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Alien Hunter’s Moon

The enemy of my enemy is…NOT always my friend!

Hunters-Forager Myths of the Hero’s? Engineers? Black Goo? Greek Demigods? Aliens? Technology?

My four favorite [all-time] movies? Alien, Independence Day, Transformers, Battleship. Now, don’t you think it’s obvious that I was going to be doing this type of work for GOD! I would have never guessed in a million years that this is what I would be doing….but here I am.

You see, they all have to do with the TRUTH of this world. The agenda of Satan and the secret societies. The symbolism which they so proudly place everywhere, in everything…

I believe the things we see taking place in technology has been planned for years, even thousands of years. Scientists believe that aliens are more apt to be part biological and part technological advancements that we could only dream of.

The powers that be don’t hide the fact that they have knowledge of technology far beyond what we actually see out in the world. I’d say they are 30-50 even 100 years beyond what we own or use.

Here’s an example:

The name should be a clue, right? They proudly announce they are the largest in the field. They want you to think it’s for your animal, or even tracking a child for their own protection, but RFID technology has been around for a decade in our society which means they’ve actually possessed this tech for several years, decades even.

It’s definitely creepy to know that they expect to use it on us! It’s not for what they want you to think…it’s for controlling us in this New World Order.

Even more creepier is the fact that they retrieved it from so-called “aliens”. They traded people for it. Yep, you read that right. They allowed “aliens” to abducted and even kill our ancestors/family/friends. So, not only do they kidnap you but they implant you with RFID chips so they can track you! Now, where did we get such technology?

Take a look at the LOGO for the company…it’s an alien…it’s a triangle! Now, remember that!


The programmed conditioning you receive on a daily basis is unfathomable! It comes at us from all directions and the best way is with MOVIES!

Everyone loves movies, right?

I thought that “TRANSFORMERS” was at the top but this one takes the cake! It’s loaded with so much information that this will most likely be a two-part article.

The movie I speak of is…ALIEN. Well, it figures…right? I mean the BIGGEST conspiracy in the world is about aliens…so, it’s only right that TPTB would use this subject as it’s main output. By the way, in case you don’t know what TPTB is…it means = the powers that be. And/Or the elite. The people with the money, honey.

It’s all started by downloading the original script or screenplay. There are actually two in this case, and sometimes even more. But, the two we have are the contributor to this movie’s plot. I will provide some links as we progress/or as needed.

ALIEN by Walter Hill/David Giler

Based on Screenplay by Dan O’ Bannon

Story by Dan O’Bannon/Ronald Shusett

Revised Final June, 1978

ALIENS (1986)

by James Cameron

May 28, 1985

ALIEN 3 (1992)

by WalterHill/David Giler

Final draft. Revised Jan. 16, 1991-April 10, 1991


by Joss Whedon

Revised July 22, 1996


Damon Lindelof’s draft of the script which was called “Paradise.”:

Jon Spaihts script:


Dante W Harper/Michael Green

November 20, 2015


Dissecting my favorite movies, we begin…

ALIEN (1979)

Set in the future, a commercial tug Nostromo is on a return trip to Earth with a seven-member crew in stasis: Captain Dallas, Executive Officer Kane, Warrant Officer Ripley, Navigator Lambert, Science Officer Ash and two Engineers, Parker and Brett.

Detecting a transmission from the nearby planetoid LV-426, the ship’s computer, Mother, awakens the crew. Company policy requires crews to investigate such transmissions, so they land on the planetoid, sustaining damage from its atmosphere and rocky landscape. They discover the signal comes from a derelict alien spacecraft. Inside, they find the remains of a large alien creature.

Ripley deciphers part of the transmission, determining it’s not a distress signal, but a warning of some kind. In the spacecraft, a chamber is discovered containing hundreds of large egg-like objects (with face-huggers inside). When touched, it opens and a creature springs out and attaches itself to the face of a host. Later, the host chokes and convulses in pain and dies when a small alien creature bursts from the chest where it later morphs into a larger creature.

Ash has secretly been given instructions to return the alien to the company, with the crew deemed as expendable. Confronted. Ash was found to be an android after a physical confrontation. Ash’s head is reanimated and they learn he was assigned to the Nostromo to ensure the creature was returned for analysis at any expense, including the crew’s lives. Ash taunts them about their chances against the “perfect organism.”

CLUE: the spacecraft where the alien pods are located is shaped like a Ouroboros.

The ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. Originating in ancient Egyptian iconography, the ouroboros entered western tradition via Greek magical tradition and was adopted as a symbol in Gnosticism and Hermeticism, and most notably in alchemy.

It has the traditional concept of reincarnation or cyclicality. But I think you should understand it’s

TRUE meaning is: “THE ALL IS ONE”

This is the premise of the New Age Movement.

CLUE: the ship’s inward appearance is one of a biological formation. It’s said to have its own “biosphere”. Is it “ALIVE”? Being that it has it’s own biosphere…does the ship itself need oxygen?

CLUE: LV-426-Zeta Reticuli

Barney and Betty Hill were the perfect American couple…who claimed to be abducted by extraterrestrials. The couple stated that they had been kidnapped by aliens who claimed to be from the Zeta Reticuli system. Many other abductees state the same.

This is supposed to be where some of the “extraterrestrials” reside. Grey aliens and black-eyed beings are said to inhabit this area.

ZETA RETICULI COVER UP – Remote viewing the Greys & The Orion warfare

Zeta Reticuli Aliens: Robert Lazar 1 of 4

The Orion Civilization

The final conclusion that I’ve come up with is that these are NOT aliens/extraterrestrials or anything of the sort. In fact, they are demons disguising themselves as they have done for thousands of years. Their objective is to place false religions/doctrines in every culture which confuses the masses. They call themselves by many names, but in the end they are all the same entities. Satan as their leader, they’ve been taught to convince mankind that they created us, thereby receiving worship.

Part of these groups of demons and fallen angels are entities which are mechanical in nature but to be exact, they are bio-mechanical. The technology we possess is a direct connection to these individual entities who work as one. In fact, this is a main feature of the end times…a connection between the Antichrist and technology. This brings forth the whole TRANSHUMANISM agenda. Combining mankind with machine takes our divinity as we are made in GOD’S Image. We are witnessing an exponential increase in technology as we are closing in on our final days in this master plan.

This is Satan’s goal, which is to evolve humans physically and intellectually in order to create a life extension through genetic engineering with eternal life at the core. Scientists from the Human Genome project say that our DNA was not written on this planet and is a complex mathematical code. The fallen angels have been using genetics a very long time. In Genesis 6, it tells us about the union between us and them with the result being the Nephilim…the giants. The Bible continues to tell us how these evil bloodlines continued and are present in this world even now.

The elite have been covering up our past so long that people hardly question it anymore.

The Fermi paradox asks: With so many alien civilizations out there, why haven’t we found them? Or why haven’t they found us?

CLUE: When Capt. Goes into Mother to communicate, she is evasive. So, I ask you did the “company” send them to this place originally? Was it all planned?

Capt. Dallas tells Ripley that the company replaced the original science officer that he has already gone on several missions with at the last minute. Actually two days before the mission was to launch.

“Mother’s Crypt” Oval Communication Room

Captain Dallas:





Second Attempt:




Third Attempt:



Ripley asks science officer Ash if he or Mother has any suggestions? He says (evil smile) he’s still collating. Ripley laughs. She says she has access to Mother now (Capt Dallas attacked/killed) and she will get some answers now.

“Mother’s Crypt” Oval Communication Room


















Ash is at her side now….“there is an explanation, you know. She throws him around. I don’t want an explanation.

Science officer Ash prevents her from moving around the ship, blocking doors and closing them. Officer Ash now has a white substance leaking from his head. A fight ensues but Parker hits him from behind. He spins out of control. Head decapitates.

“Ash is a robot” says Ripley. “He’s been protecting it all along.”

“Ash has a special order to bring back life form. All other priorities are recended.”

ALIENS (1986)

After 57 years, Ripley is rescued by a deep salvage team during hypersleep. Ripley is pretty much a loose end to the company who wants her silenced. She feels confused and rightly so. Rescued and debriefed by Weyland-Yutani Corporation; they are skeptical of her claims. They strip her of her title as flight officer, and shove her into a medial job. Then, communications with the moon which has now been colonized has lost. The company sends in their representative to negotiate with Ripley, convincing her to go to the exomoon. Ripley only accepts after negotiating that her mission would include exterminating the creatures.

Aboard the spaceship USS Sulaco, she is introduced to the colonial marines and the android Bishop, toward whom Ripley is initially hostile following her experience with the traitorous android Ash aboard the Nostromo. Upon arriving at LV-426, the marines find only one survivor, a nine year-old girl named Newt…the rest of the colony are MIA.

