Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Two Sides of the Battle PT2


So, in the first entry we saw how Satan has set up the Five “I Wills”…but we need to learn ‘how’ this is being enforced.

Evil forces influence and control the minds of individuals, change their behavior, thus stopping their ability to function, and could even cause suicide. Sounds a bit drastic…don’t you think? Well, it is!

Actually that’s their ultimate goal. They hate us, and it only makes sense that this is why they taught us war, so we would kill one another…essentially doing their work for them.

As a teacher, it is my objective to give the necessary information which will allow you to use the tools. But, I must warn you that once you peer into the dark side, it looks back.

You see…you’re not a threat until you become a child of GOD and begin to learn these things. Then you become the teacher and your family and friends…the student.

But, this allows everyone you know and care about to potentially become a target/victim. They want to slow your progress by attacking your loved ones, in return slowing the process of the knowledge you obtain.

So, are you ready? Be very sure…because once you begin, you must stand your ground.



Satan has attacked GOD and set up a false government…a counterfeit hierarchy. He has affected what GOD created…us; He is affecting The Word of GOD; and he has affected GOD’S character. This allows doubt to sneak into the world. Bringing forth false religions with disgusting doctrines allow Satan to teach man that he does not need GOD. This is even affecting GOD’S very own children because it’s ensnaring and tempting them. It’s pulling the wool over their eyes. Hence, wolves in sheep’s clothing is a perfect example. Pastors who seemingly work for GOD but instead use every evil indignation to arouse mankind into his trap. I liken this to a pastor who seeks familiar spirits for knowledge and convinces his congregation that it’s communication from GOD.

The two sides of course are basically the good and bad. Simple as that, but so much more diverse that many comprehend.

Demons are angelic beings, though fallen, are spiritual beings. They are frequently called evil spirits. They can be visible, and invisible. Audible, and in your face! Generally, they are invisible but can make your life a living hell…until you learn to battle against them.


Demons can and will try to influence your thoughts, and therefore your decisions which in turn changes your behavior. In doing so, they can actually take over your very being…only to exist through you. Although you are a Believer in GOD, your body and mind can be inhabited. We have three (Holy Temple has three sides-body/mind/soul) sources of struggle within us. They want to take over all three! It begins with inhabiting a human by one or more demons who exercise various degrees of control with the resultant physical, psychological, and spiritual manifestations. (C. Fred Dickason, Angels: Elect & Evil, Chapter 20, Moody Press, 1995 Edition, p.198).

So, we see that the progression begins on the outside (influencing thoughts) with the person being possessed (controlled within).

First…let’s get this straight! Those who believe that a demon spirit cannot invade the life of a believer can and eventually will be harassed by persistent sin. Beginning as a “squatter” only to end as an intruder! A robber of souls.

The evidence is all around us. It lends itself every source of media…and is exponentially increasing. Although all events are not publicized, it’s happening on a worldwide scale such as never witnessed before….

The paths of the wicked is a common denominator in peoples actions but also though deceptions such as UFO (demons) encounters, apparitions of “Mary”…etc.

Satan is capable of producing audible, mental, and bodily phenomena in order to create illusions which are covered in a veil of darkness.

The very nature of a believer’s salvation is in check…and Satan wants nothing more than to place us in checkmate!


The Characteristics of Demon Possession

 a)    In the Middle Ages, a period of superstition and ignorance, a list of symptoms were established to confirm demonic possession.

(1)   The ability to curse/blaspheme in languages unknown to the person. 

(2)   The ability to find secret things, read the mind, and divine future happenings. 

(3)   The ability to make physical efforts abnormal for that person. 

(4)   The act of spitting or vomiting every object the demons would have made the person swallow. 

(5)   Fear and/or hatred of holy objects. 

