of The X-Files) trying to tell us? Is it trying to prepare us for things to come? Does it want us to be ready to meekly accept what the horrors that our elite rulers have in store for us?

    It’s interesting that in the late 1990s and early 2000s—especially prior to Sept. 11, 2001—we had a lot of movies that featured aircraft and asteroids and monsters crashing into buildings like the World Trade Center. I wonder what they were preparing us to accept then…

    It seems that this explosion of films and TV about contagions and plagues is telling us several things. It tells us that we shouldn’t worry about fixing the world so that it has justice, peace and freedom; we should just be glad the lights work and that we can watch football once a week. The alternative is going back to basics in an effort to outsmart flesh-eating zombies. No more football, and probably no more lights.

    These movies and TV shows tell us that living in peace, co-operation, and connectedness with others on this planet is an illusion, a luxury we can’t afford when survival is on the line. In the end, it’s eat or be eaten. The message is that we must be suspicious of each other, mistrustful of each other, isolated from each other, and when it comes down to it, we have to struggle against each other to survive.

    As with all forms of control, it’s about fear. People who are afraid, don’t question, don’t challenge—they will do what they are told. They don’t look up the food chain at the psychopaths that are truly feeding off this world; they look sideways, at their neighbors. And they fear and suspect them instead.

    October 10, 2015 at 8:20 AM

  3. Kittii

    They are partners in propaganda, collaborators in control.

    The mainstream news media and Hollywood movie studios are cogs in a powerful machine that conditions us to accept a world view favourable to the global corporate elite.

    Most of us are not even aware we’re being conditioned; we don’t see how we’re being manipulated. That’s why it works so well.

    The media contribute to the deception by how they cover the news or don’t cover it – in other words, which subjects they ignore and which questions they avoid asking.

    Most of us think the media have the job of keeping the powers that be in check, and exposing their mistakes and excesses. But in reality, the media are the propaganda arm of the power structure, and they exist to support and reinforce perceptions that favour the elites.

    October 10, 2015 at 8:22 AM

  4. Kittii

    The last 10 minutes or so is what you should listen to this. I guess this has been going on since the mid 1990’s.

    October 10, 2015 at 8:24 AM

    • Kittii

      It’s too long to post the whole thing


      Lest our hypotheses appear to be wild speculations, the reader should consider some biographical information on William Cooper.

      •William Cooper was an intelligence agent with the Office of Naval Intelligence in Bethesda, MD. Following World War II, German scientists were in great demand by all of the U.S. intelligence agencies, which actually competed for their fair share of Nazi war criminals! To meet this demand, the dossiers of Nazi scientists, engineers, physicists, doctors, psychiatrists and intelligence agents were sanitized in several operations, the most well-known and last being Operation Paperclip; previously there were Operation Overcast, and Operation Sunrise. Bethesda Naval Hospital would become the center for CIA mind-control drug projects following WW II, according to “Project Paperclip and the Nuremberg Trials Whitewash”:

      “Under the terms of [Project] Paperclip there was fierce competition not only between the wartime allies but also between the various US services – always the most savage form of combat. Curtis LeMay saw his new-minted US Air Force as certain to prompt the navy’s virtual extinction and thought this process would be speeded if he were able to acquire as many German scientists and engineers as possible. For its part, the US Navy was equally eager to snare its measure of war criminals. One of the first men picked up by the navy was a Nazi scientist named Theordore Benzinger. Benzinger was an expert on battlefield wounds, expertise he gained through explosive experiments conducted on human subjects during the waning stages of World War II. Benzinger ended up with a lucrative government contract working as a researcher at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland.” – 949

      •William Cooper credits his selection for this Nazi-infested organization to his membership as a young adult in the DeMolay Society, a branch of Freemasonry.

      “The Knights Templar exist today as a higher degree of Freemasonry within the Templar Order. In fact, the Knights Templar is a branch of the Order of the Quest. The DeMolay Society is a branch of the Freemasons that consecrates the memory of the persecution of the Knights Templar and in particular, their leader Jacques deMolay. I know, because I was a member of the DeMolay Society as a young adult. I loved the mystery and ritual. I became separated from the Society when my family moved to a location out of reach of any lodge. I believe to this day that my association with the DeMolay Society may have been the reason for my selection for Naval Security and Intelligence.” – 51:75

      •William Cooper’s belief system, as stated in Behold a Pale Horse, included the Holy Grail fiction and denial of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

      “One of the greatest secrets of the ages is the true story of the Holy Grail, the robe of Jesus, the remains of the Cross of Crucifixion, and whether Jesus actually died or if he survived and produced a child…” – 51:75

      In Behold a Pale Horse, William Cooper claimed that he actually knew the location in France of the Holy Grail, which he strongly implied includes the bones of Jesus!