Ripley discovers that Burke sent the colonists to investigate the derelict spaceship where the Nostromo crew first encountered the eggs, believing he could become wealthy by recovering alien specimens for use as biological weapons. She threatens to expose him, but Bishop informs the group of a greater danger: The power plant was damaged by the dropship crash and will soon explode with the force of a 40-megaton thermonuclear weapon.

Ripley and Hicks reach Bishop in the second dropship, but Ripley refuses to abandon Newt. The group travels to the processing station, allowing a heavily armed Ripley to enter the hive and rescue Newt. As they escape, the two encounter the alien queen in her egg chamber. The queen, sensing that Ripley carries a weapon and is capable of destroying her eggs, signals her offspring to allow Ripley to leave. Ripley uses this opportunity to destroy the eggs and the queen’s oviposter. Pursued by the enraged queen, Ripley and Newt reunite with Bishop and Hicks on the dropship. All four escape moments before the station explodes with the colony consumed by the nuclear blast.

On the Sulaco, the group is ambushed by the queen, who stowed away in the ship’s landing gear. The queen tears Bishop in half and advances on Newt, but Ripley battles the creature using an exosuit cargo-loader and expels it through an airlock into space. Ripley, Newt, Hicks, and the critically damaged Bishop enter hypersleep for their return trip to Earth.

CLUE: I once thought that Ripley was so cool in the cargo-loader! But, now I realize it’s just another push of Hollywood towards their sexual identity agenda. These things come in stages, and progress slowly so that the social construct will accept them.

Not only is it an identity crisis here but it stems off into the transhumanism agenda, as well. Accepting computers and robots, especially AI-artificial intelligence is key to the whole Hollywood agenda!

ALIENS 3 (1992)




That’s the catch-phrase for part three in this Alien saga.

At first the plot for ALIEN 3 was very boring to me! Watching it again has resurfaced the launching of AI and it’s part in the end days.

In 2179 a fire starts aboard the Colonial Marine spaceship Sulaco. The computer launches an escape pod containing Ripley, the young girl Newt, Hicks, and the damaged android Bishop; all four are in cryonic stasis. Scans of the crew’s cryotubes show a queen facehugger attached to one member. The pod crash-lands on Fiorina “Fury” 161, a foundry facility and penal colony inhabited by male inmates with double-Y chronomsome syndrome, a genetic mutation present in some males in the 22nd century which gives the afflicted individual a predisposition for brutal antisocial behavior such as rape and murder.


CLUE: This double-Y condition is a real thing! Strange that they tell you that this is a “random” event in the development of the sperm cell. I think it’s weird that one of the characteristics is being taller than average. The history which is hidden by the elite about the Nephilim giant bloodlines could be a factor in this condition? The Bible calls Satan/Lucifer a serpent, and also a dragon.

Revelation 20 (KJV)

2 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,

One of the prison members called Golic dubs the alien as “Dragon”.

Ripley finds the damaged Bishop in the prison’s garbage dump. Just as she is leaving the area, four inmates appear and attempt to rape her, but inmate leader Dillon intervenes and beats the others with a crowbar. Ripley returns to the infirmary and re-activates Bishop, who confirms that a facehugger came with them to Fiorina in the escape pod.

The Dragon ambushes Ripley and Clemens in the prison infirmary, where it kills Clemens. It initially threatens Ripley but then mysteriously spares her and retreats. Andrews orders Aaron to take her back to the infirmary, but the warden himself is dragged into the vents and killed by the monster. Ripley rallies the inmates and proposes they pour flammable toxic waste into the ventilation system and ignite it to flush out the extraterrestrial. However, its intervention causes a premature explosion and several inmates are killed. With Aaron’s help, Ripley scans herself using the escape pod’s medical equipment and discovers the embryo of a xenomorph queen growing inside her. She also discovers that Weyland-Yutani hopes to turn the Aliens into biological weapons.

CLUE: The substance drooling out of Ripley’s mouth? Is it black goo? Now that she’s part alien! More on the black goo later in the article.

Ignoring Bishop’s pleas to give them the embryo, Ripley throws herself into the furnace as the infant queen erupts from her chest. Ripley grabs it to prevent it from escaping as they both fall into the furnace. The facility is closed and Morse, the sole survivor, is led away as Ripley’s recording from the first film plays for the final time in the EEV.

CLUE: Known as the DRAGON, this alien is different from the ones in previous installments due to its host being quadrupedal.

