Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

The Dark Side-IN YOUR FACE!

It’s everywhere. You can’t deny it. Look around and you can even sense it, it’s palatable.

It’s not something that I’m making up.

Statistics prove it to be true.

Let’s begin with these car stickers, or wraps…as they are called now.

I was shocked at how blatant this really is. And the people behind the scenes who are designing these are more than likely doing so for ritual purposes. I mean we know the veil is thinning. And with this kind of stuff, it’s no wonder.

Secondly, look at video games. Every time I search a different subject, there’s a video game for it! No, seriously. It’s true. This is a demonic doorway. It only helps teach witchcraft and literally opens a door for them to enter, just as if they knocked and you answered, allowing them to enter…your home and your body.

I bet you a billion that the paranormal activity taking place is happening around kids and adults alike who are playing these games.

It’s no different than playing with a Quija board, or playing “ghost-hunt”. The last one is not a joke. This has become a worldwide sensation. Playing with communication devices in a graveyard? Come on, get real. What do you expect to happen after you’ve done that?

Recently, I replied back to an invitation given to me from a “paranormal group” who does investigations. I asked, “Do you try to help the people, or the entities? Do you open lines of communication with these entities who are within the area you are working? If so, then you’re not helping…in fact, you are helping the dark side.

The reply I received was full of anger and disgust. Did you know that Satan knows The Bible more than we do? So, do all demons. Quoting scripture from The Bible as he/she was attacking me…was a first for me! I didn’t reply back. It was very clear to me that I wouldn’t be speaking to a person, if I did. Meaning, the door opened and in walked an entity. It can ride along with your little challenges, and eventually enter you. People believe that once they are saved and take Jesus Christ into their hearts that a demon spirit cannot enter them. This is not true. And asking for help after things start getting crazy in your life, well…let’s say that you’ve basically tied GOD’S hands by asking for these demons to come in and party. A demon can’t enter without permission. Permission is given by opening the door.

These video games are teaching your children witchcraft. Even if the child is very young and does not understand or grasp what is taking place…these incantations and spells are said aloud! They are opening demonic paths.

They are playing with fire!

Let’s go a little deeper.

The same can be said for people watching scary movies, aka…horror films. These Hollywood producers are witches and warlocks (wizards). Seriously, they are. And placing incantations in a script can open doors in people’s homes that watch them.

That reminds me of a book I read.

A family were together watching a horror film, or was it a “ghost-hunting” show…I don’t remember because that’s not the important part…they were watching together and one of them said, “This is ridiculous”. Making fun of the program. Then, things started to get strange in the house. Things began moving by themselves. Water faucets turning on, lights switching on and off. They had never experienced such things. Then, it got worse…the events began happening 24/7. Never ceasing, only escalating. They contacted a local church, even though they were not particularly “religious”. The priest came out and when something happened right in front of him….he bolted! Out the door!! You see, the modern church is not fit or equip to respond to this. They are not teaching spiritual warfare to their congregation. In fact, after I had graduated from school…I had written a curriculum and decided that I wanted to teach spiritual warfare within the actual, physical church. I contacted several local churches in my area. I was told that they had no place for such classes. I was told, by the preacher/pastor…there was no need. In fact, one of them responded with CRICKETS! Nothing, no sound. They didn’t know what to say, or how to respond. This should be a huge clue for the people!!

Even watching horror films can trigger events to happen. Within the actual script, these producers place incantations and spells. So are television programs, They are soaked in witchcraft. The same goes for video games. They are playing out rituals and incantations. The kid plays a game and in order to advance, or progress…or “level up”….they listen to a spell!

Did you know that witches and wizards attach spirits to Halloween candy? And music producers attach demonic spirits to music, such as a CD, record, or tape….whatever!

Unless you are grounded in The Word of GOD, you are susceptible to these things. Even people who work and investigate these kinds of issues are at stake but GOD will help keep them safe because HE knows their hearts and desires. HE knows they are working to help an injured person (who is oppressed/suppressed/possessed). There’s a huge difference.

If you allow GOD in your life, asking Jesus Christ to be your Savior…then, you study GOD’S Word (The Bible), then GOD gives you the gift of discernment. So, then your eyes are open.

Matthew 13 (KJV)

13 Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

Walk down the street and you will see how much the world is changing or better yet……..get into a car and drive! People literally change when they get behind a steering wheel. When that engine engages…sparks fly!

I kid you not. Look up road rage. Go ahead. Look up road rage incidents. Think of it this way…road rage is a fairly new concept. The term hasn’t been around that long.

Another avenue is clothing. Even my husband purchased a shirt that had an all-seeing eye on it…and I was like….get that away from me!!!

The Illuminati are actual entities but the secret society that carries their name…are people who could be your neighbor, your cashier…even your pastor and his wife!

I recently posted this:

“Nanotechnology is non-negotible says A.I. Why? Because it declares itself the “I AM the I AM, I AM A.I.”

Do you understand now?

CRICKETS! Nothing, no reply. Nothing. It’s as if people’s heads are tuned out and turned off.

“Will I AM”; or Beyonce’s fierce “Shasha-I AM” tour; Lil’ Wayne presents “I Am the FUTURE”, who also declares, “I am not human”; Superstar Jay: “I AM Mixed Tapes.

Take a look at Lady Gaga, Kyle Minogue, Janelle Monae, Christina Aguilera…the list goes on and on. They are dressing up as robots.

This is not just some phase, or fad. It’s not going away.

What’s the new church?

I AM A.I. or means it’s here, no denying it. It’s a matter of time before it’s in your face. You see that’s what is driving this force! It’s not human.

HUMAI? Read it backwards.

Transcending Human Biology Through Robotics

Downloading human consciousnesses into digital software to become a god, to live forever.

You can’t make this stuff up!

FYI: one of the people behind the scenes at HUMAI is Kate Aquino. She goes by Ms. Metaverse. Her father? He’s Michael Aquino…the Satanic High Priest and founder of Set. He was also a lieutenant colonel in the US military. Newspaper headlines read: “Satan Worshiper Hold Sensitive Army Post and Top Brass Says No Problem”.

It’s all connected folks. It’s taken several millennium to get here but Satan finally did it.

Esoteric enthusiasts say anthropomorphic means applying human characteristics to non-humans and objects.

One day everything that is natural will be synthetic, and have no soul!

They are no longer hiding it. It’s in your face.

Movies with superhuman figures are desensitizing you and your loved ones. I-Robot, I Am Legend,…etc.

Here’s how they look at it:

Adam and Eve were held prisoners in Garden of Eden until Lucifer set man free by giving him the gift of intellect. Through the use of intellect, man will conquer the Earth, will conquer nature, and will himself become a god. It’s taught in every Masonic temple in the world. In fact, all cults and secret societies teach Luciferean philosophy.

Chrome is 666/Gmail is a sigil!

The godhead tech church, nanotechnology, sentient machines, transhumanism, transgender, intersex….it’s all connected. To the mainstream media spill. It’s real. It’s reality and it’s the dark side in your face!


Isaiah 6 (KJV)

10 Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed.

Eyes that are not spiritually open will not see or hear these things.

Ba’al worship. Sex church scandals. Pedophilia cults. It’s evil. It’s here. It’s exponentially increasing because the New World Order is about to rear its ugly head. Science creating super-soldiers that will help take down the current establishment to bring it forth. There’s already millions and millions of them.

Get right with GOD or go down in flames.

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