      “The Prieure de Sion was a religious order founded upon Mount Sion in Jerusalem. The Order set for itself the goal of preserving and recording the bloodline of Jesus and the House of David. Through every means available to them, the Prieure de Sion had found and retrieved the remaining relics… The treasure hidden in France is not the treasure of the Temple of Jerusalem. It is the Holy Grail itself, the robe of Jesus, the last remaining pieces of the Cross of Crucifixion, and, according to my sources, someone’s bones. I can tell you that the reality of the bones will shake the world to its very foundations if I have been told the truth. The relics are hidden in France. I know the location…” (51:76)

      •William Cooper founded a newspaper which he called VERITAS.

      “William Cooper, Trustee, has founded for Harvest Trust, the CAJI News Service, VERITAS national full size newspaper, The Intelligence Service, Harvest Publications, and has helped over 700 low power FM affiliate stations get equipped and on the air… including the station he manages as Trustee for the Independence Foundation Trust, 101.1 FM Eagar, Arizona, broadcasting to 7,000 people.” (961)

      According to Dagobert’s Revenge, “It is significant, then, that in…1188, the Prieuré de Sion…adopted the subtitle ‘Order de la Rose-Croix Veritas’.” (963) Pierre Plantard used the word Veritas in reference to the Prieuré de Sion and the Rosicrucians:

      “1962. Robert Charroux, Treasures Of The World, containing chapters devoted to the Abbé Bérenger Saunière and to the Order of the Knights’ Templar – the latter chapter referring to a painting of Saint Celestine in adoration before a luminous apparition at the centre of which was inscribed the word ‘Veritas’ (Plantard was to equate the Priory of Sion with the Rosicrucians and the word Veritas).” (962)

      UPDATE, 5-14-2012

      A recent book, Inside the Priory of Sion, by Rob Howells shows the cozy relationship between the Priory of Sion and its front organization, Veritas:

      “An esoteric secret society of obscure origins, Rosicrucianism, or the Order of the Rosy (or Rose) Cross, is the most closely aligned to what we think of as the Priory of Sion. Sion itself claims that Rosicrucian orders (Rose Croix in French) are its spiritual arm and a key means by which it can influence society. They assert that Sion is the small group that oversees and controls a particular French Rosicrucian order called Veritas (Truth) and its subgroups or ‘chapters’. They would also use it to recruit members of Sion…

      “‘Prior to 1925, and in the 19th century, the order of Sion had not made itself public other than by the use of its spiritual/esoteric body: the Ordre Rose+Croix Veritas. This is the “trunk” of what is now known as Priory of Sion, and it is the same “society” which held the Salon de la Rose-Croix in Paris in the late 19th century [headed by] Joséphin Péladan.’” (Howells, Robert. Inside The Priory of Sion: Revelations from the World’s Most Secret Society–Guardians of the Bloodline of Jesus, Duncan Baird Publishers, (2011).

      On Cooper’s website, Hour of the Time, is displayed the alchemical symbol of the Nuda Veritas or the ‘Naked Truth’.

      October 27, 2015 at 12:22 PM

  5. Kittii

    The Trojan Horse is a tale from the Trojan War about the ploy that the Greeks used to enter the city of Troy and win the war. After a fruitless 10-year siege, the Greeks constructed a huge wooden horse, and hid a select force of men inside. The Greeks left the wooden image and pretended to sail away. When the Trojans found the massive horse on the beach, they pulled it into their city as a victory trophy.

    That night the elite Greek force silently crept out of the horse and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army, which had sailed back under cover of night. The Greeks entered and destroyed the city of Troy, decisively ending the war.

    Is it possible that their lies within our own cities an object or institution, seen and embraced by the people as a benefit, that is actually leading and will lead to the demise of a population that once hailed the slogans “every day low prices” and “save money, live better,” as a helping hand from swirling financial woes?

    I’ll leave you to answer that question in your own mind. For now

    Here are 23 fascinating facts about Walmart most people probably don’t know and it may be a good idea if they did:

    1.) If Walmart were a country, it would be the 26th largest economy in the world

    2.) Walmart has 2.2 Million employees, more than the population of the city of Houston and seven times the population of Iceland

    3.) Walmart’s yearly net sales hover around ½ TRILLION dollars, That’s more than Argntina’s entire GDP

    4.) 90% if Americans live within 15 minutes of a Walmart store

    5.) Between Walmart’s opening in 1962 and 2002, the number of single store retailers in the U.S. declined 55%

    6.) Back in 2012 Walmart opened between 4 and 5 new stores every week

    7.) The Walton family is worth 150 BILLION dollars. About as much as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Michael Bloomberg combined.

    8.) The average Walmart supercenter sells about 140,000 individual items

    9.) 35 MILLION people shop at Walmart every day, as much as the entire population of Canada

    10.) Walmart operates internationally under 55 different names, including Walmex in Mexico, Asda in the UK, Seiyu in Japan, and Best Price in India.

