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Come Hell or High Water

I’m pure Texan, born and bred. Yup! And proud of it. I said that for all the trolls. And a phrase like the article’s title here is pretty common!

Whatever happens, come what may…or at the very least , either way, in any case, and in any event.

All examples of the meaning. Given the circumstances I think it fits Texas…no pun intended!! This is serious.

So, unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past week…then you know about the hurricane which hit Texas.

It hit land, down by Corpus Christi…which is where some of my family live!! The actual city was Rockport, Texas.

I placed a comment on FACEBOOK about how it got to the coast of Texas and stalled. I was watching award-winning storm chaser, Jeff Piotrowski…on his LIVE feed and it was mind-blowing.

The winds were up to 160 mph!

Jeff Piotrowski LIVE Feed

To me? It was unprecedented! I’ve even been in a tornado that took a house right off the cement slab not more than 10 feet from where I was but this was horrific!

So, it hits Houston next, and then spins its way back out to sea only to build enough power to hit Texas again!

It’s next victim? Port Arthur.

‘Whole City’ underwater as Harvey makes another landfall

Houston ‘unprecedented’ 50in of rainfall

Their calling it a 800 year flood event! Either way, it’s a nightmare!!

Deadly Asia floods

More than 1,000 dead, Mumbai is flooded after unusually heavy monsoons in India, Nepal, Bangladesh

Flood death toll rises to 514 in Bihar, India

Monsoon rain brings India’s financial capitol to a standstill

Total of 30 killed in 2 landslides in China, 25 missing

Danger zones declared around volcano in Vanatu

Montreal’s Rain: Tornadoes and microbursts: weather opposites, but equally destructive

Australia’s Crop losses and Grand Solar Minimum Weather Patterns

Landslides hit Sironko, Uganda

Last Days of Russian Summer bring snow to Sakha Republic

Turkey is not ready for this: Istanbul battered by 3rd mega-storm this summer

L.A. California in heat wave

Sinkhole swallows up Brooklyn walker

Feelin’ HOT HOT HOT in Britain

Mysterious Chemical Cloud Sickens Scores at British Beaches

Eight killed in landslide at Burkina Faso gold mine

Tropical low headed toward Carolinas

Homes, cars and road damaged by massive Spanish hailstorm (Grado, Spain)

Mysterious Explosions reported off Digha Coast in WB

Mayhem as giant sinkhole swallows KZN couple in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Heavy sea ice stops sailing expedition in North Pole

6.6 Magnitude Earthquake strikes off Papua New Guinea’s north-east coast

Varanasi’s cloud reader predicts earthquakes

Reventador volcano, Ecuador

Costa Rica’s Poas Volcano Erupts

25-foot sinkhole Lancaster, Ohio

Explosion sound-Earthquake in Casco Bay-Portland, Maine

Sinkhole swallows car in Tel Aviv

US land temps down, Arctic sea ice and Greenland melt

5,100+ lightning strikes an hour hit northern rivers Australia

Hikers missing after Landslides/Mudslides in Switzerland

5.6 magnitude Earthquake in Iraq

Sinkhole on Fort Avenue-Lynchburg, Virginia

Croatia Fires along Adriatic Coast

Popocatepetl Volcano Erupts

Receding ocean, huge waves and lenticular “Fireball” in South America

Curvy tornado plows through Black Sea near Sochi Russia

DR Congo Landslide deathtoll climbs 200+

Forklift Driver injured in sinkhole collapse in downtown St. Louis

Forklift driver injured when sidewalk collapses in downtown St. Louis

‘Historic’ flash floods in Kansas City

Terrifying footage powerful tornado ripping through Chinese country

2 dead, 25+ killed due to 3.6 magnitude earthquake in Italian Island of Ischia

Major snowfall in S. Africa

Large Wildfire Burned for Weeks in Ice Greenland

River turns dog BLUE!

FYI: I’m NOT including all the STRANGE animal incidents related to weather as it’s extensive, but suffice it to say that insects, mammals, birds, etc…know something is NOT RIGHT in this world!!

I thought I would a a weeks worth of DISASTER! Yes, this was only a week’s worth of horrific, nightmarish events occurring in this world.

I’ve been watching an increase in quakes/volcanoes for years. At one time I kept regular records which gradually shows the increases over the months, and years. This became overwhelming along with all the other work I did, so I stopped. I sure wish I hadn’t.

I must add this:

Yellowstone supervolcano Earthquake Swarm Hits More Than 1,200 Events

And let’s not forget the waters that receded over Brazil leaving only boats on the sand!

The POWERS THAT BE (PTB) do NOT want all this info getting out. You won’t hear 99% of the stuff that happens in this world because TPB own the media.

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  1. Wow! With the extreme heat here in California, I have felt like I was living under a rock…to stay cool! I had no idea so much was happening…

    September 4, 2017 at 2:07 AM

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