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Satyr Satire



So, you say….these things are foolish? So, you say it’s all a huge conspiracy theory and it’s gibberish! Well, there are those who work for the “dark side” who pratice the dark arts and don’t want people knowing the truth. You see, they know it to be true…yet still preach dark politics.

Put simply, a satyr is Greek and a faun is Roman. They both describe a humanoid that is half human and half goat. The upper half is human while the bottom half is goat. However, Wikipedia describes satyrs as more like horses while fauns are more like goats, but they both have two legs.

Satire: the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

Little green men with little red horns….sounds like a cartoon? It may very well be considering who run and rule the world. Minions of evil, doers of the dark.


Folktales and legends tell of strange creatures that have existed for thousands of years. Some say they are descendants of fallen angels, and demons. I consider those two to be the same! Fallen angels and demons are both set against GOD…so they are the same.

In the original depictions of fauns and satyrs in their respective myths…satyrs were followers of Dionysus, fauns were followers of Pan but eventually they became blended into one.



Dwarfs, elves, fairies and fauns…aren’t they all the same things? Well, technically…yes. They are all evil…demons. But, like humanity…we are categorized by race…same can be said for demons.

True enough, if you dig deep enough….their all creatures from hell! As time progressed, like other magical creatures…they all eventually become linked with Satan.

With all the research I’ve performed over the years, the sea seems to be one that I am drawn to because of Satan and his kingdom resides there.



Beneath legends of old, one gets the sense that monsters do hide under your bed…and they really do exist. Yes, Virginia…it’s true.

One of the first things I think of is…STARBUCKS! It’s a siren!

Sirens are beautiful WINGED human like creatures said to lure in sailors with their enchanting music and voices but what I find to be truly telling is their names are usually those akin to the Greek demigods…aka fallen angels prodigy.


Another legend was based on Russian folklore wherein the Sirin was called the Bird of Joy, and a representative of GOD’s Will and World Harmony. Is a Siren of this world a twisted version of those in heaven?

In the Orkney folklore, Finfolk were dark and gloomy sorcerers that were notable for their shape-shifting abilities along with numerous other abilities and skills. They inhabited a luxurious city called Finfolkaheem that was said to be located at the bottom of the sea. They were amphibious creatures that ventured between their undersea realm and the human world whenever they pleased. For centuries, Finfolk had a reputation for abducting humans. They transport captives to their hidden island homes where they forced them to become a wife or husband for one of their own. The unfortunate humans remained there for the rest of their lives, performing their domestic duties.


Finfolk are no longer seen in the Orkney Islands. Local people believe that their disappearance was blamed on the arrival of Christianity to that part of the world.

More here:

Vodyanoy were a water dwelling spirit of the East-Slavic legends….described as a male with a flabby body, wide face covered in greenish hair…and a long green beard to his feet. A shapeshifter for SHORE! It’s said that it would disguise itself as a flower and kidnap young girls on the shoreline. Once captured he would take them to his kingdom only to marry him and serve him as his slave.


According to the European folklore, Melusine is a mermaid-like creature with the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a fish or serpent. Unlike ordinary mermaids, Melusine’s lower body consists of two tails. She is said to be found in freshwater such as springs and streams.  In folklore, Melusine was the name of a water-fairy who fell in love with Prince Raymond, the son of Count Poitou. Raymond is said to have found Melusine in the forest during a hunting trip. The couple fell in love the same day and Raymond asked Melusine to marry him. She agreed under the condition that he would never enter her room on Saturdays.


Raymond agreed and they lived together in his palace where Melusine bore him several children. Each one of their children was born with a deformity. Nonetheless, each child grew to be a great warrior or hero. After several years, Raymond became suspicious of Melusine’s weekly seclusion and decided to take a peek into her room. He then saw her in the bath in her half-serpent form. The moment she noticed him, she jumped out of the window and disappeared into the night.  Since then, she is said to appear hovering over the palace as an omen of death for one of her descendants.

This next one is very interesting in that the Pope has a connection to it! Creepy!!


Bishop-fish were a legendary monster that was not so legendary…one was said to be caught off the coast of Poland in 1531. The creature died few days later after refusing to eat.  In another legend, a similar creature was captured alive in fishing net in the 13th century. When it was taken to the king of Poland, the Sea Bishop begged to be set free. After being released, it made a sign of the cross (which probably inspired his name) before diving back into the sea.

It is thought that the Sea Bishop’s legend might have been inspired from a real sea creature known as the Giant Squid. The giant squid was first spotted by a ship crew near the Canary Islands in November, 1861. It was describe as a creature with a long tail and many arms, or “tentacles.” Above all, it had a large elliptical-shaped head that bears striking similarity to bishop’s hat.

Top 10 Unknown Disturbing Mythological Sea Monsters


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