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Shepherdstown Mysterious Correlations PT1


DISCLAIMER: Note to viewer: DO NOT believe in ghosts. ALL paranormal activity in this world are a direct result of demonic activity.

I first heard of this town in a recent tv program, seems that the level of paranormal activity is such that the town as a WHOLE have been experiencing strange events. It’s actually been referred to as the most “haunted” town in America. What kind of activity must be taking place in order to be considered that devastating?


Well, the answer to that will blow your mind!

Shepherdstown, West Virginia…is the oldest town in the state! Chartered in 1762 by Colonial Virginia’s General Assembly.

In a town of 1,700 residents, almost EVERY SINGLE person has had an experience and even the POLICE has joined in to help solve these mysterious events: such as strange lights, haunted streets but the most interesting correlation which most incidents have has to do with WATER!


What water? The Potomac River, to be exact.

Remember Shepherdstown, West Virginia, is a very small town and its police department only consists of a five-man team. And Sgt, Michael King, now Police Chief, has enlisted a paranormal team to investigate.


“For the first time ever, a paranormal investigation team and a police department have joined forces to investigate strange happenings in an American town, and GHOSTS OF SHEPHERDSTOWN’s crew was there to capture every terrifying moment,” said Jane Latman, general manager of Destination America. “Our viewers love a good ghost story and have come along with us on investigations of some of the most haunted buildings in America, but Shepherdstown is on a whole other playing field and we’re excited for fans to see our real-time, serialized investigation unfold from week to week.”


I don’t know if people realize that paranormal activity is on the rise, in fact, it’s rising exponentially. And people who don’t know how to handle such things feel the need to call 911. One incident reported was a body floating down the Potomac River, another was an event with a witch and a well.


Destination America has showcased several of its programs to this small town. The team performed several investigations of different events and found evidence that indicated satanic rituals/witchcraft.

Ghosts of Shepherdstown (West Virginia)

The episodes are:

Welcome to America’s Most Haunted Town

Do You Know You’re Dead?

She Didn’t Have A Face

Grave Stalker

It’s Behind You


Upon closer inspection of these activities, I noticed that more than not, the activities are surround by WATER. That water is the Potomac River….let’s do some digging!


U.S.G.S. Intersex Fish

Seems the scientists are a bit perturbed!

At first she was surprised. Then she was disturbed. Now she’s a little alarmed….

Case Study: Smallmouth Bass in the Potomac River and Basin

This study reveals the phenomenon in the sexual developmental disturbance in male smallmouth bass…

Chemical Combo and Intersex Fish Found at Smallmouth Bass Nesting Sites


Mystery of Fish Mortality

Unless you’ve been hiding/living under a rock then you know the world has been rocked with animal/marine die off at rates NEVER witnessed before. At one time, I kept track of them but it became very tedious and stressful to me not only to write about it but it begin to make a mental impact. It is so sad!

Since 2002, fish have been dying in the Shenandoah and other western tributaries of the Potomac River


So, we must address the fact that CHEMTRAILS (originating in 1998) may also be a contributing factor. Not only is it affecting the animal/marine kingdom but we’re at the top of that chain and the controversial condition involving skin lesions where the belief is that the affected speak of bugs, strings and other objects surfacing out of the skin…seems to be connected to this subject.

Disguised as clouds…the spraying is effecting more than just the skin…I believe, as do others that it’s affected our DNA! Apply this same scenario to the animal/marine kingdom and you have yourself a grand conspiracy. Of course, when mention that word….people automatically shun the subject attached but I assure you that evidence is coming forward on a daily basis contributing to many conspiracies of late.



Don’t believe the DNA issue? Among the many known dangerous substances in Chemtrail Aerial Geo-Engineering like Aluminum and Barium, it has also been known for some time that these chemicals being dumped on us, also contained DNA.

It’s even worse than we thought. They also contain dry Red Blood Cells and GNA. GNA is a Man-Made Synthetic Version of DNA.

This GNA is reportedly entering the bodies of Humans and Animals, using Nano Technology and changing the DNA of Humans and our Animals.

  1. So, let’s refresh…genetic modification of ALL DNA on this planet from various sources (including fallen angel technology) is causing massive results.

WOW! Now, that’s heavy-duty!

Arthur Clark’s third law, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.

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