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As Above, So Below





Most people believe this phrase comes from the Bible, but it does not.


The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus is a short work which coins the well known term in occult circles “As above, so below.”


I want to make this perfectly clear, the word “giants” translated in your bible is a clear cut INTERPRETATION LIBERTY from the Greek. The wrong “root” was chosen for the translation of the word “giants” on purpose. The root that was used is gigantes (giants), but thats NOT correct. Yes, they were “giant”, but that’s not WHAT they were. The translators did not interpret from the source root. The primitive root of “gigantes” in the Greek translates “gigas”, meaning EARTHBORN . They are also called “gibbhor” or “gibborim” in the Hebrew. You see, your King James bible is translated from the Greek and Hebrew from cover to cover!. In the case of Gen.6:4, the translators specifically chose the Septuagint LXX for the word “giants”, which was translated from Hebrew to Greek. The reason?, the source origin Hebrew translation is too “un-believable” (even though its true), because they REFUTED the “angel view”. The correct translation in the Hebrew is [Strong’s ref. 5303 nephiyl – nef-eel; prop. a feller, i.e. a bully or tyrant: – giant]. Its proper use in the plural for this word is NEPHILIM (giants). Though this is the root given, it is NOT all of the meaning of the word. You must “trace the roots , to find the fruit” , and what you come up with is [Strong’s ref. 5307 naphal- naw-fal; a prim. root; to fall, be cast down, cease, fugitive, die, fail, be judged, throw down] and also the ancient chaldean root [Strong’s ref. 5309 nephel- neh-fel; something fallen, abortion]. Though these are descriptive words for these “offspring” (nephilim), they are much more descriptive of their “fathers” who bore them. What seems to give the credence to the “rape” scenario, is the use of the words “…came in unto…” in Gen.6:4. It implies that of “forcefulness”. Also quite interesting, is the term “…and they bare children unto them”. It might not seem curious to you at first, but God already stated at the top of the verse that”… there were nephilim (giants) in the earth in those days…”. He is emphasizing the fact that there was a definite “sexual union” between human females and “fallen angels”, creating a HYBRID progeny called the nephilim. These are what are referred to in ancient mythology as DEMI-GODS(half man – half God).
If most of what you’ve read and learned about the “gods” of mythology isn’t starting to ring some bells and whistles in your head by now, then your not awake!. It is imperative that you notice that the “nephilim” are NOT the same as “fallen angels”. You must understand that “fallen” in the case of these angels, is a “state” rather then a “condition” at FIRST. What I mean is, what happened to the fallen angels after they “procreated” with the daughters of men? Every indication would seem to say that the fallen angels “left” in the same way they “…came unto..”. They materialized “out of the “flesh” and back into their original form (spirit)”, leaving behind their offspring, the nephilim on earth. When they came unto the daughters of men, they must have manifested FLESH. There is no other explanation and NO reason to believe this not possible as the bible is fraught with occasions of “angels” appearing in the flesh, eating, drinking, talking, fighting etc, and then “de-materializing” back into “spirit”. Do you think the daughters of men were wives to phantoms or thin air?. As uneasy as this will make you feel, it is a REALITY. But then you’re going to say “now wait a minute here, angels are sexless. The bible says so, so they couldn’t have copulated with women!”. Well…. your bible does NOT tell you the angels are “sexless”. This view stems from another misinterpretation of scripture. The distortion of Matt 22:30, Mark 12:25, and Luke 20:35. These verses of scripture, are some of the most mistranslated verses of all time. Jesus in no way denotes anything to do with the angels “sex”, rather he is stating there is no need for angels to marry, as they are created ETERNAL. There is no need for them to “extend themselves”. Marriage was created for prolonging the existence of a “fallen” human race through “procreation!”. This IS the point he is making, because the fact of the matter is, all the “host of heaven”, good and bad including the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, are ALL MALE!.
The “angels” held in tartarus are from the days of Noah, and shall be released just prior to Judgment. The “angels that sinned” are those that “copulated” with women. These are held along with the “rapha” (demons from the nephilim). Demons not in tartarus right now (on the earth) are from the nephilim AFTER the flood. These are the same demons Jesus contended with in his time, and the ones that are seen today.
God over-emphasizes the fact that he had to DESTROY “every living thing” off the face of the earth (except Noah and family and “carefully selected” animals). This is an extremely “stern” action and has never really been properly understood as to why? Now you KNOW why, God HAD to, otherwise no life COULD have been spared. Left outside the hands of God, man and beast would have been utterly annihilated, by “nephilim infestation”, and or by themselves. This interaction also seemed to instill irrevocable destruction to the “spiritual nature” of mankind, as “…that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only EVIL CONTINUALLY (Gen.6:5). There was only one way for God to handle this dilemma, by “wiping the proverbial slate clean!”. And that’s exactly what the Lord did….the flood. Satan had attempted to infiltrate ALL FLESH LITERALLY , to try and thwart the inevitable birth of Jesus Christ. Had God not taken the stern action of THE FLOOD, the doom of all mankind would have been a surety. The “plague” of fallen angels completely and utterly perverted ALL FLESH, even the animal kingdom, as God destroyed them as well. We may never know the full extent of the grammifications dealing with the flood event, but we do have somewhat of a “picture”, if we will believe the bible. Like most of the “deeper” truths in the bible, they are not shown “openly” on the outside, but rather “mixed throughout” the scripture.
The Word of God is indicating that Noah’s “bloodline” was “undefiled” by the fallen angel “invasion”. His “genealogy” was unaffected by the fallen ones, thereby allowing an untainted bloodline to pass through the flood, which pass’s on through to the 1st advent of the Savior. Both the spiritual and the physical aspects of “pureness” or “perfection” (un-blemished, without spot) are represented in the scripture. What has never been properly explained is the “physical” aspect. The interpretation by the Church leaves God looking like a “bumbling idiot” when it comes to his “creation”. No, there is something “deeper” inferred by God in the LAWS of “cleanliness” and “purification” as to what is interpreted commonly today.
