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Between the Fire & Ice of the Spiritually Hollow


This is such a deep subject, some will believe while many others will no. Simple as that.

There are certain events which have taken place over the past two thousand years which were planned to guide mankind where we are right now.


Boxes of Knowledge

There is a man called Dannion Brinkley…who’s name brings to mind the wicked of the tribes…Dan. He said he was on the phone talking during a thunderstorm, a bolt of lightning hit the phone line…sending thousands of volts of electricity into this head and down his body, throwing him several feet into the air. His heart stopped, and he died.

His incredible story which he wrote about is called, Saved By the Light….which contains his personal account of his NDE (near death experience).

When doctors pronounced him dead he was already traveling through a dark tunnel toward a spirit being, who led him into a crystal city awash in light and tranquility. Brought before thirteen angelic instructors in what he describes as “a cathedral of knowledge” .

Satan comes as a being of light, and so do his fallen ones.

The accounts of this experience accounts of 13 boxes…well he says it was 12 boxes but 13 beings of “light” giving 13 boxes just sounds a bit off….does it not?

Within these accounts he said he was given 117 revelations…and most of these he said have already come to pass. Of these visions within these ‘boxes’…the same comment is revealed about the people of earth…”spiritually hollow”…but I beg you to truly get the truth of this hot mess!

The last comment given:

“You humans are truly the heroes,” a Being told me. “Those who go to earth are heroes and heroines, because you are doing something that no other spiritual beings have the courage to do. You have gone to earth to co-create with God.”


Did you catch the clue? Keep reading…

The reason humanity is “spiritually hollow” is because they are being LED by spiritually hollow beings of DARKNESS, not light.

Source :

Now, this page when carefully followed which lead you to:


This is a publication written by a so-called “Holy Member” of the Nine Unknown Men

When you research this deep enough….you will begin to see a theme! Let’s take a look….

The so-called Nine Unknown Men are said to be a secret…the most secret society of all secret societies on earth…this is where they all originate.


The Council of Nine

These are “channeling” sessions of the ‘nine’…who rule the world from above. One of these men who channeled these beings was…

Pope Sylvester II, known also by the name of Gerbert d’Aurillac. Born in the Auvergne in 920 (d. 1003) Gerbert was a Benedictine monk, professor at the University of Rheims, Archbishop of Ravenna and Pope by the grace of Otho III.

He is supposed to have spent some time in Spain, after which a mysterious voyage brought him to India where he is reputed to have acquired various kinds of skills which stupefied his entourage. For example, he possessed in his palace a bronze head which answered Yes or No to questions put to it on politics or the general position of Christianity. [cf. “Max the Crystal Skull” of current notoriety -B:.B:.]

According to Sylvester II this was a perfectly simple operation corresponding to a two-figure calculation, and was performed by an automaton similar to our modem binary machines. This “magic” head was destroyed when Sylvester died, and all the information it imparted carefully concealed. No doubt an authorized research worker would come across some surprising things in the Vatican Library.

In the cybernetics journal, Computers and Automation of October 1954, the following comment appeared:

“We must suppose that he (Sylvester) was possessed of extraordinary knowledge and the most remarkable mechanical skill and inventiveness. This speaking head must have been fashioned ’under a certain conjunction of stars occurring at the exact moment when all the planets were starting on their courses.’ Neither the past, nor the present nor the future entered into it, since this invention apparently far exceeded in its scope its rival, the perverse ’mirror on the wall’ of the Queen, the precursor of our modern electronic brain. Naturally, it was widely asserted that Gerbert was only able to produce such a machine because he was in league with the Devil and had sworn eternal allegiance to him.”