    11.) This year, everyone in the world will make an average of 1.1 purchases at Walmart

    12.) Each week, nearly 1/3rd of the American Population visits Walmart’s U.S. Stores

    13.) China’s exports to Walmart accounted for 11% of the growth of the total U.S. Trade deficit with China between 2001 and 2006

    14.) Walmart is the largest overall employer in the USA and the biggest in 25 states

    15.) If Walmart’s more than 8500 stores where put in one place, they would take up more than 32 square miles – as much as 15,300 football fields

    16.) Walmart parking lots alone take up roughly the size of Tampa Florida. …. gotta watch to see the last 7 facts. THESE are the ones you’ll want to know!!

    October 10, 2015 at 8:27 AM

  6. Kittii

    FR technology is so real, and so pervasive, that there is little doubt that you have been and are being facially fingerprinted and identified just about every day even if you don’t leave the comfort of your own home.

    While some people despise the idea of having their images and anonymity taken without their permission, others are fine with it and many many others are unaware it’s even being done at all.
    One of the most serious concerns about facial recognition is that it allows secret surveillance at a distance,” “Suddenly, you’re really not anonymous in public anymore.” While its true that there can be no real expectation of complete privacy while you choose to move about publicly, there is a reasonable amount of anonymity people should expect even while participating in community-oriented functions, like going to the store or driving down the road.

    But the more technology advances, and the more of it you accept into your life, you have to realize that there’s a trade off. Usually, if you want that fancy new electronic gadget or want to participate in the convenience of public commerce, you end up giving up part of your very identity.

    Think about it: We’re so advanced these days that facial detection and recognition technologies, as well as sophisticated finger print readers are tucked inside the cell phones and mobile devices you use every day. How pervasive is this? Take a second right now: think of somebody you know who isn’t in possession of, infatuated with and always looking at one of these devices. People interact with them when they could be having a conversation with a real person, they walk with them, go to bed with em and wake up by em. Everywhere you go, somebody some where has a face illuminated with the light of that little screen. Even little kids have ‘em these days. Little kids. We’re talking 4 or 5 years old…sometimes younger.

    Most of these units have front-mounted, high-resolution cameras, finger print collection systems, Global Positioning and data collection applications constantly running in the background. Knowing this we continue to leave our identities and viewing habits in the hands of people and corporations we don’t know.
    High Tech systems have become so advanced and so wide-spread that there are billboards and street advertising placards that scan your face in order to determine which ads to show you.

    Home gaming systems are being used to decide which ads to show you at home based on your emotional state. There’s an app for detecting people’s faces at bars to help you decide where you want to get your drink on. Developers have come up with an app that lets you use your face to rack up on discounts at stores. There’s a dating service for the narcissistic that will set you up with someone whose face looks like yours.

    And of course, Facebook, Google and Apple employ the widely accepted technology that helps you more quickly and accurately tag friends in photos.

    The undeniable bottom line is that companies salivate over your personal data. The more they know about you, the more accurately they can tailor their sales pitch and increase their chances of setting their marketing hooks deep into your consumer oriented jaw. Business executives see you as one in an immense mass of fish and not only are they trying to produce the most appealing products for you to bite into, they are actively using the latest surveillance technologies to closely study your appearance, mannerisms and movements. They can examine the way you walk, the way you communicate, what clothes you wear, how your eyes respond to certain outside stimuli, what sites you click on, how long you stay on those sites, where you are at any given time of day, what music you listen to and what you download.
    In newer vehicles and on street mounted cameras your driving habits can be assessed and the information accessed by those who could stand to make money from YOUR data record.

    October 10, 2015 at 8:35 AM

  7. Kittii

    October 10, 2015 at 8:36 AM

  8. Kittii

    Marianne drives me nuts. I visit her blog every once in awhile It’s always the “Muslims” creating the problems. How about the Illuminati and Masons?
    There are currently 50 nations supporting the global war on terrorism

    Dr. Jerry Kroth in his video states we have 70 military bases in the middle east.

    October 11, 2015 at 12:23 PM

    • Kittii

      Do you know she has up to 10,000,00 hits to date? Unbelievable. It’s just as well I’m blocked. I would just get into arguments and be frustrated. I guess I should take it as a compliment. No one listens to me, I don’t have a blog, I don’t have any influence and she blocks me???????????????? She used to say I was the expert You Tube poster, or something to that effect, on her blog. I just had a lot of questions. I’ve got the answers, but most people don’t want to hear it. Muslims are no more guilty than the rest of us. They ae victims. They are pawns on a chess game to set up the NEW WORLD ORDER, that’s all and they will be sucked in too.

      October 11, 2015 at 12:38 PM

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