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Miner, Miner 49er…no wait! It’s 33?


Miner, Miner-49er….oh wait, it was 33!
33? Hmmm….that’s interesting. Many theories about the number have surfaced over the years since this ‘incident’ occurred. But, in case you don’t know what I’m speaking of…
Hollywood has done it again! They’re making a movie from the mining accident which happened Thursday, August 5, 2010.
Here’s the trailer;
The 33 – Official Trailer [HD]
First is shows Warner Bros…then Alcon…which I think is a Titan….then there it is! PHOENIX!
And I can’t make out what he says…the couple are expecting a son. And this question posed to them is asked right when the Phoenix Logo appears! So, why such a big fuss over it? Why a movie? Why did the men go through a ‘debriefing‘?

The mining accident that happened in Copiapo, Chile in 2010 brought the entire region worldwide attention as the 33 miners miraculously survived what has been called “a cave-in” at the San Jose copper-gold mine in the Atacama Desert. The men somehow survived for a record 69 days. When they emerged safe and mostly sound, rumors began to spread from their friends, families, coworkers, eyewitnesses to the rescue, and people there on vacation or otherwise passing through.

First, United States government involvement. A U.S. drilling company was brought in to take the lead in drilling efforts, although this role has been somewhat minimized after the rescue. Upon rescue, most of the 33 miners were immediately quarantined and debriefed by black-suited U.S. agents of an unknown agency. Only 3 men were exempt from this initial debriefing because of extreme dental problems and required immediate dental surgery under general anesthesia.

The official account states that the other miners were in general good health except for scratch, gouge, puncture and slash wounds resulting from the cave-in and attempts to dig out. U.S. defense contractors, heavily armed, discreetly guarded a mini-compound occupied by U.S. interests inside the tent city that sprang up around the mining site.


Stranger is the fact that immediately after “Los 33″ (the name given to the miners translating as “The 33″), a team of NASA scientists entered the tunnel system, escorted by armed defense contractors and what appeared to be a Special Forces team, eyewitnesses reported. A perimeter was then secured around the entrance as a fence was erected, preventing further visual observation.

“What is NASA doing in Chile?” you might ask. Here is the official answer: NASA is conducting soil tests of the most arid desert in the world, the Atacama Desert, which also happens to harbor an extensive array of large cavern systems perfect for simulated Mars research. NASA has stated that the arid conditions and cave formations in the Atacama Desert are good matches for the terrain on Mars and has dispatched a team of scientists there to explore the regions caverns. It has also been reported that this team of scientists has security provided by defense contractors and Special Operations operatives. It is quite possible that this team of NASA scientists is the very team sighted entering the San Jose mine after Los 33 was rescued. But why?


While NASA has publicly admitted to exploring the caves of the Atacama Desert to conduct “Martian research,” there subterranean forays might have a classified mission attached to them as well. A defense contractor for security who wishes to remain anonymous to retain his or her position has stated that NASA is looking for alien life on our own planet. The life may or may not be indigenous to Earth, but certainly lives here, deep in major cavern systems, said the contractor. “For years NASA has had reports of ‘reptoids’ or ‘reptilian humanoids.’ Something happened and they decided to begin investigating. Why in the Atacama, I don’t know.” He or she continued, “But we found things. Remains of weird, shredded animals. Molted skin or something. And there was a brief firefight after one of our contractors went missing. The strange thing about his disappearance was all the blood, and then reading that he had been killed in Afghanistan four months later.” NASA officially ended their Atacama exploration in 2010, perhaps with the events leading up to the Chilean mining disaster in mind. The friends of Los 33 tell a chilling tale that is far different from the official account provided by mainstream media outlets.
According to people close to Los 33, friends, family and some who simply overheard the stories circulating around, the incident was no simple “cave-in.” This accounting has been pieced together from various conversations, emails and written letters…
Apparently, while searching for the source of a vein of gold, one of the mining detachments blasted through a wall of rock and discovered an enormous natural cavern on the other side whose walls shined with over a dozen thick veins of gold and other precious metals. The detachment members were quite happy and some of the men broke protocol by charging into the room to pick-ax gold nuggets. Word spread quickly, “like bad air,” someone said. Soon, dozens of miners were all over the cavern entrance, picking at the gold, making lots of noise and ignoring their jobs. As the detachment leader tried to wrangle the men back into the mine, a small group of men explored farther into the cavern.
Soon, things quieted down a bit, as miners focused on picking at the gold veins. “Everyone was very happy,” a miner’s relative stated, “until they heard screams coming from across the cavern. Most of the miners were spooked and ran back into the mines except for the detachment leader who ordered men from his team to come with him to help the screaming men.” By the time they got to the location of the screaming, it was too late. They found four or five men (it was hard to tell who was who and if all the parts were still there) in pools of splattered blood. “It was a gory mess,” said someone. One of the detachment crew had gotten blood all over himself, having slipped on a puddle of it. He lost his wits, trying to wipe the blood and gore from his face with an fresh hankerchief (later confiscated by NASA for DNA testing). As they tried to calm him down, the detachment heard hissing and crackling, like nails or claws making way across wet stone. The team called for help on their walky-talkies and immediately left the cave (“ran for their lives,” in one email account).


