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Below the Belt


Upon researching for this article, pages would not load….screen froze…etc. Here we go…

I will put my past history in here at first. I’m sure to get mockers but it’s okay. I’ve learned that this is a good sign…lol. When you’re hitting the nail on the head, it’s to be expected.

Several years ago, GOD placed it upon my soul to begin working for HIM! I was not surprised because HE tried this in my younger days but I was too busy partying. Shame on me. Not long after that,…maybe two years or so…HE placed it upon my heart to begin supernatural warfare for those who don’t know how to free themselves.

Satan has relentlessly tried to destroy my labors for GOD!


I have had a history of issues…lots of them. Sad to say, but true. I only speak of this not to show fear but strength!

In 1990, I was injured on the job. I jumped from a machine and damaged multiple discs in my back and neck. The pain was excruciating, to say the least. The doctors asked which surgery I wanted first, my back or neck. That was a no-brainer…my neck was severely damaged. So, I underwent a neck fusion.

In 1996, I found out I had cervical cancer. I had surgery and then one year later it returned with a vengeance in my lymph nodes. This was treated with chemo/radiation treatments only to return again in 2000.

In 2007, I had went back to work for several years but each time I did something ‘happened’ to me. Cancer, etc. But, then in 2007, I had severe pain in my ears and down my arms. ER doctor said it wasn’t an earache like I suspected but instead it was my neck again. I waited for John Peter Smith Hospital to assign me a doctor which took months and months. I had so many issues that many doctors didn’t want to touch me.

Finally in 2009, I underwent neck surgery with Dr. Cho. I later found out he was one of the top neurosurgeons in the WORLD! He came in after the surgery while I was in recovery and said that he had been performing these types of surgeries for many years but had only seen a few cases worse than mine. You see, I was close to being paralyzed. The damage to my spine also affected my brain stem, and I suffered acute residual symptoms as a result of this.

It took me two years to learn how to do tasks in a sequential order, speak without pausing (forgetting words), cloudy brain fog was a major issue. Physically I had motor skill issues, and had to basically learn how to walk again.

the soldier

During those two years, I have another couple surgeries, carpal tunnel on both hands, trigger finger release on 4 fingers and both thumbs. My right thumb had been stuck for over one year. Arthritis was a major contributing factor but repetitive procedures at work had caused the majority of issues. Doctor said no amount of surgeries could repair the damage, they could only do so much.

I then underwent cubital tunnel on my right elbow because I had let the issues go on for too long then they wanted to do my left and I said no.

All of these procedures were don’t every 3-4 months for the next year!

In 2014, I had knee surgery and another trigger release on my right thumb. 2015, the doctor said I needed total knee replacement. I said no.

To this day I experience pain levels which most people would consider suicide if they had to live with.

In October, my husband had major surgery on his neck. So severe in fact that they had to open the back of the neck around 8-9 inches. He had bolts and screws in every disc, and fusions in a couple too. I had to take care of him because our insurance didn’t pay for in-home nursing care even though I had an excellent health plan. He would need the neck stabilized in order to do his back which he is debating on.

Then, in November of 2015…I fell at work and broke multiple bones. The major hit was to the bone under the thumb and to be healed correctly, I would need a cast from my shoulder to my finger tips for three months!

Then, just two weeks ago I decided to help someone who is having attachments issues. I came down with a sore throat three days later…then within 24 hours, I was in the ER being diagnosed with pneumonia.  This week I have spent my time slowly recovering.


Sounds like some of this could be supernatural interference?

I firmly believe that Satan continues to attack me on a regular basis trying to put me down! All this in order to stop my work.

I think many of the WATCHMEN ON THE WALL are being attacked with an equally fierce momentum as well.

How do we prove this? We can’t. But I will tell you this…things constantly point in this direction.

Several days ago at work, it was the end of the day. Customer’s are clearing out and my fellow co-workers, like myself are completing their assigned duties before going home for the day.

My last customers were a couple. They looked like the normal, average American couple who are going out to eat. At least this was my first impression, but upon closer inspection I noticed that the man was wearing an upside down pentagram with Baphomet, and small occult symbols (sigils) around it.

They order their food, and I then check to see if they needed anything and placed the check on their table. Returning before they’ve almost finished, I pick up the credit card he placed upon the check, asking if they need any to-go boxes. She replies she does and I pick one up after running the credit card for the receipt. I drop off the receipt and box and walk away.

I returned to clean the table of condiments and take the credit receipt to the cashier and while walking there,  I noticed the tip amount….$6.66…then it was crossed out with a $10 amount next to it!

I was actually in shock. I couldn’t believe it. Was this a joke considering I wear a cross? Or was it a horrible gesture towards my faith? It was BOTH!


That night, I pray a hedge of protection prayer over myself, family (including animals) and home…and let it go. Trusting GOD! Amen. I awaken the next morning to go to work…get in my car and begin my journey then I hear a strange sound. Sure enough it was a flat tire.

