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“Clowning Around”


Looming over us is the hint of evil and with Halloween approaching, this is going to prove to be a challenging issue.

I firmly believe we are living in the end days and this is why we are witnessing an exponential increase in demonic activity with possessions being at the top of the list! That’s what I think this is…


Before we get into this subject, I want you to know there’s evil spirits roaming this earth who’s objective is to cause chaos.

Where does this originate? And why? I did some searching and this “trend” began with people posting pictures of “clown masks” on fence posts on places such as farm land, etc. Then, it progressed to people wearing clown suits. But, the issue here is the progression of hate within these events. It went from these clowns just standing and staring….to them carrying knifes and bats, etc. And with that the sense of HATRED. You add to that the fact that so many people have a DEEP fear of clowns and these kinds of events could turn to hysteria. So, this not your typical “clowning around” kind of experiences!

In the book of Job, we see that GOD was testing Job by Satan to attack him. Don’t you think HE tests us too? Why else would this example be there?

Job 1 (KJV)

6 Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them.

7 And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.

So, we see that ultimately Satan is the leader of the fallen sons of GOD. He holds the (temporary) title of the ultimate adversary to the fallen ones.

We know that the fallen angels came to earth and since then the world has become a place of contempt.


To some, this is funny…because they don’t see the true issue at hand.

There’s an evil trend transpiring around the world…at first I thought it was just the US but apparently not!

Some are calling it a “craze”…and seemingly don’t feel threatened by it…while others who have had the strange encounters with them feel differently. Then…believe it or not! You have people who are going “CLOWN HUNTING”…that’s just stupid.

At first the rumors began by saying that these “clowns” would just stand and stare at people as they went along their busy days, but now it’s growing into something very sinister.

Of course, you’re going to have the usual “copycat” pranksters…but for the most part this is not the case.


In the UK, even police are coming forward and addressing the subject.

‘Evil clowns’ on Teesside: Here’s where locals say they’ve spotted them

How the “killer clowns” craze spread across American colleges

October 3rd

11:07 – Clowns reportedly headed to UDel

22:52 – Clowns reported at Syracuse

23:17 – Clowns reported at UMass Amherst

00:17 – Clowns spotted at the University of Illinois

00:36 – An alleged clown sighting at UConn discovered to be hoax

October 4th

08:12 – Clowns reported at JMU, later confirmed to be a hoax

11:12 – Clowns reported at Villanova

11:13 – A campus alert was issued in Arizona about the clowns, it was found later to be false.

12:12 – Social media reporting Clowns might head to Bucknell

13:22 – Clowns reported at IU

14:07 – Clowns reported at Cornell

17:37 – Clowns reported at the University of Oregon

18:10 – Clowns reported at the University of Iowa

October 5th

09:12 – Clowns reported at the University of Florida

09:27 – Creepy clown allegedly assaults a student at Texas state

10:33 – Creepy clowns reported at Michigan State




Some believe it originated in August, when stories began surfacing in South Carolina of clowns attempting to lure children into the woods.

Kevin Bennett, senior psychology instructor at Pennsylvania State University’s Beaver campus, said clowns have become so central to current events that he lectured on it last week during his psychology course.

Bennett says that while Americans still see some clowns as friendly  — like those at a circus, kid’s birthday party or even McDonald’s fry-shiller Ronald McDonald — Hollywood has altered our perception of clowns to the point that most people distrust and fear them. Movies like “Stephen King’s IT,” “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” and “Poltergeist” are among the early adopters of the murderous clown trend, and it has since become a common thread of screen villainy.

“[There] has been a sinister element to the clown personality and it has been exploited by horror movies and TV in the past three decades to the point where I’m not sure that millennials even connect clowns with innocence and fun at all,” Bennett said.

“Social contagion is a term that psychologists use to explain the spread unruly or aggressive behavior in large groups. A group of 2,000 people might be 99 percent peaceful. But when one or two people go into ‘let’s light a couch on fire’ mode, it makes the behavior seem legitimate. When five or 10 people join in, it validates the initial violence and so on.

“Crowds, even well-intentioned ones, can become dangerous very quickly because of this. I think a similar effect is happening with clown sightings. Two or three reports make it seem legitimate.”

That effect works both ways. Not only do outsiders begin to buy into the idea that this is a dangerously widespread behavior, but those who summon the scares tend to spawn imitators



October 05, 2016: Thousands of Pennsylvania State University students took to the streets in search of three ‘creepy clowns’ after an alleged sighting, following months of spooky encounters [link]

Don’t get out of control—-leave!

Guns > Evil Clowns


GRAPHIC WARNING! Some of these videos contain graphic language

Closing schools…this has become something very wicked indeed.

Top 5 Clown Encounters GONE WRONG! (Clown Attack Caught on Camera) [link]

‘Creepy Clowns’ on Video: NEW Sightings are Worldwide! (2016) [link]

5 NEW Disturbing Clowns Caught on Camera (2016) [link]

Top 10 SCARIEST Clown Videos Caught on Youtube! (Creepy Killer Clown Sightings On Camera) [link]

Runners Encounter Clown in the Woods [link]

Clown Sightings Compilation [link]



Of course, you’re going to have the pranksters, but for the most part…this is very disturbing. The Holy Spirit told me this is yet another path to produce fear. Fear produces an energy which demons feed from…literally.

And don’t be fool! Don’t go hunting for clowns…another words…be careful what you ask for.

With Halloween approaching, let’s be aware of our surroundings. And DON’T let your children go out alone, or even with other children. Don’t give these people who are possessed an avenue to kidnap children! We can never be to safe with our children.

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