We also need to realize that each movie moves us closer to the terraforming, and creation aspect. The false doctrine circles itself with the alien engineering agenda.

The Bible specifically tells us:

Colossians 2:18 Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind,


In 2379, two hundred years after the events of Alien 3, military scientists on the space vessel USM Auriga create a clone of Ellen Ripley, designated Ripley 8, using DNA from blood samples taken before her death. The xenomorph queen’s DNA has been mixed in with Ripley’s, and the clone grows up with an embryo inside it. The scientists extract the embryo, raise it and collect its eggs while keeping Ripley 8 alive for further study. As a result of the xenomorphs’ DNA inside her, she has enhanced strength and reflexes, blood that is somewhat acidic and a psychic link with the xenomorphs. Additionally, the xenomorph’s genetic memory allows the clone to have some of Ripley’s memories.

The xenomorph queen, having developed a uterus as a result of her genetic contamination with Ripley 8, gives birth to a xenomorph with overtly human traits.

CLUE: Cloning is part of our reality. Was it part of the immortality agenda? Thinking they (the elite) can live forever, are they cloning themselves, then ‘downloading’ their consciousness into the new body? There’s a huge conspiracy theory about the elite cloning stars, military figures, even our own presidents…

Cloning? The term clone, invented by J.B.S. Haldane, is derived from the Ancient Greek word κλών klōn, “twig”, referring to the process whereby a new plant can be created from a twig.

We need to remember that genetic manipulation began in The Bible in Genesis 6, where the fallen angels not only manipulated the plant and animal kingdom, but also mankind. This was the reason for the Great Deluge. And as part of the free will process, GOD allowed the bloodline issues to continue. This includes when Eve was impregnated by Satan, whereby Satan began his plan of plan of action. He not only created a tainted bloodline but he told Eve she could become a god and live forever. This is the origin of all the Transhumanism processes we see happening.

The fallen angels landed on Earth and created Atlantis where the demi-gods (their prodogy) thrived and began the false religions we see today. When GOD produced the Great Deluge, they took to the sea and this is the legends of “Sea People” and “Northern People” who were vicious…they are also part of the Phoenicians, Egyptians, etc.

I’m in the process of watching the new series on Netflix called, “Altered Carbon”. It’s pretty good but we must remember it’s part of the TRANSHUMANISM agenda.

Romans 1 (KJV)

22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.


In 2089, archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discover a star map in Scotland that matches others from several unconnected ancient cultures. They interpret this as an invitation from humanity’s forerunners, the “Engineers”. Peter Weyland, the elderly CEO of Weyland Corporation, funds an expedition, aboard the scientific vessel Prometheus, to follow the map to the distant moon LV-223. The ship’s crew travels in stasis while the android David monitors their voyage. Arriving in December 2093, mission-director Meredith Vickers informs them of their mission to find the Engineers and not to make contact without her permission.

The next stage in this movie franchise is very important to the Hollywood engineers!

The Engineers are an ancient extraterrestrial species of unknown origin. They possess the special skill of Genetic Engineering. Dubbing them as creators or even co-creator is the main focus of this part in the series. Sailing the stars terraforming primordial celestial bodies and seeding them with the foundations of biological life, and as such, they are revered by some as gods, and devils by others.

As a spacecraft departs a planet, a humanoid alien drinks an iridescent liquid and then begins dissolving…and falls into a waterfall. The alien’s DNA strand mix with the water.

David taints a drink with the black goo!

CLUE: GOD revealed to me that this is what AI uses as “blood”.

Black Goo

An extremely potent and virulent mutagenic pathogen, composed of millions of micro-orgamisms…nanotechnology at its best. There are supposedly two types of black goo, one natural, and the other supernatural. It is said to even possess a person and control their bodies…which to me sounds like an agent utilized by the dark side.

Please be aware that the New Age doctrines in this video are very challenging for people who are NOT grounded in GOD. Please understand that this is dangerous territory. I’m presenting this video to allow people to learn what this demonic substance is.

Sentient Oil – Black GOO – Programmable Matter Part #1

Evil Black Goo in Mecca and Vatican

Still some scientists suggest that in our past, someone/something engineered our existing oil and altered it at a molecular level. I think this is what was below the Gulf of Mexico after the explosion occurred and some of the pix that show oil was really this black goo!

DEAD ZONE-Deep Water Horizon

CLUE: The container which the Engineer holds before he enters the water seems to have the shape of the Tree of Life which the New Agers hold so dear to heart. Of course, it’s a rip off of the original which GOD created. Satan’s good at that.

