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Monster Storms


I must interrupt the sequence of articles which were to be posted. This is something which must be addressed. Over the past couple weeks, it’s pretty scary. I posted a similar article several days ago, but it seems to intensifying. This is only a PARTIAL example…

Scientists are Screaming…


Scientists Predict Major Earthquakes in US

Tenebrous lost at the beach (explicit language)

Oklahoma-Severe Weather Update – Sat May 7 2016

Tornado near Wray, Colorado May 7, 2016

Severe Weather Moves Across Plains States

Special Report: Bad weather haunts Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand


Canada Tar Sands Wildfire

Extreme Weather Tennessee Nagaland Xinjiang Qinghai and Victoria

Storm Chaser Records Extreme Weather on Australia’s East Coast

Swarm of earthquakes strike Mount St. Helens


Earthquake Report | May 1, 2016 | Mysterious Booms | Kentucky | North Carolina | Watch Issued

“60 Minutes” investigates Oklahoma’s surge in earthquakes

Chunks Of The Earth’s Mantle Are Falling Off And Causing Earthquakes – Virginia – Yellowstone




San Andreas fault ‘locked, loaded and ready to roll’ with big earthquake, expert says

New York launches new website to help state prepare for extreme weather

Severe storms to strike central US through early week

epa04988273 YEARENDER 2015 APRIL A general view of Chilean Calbuco volcano from Puerto Montt, located at 1,000 km southern Santiago de Chile, Chile, 22 April 2015. Due to the eruption of the volcano with a smoke column 20 km high, authorities declared a red alert and ordered the evacuation of around 15,00 inhabitants of Ensenada, Alerce, Colonia Río Sur and Correntoso towns. EPA/ALEX VIDAL BRECAS *** Local Caption *** 51900788

Extreme weather linked to high pressure over Greenland

India crippled by extreme weather as 100 million exposed to floods


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