Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Out of Control


Between the article yesterday about the monster storms and this one, people need to wake up to the reality of this world.

This article only contains a minute amount of material that relates to prophetic events that are taking place in the world right now.

By this I mean massive amounts of animals dying/killed…we don’t really know what is doing it…which makes it even more eerie.

We know GOD tells us that these end days will be filled with many strange events, and death.

Scientists are screaming about earthquakes and volcanoes which are bursting at the seams…and add this to the mixture (landslides/sinkholes, etc) and we are, no doubt about it, living in the end days.

The Illuminati want people to believe that they are in control of these events, and even causing them. They want you to believe many things…but they lie.

GOD is in control! Only HE can give us the answers we need.


Why Are Chilean Beaches Covered With Dead Animals?


Millions of dead fish wash up on Vietnam’s coast in huge environmental disaster


35 tons of dead fish appear in lake in China


Mystery after over a tonne of dead fish wash up on shores of Bolivian lake

Two Hundred Tons of Tilapia Found Dead in Furnas Lake


40 Tons of Fish Dead – Severe Heat? Really?

Tonnes of Fish killed by heat in Kampong Thom


More than 50 tonnes of dead fish removed from Mexican lake in two days

These last two sites have a DETAILED extensive list!


Mass Deaths:


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