Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!



There are so many events happening…on a worldwide scale. Events of catastrophic proportions…on an unprecedented level. Do you see it?

To me, it’s an event which, at a minimum, causes the fall of modern civilization. But…and this is a BIG ONE…but there are so many who don’t see it, or think that earth goes through ‘cycles’ and we lose most of humanity, only to begin again.

The analysis of the events, and the details are on such a catastrophic level that people are actually beginning to ask themselves…probably because their scared to say it out loud…”what is going on?”


Seriously, we’ve had the ability…on a global scale to wipe out humanity…many times over! The haze of mushroom clouds have manifested and we’re not mentally challenged. Wars have come and gone…and some have gone on for years…yet here we are. Weapons of mass destruction are here and have been here for many, many years. Nuclear war hasn’t happened on the scale which was feared many years ago. Now, we have nanotechnology…now this one is really strange! Self-replicating tiny machines that can perform a wide variety of tasks…actually changing molecule by molecule…supposedly repairing damage to your body. Personally, I believe they were NOT created for this purpose. Why do we still have cancer? Why are people still suffering? Quantum effects can and does complicate the situation…such as cloning. We are told that the governments have been able to create clones for decades now, and some people have dozens of themselves. Crazy, right? I personally believe this is more dangerous than any ole’ bomb! This has the ability to change our very DNA. This changes the Image of GOD within us, correct? Rumors of pills created not long ago was said to be able to change our faith. Do you see a pattern here?

Epidemic virus’ are making a mainstay appearance. Too many to count, nor do I want to dwell on it too much. Between governmental experiments and ‘lost’ strains of bacteria…make for a scary movie…but this is reality, folks.


Climate control has been taking place for many years, even causing wars. One country causes an earthquake in another and then it’s just a domino effect. Suicide by climate control? Think about it…bees are all but gone…crops are failing all over the world. Short food supplies are said to be causing famine all around the world. Causing strains of seeds to not be able to replicate themselves makes for a short life span! And them we must address the genetically modified food! Or maybe not…you know the deal, right?

Stranger than fiction? Strange? No, Strangelet…yes, strangelets are a possibility. The experiments performed by CERN in their collider are said to be causing “portals” for supernatural entities to come through, but what if it can also effect our weather on a global scale? Smacking ions together at the speed of light and playing god makes for a VERY HOT SOUP! Allowing dark matter to enter could be interrupting our regularly scheduled programming…if you will.

But the events happening right now are what have caused me to write this. I have family in Louisiana, and other places where the weather has become so unstable that its running them out of house and home…literally. Storms in Louisiana, Mississippi, Wisconsin and other states..including Texas these past couple days are experiencing rain on a massive level. Here in Texas, it’s just begun….we’re suppose to get more all week.

Big Flash Flood In The World | Flash Flood Caught On Camera All Of Time


Flash Flood Caught on Camera Compilation 2016 ✔P2

A family member spoke out on social media and asked for help because there were others close to them who were stuck…and had lost their home to flooding. Then, I saw another posting where people were pleading for help and when some would go to help them in a boat…they were told…”DO NOT ENTER”. The excuse? It’s too dangerous. Really! People need help but the law enforcement were sending those who wanted to help, away. Okay…thinking about this could come up with a few reasons why, such as…looters. People love to take advantage of others and steal whatever they can get their hands on. But, come on…if it’s all under water…what is there to steal. Cars underwater don’t run!

I know there’s a global elite effort to rid the earth of millions of people…down-scaling the population…but am I reading too much into this?

I mean…think about it…there are not enough first-responders to help every single person out there who needs help…why turn away able-bodied people?

So, where am I leading with all this? Well, I wanted to make my point about “HELPING HANDS”…because it’s just too crazy to let it go.


But, my final thoughts are this…Are you letting GOD shape your life? Do you begin your day grateful for your blessings? Do you accept Jesus Christ into your life? Do you know He’s The Only Path to our Heavenly Father, GOD-Almighty?

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