Now, what on God’s green earth could possibly be the PURPOSE of the fallen angels “procreating” with mankind you ask?
This is nothing other than a clear cut “declaration of war” and HOW it will be fought, and is initiated directly from God. What has completely been overlooked, is this verse of scripture says that Satan has a SEED. The use of the word “seed” here is being used in the context of “children” or “offspring”. Both uses of the word “seed” here comes from the SAME translation in the Hebrew [Strong’s ref. 2233 zera, zeh – rah; seed, fig. plant, sowing-time, posterity:- x carnally, child, fruitful]. The use of this word here is in the context of “child bearing”. What this is revealing, is that the WAR is being fought out against the “seed of mankind” (or woman), by the SEED OF THE SERPENT (nephilim).
The other fallen angels that are with Satan are NOT his “seed”. ONLY the “nephilim” are Satan’s seed, even though the rest of the fallen angels are submissive to his purposes and will. Only the seed of the nephilim came through the carnal union of fallen angels and mankind, all other beings of the angelic host were “created in heaven”. This verse of scripture ALONE, indicates that there was (is?, going to be?) a definite interaction on a “physical” scale, between mankind (woman) and “non-human (but with corporeal bodies) supernatural entities”. The “target” of attack by the “seed of the serpent”, is the “seed of the woman” that Jesus would come from. It is directed and focused at Jesus’s “bloodline”, even though the seed of mankind is targeted as well (spoken generally). Satan tried to directly “defile” the bloodline from which Messiah would come from before the flood, and it will be shown that he did after, has been still, and is going to eventually come out with his “secret weapon”. The enmity against mankind in general will culminate with the advent of Antichrist(Satan’s “special” seed).
These initial nephilim were transformed from their “nephilim” form, into their newest incarnation, DEMONS! (disembodied nephilim). A large number of these demon remnants of the nephilim from the flood, are NOW being held in tartarus(hell. To be released in the future), while the rest are confined to the earth. To show that this is true, one only has to look where the word “demon” comes from. The word “demon” , which is exclusive to the Greek, was translated from the words “seirim” and “shedim”, in the Hebrew. “Seirim”, is the name of a “tribe” of nephillim, which are related to have been native to the area of Mt. Seir, south of the Dead Sea. The name comes from the Hebrew [Strong’s ref. 8165 Seiyr, say – eer; seir, a mountain of Idumaea and its aboriginal occupants.]. But the root for this word is the most revealing[Strongs ref. 8163 saiyr, saw – eer; shaggy, a he-goat; by anal. a faun:- devil, goat, hairy, satyr.]. And even more [Strong’s ref. 8175 saar, saw – ar; a prim. root, to storm, i.e. fear:- be horribly afraid, be tempestuous, come like a storm.]. It is the root “saiyr”, that we get the Greek translation for“daemon” (demon). The scary thing about these root words for the name “Seirim”, is they all indicate that these things were REAL TANGIBLE CREATURES. They were “aboriginal occupants”, they were “hairy” and “shaggy”, they are related to being “fauns” (fairies), “satyrs” (may I point your attention to the “myth” of the Greek god Pan), and DEVILS, but they were tangible, PHYSICAL manifestations that lived and were “native” to some areas. The word “shedim” in the Hebrew means [Strong’s ref. 7700 shed, shade; a demon:- devil.]. This comes from an earlier, and quite interesting [Strong’s ref. 7736 shuwd, shood; a prim. root; to swell up, fig. (by impl. of insolence),to devastate:- waste.]. It was the combination of these two Hebrew words, that we get our version, demons. The “shedim” are the most ancient of all nephilim tribes listed in the bible. The source of the root is said to predate the ancient chaldean it comes from. Along with the “seirim”, these two tribes were pre-flood. Their historical traces are found only in vestigial remnants of ancient Hebrew and chaldean legends, and in the Hebrew language itself. Their REALITY is confirmed by the Holy Writ. In the above illustration, I have placed the name“Beth-Rapha”as a possible connection to the appearance of the nephilim after the flood. The reason why, is that this families name means literally “house of the dead” or “house of the Rapha” (demon). It must be completely are NOT nephilim, and nephilim are NOT demons and so on.
What we are dealing with here, is the HIERARCHY of the ENEMY. This is referred to by the apostle Paul in the New Testament as the “kosmokrateros”. Demons have their own subset hierarchy as will be shown. It is important that you understand this fact. The Church by and large, doesn’t have a clue as to how Satan’s hierarchy works, and as such, “my people perish for lack of knowledge”. This diagram is by no means comprehensive, but it shows that there is a “pattern of succession” that occurs from angel, to fallen angel, to nephilim, down to demon. It shows HOW the host of heaven (evil alignment) became structured trough a system of “de-generation” (they fall from one “stage”, to the next, each time relinquishing some their abilities and power). It would seem that this is the price that is paid by the fallen angels for their tampering with the flesh. The difference between a fallen angel and a demon, is that the fallen angel has the ability and power to “manifest and de-manifest flesh”, and more than likely still retains most of his powers and abilities from his “first habitation”. The fallen angel is more or less “held at bay as to what he is allowed to do”, A demon on the other hand, does NOT have these abilities anymore. They have lost the ability to “manifest flesh”, and have lost also their once “corporeal body” (nephilim). They need to “possess” a body now, that is not their own.
As you can see, this text indicates that the demons are directly descended from the nephillim, and that the nephillim are descended from the fallen angels (watchers). Demons have traversed three consecutive stages to end up where they now are. In so doing, they have lost most of their abilities to “penetrate” into the physical like they once had the ability to do. It can be shown, that not all demons share the same abilities. There are “types” of demons that are distinctly different in how they operate, and in some instances, described as having different properties in the way they manifest and interact in the physical.



