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I’ve had many a conversation about the validity of the life of Jesus Christ and I believe this article can answer some of these questions.

The Case for Christ – The Hearing
Is there a case for Christ? If there were to be an arbitrary legal hearing – a court case to determine whether or not Jesus Christ is in fact the only begotten Son of GOD – would He be vindicated by the evidence, or exposed as a fraud?


The Case for Christ – The Prosecutor
Has anybody ever compiled the evidence to determine the case for Christ? As a matter of fact, Lee Strobel, an atheist at the time he undertook this endeavor, decided that he would prove Jesus Christ to be a fraud by the weight of the evidence. Strobel was certainly qualified to undertake such a task, compiling the case against Christ. He has a Master of Studies in Law degree from Yale Law School and was an award-winning journalist at the Chicago Tribune. Strobel’s area of expertise was Courtroom Analyst and he rose to the rank of Legal Editor of the Chicago Tribune. Furthermore, Strobel was not biased towards defending Christ – he was an atheist!


The Case for Christ – The Findings
Strobel divides the case for Christ into three basic sections:

1. The Historical Record:

The eyewitness evidence (can the biographies of Jesus Christ be trusted, and do they stand up to scrutiny?) The documentary evidence (were the biographies of Jesus reliably preserved for us?) The corroborating evidence (is there credible evidence for Jesus Christ outside of His biographies?) The scientific evidence (does archaeology confirm or contradict Jesus’ biographies?) The rebuttal evidence (is the Jesus of history the same as the Jesus of Christian faith?)

2. A Profile of Jesus Christ:

The identity evidence (was Jesus really convinced that He was the Son of God?) The hological evidence (was Jesus crazy when He claimed to be the Son of God?) The profile evidence (did Jesus fulfill the attributes of God?) The fingerprint evidence (did Jesus – and Jesus alone – match the identity of the prophesied Messiah?)

Gavel close up. Conceptual image of law and justice.

Gavel close up. Conceptual image of law and justice.

3. The Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ:

The medical evidence (was the death of Jesus Christ a sham and His resurrection a hoax?) The evidence of the missing body (was Jesus’ body really absent from His tomb?) The evidence of His appearances (was Jesus seen alive after His death on the cross?) The circumstantial evidence (are there any supporting facts that point to the resurrection?)

In a recent interview:

{“I look at the four E’s of the resurrection: First, the execution. We have no record of anyone surviving a full Roman crucifixion. The evidence for the execution is so strong historically because not only do we have multiple sources in the New Testament, we have five ancient sources outside the New Testament that confirm and corroborate His execution.

Then, we have early accounts that He rose from the dead. Most people like me thought it was a legend that developed a long time later. And it generally took, according to A.N. Sherwin-White, the great Oxford scholar, at least two generations of time for legend to grow up in the ancient world and wipe out a solid core of historical truth.

But we have—and this was a key bit of evidence for me—1 Corinthians 15 starting in verse 3—a creed of the earliest church that says that Jesus died for our sins, according to the Scriptures, was buried and rose on the third day. Eminent scholar James D.G. Dunn says we can be entirely confident that this creed was formulated within months of Jesus’ death. So here we have something that goes right back to the beginning—too quickly to write it off merely as a legend.

Then we have the empty tomb. For me the most convincing piece is what the skeptics said. When the disciples began saying that Jesus had risen, what the skeptics never said was, “Baloney, go open the tomb and you’ll see the body.” That would have put the onus on the disciples to prove it. But they never said that. What they said was, “Oh, well, the disciples stole the body.” They’re implicitly conceding that the tomb is empty.

And then the eyewitnesses. We’re lucky in the ancient world if we have one or two sources to confirm a fact. But for the conviction of the disciples that they had encountered the resurrected Christ, we have no fewer than nine ancient sources from inside and outside the New Testament, confirming and corroborating His appearances. The resurrection really confirms His identity of being the Son of God.”}


The Case for Christ – Examining the Evidence
In trying the case for Christ, Strobel cross-examined a number of experts and recognized authorities in their own fields of study. He conducted his examination with no religious bias, other than his predisposition to atheism. Remarkably, after compiling and critically examining the evidence for himself, Strobel became a Christian. Stunned by his findings, he organized the evidence into a book he entitled, The Case for Christ, which has won the Gold Medallion Book Award for excellence. Strobel asks one thing of each reader – remain unbiased in your examination of the evidence. In the end, judge the evidence for yourself, acting as the lone juror in the case for Christ.


Lee Strobel The Case for Christ

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If you prefer PDF:

The Case for Faith

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The Case for the Real Jesus

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