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There are some of you out there that’s going to get quite the kick out of this article! Of course, it’s nothing really to laugh about, it’s sad actually.

I heard a story about a naked man and thought…huh, I wonder if this is a one-time event or do we have something strange going on? Some people want to stay comfortably in their bubble, and think this is coming forth because we have the internet…well, I don’t think so!

The naked truth is this…

We have legions of demons controlling people.

You simply cannot convince me this is not odd! Something is going on and it’s not a laughing matter.


What began as a curious endeavor turned out to be several hours of researching…well, not really the searching part but the amount of articles was really disturbing….and I think it’s unprecedented!

This kind of activity is sinister in its origin…I totally believe that….


On March 8, 2016, CCTV and police Dasham captured footage of a bloodied naked man who appeared uncooperative as he attacked several people and police in the Czech Republic.

According to local media, the man had earlier climbed onto a first floor residential balcony and jumped through a glass window before attack a family.

Officers said the man appeared to “feel no pain” during his rampage which saw at least 5 parked vehicles damaged and a cash machine smashed up.

Medics are now inspecting the man’s behavior after the police found he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

According to other sources, the man thought he was a werewolf and was growling, attacking cars in moonlight rampage.

4/5/2016 – The surprising disappearance of flakka, the synthetic drug that pushed South Florida to the brink

4/5/2016 – Nothing To Hide (And Nowhere To Hide It) But Everything To Fear: The Police Vs. The Unarmed And Naked

4/5/2016 – Police force naked driver to trek to brothel on foot

4/5/2016 –Naked man arrested for driving while intoxacated

4/5/2016 – Naked man flees fatal Twin Cities area crash

4/4/2016 – Man found running naked in north Athens

4/4/2016 – Plane Bonkers: Man strips off in bizarre naked airport dance

4/4/2016 – Muskogee Police: Naked Man Appears At School Bus Stop

4/01/2016 – Apple Valley Family Describes Shock when Naked Man Barges into Home after Fatal Crash

3/31/2016 – Naked man causes stir during rush hour in Roanoke

3/31/2016 – Naked man ding-dong-ditches police officer, caught on video

3/31/2016 – Naked man spotted near school holiday circus

3/30/2016 – POLICE: Naked man stabbed girlfriend to death and crashed her car into a 7-Eleven

3/30/2016 – Manchester Police Find Naked Man, Help Save His Life

3/30/2016 – Man ‘gets high, strips naked, cries for mummy then tries to steal a police car’

3/30/2016 – Man takes naked ‘fun run’ in yard

3/29/2016 – Naked man goes on rampage in Schaghticoke: troopers say

3/29/2016 – Naked man arrested while washing in fountain

3/29/2016 – Naked man, 76, standing in home arrested for exposure, deputies say

3/29/2016 – Woman says naked man approached her on Newport News trail

3/28/2016 – Naked man storms in-law’s home to reclaim his ‘arrested’ wife

3/27/2016 – Naked man with knife talking to invisible person subdued by Barnstable Police

3/26/2016 – Police stop a naked man ‘driving slowly’

3/26/2016 – Officers use taser on naked man running on local highway

3/26/2016 – Isabella County Deputies Arrest Naked Man Running Through Traffic on M-20

3/25/2016 – Half-naked man tries to pull woman in her 60s into car near Stockton park

3/23/2016 – VIDEO: Naked man dances, takes selfies with petrol attendant

3/22/2016 – VIDEO: Naked thief breaks-in, steals from liquor store

3/22/2016 – Naked Man Causes 3-Car Crash in Donna

3/22/2016 – Pepper spray, Taser used on naked man who thought he went to the moon

3/21/2016 – Police called to naked man wielding pitchfork and car crashes in the space of 15 minutes in Plymouth

3/21/2016 – Police: Naked man arrested after deficating on bench

3/21/2016 – Naked Man at parade


March 20, 2016 Pennsylvania STUNNED

At 6:47 Sunday morning, a number of calls started rolling into the 911 communications center.

Caller after caller told officials they saw a naked man walking on the northbound lanes of Highway 441 in Appleton.

The Appleton Police Department said when a 22-year-old woman pulled off the highway to near the E. College Avenue exit to call police, the naked man attacked her.

