Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Gatekeepers of the Internet

Stop the virtual world, I want to get off!


A “GATEKEEPER ON THE INTERNET” is a person who is assigned the DUTY of suppressing truth.

Well, this is one topic that will dredge in the scum! You know them best as trolls, etc…

In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what a troll is…they work for the government and do their absolute (PAID) best to discredit people who want the truth out there, especially Believers!

CONTROLLER-Interestingly enough, the word controllers includes both the word “con,” which means “to swindle [a victim] by first winning his or her confidence; dupe,” and the word troll, which could denote someone who infiltrates—a typical example is so-called trolls infiltrating forums and comment sections on the Internet.

10 Types of Internet Trolls You’ll Meet Online

Now that we’ve established who they are, and what they do…let’s move on.

Expect the unexpected!

Many people have accounts on YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, and although BEFOREITSNEWS isn’t as popular, many people have accounts there as well. People who are revealing, EXPOSING (better word for it) the truth of what’s going on behind closed doors. The people behind the planned false flag attacks…are bring caught with their proverbial “pants down between their knees”. Meaning…they are being exposed for the character they truly are.

GOOGLE is behind MANY events taking place.

YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, and other public forums are controlled by GOOGLE. There is a computer that catches “ certain words” which is then pulled down and deleted. Algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer. “Catch-phrases” are placed into the software program which in turn placed the “suspicious” video/article, etc in a delete file. FILE 13!

Personal information is the secret. It’s the ultimate goal of social media of all brands. Like the camera’s you see everywhere, it’s gathering information about you, your daily habits, your thoughts, your family and friends. Scary? Well, it’s true. At first people just shoooshed it…like most things, they thought it was a “conspiracy” that wasn’t true. The truth is…conspiracies are gaining ground because people are realizing that TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION.

The Video About YouTube’s Dispicable Ways Everyone Needs to See!

YOUTUBERS? They are the people who like to go onto the sight and watch videos. They were once a group who just wandered aimlessly on the cloud and didn’t fall through the cracks. But, now people are falling….the cracks are huge caverns. YOUTUBE is causing a quake of caverns where it’s hoping you won’t notice it’s bigotry. It’s intolerance toward those who hold the TRUTH on their sleeves.

YouTube alters search algorithm over fake Las Vegas conspiracy videos

It’s nothing new to us! But to the average citizen…it’s something they would have never thought would be happening.

I will highlight one such person, then hit on many more later to show as examples.

Glenn Canady is the first person who I want to discuss. He admits that his YouTube account has been frozen and thus he has published an article on BEFOREITSNEWS.

Secret Agent Wanta Tells All! Trillions for America! Wow!

Secret Agent Lee Wanta Tells All!

Glenn Canady


The words “FALSE FLAG” event was hardly ever heard before 9/11! That day went down in history as the most horrific for the American people that ever was witnessed. I know it was for me and I didn’t even have anyone there, so you can only imagine how it feels to have had a loved one there who died and then later find out that it was conceived by our own government.

Many false flags have come and gone since then, and with them many more American’s are waking up to the fact that they are not only real but our own governments seek to hunt down and kill us. It’s like a bad nightmare, only we’re awake!

The Mandalay Bay hotel had a FALSE FLAG event happen and covering it up hasn’t been as easy for the “False Flaggers”.

With the fact that our world has become ball with billions of secret cameras everywhere, it’s hard to keep anything hidden anymore, even their own malevolent steps. The night the Mandalay Bay false flag took place, there were camera’s everywhere. Not only stationary camera’s but almost every person in this world has cell phones now which of course has it’s own camera. Selfies are the biggest hit since sliced bread, I tell ya! Conceited arrogance? I’m guessing.

So, since that event that happened, you would think that there would be millions of filmed video’s hitting the internet, right? Well, they invented “security technology” so it’s easy for them to keep somewhat of a hold on published/filmed plot against Americans.

Even with their control methods, we are having some (soliloquies) pop up here and there. Then they disappear, only to be republished again, but some fall through the cracks and are never to be seen again.

Soliloquy/monologue videos are very common on the internet now. It’s at its most basic level which refers to the act of talking to oneself, only later to be published and viewed for the purpose of expression.