In the second script which is linked, the black goo turns into scarabs. Interestingly enough, if you look at pix of a scarab upright, it resembles the egg in which the facehuggers migrate. Egyptians found these creatures to be magnificent! When they observed them, they noticed the young beetles emerging from a ball of dung, between the beetle’s behavior of rolling a ball of dung across the ground, and Khepri’s task of rolling the sun across the sky. They revered these creatures as a symbol of protection, creation, new life and regeneration…resurrection and rebirth. Reincarnations are a huge deal to the New Agers!

CLUE: Let’s get into the whole Prometheus thing now! Of course, all one need do is research the Greek Demi-gods (Nephilim) to see the connections here. The reference of Prometheus bringing fire to mankind is much more than that. It’s all about the fallen angels bringing technology to mankind. Sounds strange? Well, it’s all come to this. We are at the APEX! It was all for the very days we are living in!

If you read much of the Greek Demi-god literature, you will find that they wanted to be revered as gods. They taught that they created us. They also taught that mankind could become gods. Sound familiar?

The Bible specifically addressed this!

The serpent in the Garden of Eden was Satan. But, considering the reptilian bloodlines which roam this Earth…it’s definitely something to consider. So, Satan convinced Eve of what?

The Bible characterizes Satan’s tactics as “machinations” or “beguiling”. He sowed doubts in Eve’s mind about GOD withholding something good, and thus restricting their freedom. Indeed, Satan told her that she could become a god of she ate the “fruit”. First of all, any wisdom apart from GOD’S is wicked! Just as the whole “enlightenment” crowd, Satan casting doubt on GOD’S Word and character by telling Eve that GOD didn’t have her best interests in mind, believing him rather than GOD…unfortunately, is the same mindset of these people in the world now.

Dubbed Hammerpedes by fans…this creature is a perfect example of symbolism.

The symbolism here is repeated within the context of their design of this creature.


CLUE: Okay. It’s time to talk about the murals. When I saw the first one I instantly knew it was evil. Something about it made my skin crawl. It contains giants, aliens, and the Baphomet.

The art; a thing of beauty or beast? Either way, legendary artist H.R. Giger was the man who conceived of the cold ‘biomechanical’ designs. There’s no doubt that this man was a Satanist. He loved things of evil. His books of paintings, particularly Necronomicon I & II should be a huge clue where his interests reside.

Alien was not the only conceptual art of this breed….he had countless nightmarish dreamscapes. In fact, I believe he was truly one of the greatest influences of Transhumanism in our time. His representations of human bodies and machines in a cold, interconnected relationship which he described as “biomechanical” are a perfect fit in this agenda.

Those of you who know about CERN and it’s influence in the world right now should be amazed to hear that he had three GIGER BARS—yes, bars. They were themed and modeled by the Swiss artist and the first one was in Chur, Switzerland, and the second is The Museum HR Giger Bar, located in Château St. Germain, Gruyères, Switzerland.

Do I have to bring into the equation of the Ascended Masters here with St. Germain?

MURAL-The thing behind the head is not only really an altar, it is indeed where the engineer sacrificed himself to generate the black goo which would be used to create the xenomorphs, as shown on the mural.

 Techtopian Gods

In the first of those recorded dreams, Nabuna’id saw the planet Venus, the planet Saturn, the planet Ab – Hal, the shining planet and the Great Star, the great witnesses who dwell in heaven. He (in the dream) set up alters to them…”

 Taken from the dreams of Nabuna’id (The Chaldean Priest King)

Techtopian Digital Domain

Orion features prominently in myth and legend. Pyramids featured with Orion such as Giza. Sirius, Pleiades, Orion, Arcturus, Zeta Reticuli…

Thus we have the fall of mankind? Or would it be the lifting up? Myths that speak of gods, giants and titans ruling over mankind,…Sky People, People of the North, Sea People…all culminating to what The Bible tells us about the fallen one. In fact, the “stealing” of the fire…is nothing more than highjacking mankind’s life! Their “light”. All one need do it look around the world to see the veneration which the elite show through statues like the statue of Prometheus outside the General Electric Building which over looks the ice ring at the Rockefeller Center in New York City…this epitomizes the ‘gods’ on Earth today! This feature also celebrates Saturn ‘father of the Titan’ named Urizen by William Blake…a huge fan of the New Age doctrines.