“While she was stopped, he charged at her vehicle and was somehow able to get her driver side door open, he punched her repeatedly and she was able to fend him off,” said Sgt. David Lund of the Appleton Police Department.

Once police arrived, officials said the 18-year-old Neenah man yelled at officers to “shoot him.” Officials used a stun gun on the man and handcuffed him. He was also transported to a local hospital.

3/18/2016 – Cheltenham Festival 2016: Naked man halts Victoria Pendleton in Foxhunter Steeple Chase

3/16/2016 – Peterborough man to appear in court after naked shop theft

3/14/2016 – Naked Man Arrested in Suspected Robbery in Diamond Bar

3/14/2016 – Naked Man showering in Stranger’s Home

3/14/2016 – Police: Naked man caused commotion at Sheetz, Motel 6

3/12/2016 – VIDEO: Naked man causing scene is subdued by two private citizens


3/12/2016 – Naked man caught floating down the San Jacinto River

3/12/2016 – Naked Man attacks Google Driverless Car

3/11/2016 – Naked man, machete, and beaten woman

3/11/2016 – Rampaging-naked-man-taken-into-custody-at-gunpoint

3/10/2016 – Teenage girl escapes armed, half-naked man

3/09/2016 – Semi-naked man arrested near Scottish Parliament

3/09/2016 – Naked burglar dies during Chinese restaurant break-in

3/8/2016 – Naked man spotted wandering in the snow visits bank and council without being stopped

3/08/2016 – Pendleton woman says naked man walked into her house, said ‘Hi, honey’

3/07/2016 – Naked man tries to enter Balluta church… and then jogs on the Sliema front

3/7/2016 – Naked man arrested in Keilor

3/07/2016 – Naked man climbs off strangers’ balcony

3/07/2016 – Naked man arrested at Joshua Tree gas station

3/07/2016 Naked man resists arrest

3/06/2016 – Morris Crescent-naked man running through the complainant yard

3/07/2016 – Half-Naked Man Arrested For Slashing And Robbing Jilted Lover

3/06/2016 – Naked man holding sword arrested for allegedly vandalizing temple

3/28/2016 – Police launch murder probe after the body of a half-naked man was found dumped in a stream in woodland called ‘Devil’s Den’

Naked Man falls three stories fleeing from lover’s husband



So, have you heard this one? It involves a FREEMASON Eastern Star…

Shooting suspect said APP made him kill people

The man police say shot and killed six people in Kalamazoo, Mich., last month told officers that he was being controlled by the Uber app on his phone at the time of the rampage, according to authorities.

When a police officer asked Uber driver Jason Brian Dalton about the shooting, he told them that when he opened the company’s app, a symbol appeared that “would literally take over your whole body,” an officer wrote in a police report released Monday.

During an interview with detectives, Dalton said he did not remember shooting people, though he acknowledged that the families of people killed deserved an explanation for what happened. After talking with detectives for some time, Dalton was asked for an explanation and said that the reason “would blow [their] minds,” Det. William Moorian of the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety wrote in his report on the interview.

When a police officer asked Uber driver Jason Brian Dalton about the shooting, he told them that when he opened the company’s app, a symbol appeared that “would literally take over your whole body,” an officer wrote in a police report released Monday.

Dalton told detectives that he believed the Uber app controlled him, and said he invoked his Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination earlier in the interview to avoid coming across as a crazy person, Moorian wrote. The accused gunman went on to tell police that a symbol appeared — a devil-like image with horns — and said it would give him an assignment that he would follow while seeing himself from outside of his body, Moorian wrote.

He went on to tell detectives “about the Masons and the Eastern Star symbol” that he said popped up on the phone, but what he said “didn’t make any sense,” Moorian added. In an interview with another detective, Dalton said when he saw the Uber app shift from a red color to black, that is when he would get taken over “like a puppet.”

During his interview with authorities, Dalton, who began driving for Uber in January, said he was unable to uninstall the app at any point because “it sort of had you at a certain point,” Moorian wrote.


The Black Goo

Is this computer software to connecting to human brains…interfacing?

Are they sending signals/commands?


Demons on camera strange attacks happening worldwide


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