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As a special treat for you kiddies today…we have a letter from a viewer. I have to admit I was caught off guard…I have been invited to join the Illuminati numerous times. But, this is different!!!

One of my most popular articles on this site is the “Sell Your Soul”. Sadly, people contact me on a regular to seek advice on the matter. Little do they realize I offer no such agreement, in fact…I am trying to save their soul. I’m no goodie-two-shoes but I assure you this is the reason I have this site. To reveal the TRUTH of GOD. To bring lost souls to our Savior, Jesus Christ because He is The Only Path to GOD.

This article may seem a bit odd…but you have to admit it’s different. And it’s REAL!

At first I was skeptical….just as you are, my friend. Then, the deeper I went into the information given on the actual website…I was intrigued. Check out these names! First…let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

Lately, I’ve been making CLEAR CUT CONNECTIONS from the Roman Catholic Church to Islamic traditions and religion. In FACT, this religion birthed the RCC. And they helped prove this by sending me this…

SATAN’S A SLY CHARACTER: Here’s the actual words:



I want your soul is a company associated with the Thule-Gesellschaft

Our system with a common purpose and mission for the achievements of the new world order

We deal to receive your pain and your financial need of his soul

Do not assume that the company will start with your fame and talent out of the blue without any justification or a treasure will appear under your bed at night

We assure you that that will not happen

Do not imagine that you will get everything without any work or effort

If the process was very simple, just enough to sell your soul and all the problems would be solved for people who make that decision

All around you there are many people who claim to have a talent and desire to be known by the world,

But actually if you have talent you have to develop and show to be commercial

So you just have to apply the law of the universe and the law of attraction that is very effective, just want you with passion and the universe will grant you prune, so you will not lose your soul

We all know the history of any personnel who became famous through a pact with the devil getting a successful career and fortune

Most of these contracts have expiration 20 years on earth and equivalent to two days in the spirit world

The person performing the agreement may know the date of his death and what the end of his life

For you to have an example just enough to see the day’s news or history of some famous dead and hotel room in a place or car accident or suicide because no voluntary return and nothing can break his contract

There are several reliable methods as the use of the sacred to the individual agreements and obtain the desired results, the common problem of these methods is that you have to study thoroughly the hidden grimoire, prepare your physical and mental body

You have to make the tools and materials difficult to obtain for, we also have to find the right time according to the position dela moon, light of day and day according to the dates claimed by books

It is important to know that the devil with you to make a pact, history and preferences to be invoked

Your safety is very important because it could fail in the attempt and be possessed by this entity there is a high risk of dying, because you will never be smarter that a devil can not deceive

If you do everything very judgment and dedication have excellent results, you have to have patience and time for this

If you are here is because you have a problem in your life, it may be economic, physical or personal

We know that this problem exists in your life and you want to fix it

We clarify that we do the work of black magic or moorings to manipulate the will of others, do not you get your loved one of you’ve lost not worry, with the money from your soul you’ll want the person compartete

no bloodshed or harm the environment is used

We just want your soul…..!

Our company offers you three ways to start the process, choose the method that suits your needs

All rights reserved / Dubai Islamic Bank / individuals and companies tm Germany 2018


I want you to understand!

Act has a lifespan of 70 years and no have any kind of negotiation to change t?? of the agreement, no time extensions

Nor it is paid more than the amount offered for his soul

Do not think that will be immortal or super powers and will live 300 years and many require

This does not affect any loved one or family members, it’s just a business with you

Not applicable sex changes,

Love spells do not perform or submit the will of the people to love others, do not perform ritual ends, do not use potions that affect your health

We do not make talismans, do not use strange spells, do no use animals or blood spells, do not ???ronment

If you are sure to continue We welcome


Method 1

We send free books, sacred grimorios for yourself realices process individually to begin in the Gnosis, you do astral travel and knowledge of the unseen world in the eyes and the universe is highly recommended and works very well with the authors of works Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, Eliphas Levi and great lord is obtained founder Adam Weishaupt

Method 2

You will not lose your soul

You will work with us to some of business firms sponsoring the new world order, you will be assigned according to your level of education you have financial privileges for at least 8 members of your family

Method 3

We will make a person rich in a few days, transfer the funds directly to pay for his soul to his bank account.

If should not have its own bank account we will assign a bank account with our partner bank to make use of your money as you want

You get the benefits of mental illumination, opening the third eye (pineal gland)

Their illnesses disappear, even if terminal such as AIDS or cancer

Health is physical vitality and beauty are fundamental to this process by starting the rejuvenation only if you request is not mandatory and will be included in this method

Have improved their physical appearance, may increase your hair, increase your height, your penis, for women her butt and breasts, if you have scars on his body these will be eliminated

If you suffer from blindness or fail his eyes, his vision will be restored, if you have a family member or friend can apply for blind health of this person applied only once nothing more

Also applies facial changes such as changing the color of your eyes, fits in your nose, mouth, and teeth, skin color, of you have baldness your hair will grow back, if older that 50 will be restored to 30 years your body for enjoyment of his life, and in these days


“It’s never too late, to be who you want to be.

There is no time limit, start whenever you want, you can change or stay the same; Life has no rules.

Take advantage or waster it … I hope you take advantage of it.

You are here to see things that surprise you, to feel things that you have never felt.

Let me change your lief, I want to enlighten your mind to open your eyes and be free

I hope you are proud of your life. And if you discover that no … I hope you have the strength, and start again.”

