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ISIS – The Keeper of Chaos PT2


Rituals are key to performing magick. Magick is key to the work of Satan and his followers…and if you know anything about this subject then you know that Magick is aptly defined as the science and art of doing one’s Will–ultimately fulfilling the Law of Thelema.
Just a couple of examples should reveal WHO this is…
In the Book of the Law (Thelema):
Ch 1)-60. My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us. The Five Pointed Star, with a Circle in the Middle, & the circle is Red. My colour is black to the blind, but the blue & gold are seen of the seeing. Also I have a secret glory for them that love me.
Ch 2)-7. I am the Magician and the Exorcist. I am the axle of the wheel, and the cube in the circle.
Ch 2)-26. I am the secret Serpent coiled about to spring: in my coiling there is joy. If I lift up my head, I and my Nuit are one. If I droop down mine head, and shoot forth venom, then is rapture of the earth, and I and the earth are one.

One of the attacks took place at La Bataclan at 9:40pm (9+4=13) on Friday 13th.
Mere moments away from slaughter, Paris fans at Eagles Of Death Metal concert sang a song glorifying the Devil
With their hands raised high in the air, as you see in this photo taken moments before the attacks began, Paris fans at the Eagles Of Death Metal concert made the Satanic “devil horns” salute without seemingly a care in the world. Amazingly, the song that was playing the moment the shooting started was called ‘Kiss The Devil‘, and here are some of the lyrics from that tune:


“Kiss The Devil” – by Eagles Of Death Metal
Who’ll love the Devil?
Who’ll song his song?
Who will love the Devil and his song?

I’ll love the Devil
I’ll sing his song
I will love the Devil and his song

Who’ll love the Devil?
Who’ll kiss his tongue?
Who will kiss the Devil on his tongue?

I’ll love the Devil
I’ll kiss his tongue
I will kiss the Devil on his tongue

As the French death metal fans were singing along with those lyrics, offering their love to Satan, the Devil responded as the Devil always does. With death and destruction. Now, you go ahead and spin that any way you like, any way that makes you feel comfortable. But as a Bible believer, I know exactly what happened Friday night at 9:40PM GMT in Paris, France. People asked for a manifestation of the Satan, and guess what? They got one.



The Paris attacks happened on the first day of the Muslim lunar month of Safar, which fell on 13 November in 2015. ISIL has referred to the Paris attacks as a “ghazwa” (religious raid). ISIS allegedly issued statements that the attacks were in response to France’s involvement in airstrikes against it in Syria and Iraq and insults to Islam’s prophet.


Map of the November 2015 Paris attacks in relation to each other. (1) Stade de France (2) The junction of Rue Bichat and Rue Alibert (3) Casa Nostra, Rue de la Fontaine (4) Le Bataclan theatre (5) La Belle Équipe, Rue de Charonne Stars: Individual suicide bombings around the Stade de France and the Comptoir Voltaire restaurant on Boulevard Voltaire. The suicide bombings at Le Bataclan are not individually distinguished.
GOD works with numbers so to does Satan…
The explosions happened at 21:20, 21:30, (=11) and 21:53 (=11). Another 33 minutes after that, the third bomber detonated his vest…
The number 11 means, in the Tree of Life, the Sphere of Daath. In the Hebraic Language Daath means “knowledge” or “Abyss”.
(11) Higher spiritual plane, intuitive, psychic, illumination, visionary, idealist, a dreamer, enlightened, intense, highly sensitive, high-strung.
(33) Master Teacher, egoless, sincere devotion, brings guidance and spiritual upliftment to the world.
Abrahadabra is a word that appears in The Book of the Law, and is described by Aleister Crowley as the “Word of the Aeon” and that it “represents the Great Work complete, and it is therefore an archetype of all lesser magical operations” (Crowley, 1997). It is not to be confused with the Word of the Law of the Aeon, which is Thelema.
Abrahadabra is also referred to as the Word of Double Power. More specifically, it represents the uniting of the Microcosm with the Macrocosm—represented by the pentagram and the hexagram, the rose and the cross, the circle and the square, the 5 and the 6, etc.—also called the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of one’s Holy Guardian Angel. In Commentaries (1996), Crowley says that the word is a symbol of the “establishment of the pillar or phallus of the Macrocosm…in the void of the Microcosm.” The sexual analogy here is obvious.
Magick is key to the work of Satan and his followers…