Have you heard about HOOTERS? Evidently there are events which took place at Hooters in Las Vegas, just a short distance from Mandalay Bay Hotel…

STRANGE POLICE ACTIVITY! Las Vegas Shooting Filmed From The Mandalay Bay Hotel

What the Hell is Happening Here at Hooters/Las Vegas on Oct. 1st (NEW VIDEO)

And…by the time I publish this…it’s very likely that these videos, or at least one of these two videos will be deleted! And this is the subject at hand!!

Never heard of this guy until I started this article. GOD must want people to know what’s happening to him because this poor guy is/has been under attack. His main focus is “DEPOPULATION” agenda. It’s a good one and he’s good at revealing it!

But, the government doesn’t like it! He’s been arrested numerous times!

Kevin Galalae

If you are a truther and talk about the Illuminati or other such topics, then your videos if not deleted, it will most likely be demonitized. Yep…hit em’ in the pocketbook say YT!

From my personal experience….this is why I stopped using YOUTUBE back YEARS ago. They didn’t like me and my videos therefore they would constantly lock me out of my channel. Then, when that wasn’t good enough, they began locking me out of Hotmail which was my email too.

I began getting smart to their little jabs and started my blog. I now only use my email attached to my server/cable service, and they can’t lock me out of there, but they can sensor my emails and have been doing that for years.

I did a test because my friends didn’t believe me. I emailed the same letters with the conspiracy title which was addressed in the letter, and it would never reach it’s destination. But, if I titled the email “recipes” it would go through! My friends, who were skeptics were stunned.

Lisa Haven produced this video:

Facebook Shutting 1,000’s of Truthers Down & What Was Seen In Their Office Will Shock You

Truthers was a wide-range group from exposing the “alien” agenda as demonic, to:

9/11 Witnesses who were murdered

Wire: You Will Not Believe What is Going on In America Right Now – These Are The End Times [26:49]

Chemtrails: German Aerospace Worker Sacked For Revealing Installation of Military-filled Devices


Just because they call themselves “Truthers” doesn’t mean they work for GOD! Example? Just because preachers call themselves lovers of GOD doesn’t mean they are talking about GOD from The Bible…for instance;

The Heretic: Blantantly contradicts doctrines of The Bible.

The Charlatan: Puffed up and conceited.

The Prophet: Misleading and disrupting GOD’S Church.

The Abuser: Claims to be tending souls but it ravishing them.

The Divider: Destroys the Church.

The Tickler: All candy and no meat and potatoes…teaches nothing.

The Spectator: Obsessed with novelty, originality, or speculation.

False teachers.

I warned people about Billy Graham being a Satanists on FACEBOOK and was attacked! People are either awake or asleep. Are you awake?

Class Action Lawsuit Against Facebook


Put in… “Christian Persecution”.

The results would be in the millions of millions! And…probably more but GOOGLE hides the truth. The results yielded over 150,000. Really? See what I mean?? This number isn’t true. First-AI is too smart to let you know this information, and then you have those who deliberately change stats. But, let’s move on…

Next, hit the “NEWS” tab.

This will bring up RECENT activity pertaining to this search.

The result which stood out?;

75% of all victims of religious persecution are Christians.

Christian persecution on the rise.

Christian persecution at an all-time high.

Greatest period of Christian persecution in history.


You can’t hide the truth for long, especially if GOD has anything to say about it. The Bible tells us that eventually all hidden will come to light. This like everything in The Bible has multiple meanings!

Suffice it to say that…it’s time.

The reality is that the pressure is on.

Satan knows it. He’s kicked it into high gear, and if you look around…you can’t help but notice it.

Weather manipulation, Chem-trails, Transhumanism, Computer-age, etc. This list is long and getting longer.

At first, everything was like a ball being kicked down the road…kicking it once you came up to it, progressing its distance. But, the ball is being thrown in a HAIL MARY pass. So to speak. Satan knows he has little time….literally. So, he’s putting pressure on all aspects of his evil plans. Pressure against all of his lynchmen.

So, hold on tight. The lie that Satan’s telling everyone about a “rapture” on the horizon is that it’s a fake one. The only way to get to heaven is to be FIRED UP!

Pressure through fire delivers…produces the end result…purity.

Yes, the rapture GOD speaks of will take place, but only when GOD is ready. And not like Satan tells everyone!

So keep fighting the good fight.


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