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The Wailing of the Damned


Creepy, right? Well….I didn’t think too much about it except it was strange. Noises heard all around the world…that’s kinda creepy in itself, right? YUUUP! Well, then it hit me! I listened closely and it hit me like a brick to the face…I was shocked, saddened and speechless.

Dark Art7

The Bible continually warns us about hell. Not only does GOD warn us, but Satan does too. He does it out of spite and fear but GOD does it was a warning because HE loves us.
If you don’t get the idea of hell, just imagine a volcano, spewing out lava and heat of up to 12,000 degrees. This is the closest ‘descent into hell’ that I can imagine. And what’s really crazy is that Earth is wailing as we speak from all the wickedness around us. It’s taking its toll on nature and everything else GOD created, up to and including us. Earth seems to be screaming out in pain.
If it is in the inner Earth, then at this very moment, there are millions, even trillions of people who are lost. Lost tormented souls with no hope and what are they doing? Burning, weeping and wailing.
I’m not sure what these sounds are, and my thoughts are only conjecture on my part. If people are yelling out in pain and their torture being repeatedly imposed on them, then it’s forever. Eternity is….well, eternity. WE can’t even grasp the thought but demons sure can. And so can Satan, this is why he tried so hard to accomplish his agenda but it’s a lost cause, but I assure you he will try and pull each one of us down with him before his time is through.
The saddest part of this equation is that those who end up in hell CHOOSE IT!
I’m not here to harp on you about choices, but remember this…even no choice is a choice.


Maybe this topic will be enough to help you decide….maybe there’s nothing that can be said. Maybe it will take hitting the bottom of darkness before you see the light. Well, I guess you could say…I’m trying to scare the HELL out of you.

Well, I think we need to start with what we think this phenomena is. Is it just the sounds of Earth crying out? Or is it really the thinning of the veil and GOD is giving us a glimpse of what HELL is really like?
Before I begin in the topic which I had intended to cover…I want you to hear this…
Sounds From HELL – Siberia Drilling Deep Into The Earth **MUST WATCH** [link]


Now, I am focusing on two kinds of events; one being trumpets. Some say these sounds are likened to trumpets and the Bible specifically speaks of them:
But, never did we think it would be literal. But, that could be exactly what’s going on!
WARNING:Strange Sounds From The SKY Heard All Around The World…….2015………10 Places [link]
Strange Sounds From The Sky’s Are Back!! 9-7-2015 [link]
Strange Sounds in Germany / 04.04.2015 [link]
Some people think the noises are part of the Blue Beam Project.
Learn more here:
Then others believe it to be
Strange Sky Phenomena Escalating Worldwide [link]
Strange Sky Sounds…What the Hell is That? [link]

angel trump

Then, we have what I believe is really eerie! Some say the sounds are like a wailing;
This first one is from the place where thousands of people were sacrificed in a Illuminati ritual! The 9/11 site:
The Newly-built New York Freedom Tower Emits Spooky Emiraty “Allah” [link]
Strange horn trumpet bible sounds from the sky! USA 2014 **chanting voice [link]
Strange moans in the sky! 4/5/12 – Boca Raton, FL [link]
Unidentified Strange Noises, USN Updates strange boom over Denver Oct 4th 2015 [link]
Strange sounds heard from sky worldwide [link]

Are we experiencing a warning? Either way…it’s time to get right with GOD. Have you ever talked to GOD? Well, don’t worry if you haven’t. It’s time to do it now.
Confess your a sinner. It’s important that GOD know you’re serious. HE knows your heart. Ask for forgiveness. Truly repent for your sins. Ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart and soul. For Only He is the Path to GOD, the Father in Heaven.
Jesus Christ is knocking at the door…let Him in.
Begin talking (when you do your praying) to GOD. You will begin to know HIS voice. Come to know HIM. SEEK HIM DAILY.

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