[Indeed, cf. the Rockefeller-funded exploits of such notables as Harvard’s Dr. John Mack and CSETI’s Dr. Steve Greer along with such other notables as the military/intelligence community’s Psyop (psychological warfare operative) Extraordinaire Michael “Temple of Set” Acquino, Dr. John “LSD, Dolphins ’n Sensory Deprivation Tanks” Lilly, The BABALON Bunch (i.e. Crowley, Parsons ’n Hubbard), etc. etc. etc. -B:.B:.]      (EDITOR NOTE: These are elite who worship Satan)

The story of the Nine Unknown Men was popularized for the first time in I927 in a book by Talbot Mundy who for twenty-five years was a member of the British police force in India. His book is half fiction, half scientific inquiry. The Nine apparently employed a synthetic language [Enochian? -B:.B:.], and each of them was in possession of a book that was constantly being rewritten and containing a detailed account of some science.


The next category? The Morning of the Magicians

This is a book which dealt with a range of subjects…Aleister Crowley, alchemy, giants, Hollow Earth, ufo’s, Vril Society, Thule Society…and the Nazi’s. This all connects to the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, ceremonial MAGICK, and the deep occult circles.

This all leads to “The Coming Race”. The doctrine of devils…teaching man to be gods…”Supermen”.

This is the Ascended Masters…aka fallen angels.


I bet you thought all the secret societies consisted of men, right? WRONG!

The Sister’s of Light? Ever heard of them….probably not.

In it we find a mysterious secret society of extremely powerful women (“The Sisters of Light“) and their occult agendas of unimaginably insidious religio-socio-political manipulation. Manipulation on levels which the vast bulk of us cannot even begin to conceive of.

One can only wonder why the eclectic group of present day “lightworkers” have chosen a name for their group (as have the mysterious “Sisters” above) which is perhaps coincidentally similar to an exceptionally clever discarnate who also hails by the name ofThe Light-Bearer.” As a clue here, the biochemical name which has been coined to describe the enzyme which produces luminosity in fireflies is, in fact, “luciferase.”

Luciferase is a generic term for the class of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence, and is distinct from a photoprotein. The name is derived from Lucifer, the root of which means ‘light-bearer’ (lucem ferre). One example is the firefly luciferase (EC from the firefly Photinus pyralis.


Interesting how these subjects all lead to the “Light Bearer”!



Did you notice that the Vatican was involved? Oh, you just don’t realize how deeply! I have an EXCELLENT article coming forth about that!

Blue Book = Aliens..and the governments of the world. Supposedly all the governments are in cahoots with the so-called “aliens”. Some even believe that exposure of these activities will take place, but the truth is…it’s about control.

Blue Laws = Governed Laws—these were laws prohibiting certain activities. Even though it may have seemed like it was a “Christian” law…it was about control! I believe these will make their way back! Martial Law being one of them!!

Blue – Blue – Blue…are you catching this yet? Blue, ….what a beautiful color! This is said to be GOD’S favorite color….it’s no wonder why they (fallen angels) abuse it!

These “beings of light” hate humanity and are doing their very best to guide mankind into hell! Their thoughts of us?…“The ordinary man, “natural” man is nothing but a worm, and the Christians’ God nothing but a guardian for worms.”


A Hollow Earth, A Frozen World, A New Man

The Earth is Hollow. We are living inside it. The stars are blocks of ice. Several Moons have already fallen on the Earth. The whole history of humanity is contained in the struggle between ice and fire.
Man is not finished. He is on the brink of a formidable mutation [“alien hybridization” -B:.B:.] which will confer on him the powers the ancients attributed to the gods. A few specimens of the New Man exist in the world, who have perhaps come here from beyond the frontiers of time and space.

Alliances could be formed with the Master of the World or the King of Fear who reigns over a city hidden somewhere in the East. Those who conclude a pact will change the surface of the Earth and endow the human adventure with a new meaning for many thousands of years.



Herein lies the final goals:

The Antichrist is on his way. He’s a hybridization of human/fallen angel. This is how he will perform his so-called “miracles”. He will bring forth Satan.

How are the fallen angels able to accomplish all these feats? Because most of humanity is asleep! SPIRITUALLY HOLLOW

Satan wants to change man. He began by attacking the Holy Union of Marriage…and now he attacks the very core of humanity: DNA. That’s what this whole “transgender” agenda really is!


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