The adjective “clouds”, is most descriptive (2 Pet.2:17, Jude 12). The relationship between “bruise those upon the earth” and Gen. 3:15 is most evident. All of the titles designated to angels can be either “good” or “fallen”, with the exception of the Archangels (even though Satan could have possibly been an Archangel, the bible is silent on this). All angels according to the bible, were either cherubim or seraphim. There are no other “types” given. Satan IS a Cherub! That is how he was created. His NATURE has changed, but not too much else (in form). Its only wise to assume that all “fallen” angels must be of these two types as well, only their “alignment” has changed. Their “structure” (cherub or seraph), did not change when they fell. Their “angelic powers” were NOT changed as well. They are just limited now as to what they are ALLOWED to do. The misconception that when they “left there first habitation”, they lost their angelic abilities is absurd. This stems from the perception, that fallen angels are demons. They are NOT!. Demons are directly connected to the nephillim in the scriptures.






a giant, dead [Strong’s ref. 7497, 7496]


Anakim– anaqiy;


a desc. Of Anak, to choke, necklace [Strong’s ref. 6062, ‘60,59]


Emim- eymiym;


terrors, fright, horror, fear [Strong’s ref. 367, ‘8]


Zuzim- zuziym;


aboriginal tribe, a wild beast [Strong’s ref. 2104, ’23]


Zamzumim- zamzom;


intriguing, native tribe,to plan, devise evil [Strong’s ref. 2157,61]


Horim- choriy;


cave dweller, troglodyte [Strong’s ref. 2752]


Zophim- tsophiym;


watchers, to observe, to wait for [Strong’s ref. 6839, ’22]


Caphtorim- kaphtoriy;


to encircle, origin of the philistines [Strong’s ref. 3732, ‘31,30]


Grammadim- gammad


; a warrior, to grasp, [Strong’s ref. 1575, ’74]


Seirim- sayir;


devil, satyr, he-goat, hairy [Strong’s ref. 8163]


Shedim- shed;


a devil, demon, insolence, waste [strong’s ref. 7700, ’36]