Having made their way through the blast hole, they realized that two of them were missing. More screams echoed from the cavern, these more bloodcurdling than the first set. The detachment leader made a decision as he saw “bloody, walking lizards” coming for the blast hole. He ordered the hole blasted shut immediately and set three crews to work. In a frantic rush, they rigged explosives as the “reptoids” advanced, still chewing on the remains of the doomed miners who had ventured too far.
One or two repotoids made it through the initial blast hole as crews rolled wire down the tunnel, so as not to be caught in the blast. Reptoids now in the mining tunnels began to kill anyone foolish enough to challenge them with hand-held, powered mining equipment. Finally, the explosives were ready and the detachment leader ordered the blast.
The explosion resulted in a cave-in of sorts, sealing the original blast hole under tons of rock. However, an untold number of the reptilian fiends was loose in their tunnels. Most, they hoped, had been killed in the blast, but no one was certain how many, if any, were roaming. More screaming told them that at least one was still lurking. At this point, the miners believed there were about 44 survivors in the area. After fighting with the reptoid in the dark for a few hours of hide-and-seek (and having many more deaths), the remaining 33 took shelter in protected area built for cave-ins. The area also prevented the reptoid from entering. Here they remained in horror and shock for the next 17 days as more cave-ins happened around them, unsure whether they were caused by the reptoid(s) trying to dig in, out or from blast damage.
Many of Los 33 have developed herpetophobia (fear of lizards, reptiles) since their ordeal.
With the above account in mind, one might wonder about the true nature of NASA’s ventures into the caverns of the Atacama Desert. Why bring heavily armed defense contractors and special operations forces on a scientific jaunt into the “underdark?” Perhaps it is because NASA and our government know something about “what’s down there” than they are letting us in on. For decades, there have been reports of special operations teams (including British SAS) “exploring” caves around the world, specifically in Central and South America. Now NASA is involved. Could there be “alien” life, or at least unknown life, beneath our feet? For now, it seems that NASA is in some kind of confrontation with subterranean reptilian entities.


1) What does NASA have to do with rescuing miners? NEVER have I seen NASA in any prior trapped mining situations. To formulate a special and drinks? And why haven’t they ever helped any other mining past accident with a diet before? NO. NASA is there for another reason.
The Cia. Minera San Esteban Primera, the company that manages mining activity in Chile, is owned by CODELCO, the largest copper producing company in the world and the one that supplied copper for NASA 2005 program “DEEP IMPACT”, projected to send probes to analyze meteors. So, does that explain it? Somewhat…but get this! I’ve heard strange things over the years about copper as it relates to the fallen angels.
a) The Weekly News (Mansfield Ohio) December 3, 1891-Near Handen Junction, O., workmen at the Roscoe mound unearthed a gigantic skeleton encased in COPPER covering. Interesting, right?
Here’s a fairly new article on an Underground Giant City! In the Grand Canyon…
War weapons, copper instruments sharp edged and hard as steel, indicate the high state of civilization reached by these strange people.
In the opposite corner of this cross-hall were found tools of all descriptions, made of copper.
Among other finds are vases or urns and cups of copper and gold made very artistic in design.
Two copper hooks extend on the edge, which indicates that some sort of ladder was attached.
I think it’s ironic that copper is a subject which keeps repeating itself in the fallen angel scenario;
So, when the fallen angels introduced knowledge to mankind, it was not for the purpose of improving man’s living conditions, but rather for weapons of mass destruction. Lucifer was not satisfied to build human armies equipped with stone weapons, so the demons taught men how to dig mines, getting ore to melt, extracting gold, silver, copper and iron, then how to mix the metals to make swords, knives, spears etc. Armies could be built to unleash massive destruction and subdue other nations. When God destroyed the race of half human/half demon, He put a moratorium on further technical developments.
Then, we have Nimrod;
The great success that attended all of Nimrod’s undertakings produced a sinister effect. Men no longer trusted in God, but rather in their own prowess and ability, an attitude to which Nimrod tried to convert the whole world. Therefore people said, “Since the creation of the world there has been none like Nimrod, a mighty hunter of men and beasts, and a sinner before God.”
And not all this sufficed unto Nimrod’s evil desire. Not enough that he turned men away from God, he did all he could to make them pay Divine honors unto himself. He set himself up as a god, and made a seat for himself in imitation of the seat of God. It was a tower built out of a round rock, and on it he placed a throne of cedar wood, upon which arose, one above the other, four thrones, of iron, copper, silver, and gold. Crowning all, upon the golden throne, lay a precious stone, round in shape and gigantic in size. This served him as a seat, and as he sate upon it, all nations came and paid him Divine homage.
2) The Chilean government told the miners that they have a gag order not to say a thing to the public of what saw down there.
3) The first miner that was rescued at the time of 11:11 PM and his last name was Silver, and that guy looked really, really, strangely emotionless (given the fact that no calming pills were allowed to be given to the miners).
4) After miners rescued they moved to a mobile hospital nearby from there they will be moved to a “MILITARY INSTALLATION” for a check up and from there to a normal hospital
Now why do they need to be sent to a military for check up? When in the history of mining accidents have the miners been taken to a military installation after the hospital stop?
5) The rescuing apparatus is named the “Phoenix,” a mythological Satanic bird of the cults of Baal exclusively known in masonry and Satanic cults.
6) “Copiapó UFO sighting. Copiapó was said to be the site of an unidentified flying object sighting in 1864. According to researcher Chris Aubeck, the story first appeared in print in the March 18, 1868 issue of the newspaper El Constituyente, which was itself cited in the journal The Zoologist then in Lo!, a 1931 book by American investigator Charles Fort. Fort’s account was the basis of a later account in Anatomy of a Phenomenon (1965) by ufologist Jacques Vallee.”