Contact Us

Diese Seiten sind erstellt worden von: Augsburger Str. 49 10689 Berlin Germany



Alle Rechte vorbelhalten. / Goodrick-Clarke / Savitri Devi

+49 (0) 30 20304-274

Copyright 1929, 2018


The website address is All Eyez on Me

*This makes me think of the 5 “I WILLS” of Isaiah. Satan has all eyes on him right now because he runs the world, but he also knows his time in running thin!

the .tk is an internet code for Tokelau, New Zealand.

Tiny Tokelau consists of three atolls: Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo. 4 square miles with 1,500 inhabitants. But, wikitravel added Olohega

Interestingly, you must obtain a permit to enter Tokelau. To get the permit you must get a police report and medical report. It has no airports. No ports. No harbors. Offshore anchorage only.

Travel insurance is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!

Dubai Islamic Bank has the unique distinction of being the world first Islamic bank.

In the light of Allah’s commands, it is obligatory on us to try to find and adopt the right banking system, one that follows the principles set by the Creator. Those who learn to differentiate between what has been allowed and what has been forbidden will be the ones with a clear conscience when they assemble in front of the Creator on the Day of Judgment.
Allah has clearly ordained the prohibition of Riba in the Glorious Quran. Verses [2:278-279] translate into:
278. O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and give up what remains of your demand for usury, if ye are Indeed believers.

279. If ye do not, take notice of war from Allah and His Messenger: but if ye repent, ye shall have your capital sums; Neither will you deal with others unjustly, nor shall you be dealt with unjustly.
Beware! false interpretations of these verses has led many individuals to assume that the prohibition only relates to situations where the creditor is likely to charge exploitatively high rates of interest. It is wrong to see the above translation as proof that the (sole) objective served by the prohibition of Riba is the avoidance of injustice (in the sense of exploitation of the poor debtor by the rich creditor). In Islam, there is no room for Riba, marginal or otherwise.

Riba gives birth to an economic system that is unjust; one that favors the rich at the expense of the poor. Rather than reward for effort and entrepreneurship with profit, the Riba based economic system rewards capitalists.
Islamic Finance attempts to create a fair economic system. It works on the principle of profit and loss sharing. Riba (Interest) is strictly prohibited in all its forms and kinds.
Islamic banks enter into trade and investment to earn Halal profit as they neither take deposits/funds on interest nor do they advance loans on interest. They have to purchase and sell assets in order to make profit from the higher sale prices or enter into investment arena. The most common sale contracts used by Islamic banks are Murabaha, Salam, Istisna, sale on deferred payment basis while Ijara is the sale of the usufruct of an asset owned by the bank. For investment, the Islamic banks have Mudaraba, Musharaka and Wakala structures.
Islamic banks have to strictly comply with the principles and rules of Shari’a which prohibit outright any transaction involving alcohol, pork, gambling, etc. Further, the Islamic modes of finance and investment used by these banks must fulfill the basic conditions of these contracts to be considered Shari’a compliant.

For Example

In an Islamic mortgage transaction, instead of lending money to the buyer, an Islamicbank buys the item from the seller, and sells it to the buyer at a profit with the sale price deferred and paid to the bank by the buyer/customer in installments. This mode of financing is called Murabaha. It is a Shari’a requirement that the bank must purchase the asset and get the title/ownership, and hence the associated risks and potential benefits before selling it to the customer. In conventional financing, the bank does not assume ownership or the associated risk. In such a system, capital alone is used to produce more capital.


At DIBPL we have a full fledged Sharia Department that monitors every transaction the bank is involved in. All products, marketing material and campaigns are also certified by this department ensuring that nothing is in conflict with the guidelines of Sharia. Moreover Sharia Audit is conducted to ensure that none of the bank’s income is from transactions that were Sharia repugnant. If such a case is found, the income from the infringing transaction is removed from the bank’s profit and donated to charity.

No compensation data available!

No stock options available!

*That was STRANGE. So, the money is vetted through a Muslim bank? Not just any bank, tho!!!

These last names have deep ties to Nazism. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke (15 Jenuary 1953 – 29 August 2012) scholar of Rosicrucianism, was a British historian and professor of Western Esotericism at University of Exeter, best known for his authorship of several scholarly books on esoteric traditions.


The Occult Roots of Nazism

Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity

He was appointed a Research Fellow in Western Esotericism at the University of Lampeter.

He was one of the founding members of “THE SOCIETY” -this is an exclusive, high-level, network of masterminds. Primarily oversight of the ministry, sacraments led by the Council of Bishops.

If you research this, you will find connections to:

Roman Catholic Church – Archbishop of Canterbury (1885)

Duke of Edinburgh

Prince of Wales

Anthony Hopkins (1996)

Evan Roderic Bowen (barrister/King’s Counsel) Welsh Liberal Party

Islamic (Sheikh Crown Prince-Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan) richest nation’s head of state in the world!

Chinese Confucius Doctrines

First Minister for Wales, Rhodri Morgan

Lloyd Thomas – Aviator in United States Navy

Baron Ross Sutherland of Houndwood

Rowland Williams

*COME ON, PEOPLE! Do you need more? Understand this…Satan will tempt you. Every human on Earth is tempted by something, and he knows your weakness and will sic his dogs (demons) on you.

This is why you need to be grounded in GOD. Not just going to church but DROWNING yourself in GOD’S Word. Only then can The Holy Spirit work on, in and through you. Only then are you completely sure you are covered in the Blood of Jesus Christ, The Only Path to GOD.

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