Nephillim- nephiyl;


a giant, feller, cast down, be judged,fugitive, thrown down, fallen, an abortion [Strong’s ref. 5303, ’07]



The most interesting of these is the translation for the word”Zophim”, This word comes from the root from which we get the word “eyes”. This name is also a title of one of the offices of the angelic host, the “watchers” (see Dan.4:17). Put in your head the adjective “observe” in description of the Zophim. Bury this correlation into your brain, because later on you will begin to SEE the light in some bible prophecy I will explain later. Needless to say, all the meanings of these names give somewhat of a descriptive picture of what these things were and about. Ancient Hebrew tradition calls the Anakim the “long-necked ones” (compare with the description of what is known as a “reptilian”). The translation for the word “Caphtorim”shows that the Philistines roots are traced to the nephillim. Goliath was a Philistine, and he was also an Anakim. You will find certain nephillim in scripture that have “six fingers and six toes”. Another nephillims weapon and armor are recorded in the bible to have weighed between an estimated 300 to 400 pounds! Another giants “bed” is recorded in the bible as being 21 feet long by 13 feet wide (this is based on the measurement of a cubit, which can not be exactly determined today. I’m basing this measurement on the 27 inch cubit). Ancient Hebrew myths and legends record the nephillim as being 300 feet tall! I’m not kidding. Check it out for yourself. I mean, do these sound like “humans” to you? Lets face it, these THINGS were absolutely NOT HUMAN. We are not just talking about “demon possessed men” here, were talking THING!. God will sometimes relate these to the realm of “men” in scripture, as they were FLESH, but they were NOT human. If anything they were half-human at best, and definitely a MUTATION or HYBRID. Thats what the scripture shows!. In essence, they were (are still?) a “doorway of the physical,” from one state ( fallen angel), to another (demon). Nephillim are the least powerful of the hierarchy.



With this being said…we must connect the genetic manipulation with what’s going on today. These demonic activities happening correlate to what transpired in Noah’s days. The fallen angels and descendants are attacking humanity. If you believe in UFO activity or not it’s here and happening, and has been for thousands of years. The link between this and the past is obvious. There are sects of angelic hosts that have left their places and committing the ultimate sins against God. The changing of DNA of humanity is in fact changing the TEMPLE within him. This is the most sacred part of humanity, it’s DNA.
All the present changes happening through science and technology is to bring about the superhuman effects. All the double helix symbology has everything to do with it. The Elite are interwoven in the whole ‘alien’ agenda because they think Satan is the true creator. Satan has twisted all religions and information to have people believing he is the a god. It’s easy to get caught up in all the mis-info going on. The government allows the abductions for the cloning and other procedures the demonic need.
The 2012 Age of Aquarius and New Age Movement is all connected to the end days. They will use this media to bring about the Antichrist scenario. Symbol and numbers are all around us, giving clues and ritualistic maneuvers to give power to the Elite and supernatural entities. The Star of David is one of the symbols, it’s actually two triangles…one pointing up and the other down. For this is the symbology of “As Above, So Below”. It’s showing up in LOGO’s, in commercials, just about every venue of life there is.
Demonic entities, along with Satan has infiltrated the churches, world governments, companies, and the Elite work along side these supernatural forces. It’s taken thousands of years to get where we are now. To be living in these times and know the truth of what reality is, is exciting. It seems like humanity knows something is coming. When entering blogs, forums, newspapers, TV, radio…and every other form of media….there seems to be an alerted consciousness of an end-all event. Some discredit it, of course, there’s always those who only believe in what they think is true reality.
The Antichrist will make people believe he is Christ, the Son of God. Why? Why even have this scenario if the whole agenda was a lie? Because there is truth in it. Satan twists everything. He’s tried in so many ways to not have the end days come but to no avail and he will be judged. He and his minions, his legion of all breeds and races, even those of us in the race of humanity, who follow him. The whole genetics agenda is to bring forth this Antichrist and false truth. I know they will descend from the skies like they have before and try to deceive. This is what the Bible tells us and this is what’s transpiring as I do this video. In forums and websites, they are coming forth. Describing an ascending and a worldwide evacuation plan.
Genesis 6:1-4 speaks of angels abducting human women, resulting then in the hybrid Giants (KJV), or Nephilim (NIV), of Biblical history and world “mythology.” They took whomever they chose then, and with few exceptions, are apparently doing so today. The Bible reveals a discernable connection between the angels of Genesis 6, and modern reports of abduction. Fallen angels are likely behind most modern abductions, not true flesh-and-blood aliens.
Massive research has shown that cultures from all over the world speak of gods who came from the sky. These supernatural beings want humanity to believe they are gods, that they created us, and brought us to earth from another planet. This is all bogus. Maybe there’s numbers of races that came from these beings, mixed into humanity. Maybe some of these supernatural creatures walk among us breed into our DNA. We can only guess but if you look at the Bible as a guide to the supernatural and that it’s whole premise is about this involvement of these fallen angels and nephillim, then you better understand what’s happening in these end days. But you see, it’s not really the END, it’s only the beginning because this life we live is only a side show to the real events to come. Depending on your decision to believe or not to believe is what happens to your soul/spirit. I personally do not believe in a hell for afterlife, per say…I think once this is all concluded, your soul/spirit will either ascend or die. This temporary hell is for the time being, to capture the souls/spirits of those who die until the final judgment day!

