Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Name it, Claim it; Grab it, Blab it…


What is this Secret Formula I’m hearing so much about for experiencing harmony, joy, fulfillment, abundance and happiness?”
When you are in it for GOD then this movement is something you recognize, right?
Wait, or do you?
People are fleshly and it’s our nature to want more. Whatever it is…
The churches talk of ever-expanding their ministry…but why? I will tell you in one word…prosperity.
The churches for the most part do not follow GOD’S Will, but instead seek to stuff their pockets so the clergy can obtain bigger homes, fancier cars and airplanes for their ‘ministry’.
Does that sound about right?
The common Joe works hard every day to pay their bills, and possible even be able to put food in their cupboard. And in over half of the people it seems that we exist to barely stay above water, living paycheck to paycheck.


But, the elite strive to get richer and richer.
they raise the price of food, but keep the wages the same. This leads to poverty and that’s the plan. Hiking up the gas prices right around the holidays, meanwhile taking advantage of people who just want to see their family. They know this but could care less.
Profiting off of others has become second nature to them. So, what’s their first? I can tell you, it’s NOT GOD. They seek fame and fortune. That’s what they are promised if they do Satan’s will. But, this is a facade because all these things wither and fade.
The New Age Movement wants you to believe that the ‘universe’ will answer your every beck-and-call. How ridiculous is this? Seriously. But, people fall for it. They want you to ‘claim it, and grab it’. Like the universe has hands and will give you everything you want on a silver platter! Pure nonsense. More on this in the next post!


Here is an important fact! This is disguised as good knowledge but it is pure evil knowledge. The New Age Movement want you to think that they are from a “Higher Truth”. The “higher truth” that they speak of is enlightenment and it’s not from The Holy Spirit.


Are you noticing a pattern?

Richer get richer, while the poor get poorer. It’s been this way for thousands of years. Believe it or not.
Are you seeing yourself in this picture? Well, none of us are perfect, even I get sidetracked.
I have a job to pay bills. I also have a second job (my own business) that I’m trying to get off the ground. I mentor a young person to help them in their spiritual walk and future warfare plans but only with The Holy Spirit am I able to do that. Lastly, I help people with spiritual warfare lessons to battle the dark side. But, I don’t consider the last three mentioned as work because they are of greater importance. Of all the mentioned, I spend too much time of the first and not the last. You see….
Did you see? There were too many I’s in that paragraph.



This is the problem. Satan and his demons whisper in our ears, and try their best to keep us from being focused on GOD. He wants us to focus on material possessions and not spiritual. Satan places in front of us, the temptations which keep us from GOD. He wants you to pursue these things to keep us from drawing near to GOD.
Gossiping about what you have, and letting everyone know that you got a new car, with an interest note of 3-5 years! So, by the time it’s paid off the car will being to fall apart. Oh, we just signed the closing papers on our new home….one which will take you 30-40 years to pay off and at up to 5 times the actual cost, and by the time you pay if off, you’re not going to be able to enjoy it much. Don’t you see…it’s fixed. Like the sports programs…for example: the Superbowl. People spend money on trinkets for their team…hurrying to the store to buy beer, soda, and snacks to watch a game. Taking several hours and even days upon weeks if you add all the time up to worship your team! It’s become an idol.
The matrix is fixed…but there is a way out. Only One Path. Jesus Christ, The Son of GOD.
The world is growing colder by the minute. Don’t you feel it? People are discussing it. I don’t know how many conversations I’ve had with different people who say…people are becoming more impatient, possessive, and have little or no compassion for their fellow man.
What are we to do?
The answer to everything in life…is GOD. Everything else fades, rusts and withers away.
So, before it’s too late, we need to focus on GOD. Prioritize our lives and make GOD first.

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  1. Oh my . . .what harm has been done by this “name it. . . Claim it” garbage . . Thank you for sharing this.

    January 15, 2016 at 8:29 PM

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