In Sumeria, Egypt and Central America, these gods become known as the gods (who openly lived side by side with man) who bring technology and then went underground after the Great Deluge. The news all around the world speak of catacombs that exist under cities all around the world…this is no accident.

Viracochas-the “supergods”…the gods who gave us astronomy, building skills, the celestial calendar…the gods who built the ancient ruins of Tiahuanacu in one day with their “magic trumpet”. These zigzaging lines in Peru? Nazca lines which surround the hillsides with depictions of beings, giants, even specific constellations like Gemini, Cancer, and even Orion.

And if you pay close attention!!! You see the movie Prometheus hints at the visual connections to the Nazca lines when the space ship lands on the moon LV-223, you see landing strips and geometric runways leading to massive structures shaped like pyramids.

This is the same god who are said to usher in the long lost Golden Age through performing miracles and teaching ancient science that is supposedly long forgotten.

Attributes of the mysterious caucasian blue-eyes, bearded gods and to the many others who emerge later such as, Meso-American (Quetzacoatl), Phoenicia (Baal), Babylon (Thammuz) and Rome (Mithra) and let’s not forget….Itzamma – Lizard gods; Annunaki gods who breed with women…even the Chinese speak of their elite breeding with gods…the Dragons.

Master of time and space….global genetic engineers?

Tainted bloodlines are the main feature of The Bible…and the bloodlines are still on Earth today. Elite bloodlines all around the Earth who admit the are connected to the ‘gods’ by blood.

Folks, what we have here is the failure to communicate! Transhumanism with cyborg technology. Incorporating ‘androids’ into the plot is not by accident.

David who seems to have the commanding attribute of ancient languages with the ability to read hieroglyphs which allow him to unlock star maps which have been coded by an alien race of “Engineers”.

Holograms are the coolest right? “Altered Carbon” is a new series on Netflix which has these technological advancements. Let’s not forget “Lucy” with her “geniusness” and black goo!

TED talks are all the rage now, right? Speaking of Super-Robots, Super-Computers (D-WAVE), Transhumanism…

The Weyland corporation is everything that the ‘global elite’ are today. Peter Weyland in his TED speech says, “ We can create cybernetic individuals, we are the gods now…”

He also says, “from the Titan Prometheus our first true piece of technology – fire”

In ancient Roman religion, Janus is the god of new beginnings…and let’s not forget the Shiva! Gates of the Gods. Gods of new beginnings. Secret doorways. Hidden Chambers. Even us ‘Muggles’ in JK Rowlings novels…in his Chamber of Secrets.

The Vedic traditions of India are a great source of comparison! The variety and complexity of ancient Greek religion and mythology is increased exponentially when considering all that the Hindus have to say about the material origins of humanity and language in their myths of the hero.

Giger’s mightmarish, monochromatic centerpieces which are so dark also capture the demonic force which I think parallel the Throne Room at the Vatican!

Robert Stanley

Mind Control Out of Control



Eleven years after the events of Prometheus, the colony ship Covenant, carrying thousands of colonists and hundreds of human embryos in cryo-stasis, makes its way towards the planet Origae-6. The crew intercepts a transmission sent from Shaw, which they decide to trace to the apparently habitable Engineer home world, devoid of all non-floral life. When several crew members are infected by the mutagen and give birth to a new breed of alien life, the Neomorphs, the android David 8 rescues them. His motivations to create Aliens and destroy human life are made apparent, however, and with the birth of the first Aliens, the survivors, now led by Daniels, are forced to flee from the world. After disposing of the Alien, the crew members are put back into cryosleep by someone they believe to be their shipboard synthetic, Walter. Only when Daniels is put in her cryopod does she realize that Walter has been replaced by the identical David. With the crew, colonists and embryos at his mercy, David contacts Earth, stating that while the majority of the crew was killed in the neutrino blast, they would be continuing on towards Origae-6.

Substance coming out of the ship? Black Goo? Shaped as DNA strands…very interesting.

Lastly, I want to touch on the subject of androids and how it fits into this whole picture.

Robotics is becoming all the rage! Right? Everyone is talking about them, well how could we not? The technology we have leans right into the agenda that the elite have for us because this is perfectly designed by the dark side of the supernatural.

Don’t see the links, or connections? Let’s get this thing started then!

Sophia is Hanson Robotics newest robot that has the world on it’s toes reaching for the stars. But, the question is how do they pick their names, for the robots…that is?

