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The GIANT Cosmic Cakewalk


The giant cakewalk has taken years to appear. The steps are traced in a circle…a portal if you will. Having evolved in leaps and bounds in the last couple of years to make itself visible…time and space are connected but the illusion of reality is a bit blurred.
Okay…bear with me here…this seems lengthy but it must be addressed due to the nature of its importance. The mysteries of the CERN project colliding with the Vatican’s agenda for us to accept our ‘space brothers’…just seems a bit confusing until you put some pieces together which has been kept secret.
It begins with GOD and ends with GOD. All the players are us and them. A giant chess game playing out in space and time.


The Seven Hills of Roma
Rev (KJV) 17
9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.
We know the Bible specifically speaks of SEVEN HILLS.
Calling it the BEAST is appropriate. The Pope has undoubtedly made comments which has alerted parishioners of the Roman Catholic Church that something is not right in Denmark!
Some of this information brought forward at first comes from a source who I believe to be confused on the issues of faith but the material itself brings forth connections which can’t be denied. But, BEWARE! You can be misled if your faith is not strong. It reveals the secrets about the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) and its connection to Sirius. It also gives us the connections to the trans-agenda. Meaning, transgender, same sex marriages, etc.


Siriusly Messed Up!
The Vatican has came out in the last year or so with some rather odd statements from its clergy. From the existence of ‘space brothers’ to the latest news of “No Alien Jesus”…it’s enough to make the head spin.

So, there’s no doubt the Vatican speaks about ‘aliens’…so are they hiding more than that? What about the stars and its connections to the Vatican?
What were the implications of the Vatican causeway’s alignment with the ‘star fortress’ when looking East, as viewed from the Pope’s balcony? Was it designed this way intentionally, as was the case in many of the other great cultures that celebrated the rising of important stars with the Sun on the horizon?
It is said that a stellar observatory once graced the top of the Castel Sant’ Angelo “star fortress”. Therefore, a star-shaped fortress and the ritual of solar alignment and Sun-like stars seem quite appropriate, not to mention that the so-called ‘hidden records’ of the Vatican are also said to be stored there.


The obelisk at St Peter’s square seems to designate the star that is at the center of the Orion ‘belt’ stars, as it were representing the Orion constellation as a whole. The same reasoning seems to be true for the obelisk at the Bernini fountain, found at the foot of the most famous hill of Rome, the Hill Capitol. In all likelihood it designates the other great constellation of relevance… the Pleiades located in Taurus.
I propose that it is these very same star constellations and sacred stars in the vicinity of the Pleiades that past civilizations originally revered! These stars seem to be associated with their gods who came down from the sky. But here is where this story will truly stand on solid ground:
It appears to be the very same star secret also shared by the following:
Egypt, as the ‘star of Ra’
Freemasons, as their “blazing star”
Christ, as the ‘Bethlehem star’
Stonehenge, as the ‘star of their gods’
Tikal’s largest monument in Guatemala, as the ‘star of their gods’
Mars anomalies, as the ‘star of their gods’ in conjunction with a second Sun-like star as the ‘human genesis star’
Angkor, the civilization that celebrates the third Sun-like star in the vicinity of the Pleiades as their ‘star of their gods’.
It is becoming increasingly evident that the Vatican once venerated the same Egyptian obelisks and pillars integral to the Freemason’s aforementioned tracing board. In both instances the pillars and obelisks are beacon markers celebrating star positions.
AND, although that’s all interesting…what I came across next was this….
The Human blueprint code geometry…
Now here’s where it gets steep…put on your wading boots because it gets real deep here!
The Human geometric pattern according to its founder is a blueprint of “who we are and where we come from”…but I propose to you another theory. He would have you to believe that the entities from Sirius created us, and this parallels the whole New Age Movement and the Ascended Masters subject. The Roman Catholic Church ever-so-slightly has hinted about the ‘space brothers’ and their intentions. This is who they watch with their giant hand of L.U.C.I.F.E.R. in the sky.
The union of a man and women within the hidden records website is highlighted within the Da Vinci Vitruvian Man which includes a pentagram. This is where the Jewish get their ‘star of david’ but the star represents this same message spilling out into the proverbial land of desecration. It’s all inclusive of one another.
With the whole transgender movement slicing and dicing at our heels to become something we’re not…it makes sense that this representation includes a dual masculine/feminine icon. Satan hates who and what we are. He’s doing his best to change that.


