Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Spiritual Dimensions of Responsibility


Let’s do something different today!

Life…what a wonderful creation. The essence of life is love.

Your character is basically who your spirit is. Life is about spiritual dimensions.

Never focusing on ‘winning’ but concentrating on the strength to handle adversity. Handling the responsibilities of adversity.


Much like if you’re a football player and knocked to the ground; it’s not how hard you hit the other person as you go down but getting back up!

This is much like faith. Taking one for ‘the team’ is a popular phrase right now. Persecution is becoming a common word in the Believer’s life now. Well, GOD placed this upon my spirit and I know it’s meant for men and women alike, even myself.

Turning a downfall into an opportunity.

Do you know any guys who don’t pay child support? There are so many guys out there that who don’t. Now, I’m not picking on men here…I’m just making a point. The guy figures, who cares, right? But, you see..that man’s son cares. The money might be the young boys only way to go to band practice. And without the fees to pay for it, he’s not able to attend, to participate.

With extraordinary talent, that young man may well have been one which the School of Julliard chooses to attend their school, and eventually he was to become a professor of music.

This lesson taught the young man that people aren’t held accountable, and he might lose respect for the father.


LOVE means you can count on me.

So, the man pays his child support and on a deeper level he learns that he also can count on his Father…his Father in Heaven.

LOVE means we can count on HIM.

HIS love is unconditional. In the scenario above, the young man may have thought GOD was to blame for his downfalls….or maybe the boy’s father was blaming GOD for not having a productive life.


But, you see…this boils down to responsibility.

There are many guys out there that think they’re men. They’ve hit 30, 40, even 50, but they still don’t except responsibilities.

Lack of responsibility. Stepping up.


Love is one of the strongest forces in existence. It can move a woman to rescue her children from a burning building or a man to lift an automobile that has crushed a loved one. If you are having difficulty changing yourself, you need to learn to appreciate GOD’S blessings and mercy.

So, instead of getting up in the morning and blaming GOD for all our problems….let’s take responsibility for our actions…for our life. And in turn, it could change your life and possibly someone else’s too.

If you trust in GOD then let HIM build the foundation within you, that you will need to base the rest of your life on.
Whatever that may be (Fireman, Teacher, etc) HE will place within your spirit the guiding principles to remain humble, with integrity and honor.


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