Hanson Robotics – We Bring Robots to Life


Well, they creators will tell you straight up! Her name is Sophia because it means wisdom. Actually it comes from Gnosticism theology but per usual the Roman Catholic Church has it’s twisted hands in it. Mixing religion with the occult is common practice for them. “Holy Wisdom” what the RCC calls it. Hagia Sophia is the expression for the second person in the Holy Trinity. So, in the end what we have is “Divine Wisdom”. She is considered an Aeon, or Archon…although considered one of the lowest, she is considered to have fallen from grace, so wouldn’t that be a fallen angel? The Gnostic believe that she resides in all of us as the Divine Spark.

Sophia ends up being the giver of wisdom in so many forms: She is Shakti in Sanskrit, the powerful Hindu personification of feminine wisdom, and the personal and collective linking soul as atman, realized in the transcendent state of samadhi (Gnosis). She is the compassionate boddhisatva (Avalokiteshvara) in Buddhism, returning to light the path to nirvana (Gnosis); personified by the deity Guanyin. She is both Mother Mary, in her ascendant form, and Mary Magdalene, as the earthly companion of the Christ potential in Christian Gnosticism. In Jungian psychology, she is the unifying power (“individuation”) of both the feminine and masculine archetypes, anima and animus, and of the lower self of the psyche with the higher spiritual self (Gnosis).

Eventually, they believe she took form as Gaia…or Earth. Herein lies the worship of Earth.

Do you see how they intertwine Christianity with the occult?

Let’s move on to Hal!

HAL=Hardware Abstraction Layer is an abstraction layer, implemented in software, between the physical hardware of a computer and the software that runs on that computer. Or Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer is a sentient computer.

We also have the exoskeleton called HAL-Hybrid Assistive Limb, but I’m speaking of Hanson Robotics! Hal…

Two robots debate the future of humanity

Creepy, right!

It’s even clear that the elite invaded the Sufi religion when you read texts of the Sufi language and their meanings.

“These concepts bring us to other related ones in Sufism such as the hal or state: something involved within the framework of the above activities: extraordinary mystical experiences of the Sufi. At the acquisition of the balanced state spoken about above, or even in many cases still on the path to balance many Sufis experience what is in Sufi language called, the hal [state], where foretastes of illumination occur. To Sufis these states are downplayed, but accepted as signs of progress for the student because as said, they are only foretastes of a higher condition characterized by the term makam [station], a permanent acquisition of knowledge which is the essential goal of the student. Sufi masters although recognize the value in states, are nonetheless weary of the phenomena of the student becoming addicted to them, and not progressing on the path. The goal is permanent knowledge in union [wasl] with god, not merely tasting exotic conditions of the mind that don’t lead anywhere. The condition Baqa spoken about above is the term that corresponds to a station [makam].”

It’s true! A nonbiological computer can be conscious if properly programmed but what about biological computers? Do they exist? Simulated consciousness or the real thing?

Psychotic computers are the end result of this whole issue. But, how does this happen? Psychotic programmers? Entities which possess electro-mechanical products…there’s your answer. Of course, then you have your people who show you this…

Stanley Kubrick was good at showcasing encrypted messages. Take for instance…2001: Space Odyssey. HAL was the sadistic and hyper-intelligent computer.

Gnostics teach that the signature of the archons is HAL, the Coptic word for “simulation.” They also taught that the spiritual state is hal or virtual reality.


The True Anarchy of Life on Earth


Biomimicry is bio-inspired design but I’m talking about the real deal, folk! I believe they already exist.

Self-replication is indeed the biggest hazard presented by advanced computer technology, yet the elite continue to excel to this point and beyond.

The emergence of a new kind of Frankenstein? Transhumanism:

Technological Homunculi

Myths and legends which speak of a New World of beginnings…a New World Order. Is this the “new” beginning they have been working toward? Yes. I believe that the New World Order is about bringing forth the Antichrist who I believe will be a hybrid.

Part mechanical-part biological-part supernatural.

The worrisome part in all this is the modern Ouija Board called D-WAVE computers. They aren’t really what people think…they are communication tools for the elite.

I believe this is what CERN is, what CERN has, and what’s being used to open portals.


Peter Briggs

I’m only inserting this one because it has so much symbology! I mean it has a lot!

In 2004, a satellite detects a mysterious heat bloom beneath Bouvetøya which is an island about 1,000 miles off the coast of Antarctica. Wealthy industrialist Charles Bishop Weyland discovers through thermal imaging that there’s a pyramid buried 2000 feet beneath the ice.