Aubeck reports that the original newspaper article described the object as “an enormous bird.”

20110109: SS9 - Dakar Rally COPIAPO Chile DAKAR 2011

20110109: SS9
– Dakar Rally COPIAPO Chile
DAKAR 2011

33 miners trapped since the mine collapse in Aug. 5 (8 + 5 = 13), 33 days of drilling, a 13-foot-tall rescue capsule named “Phoenix”, a rescue operation that started at first hours of this Wednesday, 13 and the angle of the access hole projected by engineers is 11°

10/13/10 which can qabbalistically be calculated this way: 10 + 13 + 10 which equals…33.
“The work took 33 days total, one day a man,” said Mikhail Proestakis, manager of Driller Supply Company, which participated in the drilling of the rescue shaft with a diameter of 66 centimetres, which is 33 times two.
“I believe in numerology, it has to mean something.”
“Others call attention to the first note the miners sent up to show they were still alive – “estamos bien en el refugio los 33” (all 33 of us are in the shelter) – which was 33 characters in length.”
To summarize the rescue event, 33 miners, who were trapped for 69 days in the depths and darkness of the underground were lifted one by one, on 10/13/10 in a device called “Fenix” – a creature representative of occult initiation – to the light of day. As they say “Ex tenebris lux”: From darkness to light.

On the 17th day since the miners remained lost underground, we are told that the miners are still alive. Strangely the week when this is made public is this year’s 33rd week.
– The rescue happened on 13/10/10, which sums up to 33.
– The Schramm excavator T-130 dug a whole during 33 days.
– The time registered for the miners to be taken in ambulances to the Copiapo Hospital is of 33 minutes.
– On the first rescue, the capsule Phoenix II took 17 minutes to reach the interior of the mine, and it took another 16 minutes to come back to the surface which sums up 33 minutes as well.
– The miners were trapped for 69 days. 69 can be divided this way: 6+9=15, 1+5=6, and 6=3+3.
– October 9th was the 33rd day of excavation and here is when they reached the shelter and started rescuing the miners.
-The rescue officially lasted for 22:54:11, which is also 22+ 5 + 4 + 1 + 1 = 33
– The capsules arrived at the rescue area at 23:37 (hidden 33).

freemason (1)

Historically, October 13th is a highly significant date:
13/10/1307 The knights templar were arrested. A date that would be remembered as Friday the 13th, this is where this bad luck notion comes from.
13/10/1792 The first stone for the construction of the White House was placed by the master mason George Washington.
13/10/1843 The B’nai B’rith (brothers of the convenant) Jew order was founded on NY.
13/10/1917 Suppossedly 70,000 people witnessed the Fatima Virgin’s “Miracle of the Sun” where the Sun is said came to Earth and was born again.
13/10/1972 Uruguayan Air Force flight 571 crashed on the Andes.



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