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Augmented Curio


Any Sufficient Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic

This first insert was brought to my attention by a Bill Madon, a guest to the site.


The largest toy makers in the world, are Mattel, Hasbro, LEGO, and Bandai. Bandai is a Japanese toy maker, which manufactures Ultraman, Gundam, and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Their toys have brought joy to hundreds of millions. Some are also said to have brought death.

In 1996, Bandai introduced the Tamagotchi, a virtual pet. On the LCD display of a plastic key fob, shaped like an egg, a digital egg appears. After the owner sets the time, the egg hatches into a little animal, like a baby bird.

Now the owner is responsible for the care of the pet. By pushing one of three buttons, the new animal must be fed, played with, disciplined, and cleaned up after. At night, the animal will sleep. But in the daytime, if the toy is left alone, for more than six hours, the cyberpet will die, from lack of attention.

First, the Tamagotchi will start to beep, like a heart rate monitor. Then you will hear the steady tone of a flatline. Next, on the display screen, appears a headstone, with a large cross on top of it.

If the animal dies of old age, it may randomly leave an egg behind, so the family line can continue.

The device can be reset. But it will hatch a different animal. The original pet, is forever gone. There was no way to pause the so-called gameplay, so to keep their digital pets alive, children had to bring them to school.

Stories began to circulate, of several children, as well as adults, whose relationship with their digital pets had become so emotionally satisfying, that when their animal’s life came to an end, they decided to commit suicide.

This phenomena has given birth to a new psychiatric term. The “Tamagotchi Effect” is the development of emotional attachment to machines, or robots, or software.

Anyone who is old enough to contemplate suicide, will also be aware that a digital pet, is just a simple video game. But on some level, they forget this… more so, as time goes on. It’s a basic human need to nurture, and we become increasingly attached to the object of that need.

Toy maker Bandai, released a new generation of Tamagotchi’s, late in the year 2014. Now is about the time, their long-life lithium batteries, should begin to run down.

The Tamagotchi Suicides / suicide effect

Snake Skin Wallpapers 3

Demonic Furby

Posted on April 7, 2010

The Furby toys were very popular in the recent years, until they stopped production in 2007, and I think they should have stopped making them sooner.

Many people say Furbies are evil, demonic, and possessed by some evil force. I believe that many of the “Evil Furby” stories are real based on my own experiences. I know my story is true, you can choose to believe or disbelieve it. But I know what happened.

The Furbies came out, and like any other kid I begged my parents until I got one. I was so happy with it too! It was actually fun! It could talk and eat and sing and dance; it was all I ever wanted in a toy. I loved my Furby – for a few weeks.


My Furby played and did what I wanted it to do for a while, but then it started to get an attitude. When I tried to play with it it said “no”. When I asked it to do something it said “no”. It got worse and worse and it never did anything anymore. Soon instead of the happy cute little expression it had, it appeared to have gained an evil expression too. It’s face looked angry for some reason, it definitely did not look the same as when I got it.

Even when I tried to feed the toy it refused, and if I put something in it’s

mouth it would make this horrible gagging sound. It just kept on repeating “Me no hungry!” and one day when I was trying to feed it it yelled at me in a demonic voice I had never heard from my Furby before: “ME NO LIKE YOU!” I was so scared that I took the batteries out and put it in the closet and didn’t take it out or even go near the thing.


Months later, I was bored. I had a sudden urge to play with my Furby; it had been a while since my earlier encounter and I was willing to put the memory behind me and try again. I grabbed my Furby, and hit the reset button. I turned it on and started playing with it. The Furby took on normal Furby behavior, he told stories and jokes and even danced and sung songs for me. But then I asked him numerous times to play with me. He started displaying his bad attitude again and refused. Over and over I asked, but he wouldn’t play with me. Then I asked if he was hungry. Big surprise, he said “Me no hungry” and displayed an angry expression. I got mad and threw him against the wall. He started making demonic noises and going crazy, like he was having a malfunction or something. I turned him off. That didn’t work.

I turned him over and pried him open to take the batteries out. To my shock and horror, the batteries weren’t there. I hadn’t replaced them since the last time I took them out. This still scares me to this very day. I was terrified and I threw him under the steps in the storage room in our apartment. He stopped flailing around and making the noises, so I assumed he was broken and closed the door. I double-checked to be sure it was locked, and I went to bed.

The next day I went out in the storage room to grab Furby and tell my mom to throw it out. I looked around. I looked under the steps.I dug through everything under the steps, but he wasn’t anywhere. I asked my mom if she moved the Furby. She said she hadn’t seen him. My mom said she hadn’t been in that room since I threw Furby out there.