ISIS & The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
In the first century CE, there was a Syrian writer, who wrote in Greek, named Lucian. He wrote satirical novels, tales, and essays. One of his books is called Philosudes (“Lover of Lies”). It’s about a group of friends gathered at the house of an ill friend, Eukrates. To entertain him, they tell fantastic stories about haunted houses, encounters with Deities, magic, and more, which Eukrates, being a lover of lies, enjoys very much.
The tale that involves Isis is told by Eukrates himself and he swears it’s all true:
He says that in his youth, his father had sent him to Egypt to complete his education. He sailed up to Koptos with the intention of going to the statue of Memnon for an oracle. On the way there, he met a man from Memphis who was one of the temple scribes and very learned. How did Pankrates—for that was the scribe’s name—come by his knowledge? He had spent 23 years living “underground” in Egyptian sanctuaries learning his magic from Isis Herself. Ha!
Pankrates was apparently quite a famous teacher and another of Eukrates’ friends had been a student of his as well. The magician-scribe was supposed to be able to do wonders such as riding on crocodiles and playing with dangerous beasts without harm. (Taming crocodiles is a common Egyptian magical wonder.)
Meanwhile, back to Eukrates. Apparently he and the magician hit it off and Pankrates invited the young man to visit his home and began teaching him. However, Eukrates was to leave all his servants in Memphis for they would not be needed in the magician’s home.
Which turned out to be true.
Whenever a household task needed doing, Pankrates would take up a stick of wood, a broom, the door bar, or a pestle, clothe it, speak some words of magic, and the broom would come to life and take care of whatever task the magician wanted. When the task was done, Pankrates would speak more magic words and the magical servant would return to its original form.
Pankrates taught Eukrates many things, but he wouldn’t teach this. Naturally, that was exactly what Eukrates wanted to learn, so he spied on the magician and overheard the words that brought the servant to life. The next day, when the magician went out, Eukrates tried out what he had learned. He took a broom, dressed it, and spoke the words.
Instantly, the servant came to life and Eukrates ordered it to fetch water. Which it did. And kept on doing until there was water, water, everywhere. Eukrates ordered it to stop, but it wouldn’t for he hadn’t learned quite as much as he’d thought. So Eukrates tried force, breaking the broom in two…and now two servants brought water until the house was practically floating. Finally Pankrates returned home and restored order. Then he left, and Eukrates never saw him again.


Yep. This is the story that inspired Walt Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in the movies Fantasia and Fantasia 2000. Disney, of course, missed the important fact (to me, anyway) that the magician was trained by the Great Goddess of Magic Herself as well as the Egyptian setting.
That’s because the story came to Disney by way of the German writer Johann Wolfgang Geothe (1749-1832), author of Faust and Der Zauberlehrling (“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”). Goethe did indeed get his tale from Lucian, but he left out the Egyptian connection. His poem became famous throughout Europe and inspired French composer Paul Dukas (1865-1935) to create his scherzo, L’apprenti sorcie, which Disney used for the soundtrack.

Here is an excerpt from the book, “Psychology of the Unconscious: A Study of the Transformations and Symbolisms,” by Carl Gustav Jung and Beatrice M. Hinkle:
“Isis, the mother of god, played an evil trick on the sun-god with the poisonous snake; also Isis behaved treacherously toward her son Horus in Plutarch’s tradition. That is, Horus vanquished the evil Typhon, who murdered Osiris treacherously (terrible mother= Typhon). Isis, however, set him free again. Horus thereupon rebelled, laid hands on his mother and tore the regal ornaments from her head, whereupon Hermes gave her a cow’s head. Then Horus conquered Typhon a second time. Typhon, in the Greek legend, is a monstrous dragon.”
Carl Jung was a Freemason:
Greatly interested in psychiatry — Carl Gustav tried unsuccessfully to endow a chair in the subject at Basel — he founded an institute for psychologically disturbed and retarded children and spent much of his free time with his charges until his death in 1864. Eventually Rector of Basel University, he was an ardent Freemason, became Grand Master of the Swiss Lodge, published numerous scientific papers and wrote plays.
source: NYTIMES:
His grandfather was the grandmaster of swiss freemasonry!
It foreshadows years in advance the dualistic situation we find ourselves in today. Our ‘collective therapy’ is how he describes today’s terrorism and abolition of rights.
These illuminists absolutely love the arrogance and chutzpah of a Carl Jung. He makes life absolutely convenient in every possible way imaginable! Imagine, he calls service to GOD service to ones own nature. That is god. In Kabbalistic and mystical language, that’s service to a shedim, a demon!
Gnosticism, is dualism.
This is the theme of the world right now!
Dual sex…dual realities. Meaning…
Bruce Jenner is a great example. Satan hates us all. We are made in GOD’S Image. So, what better way to wipe that out of existence but to play god. Satan convinces man that; 1) he can become a god; 2) we don’t need our sexuality/gender to become immortal.