(6)   The inability to say the word “Christ.” (Wikipedia, Demonic Possession)

(7)   Other characteristics noted by people at that time:

(a)   …that oppressed persons had an ugly and terrible aspect, wrathful eyes, bluish lips, foam coming off their mouth; their body was almost permanently shaking, when they spoke their tongue came abnormally out, their speech consisted mainly in curses and blasphemies, and they were able to imitate animal sounds as well as to speak with human-like voices with a strange sound and a different pitch of theirs. However, these symptoms as described are not always in accordance with scripture.

b)    Listed below are the various expressions of demon possession in Scripture. We should not jump to the conclusion that isolated symptoms equate to demon possession. Characteristics of Demon Possession in Scripture are:

(1)   Convulsions (Mar 1:26; 5:4; 9:20-26; Luke 4:35; 9:42)

(2)   Falling (Mat 17:15)

(3)   Stretched and disjointed body movements (Mar 9:18)

(4)   Deformity (Luke 13:11)

(5)   Foaming at the mouth (Mar 9:18, 20; Luke 9:39)

(6)   Shrieking and screaming (Mar 1:26; 5:5; 9:26; Act 8:7)

(7)   Demons speaking (Mar 1:34; 3:11; 8:31; Luke 4:41; 8:28; Act 16:17; 19:15)

(8)   Deaf (Mar 9:25-26; Luke 11:14)

(9)   Mute (Mar 9:25, 32-33; Luke 11:14)

(10) Blindness (Mat 12:22)

(11) Super-human strength (Mar 5:4; Luke 8:29; Act 19:16)

(12) Self-destruction (Mar 5:4, 5; Luke 9:39)

(13) Violence (Mat 8:28; Mar 5:4; Act 19:16)

(14) Isolation (Luke 8:29)

(15) Lunacy (Mat 17:15; Mar 5:15; Luke 8:35; John 10:20)

(16) Nakedness (Mar 5:15; Luke 8:27; Act 19:16)

(17) Divination (Act 16:16)

(18) Leave and return (Mat 12:45)

(19) Reluctance to leave (Mat 17:16)

(20) Multiple demons (Mat 12:45; Mar 5:15; Luke 8:30)

Now that you see some of the manifestations of evil…how do we counteract these moves?


Chess is a highly intelligent game where the objective is to attack and capture your opponent’s pieces, while supporting your own.

It doesn’t surprise me that this game was invented in India. India is Satan’s greatest achievement of masterful moves. He began the (smooth as silk) attack on the monothesistic philosophy of One GOD. But, at the same time creates the belief that we are all “ONE”….crazy, right?

Moving on…

Chess is played on a square board with “light” and “dark” squares. And if you research its origin you will find a picture of the Knights of Templar playing the game…talk about ironic.

So, Satan works with chess moves….slowly gaining status with small incremental moves as to not be noticed. The end game results in his being enthroned. He’s the master of an elaborate combination of moves in the sequence of attacks and brazen sacrifices. Don’t think for one split second that he doesn’t know GOD is in control but he just doesn’t want you to believe that.


3 Stages of Deliverance

One; repent. Two; renounce. Three; restore.

Repenting of our sin is hard. Pride controls the flesh in every manner possible. Accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and understanding that Only Jesus Christ can lead you to GOD.

Renouncing your sins with prayer and fasting. Renouncing your actions which lead to your sins. Renouncing any and all involvement with the dark forces.

Restore your life by deliverance by removing any and all cursed objects, idols, and connections to evil.

3 Stages of Repentance

One; recognize your guilt. Two; trust that GOD will forgive you. Three; turn from sin, to GOD.

Recognizing that you have sinned and this is what allowed these events to transpire.

Trusting that GOD has forgiven you of all of your sins. Controlling the temptations in your life which could lead to future/more transgressions/sin.

Turning from sin to GOD. Trusting in GOD to have complete authority over everything in your life.

3 Stages of Renouncement

One; omission. Two; turn away. Three; release.

Accepting you sinned.

Turn from your sin.

Release the legal rights.

3 Stages of Restoration

One; complete admission. Two; restore communications. Three; continue in authority.

Completely admitting GOD is in control and giving HIM the control over your life.

Restore your communication with Jesus Christ, The Only Son of GOD. Accepting Him as your Savior, understanding that He is The Only Path to GOD.

Continuing in the authority which Jesus Christ gave us in relation to demons and their activity. Retaining a higher level of faith by fasting and prayer.


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