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Conjuring Evil?


In the world we currently live and breath in, there are a select breed of people who want nothing more than to amplify the dark side of the supernatural in whatever means possible. I know…it sounds crazy, but it’s true-nonetheless.

A current social trend is producing this effect, it’s not only taking place, but it’s happening in exponential waves across the planet.

For instance:

With over $319 million worldwide, it remains the second-highest grossing original horror movie of all time, second only to The Exorcist. And with two chapters down and two more in the works, Hollywood is gearing up for some of the most terrifying films ever produced. Hollywood is taking on one of the most well-documented supernatural hauntings in Britain, the Enfield Poltergeist…nicknamed ‘Britain’s Amityville’.


The movie, “The Conjuring 2”…and yes, you can read some extremely disturbing articles on the internet about what’s taking place in regards to its effects.

  1. A female was actually possessed inside a theater while watching the movie. Well, you may ask yourself,…“how can this be?” Answer: The movie contains real audio recordings of the demonic possession. Some say it’s a video which is not related, while others tend to believe it is because she sounded exactly like the demon in the real events.

“I was watching the movie when all of a sudden somebody screamed after being possessed. It was so scary, the whole theater [of people] ended up not watching the movie and the one who was possessed was escorted out of the theater.”

The Conjuring 2 – This Girl Possessed after Watching in Cinema | Horror Movie (Scary Videos)

Then, added into the movie to not only accentuate the scenes but to actually CAUSE a ritualistic effect on its viewers. If this is true then it’s no different than whipping out a Ouija Board! Summoning demons…then allowing them to attach to viewers and guess what? You get a demon for the cost of a movie ticket!

If this is truly the case, then the couple who said they went to see the movie and went back to their hotel room had a cross manifest on their bathroom mirror which was so recent that it has streams of moisture running down from it. Did they gain an attachment (demon) which followed them back to their hotel room?


So like most horror movie fans, Singaporean Damian Ng Yih Leong and his girlfriend decided to watch this movie during their recent trip to Miri, Sarawak and they were left with much more than they bargained for.

As the couple returned to their room in the Imperial Hotel at about 2.30am, they were too drained to do anything much so they decided to have a quick nap. 15 minutes later, Damian’s girlfriend woke up to brush her teeth before fully falling into a deep sleep.

It wasn’t until she came out of the bathroom that the suspense began to build. Without thinking much about it at first, she asked Damian why he felt the need to prank her by drawing a cross on the bathroom mirror at this late hour. Puzzled, Damian could only assume she was the one who was pulling his leg as he hadn’t moved an inch from the bed since they had entered the room.

When realization hit that no games were being played that moment, they cautiously went to the bathroom to investigate properly and what they saw sent terrified chills down their spine.

Clear and still fresh was a cross seen vividly drawn on the mirror with droplets of water still creeping down on one side of the cross as though it was just shaped moments ago. With the stain looking so newly drawn, Damian told his girlfriend that it was near to impossible to say he was the one to draw it when she had been in front of the mirror the whole time and that she would have seen him clearly if he did.

Feeling the shivers of paranoia crawl through their skin, they quickly requested from the management to have a change of room and despite the late hour, the staff were kind enough to comply. By 3am, the couple found themselves settled in a different room where they were able to rest with a more comfortable state of mind.

The next morning came by and when they went back to their original room, they realized that the cross drawn on the mirror was no longer seen, making the overall scenario far creepier than it already was. Should any brave soul wish to know, the room they were placed in at first is room 6115 in the new wing.

Putting the supernatural event aside, Damian goes on to commend the staff at Imperial Hotel for being understanding of their wishes and accommodating to their late-night request. “After our room change, we did not encounter anymore weird incidents. This is my first first hand encounter with paranormal activity and it was certainly hair raising for us,” said Damian in his Facebook post that went viral instantly as others shared their sentiments on the chilling experience.

  1. Man dies of heart attack while watching the movie. Then, not only does his body (corpse) disappear but apparently so does the driver who was taking the body to the morgue.

Man dies in Chennai while watching horror movie

A 68-year-old man died while watching Hollywood horror movie ‘The Conjuring 2’ at a cinema hall in Tamil Nadu, late on Thursday, police said. The incident occurred during the night show at Sri Balasubramaniar Cinemas in Tiruvannamalai town.
G. Ram Mohan, a native of Kadapa district in Andhra Pradesh, suffered chest pain and fainted towards the climax of the movie. H. Prasad, who was accompanying Mohan, took him to a nearby hospital but he died even before reaching the hospital.

The doctors asked Prasad to take the body to Tiruvannamalai Government Medical College Hospital for autopsy, but he did not reach there. He was believed to have left for Kadapa along with the body. Police launched an investigation and approached their counterparts in Andhra to trace the body.


