Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Holiday “Spirit


If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.” ~Oscar Wilde

Hey, Kiddies! Many people might be able to observe the militarization of the mind through the various national Independence Day celebrations. Now combine the indoctrination into degenerate behavior celebrated during Halloween, reinforced with gift giving, producing groups practicing violent depravity, in costumes, sometimes resembling military uniforms.

Halloween is an affront to decent behavior. It lends excuses to people who wear masks all year long and practice some swampy devilish crookedness nightly. As bad as Halloween is though Christmas with it’s Halloween like attachment of the Santa Story is much more mesmerizing and much more metastacizing.

The Santa Clause storyline is the grandest of all holiday hazings, and through exploration of Santa Clause Syndrome the potential of systems, celebrations and otherwise, to influence us is clearly illustrated. The following is an exploration of consciousness, not an attack on a story nor saint. In order to accurately explore the Santa Clause story, we need to understand Christmas and it’s helpful to comprehend other older traditions too.

That being said, we’ll begin with exploring the possible origins and outcomes of one of the oldest holiday hazings still celebrated today, but before investigating Christmas and its somewhat malicious, secular attachment: the Santa Clause storyline. Yet the discussion is useful because the reasoning for its implementation is potentially the reasoning for Christmas is to originally conjoin with Saturnalia; martial union.

Christmas is at least partially instigated to unify the belief structure of people through the atmosphere of celebration, but the similarities only begin there.

Santa Clause Syndrome is the ubiquitous condition resulting from overexposure to the Santa Clause storyline at an impressionable young age. It is so rampant a disorder that its signs and symptoms tend to go mostly unnoticed. In defining the syndrome through its influences and resulting behavioral patterns, the stemming problems can be more readily distinguished, and ultimately more easily extinguished. S.C.S. is curable without taking the usually prescribed psychotropic tranquilizers frequently prescribed by the postmodern psychiatry industry. In fact, all one has to do is contemplate self, consciousness, which might be more reviling than the Grinch itself to some.

The Santa Clause story accompanying Christmas is a remake of tales of Saint Nicholas, a Christian monk. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, (according to the elite). Christmas began in 336 when the older pagan celebration of Saturnalia was combined with the commencement of the new celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The intention of doing so was arguably to unite Pagan and Christian people all as Romans, toward national and martial might.

Today the Santa Clause story is separate from, but originates in Christmas, originally instituted, at least in part, for military might. The story is associated with jolly merriment and goodwill, yet frequently induces Santa Clause Syndrome (S.C.S.), the distorted double-think at the root of some of the world’s worst woes, worse than the reinforced stupefying materialism that is a more obvious immediate result of overexposure to the Santa Clause story.

The Santa Clause story is one of the most influential tales in the world because it focuses on the group most susceptible to influence; young children. It is also one of the most taboo subjects to criticize, despite most everyone accepting that it can make people unnecessarily materialistic and nearly always ends up upsetting children. It obviously can result in materialistic cravings, but S.C.S. is much worse than mere materialism. In fact, S.C.S. is taboo to mention in part because S.C.S. hinders our natural inclination to question, to address reality and confront lies.

Because of its significance as one of the oldest holiday hazings it provides historical backdrop to the origins of holidays, including the most powerful holiday hazing the world has ever known, the Santa Clause story, that took over Christmas, which basically took over the pagan celebration of Saturnalia.

The subject of the Santa Clause story is a rabbit hole of quite some depth, all strata of which reveal how even spiritual ideas are used by authorities to steer thinking and being, even going so far as to institute celebrating aversion to consideration of our thinking and being, and reality in total.

Few people like to consider their consciousness, and for most it’s difficult to accept their thinking and being has been steered, especially when negatively steered by trusted, even revered institutions and celebrations. Alternatively, most everyone is capable of considering, and often quick to point out, how the thinking and being of others, in other cultures, has been steered. So the more you don’t want to address S.C.S., the more you may benefit from it.

No matter where one stands in regards to holidays, everyone likes to laugh and accordingly the following is part serious and part hilarious. It is a mix of realistic well-founded research, and dramatic observations critical of a subject that is a veritable taboo to criticize.

So, what kind of “Spirit” are you inviting into your home this “holiday season”

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