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Miner, Miner 49er, no wait…it’s 33! PT2


All the World’s a Stage For Energy Vampires
It really doesn’t matter what subject anymore…it’s a reality. We live in a world of illusion akin to a thought-form that has taken us prisoner. This thought-form thrives of the fear we give out. From incidents like this to even religious celebrations! This process is done through subliminal signature, symbolism and the use of the subconscious.


In the secret laboratories of the Illuminati, time travel, cloning, interstellar travels are all common occurrences…. and they are not used for the welfare of humanity.
A mega ritual on the world stage. A ritual designed to harness all the emotional energy of the millions of people watching the rescue.


Even the mine (copper) where the miners were trapped has a profound occult significance. Cooper is a metal that I used very often in occult rituals. Most pendulums are made out of copper because this metal has the ability to conduct certain energies… but it does not stop here. In the Roman times, copper was associated with the Goddess Venus a variant of Semiramis and of the Virgin Mary… also the atomic number of copper is 29 and 29 is 9+2=11! So even from the start, the type of mine was not innocent. Also symbolically, a mine is the entrance to the underworld where according to popular legend the reptilians dwell.
The coat of arms of the town of Copiapo is the cornucopia that has a profound occult significance. The cornucopia or horn of plenty is associated with Amalthea the goat that raised Zeus (the Greek version of Nimrod/Tamnuz the first hybrid king of Babylon). The Goat is associated with Baphomet and the Babylonian religion (Satanism) in fact, it is one of the most blatant Illuminati symbol. But it does not stop here, the cornucopia is also associated with Fortuna one of the many Roman versions of Isis. Also, in some traditions the Cornucopia is associated with the Antichrist (Satan, demon or the reptilians). The miners received statues of the Virgin Mary, the modern equivalent of Semiramis.
Also the miners received Rosaries from the pope and statues of the Virgin Mary the equivalent of queen Semiramis the first Illuminati queen of Babylon. With the intervention of the pope we can clearly see the hand of the Jesuits. The Jesuit order is with the knights of Malta and the Opus Dei one of the most powerful Illuminati secret societies.
It is also important to remember the miners’ chant after they emerged: “chi chi chi, le le le”. Chi chi chi=XXX=666; le le le, ‘El’ is Hebrew for God. Strange, don’t you think?



Copper is a chemical element with symbol Cu (from Latin: cuprum) and atomic number 29. If you’ve performed any kind of research on Freemasonry, then you know, 11 (2+9=11) and 33 are very important number to their rituals. Because 33 was an important number to Jesus Christ, then we know Satan will used it for nefarious purposes.
I can remember awhile back people discussing the subject of copper as it related to the fallen angels. Although these things are conjecture, the other facts associated with copper can be addressed.
If you have a discussion with a witch, or even a person who was once a witch but now is born again, you will find out some interesting details that linger. There are many articles on this site which discuss the aspects of witchcraft and alchemy. These subjects are inclusive to the zodiac and others corresponding associations. Although this information is esoteric, it’s important to learn the details because it gives us an upper hand and knowledge is power. I’m not talking about power/magic…of course. I’m speaking of elements and their relation to events we are witnessing and understanding prophecy at is relates to reality. Just because you learn about esoteric subjects does NOT mean you condone or promote it!
Copper was once exported in mass quantities from Cyprus, the island that is said to be the birthplace of Venus, writes Ann-Marie Gallagher in “The Wicca Bible.”


Copper is ruled by Venus/Goddess Venus. Venus worship parallels Satan worship. Copper is used in rituals, spells and amulets for incantations. But a very important connection to copper is….it’s a conductor of electricity! The dark entities of the supernatural utilize electricity in many ways. Also, the deities associated with copper is…Astarte. And this is important because Ashtar of the Galactic Federation of Light, in my opinion is this same entity!
In another series called, “The Titans of the MAGI MANUSCRIPTS”…it details the facts of who the Magi were. In it, I mention a book called, “The Occult Sciences in Atlantis” by Lewis Spence. This book reveals many secrets about Atlantis and its inhabitants.
The entities called The Ascended Masters of today, claim they are these same entities. This is who I believe to be the fallen angels.
In this book, it reveals the origins of alchemy, and many other traditions of the esoteric/occult fields. It dives into great detail on metalology and such…and the metals associated with Atlantis. One of these metals being COPPER!
I have read stories of giants found in recent history which describes the giant being encased in a copper enclosure.
I’ve read many articles which suggest that many of the Egyptian traditions were held from these same entities and Osiris/Horus were associated with copper.


In this link, it takes you to the book by Lewis Spence, “The History of Atlantis; you will see picture: “Atlantean Armor”
Spence was at one point the Chosen Chief of British Druidism, and a member of at least one Rosicrucian organization.

Copper is a vehicle for the electric fluid as we use it in this day and age for the electric energy.
The alchemy of planets asserts that Copper is for Venus

Copper was certainly used in antiquity for magical purposes by ancient pagans. Each metal was associated with a pagan god.
Copper is associated with the Goddesses Aphrodite, Astarte and Ishtar. It is also associated with the country of Cyprus which Venus most claim to be “The Sacred Isle of the Goddess Venus”, and how copper got its name.


In pagan tradition, after the birth of Venus, she washed up on the shore of Cyprus on a clam shell; In Homer’s Odyssey; Venus goes to Cyprus to the city of Paphos for an oil rubdown after being humiliated before the other Olympians. Kupros was another name for Venus, and the island of Cyprus was considered her special place.
Copper easily transfers warmth and electricity, which makes it a powerful metal that directs energy, both electrical and physical. Esoterics believes it to be great for directing Magickal energy to acts as an aide in the body’s healing process. They also attribute many of the same wonderful healing qualities to crystals and minerals that contain copper traces.
Esoterics believe that it is the super conductor in facilitating the transfer of energies and uses it in creating crystal wands and other means of transferring the energy of crystals. It is often used in tandem with lucky gemstones and a preferred metal for making witching wands. It is common in rituals involving love, but it is also powerful when it comes to money. It is often considered a good luck metal: bits of copper, when placed in the kitchen will attract money.
” The breath of the west wind bore her Over the sounding sea, Upfront the delicate foam, To wave-ringed Cyprus, her isle. “
Thus sang Homer to celebrate the birth of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Also known as Ishtar, Astarte and Venus, she was born from the blue-green waves of the Mediterranean clad only in her red-gold hair; her gentle beauty captured exquisitely by the Italian painter Botticelli.


“Truly science drives out the spirit from the whole and proudly displays the separate bits. Dead, all dead.” Walter Lang
In this exploration of the Planets and Metals we are seeking in a small way to restore the spirit to the dead world of modern science. For this reason we return to the ancient and sacred science of Alchemy described as ‘a total science of energy transformation’ — dealing not only with the transmutation of metals as physical substance (the alchemists really could change lead into gold), but also as symbolic of the inner processes of spiritual transformation.
The earliest form of Venus was the Egyptian ankh, symbol of universal life; the egg-shaped womb of the goddess, the place where life is generated, surmounting the cross of the elements. This womb from which the sun emerges is represented by the copper cauldron of alchemy. It is interesting to note that the Christian religion removed this womb-egg from the ancient symbol of life, to be left only with the unbalanced cross of matter.
In the alchemical operation ‘the colours of the peacock’s tail’ appear, a bird sacred to Venus (and the African goddess of love, Oshun) which owes its beautiful blue-green plumage to the presence of copper. As much as 6% copper has been measured in the wing pigmentation of certain species of birds.


The Life of Apollonius of Tyana


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