Automatically I realized I didn’t pray over my possessions/belongings! Then, I get the tire aired up with the use of a small compressor. My husband used his keys to start the car to turn on the compressor which inserts into the cigarette lighter. I drop him off back at home and go to work.

I park and realize the key I pull out was not mine. So, I had to go back home to let him inside our home. Crazy day…that was Easter Sunday. Pagan holiday..

I’ve talked to many others who do this kind of work and they claim how tired they are! It’s work like no other, I assure you.

Some of these events point to the fact that this is an Intelligence agency ‘hit’ using an E.L.F (Extremely low frequency) weapon. These E.L.F weapons can be set on a ‘Delta wave‘ and are able to shut a person’s nervous system down.


Horrific. Another Demon Attack on Steve Huff

Tom Horn House Burn Down-“We have been humbled and overwhelmed with love by people from all over the world offering to help us,” say Tom and Nita Horn, following a fire that destroyed their home and contents on Tuesday. “Everything from use of houses to material necessities and money, people even being willing to travel to our property from foreign countries to help with cleanup, anything and everything has been sincerely offered. But we want all these dear friends to know that we are okay and the thing they can do most to help is to keep us and the ministry in their prayers. We have no doubts that God protected us and saved our lives for a purpose. He will use this situation to bring even greater attention to the saving power of Jesus Christ. What Satan intended for destruction, God will use as the foundation for greater exposure of the Gospel. If the world can only experience the kind of family and love we have witnessed this week, they will rush to know Him.”

45,000 gallons of water could not put it out. Fire Inspector says, “This was designed for a perfect burn down.”

Hawk is actually Greg Evanston a so-called former Kansas State Trooper. He’s Steve Quayle’s side-kick. It was reported that he had a heart attack but this sounds more like a “Delta Wave” attack.

Phil Schneider, a very brave man, recently lost his life due to what appeared to be a military-style execution in January 1996. He was found dead in his apartment with piano wire still wrapped around his neck. According to some sources, he had been brutally tortured repeated before being killed. Phil Schneider was an ex-government engineer who was involved in building underground bases. He was one of three people to survive the 1979 fire fight between the large Grays and U.S. intelligence and military forces at Dulce underground base.

John Lang, Fresno Whistleblower Found Stabbed In Torched Home Days After Warning That Cops Might Kill Him

Danny Jowenko, whistleblower on 9/11 scenario.

Rodger Biosjoly was a aerospace engineer that warned of Challenger mission, STS-51L

Dean Warwick dies on stage when revealing secrets of the governmental UFO agenda.

Andrew Breitbart was murdered with a fast acting heart stopping drug or a psychotronic weapon right before he said he had a movie of young Obama which would bring him down.

Just recently there was attempt on the life of Mike Harris who is a columnist at veterans Today, the Financial Editor for Veterans Today and a talk radio host on his own show.

Michael Hastings was blown up in his car.

Mark Novitsky has been blacklisted for over 10 years for being the first to report on massive private intel spying with NSA by a large communication company which he has identified and claimed to be Tele Tech Holdings.  Novitsky was formerly a highly paid tech professional at a managerial level with a spotless record who refused to go along with corruption and has been “blacklisted as a result” and cannot get a job in any capacity right now, not even fast food.

Susan Lindauer, a great American Hero.  She had been jailed for about a year but released from custody in 2006 for undisclosed charges.

David Carr, 58, a columnist for the New York Times, fell out dead in his office Thursday just after interviewing NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.


List of Whistleblowers

The Spirit of Antichrist Wearing Out The Saints

So…fear not! GOD will give you the strength you need.


3 responses

  1. Strangely, my comment did not seem to go through. . Hmmm, an “illustration” of your post here.

    Anyway, what I wanted to say to you is this: I believe ALL that you shared here. I also underwent massive attacks, particularly last year, where I truly felt I was dying. I was so ill I could barely do simple household chores. I was RARELY sick, so this was quite new to me.

    The LORD carried me through as I continued to post warnings . . Dreams, visions, revelations given to me by the Holy Spirit. It took over a year to start feeling better and only within the last month or so do I feel my strength returning.

    I pray for SUPERNATURAL protection over ALL who are serving and following the LORD Jesus. We can NOT make it without Him in these darkening days.

    Blessings to you.

    April 22, 2016 at 11:08 PM

  2. mltaylor7777

    Hawk is not Greg Evenson. Totally different people. Hawk has a very raspy voice and sounds nothing like Evenson. Totally different personality and nature. Also, Tom and Nita Horn’s house fire happened in January, 2011, just for clarification.

    April 23, 2016 at 8:24 AM

  3. Reblogged this on The Basham Report and commented:
    Virginia is a real fighter if I’ve ever seen one! Claiming the Keys and her healing in the Name of Jesus!

    April 29, 2016 at 12:11 AM

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