Furby was gone. Still is gone. I couldn’t find him and I gave up looking. Me and my family all agreed that he was possessed, and we’re all glad he’s gone. It still scares me that I don’t know where he is, he could be lurking in my apartment somewhere. I don’t know where he went–but I believe he crawled back to hell where he belongs. I still shudder at the thought to this day that I had a possessed Furby.

That’s my story. It wasn’t very scary, but I guarantee it was 100% true. Believe it if you wish, but you don’t have to think it’s true. But I know what happened. And I advise that no one take their chances in buying one of these freaky little demons.

Sent in by Laura

Did they forget to put on the package that each FURBY comes with its own DEMON!


That story reminded me of a video I had seen recently:

Toy Skeleton haunted and possessed – This Is Demonic Crazy


Amar Moustafa, owner of the Dollar Store on Linden Avenue, did not remove the “Evil stick” from his shelves, but shoppers did.

News Center 7’s Lauren Clark visited the store a second time on Monday to find that the toys were sold out. Moustafa said he has received dozens of calls protesting the sale of the princess wand toy but has also turned down dozens more asking to purchase it.

The toy with the scary images is now posted on Ebay for over $200.

The sudden interest in the toy is especially baffling, the store owner said, because the toy has been on the shelves at his store for two years and was a clearance item.

Moustafa said he bought the toy at a convention two years ago and cannot remember the name of the manufacturer. There is no information on the packaging itself other than “made in China.”


A local mother is upset after she bought a “princess wand” for her daughter, but the toy revealed a disturbing image.

Nicole Allen bought what she thought was a princess wand from a local dollar store earlier this week. A piece of foil came off the wand, and underneath there was a disturbing image of a girl cutting her wrists with a knife.

Allen said the toy’s packaging included a fairy, but the store owner told News Center 7’s Lauren Clark that the toy is called an “evil stick,” so the mother should have realized what she was buying.

The store owner said he would take the wands off the shelves if he receives more complaints.

Night Terrors


It’s a game? Seriously? NOVUM is the founder and inventor but seriously check out the LOGO!

Novum is a latin term for ‘new thing’. This means that the hypothetical ‘new thing’ which the story is about can be imagined to exist by scientific means rather than by magic.

For Darko Suvin, the key to cognitive estrangement is the presence in a story or novel of what he calls a ‘novum’, that is a device or machine that is absolutely new and whose presence compels us to imagine a different way of conceiving our world.

This new technology, called augmented reality, blurs the line between what’s real and what’s computer-generated by enhancing what we see, hear, feel and smell.

Have you ever heard of augmented reality elements? Applications or Augmented Reality (AR) is a mediated reality created by computer-generated sensory input data such as GPS, etc. The technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality.


The different applications for this process can include “Bionic Contact Lense”, HUD or Head Up Display Units such as an Augmented Headset, Virtual Retinal Display/Projector (VRD/RP) which displays technology that draws a raster display (like a television) directly into the retina of the eye. The user sees what appears to be a conventional display floating in space in front of them.

Well, first off…the video is strange, so strange that it reminds me of several things. The LOGO, and the application itself.

You see, the computer is an electronic machine. And considering Satan rules over the air, this is a perfect medium for him to work his evil deeds.

So, imagine if you will the joy this kind of software would be for a demon? It’s bad enough that we are witnessing a surge of possessions…but how would you know the difference between what the software reality was and the supernatural input?


Have you ever had a night terror? Sleep terrors are episodes of screaming, intense fear and flailing while still asleep. Also known as night terrors, sleep terrors often are paired with sleepwalking.

The secular world wants you to believe it’s just a dream and there’s nothing to worry about…sounds typical, right? Lull you back to sleep with a lullaby. That’s a picture of the world right now!

However, night terrors are far different from your average bad dream and that’s why science is unable to find a reason for their occurrences. Why? Because this is a stronghold! A demonic stronghold.

It’s been my personal experience as an adult that whenever I encounter such intense principalities in night terrors; it is because GOD is gearing up for a monumental move in the Spirit Realm, And because the powers of darkness have failed to sway me from my journey they now want to attempt to break me by weakening me; through sleep deprivation.

The release for this mind-blowing game is set for Halloween!

The agenda seems to be opening portals for demons to come in…gates, if you will. What else is there to say? LOTS!

I am writing an article (BURDEN OF BABYLON) which coincides with augmented reality in connection with CERN. Now there ya go! Lots more to say…

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