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  1. Thank-you! Looks like this took a long time to write! You would do well to read David Flynn’s “Temple at the Center of Time” He goes into the ‘cubit’ in great detail as well as the works of Isaac Newton…it’s a great read. Please feel free to contact me. We all have a testimony and I would love to hear yours! Shalom. In Jesus Name! Warrior Shepard

    July 5, 2012 at 5:10 PM

    • I have read Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, Chuck Missler but have yet to read David’s work. He is sorely missed! You may write me if you want to exchange emails…

      July 5, 2012 at 11:42 PM

  2. Thomas Gambill

    virginia, where is the article on Portals…..the study.? Thank you

    January 30, 2013 at 5:15 PM

  3. This all rings true for me, I have experienced my own test with these creatures and they tried to take the one thing that means everything to me, my Soul. However I was gifted certain tools to defeat them from God and his angels and realized that it was only through fear that the reptilians, demons were creating that this could happen. I forgave them all and gave them my unconditional love which they totally despised. I made it through with faith and love. But I know the time will come again soon, but I am ready and prepared.

    March 20, 2013 at 11:40 AM

  4. “Upon Thy Breast”,
    My word’s of love within thy reach,
    Take beyond so I will seek,
    Laying in depth’s of height I teach,
    You race your’e heart, thy name and preach.

    Through periching time’s,
    through harrowing field’s,
    Save yourself, your’e child, your’e health,

    For you shall seek un-dying Love,
    And lie quietly,
    “Upon thy breast”.

    By Emma jane

    March 20, 2013 at 11:46 AM

    • BEAUTIFUL! Just BEAUTIFUL. A gift from GOD this talent is. Peace & Blessings-V

      March 20, 2013 at 7:48 PM

  5. Sarah Sweet

    What is the sophomoric blurb about Robin Williams inferring? That in order to commit suicide, he had to make a pact with Demons?

    August 17, 2014 at 1:30 PM

    • He made a pact with demons just like magicians do to bring into his routine….the elements needed to keep the ‘world’ amused. Also, he entertained demons in his thoughts towards suicide. This is the point.

      August 17, 2014 at 2:54 PM

  6. As Above So Below, see the movie, then read the book it was based off of, LEGION OF DWELLERS:

    August 30, 2014 at 9:12 PM

    • Awesome article….exactly my belief after many years of research and guidance through
      the Holy Spirit. I would like so
      much to speak with you further
      on the subject…there are a few
      things I feel I am missing and
      I have to finish the puzzle…so to
      speak…If you don’t
      object, can you please contact me? Thank You.

      February 17, 2015 at 1:57 PM

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  8. 7tri7ity7

    Thank you for writing a thorough article on this subject, I will be reading it again to make sure I understood all that you’ve said correctly. What a great resource for researchers like me. My question to you is about the “as above, so below”. Doesn’t “your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” mean the same thing as “as above, so below”? They even include the phrase in the “message” category on Matthew 6:15-13, or do you feel this is being interpreted incorrectly? Thanks in advance. God bless. 🙂

    July 29, 2015 at 1:45 PM

    • Yes. Quite simply…Satan imitates and twists everything of GOD. Sadly, it’s part of the system of Satan’s agenda. And Satan cannot and will not ever create anything HOLY!

      July 30, 2015 at 6:20 AM

  9. yahwehprevails

    ╠╣iṧ Spirit Is What Guides Us Into All Truth✞❣⇪


    ¶ 14:17 Even The Spirit of Truth; Whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth ℋim not, neither knoweth ℋim: But ye know ℋim; for ℋℰ Dwelleth with you, and Shall be in you.

    Virginia, May You Be Blessed Tenfold For Being A Platform For Truth✞❣⇪

    July 30, 2015 at 8:10 AM

  10. yahwehprevails

    lucifer’s emerald tablet is the secret… Flee from this concept✞❣⇪

    luciferian secretive emerald tablet text:

    July 30, 2015 at 2:11 PM

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