Hasn’t it ever struck you as strange that this is the only place in the world that no one can go to without the elite’s “permission”. Why is that? What’s there?

I believe that fallen angels are trapped in this place and when the last war is to take place, GOD will release them and men’s hearts will fail them from fear!

Weyland assembles a team (of many professions) with a guide named Alexa who will lead them below the ice to the pyramid.

As a Predator ship reaches Earth’s orbit, it fires a beam that creates a passage to the pyramid.

The laser is shaped like a triangle.

The satellite is shaped like the alien queen.

Teutihuacan, Mexico was/is definitely a hot spot for the sky gods. Questzalcoatl…did you know the Freemason’s even have a secret society named after them? TRUE!

Symbols on the pyramid blocks show aliens in different stages…this is exactly what we see there. Dragons are these fallen angels!

Predators wear robotic suits. This is the Transhumanism agenda.

Weyland is considered the modern father of robotics.

Pyramid has hieroglyphics which state: “Only the chosen ones may enter”

Queen is buried beneath the ice but if you pay attention you will notice she is connected to machinery. Electric shocks from the alien technological machine brings her back to life!

Channels within the pyramid are shaped like triangles.

Predator is a giant. He also has the power/tech to go invisible. The elite are releasing this technology now after reverse engineering the so-called alien (demonic) technology. The aliens are above us. They have been for thousands of years and are cloaked.

Rite of Passage Ritual-this reeks of secret society techniques.

One of the members of the team, the archeologist remarks how the Earth was terraformed thousands of years ago. This is the same lie we hear about the “Annunaki” who are nothing more than fallen angels claiming to be our creator.

Hunters battle these great serpents to take the “mark” And if the hunters lost, they would nuke the site and humanity would be created in their image once again.


TRUE NORTH points to GOD, not wanna-be gods.

We are hunters, that’s not to be disputed but in this realm…let’s be honest! We are the hunted. Our souls are the grand prize and in this wicked world, it’s becoming easier and easier for Satan to set his hooks on us.

Changing mankind’s DNA is a part of Satan’s total agenda, and the avenue he is using to do this is Transhumanism/Cloning/Genetic Manipulation.

Movies like these are part of the predictive programming process. The new series on Netflix called, “Altered Carbon” is a perfect example of this.

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    Hello Virginia (seems strange using your first name since We have never met),

    I really enjoyed this article, as well as your other articles . When I get discouraged as a believer in Christ (who does not attend a church in a building), I often read blogs like yours, and I have received much encouragement when I do so. I once wrote to you from a different email address complaining about the black background and how it felt a bit strange, perhaps even evil, to me. Your response was honest and rang true to me, so I continued to read your blog. Now, I understand why you do what you do. I admire your talent and I love that you love Christ more than anything else in this world. You obviously spend considerable time researching your work. Do you accept donations?

    Sincerely, Judy Newbraugh

    February 23, 2018 at 4:25 AM

    • Judy, You are THE reason I do what I do. Well, I must be brutally honest…the main reason is GOD. Of course. The most important Commandment is LOVE. Yes, we are created to love one another…to be selfless. But, did you know that THE IMPORTANT thing here is to wrap your head around the fact that GOD wants to share HIS love for HIS Bride.
      In order to do that we must make others aware of it. The Fountain of Love is GOD!
      The next reason being that people need to wake up to GOD’S truth, but to the wicked truth of this world. Being in this world is so different than being of this world. Satan tempts us with our utmost desires because these are our weaknesses but Jesus Christ was our best example of why we are to be humble and selfless. The church has become so childish, not child-like as Jesus Christ intended.
      That last reason, which is a main focus for me as well,…I’ve had my Bible on my bed for the last couple weeks. I took it off yesterday while cleaning and last night I had demonic attacks! Goes to show you the threat is real while awake and asleep!!! Spiritual Warfare is REAL….and so many people need help. The secondary site:
      And to answer your question. No. I do not accept anything except your prayers. I made a promise to GOD that I would never except money and to be honest I don’t see how all these people who do the same line of GOD’S WORK take anything for it! It’s a disgrace. GOD provides for us. Some would say…well, we’ve got to make a living? WRONG! I work two jobs, plus work on two blogs! And because I do HIS WILL…HE provides for my family. (And HE always has!) I may not be rich, but I have what I need. GOD BLESS YOU!

      March 1, 2018 at 8:27 AM

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