  1. BUT WAIT….if that wasn’t enough for you….the film productions decided to protect their stars and crew members from demons….they brought in a live exorcist to bless the set on the initial first day of filming! Even so, it didn’t stop the events which transpired.

The Conjuring 2, filmed on the set of the most haunted sound stage of Warner Brother Studios. Scary things really happened during the filming of The Conjuring 2, says director Filming of The Conjuring sequel, which took place at one of the sound stages at the Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank, California, had wrapped for the day. Most of its cast and crew members had gone home. Only the night crew who was in charge of cleaning the set had remained.

“They saw that at the end of the sound stage, there was these huge curtain drapes. They started swaying on their own,” says director James Wan.



What really took place?

Here’s the TRUE story:  Upon moving to their new home in Harrisburg, Rhode Island, the Perrons had no idea of the gruesome history of the place. Apparently, 8 generations of people had lived and died in that house and some decided to stay around awhile longer.  Two former residences had hung themselves on the property – One being from the rafters in the barn which they portray as a tree in the movie instead. Those were def not the only 2 haunting the house.  According to Andrea Perron, who was one of the 5 young daughters at the time, she recalls that upon moving in, the whole family started seeing spirits; harmless ones at first that were benign and hardly took notice of the family in the house. The first ghosts to actually interact with them were of kind nature: One smelled like flowers and fruit, one would kiss the children goodnight in their beds, and one who constantly swept the kitchen floor (I need one of those!)  One of the spirits, a man who had committed suicide in the eaves of the house in the 1800s, would watch over the children. He stood in the same spot everyday and would have a crooked smile like the kids amused him.

Then the more hateful spirits started emerging; making themselves known by moving things on their own, slamming doors shut, whispering hateful obscenities, and the scariest for her was, something slamming itself into the front door at night repeatedly, waking everyone up.  The Perrons and every other resident of the property beforehand, saw spirits wandering about daily. Some residents ran off screaming, leaving behind everything including the car.  According to Andrea,  the numerous entities often had either distinct features or none at all. Some were opaque or mist-like and would communicate telepathically. At times, the children were unable to move, speak, or prohibited of doing anything except listening to what the spirit had to say.

Not depicted in the movie, were the seances the Perrons held in the house. After a seance went wrong where they had awakened and called forth a horrendous presence known as Bathsheba, they decided to call upon the Warrens.  Bathsheba considered herself the sole mistress to the house.. She lusted after Roger and coveted the kids. She also tormented the mother with fire daily.  The spirit would approach the mother at night and is described as having a gruesome, misshapen face and broken neck. There are many accounts of Bathsheba that are too long to list.  Long story short, she was a witch that had sacrificed her baby to the devil via impaling a large needle into the base of the baby’s skull.

Andrea’s descriptions of Bathsheba are disturbing. “Her face had no real features. It looked like a lifeless beehive of vermin was crawling all over it… her head was leaning to one side, her neck was a grayish-blue color and really puffed up, No eyes or Mouth”. There is ALOT more to the story.. the daily torments, smells, encounters, etc. Despite having Ed and Lorraine attempt to dispel the evil spirit, they were unsuccessful. The spirit was too evil and too strong for them.  The family stayed in the house for 10 more years before leaving.  So as far as the end scenes of the The Conjuring where the mother is under the floor, trying to kill the child, that is not true. The mother did get possessed but the exorcism was not performed inside the house.


I firmly believe there is a trend….no doubt about it. Why do I say that? Because a site has actual recordings….recordings caught of this horrific event. And it’s been placed on a website where you can listen to them! Oh, yes! And so they can sleep at night…they have a warning…”Listening to these tapes can be dangerous”…

Needless to say, I am NOT going to post the link. I will not be responsible for it.

So, now that you’ve gotten a better insight into the events set in and around this story….what’s your take on it? Some believe the current horror movies are produced with insidious motives, do you think so?

Are we witnessing a trend with motive to insight possessions or supernatural events?

3 responses

  1. Bonita1973

    True. I admit I used to enjoy a “good horror film.” But I know that they’re meant to glorify the dark side more than they are to entertain. There’s even one horror production company that took the liberty to call itself Satan 666. I could no longer “entertain” myself by allowing this kind of evil into my mind, heart and spirit in good conscience. My loyalty will always be to God, not Satan. For this reason I also no longer watch “modern television” shows and stick to the classics. I no longer enjoy most box office films and can honestly say there’s not one out currently that I actually DO want to see. Movies aren’t good anymore the way they were in the 50’s.

    July 13, 2016 at 9:38 AM

  2. Bonita1973

    The agenda is quite obvious, but many will still choose to ignore it.

    July 13, 2016 at 9:40 AM

  3. Kittii

    Have you heard of factory cities in China? Notice the checker board collars on the employee collars.

    July 13, 2016 at 10:07 AM

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