The feminine duality was a great mystery in Egypt, Australia, and Africa to name a few. But you see, this is a common trait of Satan.
An article called, Isis the Chrest by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S-reveals that “…in ancient times, the figure “Jesus the Christ” is also called “Jesus the Chrēst” or “Jesus the Good,” these two epithets, “Christos” and “Chrēstos,” closely resembling each other and often confused by early Church fathers and others. As was the case with the title of Χριστός Christos, meaning “anointed,” being held by various gods and other figures in the ancient world, so too was the epithet χρηστός Chrestos/Chrestus attached to several individuals, divine and otherwise. This fact that epithets traditionally associated with Jesus in reality were possessed by many others in antiquity is important to understand, as it demonstrates once again that the Christ character is neither unique nor representative of genuine divine revelation.”
“In Egypt for example, we find the common phrase neter nefer or “Good God,” an epithet applied to Osiris as well as to the pharaohs, these latter of whom were considered divinities on Earth, incarnations of the god Horus. It is contended that, after the Greek-speaking Ptolemies began ruling Egypt or even before, with the introduction of Greek mysteries, Osiris and other Egyptian gods and goddesses were called chrestos.”
Osiris the KRST


Christ in Egypt-It is significant that in Egyptian language the word for “tomb,” “funeral,” “dead body” or “mummy” is pronounced “krst” or “karest,” similar to chrest and christ, especially when one considers that the initial hieroglyph for this word (N29) possesses a χ or chi sound. The last glyph in this word is the determinative Mummy determinative, Gardiner’s A53 (A53), the standing mummy, which represents Osiris risen. (Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection, 313-318)
This suggestion of Osiris as chrestos is given further support by the interesting discussion in a purported letter by Emperor Hadrian in which he claims that the Egyptian hybrid god Serapis (“Ausar-Apis”) was worshipped by the “Chrestians.”
In Witnesses to the Historicity of Jesus, Dr. Arthur Drews presents this Hadrian-Servius letter as stating in part:
Those who worship Serapis are the Chrestians, and those who call themselves priests of Chrestus are devoted to Serapis. There is not a high-priest of the Jews, a Samaritan, or a priest of Chrestus who is not a mathematician, soothsayer, or quack. Even the patriarch, when he goes to Egypt, is compelled by some to worship Serapis, by others to worship Chrestus.
The Greek word chrestos was popular as an epithet or on epitaphs at various Egyptian funerary sites as at Alexandria and elsewhere. This fact too suggests that the Lord of the Underworld and Afterlife, Osiris, the Good God, like his wife, Isis Chreste, may have been likewise deemed Chrestos.
The Egyptian Houses of Goodness
The popular Egyptian term nfr or nefer, meaning “pleasant,” “beautiful,” “good,” “excellent” and “gracious,” comparable to chrestos, is designated by the hieroglyph of a cross (trachea) with a heart at the bottom (F35). Interestingly, this fascinating symbol, which looks like the sacred heart of Jesus, appears over Egyptian “Houses of Goodness” or “Houses of Chrest,” so to speak, that resemble churches.

False messiahs have come and gone but the one who they are waiting on will fool the world.

More on numerology…


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  1. Kittii

    Unbelievable. A lot of people are saying these are all false flags. At least some people are waking up. If you’re not spiritually discerning any of this, you will listen to the news reports. I don’t even listen to the news reports. I see at work. Listen for a few minutes and tune it out. I’d rather check You Tube to see what common people are saying.

    November 18, 2015 at 8:18 AM

    • Kittii

      Just type in: False Flag/Paris bombing, Boston Marathon Bombing, Aurora Bombing, Sandy Hook shooting, Oregon shooting, 9/11 on and on…………………………………………….. They must think we are all so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!

      November 18, 2015 at 8:21 AM

  2. Kittii

    Watch the video. It’s worth it.

    November 18, 2015 at 8:21 AM

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