” It is also amazing that while Da Vinci published his perhaps ‘censored’ Vitruvian man 1500 years later… another great scholar in Germany at virtually the same moment in time as Da Vinci published the complete Vitruvious human form rendition. His name was Heinrich Agrippa. The churches in Germany were so horrified by this mans occult publication that he was arrested and subsequently burned at the stake.
Here is a combination depiction of Agrippa’s reproduction of Vitruvious’ 2000 year old human code and his two original sketches are shown in an overlay. Note the ‘all seeing’ eye positioned above the head like a crown. It suggests that Vitruvious himself might be repeating an ancient Egyptian source of lost knowledge. One must also consider the possibility that it was not at all safe 2000 years ago for Vitruvious to show the once sacred human icon as complete, i.e. the connection between the human form and the stars.”
Do you see the correlation he is making between New Age Movement doctrines and the waves of witchcraft colliding with Christianity doctrine?
“Once you have had the opportunity to read ‘The Hidden Records’, you will notice that the symbol above has evolved from a very sacred codex that not only makes its appearance at Stonehenge and Giza, some of humanity’s oldest sites, but as bizarre as it may sound, it can even be found on another planet. To get an idea of what the author is getting at, browse through the thumbnail images on this website, then go to the book for the all important reasoning.
This is how the author believes this sacred symbol became distorted. It would appear that over time the human genitalia were seen to be a more appropriate focal point of the ‘star man’ than the navel (as in Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man), which was once the central point from where all the geometrical proportions emanated. It is not surprising this distortion of the original came about. In the case of the age old Cerne Giant found at Dorset, it seems the genitalia form the cosmic pointer to the area of the sky that repeats the solution to all the star maps that have been found by the author. The same is true for a similar painting of a man in the Lascaux caves that dates back 17 000 years, where the human anatomy acts as a cosmic pointer to the celestial bull. In both instances the genitalia have mistakenly been confused with the ‘sacred geometric center’ of the human form… hence the distortion of the meaning of the pentacle in later years.”
Okay, decipher that….let it sink in!
He goes on to say:
“The geometry explored in my book comes in two clear representations:
Firstly, in what I define as ‘pure’ form. What comes to mind here, are megalithic architectural layouts, depicting precise geometry, made up of three equilateral triangles from the navel, as well as two right angled triangles with 45 degree angles. The author confirms the accuracy thereof in an experiment using the measurements of my own ‘human codex’, coincidently turns out to be identical to the codex found in the Cydonia area on Mars.
Secondly, in what he loosely defines as a ‘general’ portrayal. Here, the human form is depicted inside a rough sketched or simple elongated pentagon that has no clear ‘pure’ angle geometrical make-up. An example of this can be seen in the landscape renditions below and in the famous sketch of Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘incomplete’ Vitruvian Man.”

Spaceship cockpit_zpsydrf8xba.jpg~original

The fallen angels have inhabited the lowers realms of the heavens for thousands of years and their mark lies within them. The completion of this information has culminated in the decisive ‘secret knowledge’ which many secret societies hold true to their hearts. It molds the past, present and future into a pattern which will tilt man’s faith in their direction.
CERN is deeply involved in this matter! This information is only part of the bigger picture. Our genetic makeup is the Image of GOD within us. All these secret codes come together to form a puzzle which at first is a little blurry, but stay with it and you will begin to see the full picture.
The CERN project has everything to do with the Vatican. Align the CERN discoveries with the Vatican’s ‘alien’ agenda and you get three letters…DNA.
Clues are left like crumbs on a plate….



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