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Nietzschen the God-Assassin
Friedrich Nietzsche-German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche uses Zarathustra/Zoroaster who had a significant meaning for him in his earlier works. Nietzsche states explicitly “I must pay tribute to Zarathustra, a Persian. Persians were the first who thought of history in its full entirety.” Nietzsche’s philosophical ideas included “Ubermensch” (“Superman”) or the evolution of human consciousness in the alchemy of time.
Who is “Ubermensch”? Where did the word originate? Are the Supermen Here?

Saints of the Apocalypse b

This whole subject reminds me of “The Walking Dead”. Hollywood certainly has made it look appealing, right? The dead? The reincarnated spirits rising from the grave, the reincarnation of demonic entities. But, once you think of it like that…is it still appealing?
The ANTI-messianic superman? This is the Antichrist. The master superman. And with Satan, the master superman, we have the spawn! And these “Supermen” are here!!
The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote of the Übermensch (superman) in Der Antichrist Nietzsche wrote “Let us see ourselves for what we are. Nietzsche’s supermen tapped into a supernatural force that raises them above the ordinary man in “The Will to Power”, he was speaking of the Vril force and spoke of “the herd,” meaning the ordinary people and the nature of the supermen they are justified in lying to the herd in order to remain free and independent of the “herd mentality.”
A body of supermen (Helena Blavatsky “the Secret Doctrine”), have existed for ages. Adepts, initiates into the Brotherhood of the Great White Lodge and light. The Great Brotherhood decided that the time had come for a fresh and fuller revelation, and selected Madam Blavatsky for their first disciple. Through her and Col. Olcott they founded the Theosophical Society. They are known to Theosophists as ‘the Masters.’
The 1933 origins of the Third Reich says the Thules believed they descended from the Aryans, a race of Causcasian “supermen without admixture” who lived nearly a million years ago. According to their mythology their ancestors lost their powers when they mated with “subhumans,” a life form designated by the Thules as none other than the Jews. Adolf Hitler before his clarification of his mission attended the Thule Society meetings (1918) as he was introduced to the Occult.


Dave Hunt commented: “No less obsessed with the occult was Heinrich Himmler, head of the infamous SS, which was not only a military organization but a secret order of black magicians. Himmler reportedly spent more money on occult investigations and genealogical research, tracing the mystical origins of Aryan supermen back to India and Tibet, than the Americans spent upon the initial development of the atomic bomb. The ultimate mission of the SS was to usher in a New Age, a New World inhabited by a New Man. (the Sorcerers New Apprentice)
Supermen from the Occult, to New age to the Church
Even the Urantia book speaks of Supermen. Headquarters of the Planetary Prince on Urantia [66:4.1]… those tribes near the Mesopotamian headquarters were tremendously influenced by the teachings and conduct of the one hundred new sojourners on Urantia. And much of your subsequent mythology grew out of the garbled legends of these early days when these members of the Prince’s staff were repersonalized on Urantia as supermen. [67:4.3] The presence of these extraordinary supermen and superwomen, stranded by rebellion and presently mating with the sons and daughters of earth, easily gave origin to those traditional stories of the gods coming down to mate with mortals.

“Man is a rope, fastened between animal and Übermensch – a rope over an abyss.”
Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Prologue


The term Übermensch, often translated as Superman or Overman, was not invented by Nietzsche. The concept of hyperanthropos can be found in the ancient writings of Lucian. In German, the word had already been used by Müller, Herder, Novalis, Heine, and most importantly by Goethe in relation to Faust (in Faust, Part I, line 490).
Lucian? Hmmm….sounds really close to Lucifer? In Lucian’s Kataplous or Downward Journey, ‘1550 onward, Lucian was to many people all over Europe (including John Calvin) a synonym for atheist, unbeliever’ (Ginsburg 2000: 12; cf. 11ff).
Seems the whole poem is between Faust and a spirit! The spirit calls Faust a Ubermenschen.
Also in “Nietzsche: Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist” By Walter Kaufman
“…he proceeds to applaud “the invention of gods, heroes, and Ubermenschen of all kinds, as well as Neben- and Untermenschen, dwarfs, fairies, centaurs, satyrs, demons, and devils.”
The Nebenmenschen, the creatures living alongside man, may be the dwarfs, the fairies, and the centaurs; the Untermenschen are presumably the satyrs, demons, and devils; while the Ubermenschen of this aphorism seems to be the gods, the demigods, and the heroes of the ancient Greeks.
“Man is something that should be overcome [ uberwunden].”


I find the inference of As Above, So Below in my aspects of the ‘uberman” And the title of this last example implies a downward journey…to? The Greeks called it the afterlife, for a passage placing him among the shades, as the Greeks counted the afterlife: a dark, lightless domain, not altogether dissimilar to sunless pit of the Hebrew She’ol.
You see they want you to believe that there is such a process, a truth without good and evil. A promiseland of Utopia…without consequences. But, it’s Satan’s lie.
Promises of man becoming ‘little gods in a promiseland of Utopia’….it’s called HELL! And gods there are punished 24/7-365…oh wait there is no time there! It’s forever-eternity.

Are you sure you want to be a god?

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