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Manson’s Super Master’s PT1


“X Marks the Spot”…the duality of it all. Black vs. White. Matter vs. Dark Matter.

If you go back and do some research, it won’t take much…you will begin to see a trend happening.

Charles Manson has been heard saying,

“Every man and woman is a star in space in time.”

And also, “Immortality is key to becoming a god.”

As above, so below. Helter Skelter! Indeed.

Those quotes from above in this article can be found on the internet.

There’s no denying that Charles Manson is weird. Weird, indeed. But his ranting and raving begins to come together if you listen close enough. Most people don’t listen close enough to catch it.

Although he never actually committed ‘murder’…he’s remained in prison all these years. FEAR has driven many to condemn him there for life. Why?

What is it the the parole board fears? Why have thousands of people like him been released while he remains a prisoner?

Did you know he was an artist? Strange pictures from a strange guy. Have you ever seen them? Who promotes them?

Do you see the symbols and signs?

The ‘enlightenment’ of Charlie Manson!


Have you ever watched any of his videos? I mean videos of interviews with him in them? Did you notice anything? He dominates the whole deal. He plays cat & mouse. He takes very opportunity to place certain phrases into the scenario. The aim of the reporter is to shame and degrade him but what takes place instead? He directs the conversation, although it may be one of the best reporters that Hollwoodland can offer. Why?

Because he’s a master. Not just any master! He places himself in the same disposition as an Ascended Master.


Charlie Rose, anchor for CBS NEWS from 1984-90, of “Nightwatch,” the network’s first late-night news broadcast on which he won a 1987 Emmy Award for his famous interview with convicted mass murderer Charles Manson.

Charlie Rose interview:

Rose asks him about his fan mail and Manson opens up about “the Rainbow”: His explanation of what the spiritual aspect of the sixties was about and where it originated, using an analogy of a tree growing up from a seed underneath the ground and how a similar process can occur in the mind.

Rose asks him about his parents…

Manson: I…I don’t have that.

Rose: You don’t have that?”

Manson: I don’t have that yin and yang that you people do.

Rose: Is that ying yang?” (rose seems to take “ying yang” as a phrase connoting nonsense)

Manson: yeah, in other words, you can’t make me unhappy

Rose: Are there sad memories, though, growing up?

Manson: I don’t have all that. (smiling)

Rose: You do have it. You are an individual; You have an experience. You are one human being with experience.

Manson raises his eye brows back in forth quizzically but with good humor, amused at Rose’s attempt to put words in his mouth, responding:

Manson: When you leave go get a big rock and set it on the table.

Rose: Yeah?

Manson: I am that big rock on the table.

So, did you know?

The most peculiar aspects of the belief system to which the Family ascribed? The idea of a hidden society of Ascended Masters who dwell in the underground caverns of this world.


Madame Blavatsky wrote about the Buddhist myth of the underground kingdom and Pure Land of Shambhala; when the world had finally reached the brink of utter destruction through greed and war, one version of the myth asserts, the Lord Maitreya will emerge from Shambhala to usher in a Golden Age.  The French occultist Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre claimed that in 1885 he initiated a series of telepathic contacts with the ascended masters who dwell in a subterranean cavern world called Agartha.  As in the Buddhist myth of Shambhala, Agartha is the location of the world’s enlightened guardians and future rulers.  Bizarrely, Manson seems to have developed a very similar eschatological myth while hanging around in Death Valley in 1968.

As in the Buddhist myth of Shambhala, Agartha is the location of the world’s enlightened guardians and future rulers.  Bizarrely, Manson seems to have developed a very similar eschatological myth while hanging around in Death Valley in 1968.


According to Saunders in The Family:

In Hopi legend there was a myth called the Emergence from the Third World wherein there was a reference to a large underground world from which the Hopi nation emerged to dwell on Earth’s surface.  Manson believed that here was some geological possibility for the existence of The Hole.

Sometime in the fall of 1968, Manson grew zealous about The Hole.  He thought The Hole was a large underground city where he could live with his family and escape from the profligacies of the mother culture.


Manson’s eschatological narrative basically went as follows.  A fierce and bloody race war erupts between the whites and blacks.  The Mansonoids avoid the bloodshed by escaping, via a large pit somewhere in Death Valley, to an underground city of milk and honey.  The blacks win the race war, but find themselves unfit to govern post-Skelter America; Charlie and the Mansonoids then emerge triumphantly from The Hole to take the reins.  The weirdest part of the whole lunatic scenario remains the underground kingdom, which the Family seem to have ardently believed in.  According to Charles “Tex” Watson, “it was exciting, amazing stuff Charlie was teaching, and we’d sit around for hours as he told us about the land of milk and honey we’d find under the desert and enjoy while the world above us was soaked in blood.”  In the above passage quoted from Revelations, Charlie interpreted himself to be the “star which had fallen from heaven unto the earth”, and who had been given the “key to the bottomless pit.”  Sanders remained baffled as to where precisely Manson got the idea from:  “It is not known who or what inspired him to believe that a subterranean paradise was waiting for him and his followers.  Perhaps it was a vision on an acid trip.  Who knows?”  What is also peculiar about Manson’s scenario is its similarity in general outline to the cavern world myth going back to Shambhala; Manson becomes the ascended master, the future ruler of a world which has descended into anarchy, who emerges finally from the cavern world to initiate a Golden Age of prosperity and proper governance.  Perhaps Manson had encountered these ideas during his period of occult and scientological study in Terminal Island; or perhaps, tripping on acid in the desert, he’d received a garbled download from the same loop of the Akashic Record that zapped  Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre in 1885.

No sense makes sense.

Charles Manson.

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