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Awakening the Giants

Awakening The Giants
The Annunaki are from the 12th Planet, spoken of in many names in the legends of man as is their planet – Marduk, Wormwood, the 12th Planet, and lately the inbound Planet X discovered by NASA in 1983. These giants were approximately 50% larger than man, as their home planet is more dense and massive and the gravity on the surface that much stronger. Larger bones are needed to support life there. These giants came to Earth during the passages of their home planet, which traverses the solar system every 3,657 years, as the ancient Sumerians recorded.
The Annunaki did NOT create human beings as their Sumeria propaganda tales relate. Human beings were NOT apes before the Annunaki got here. It’s true that the Annunaki, like the current crop of Grays and Reptilians, were genetic manipulators and fashioned their own hybrids to serve their agendas, but they didn’t create humans as they claim.
This whole race of beings originate from when God made the choice to kick out Satan/Lucifer from the heavens. The 1/3 of angels who descended number in the millions. They are allowed to reign over the 1st and 2nd heavens. The air we breathe and sky we see is their domain. Satan is their leader and the whole New World Order is a concept from them. It’s another way to rule, enslave and bring into play his reality of what the universe should be. The 2012 ancient Mayan claims of a calendar that stops on a certain day is bogus. It’s another scare tactic by the Annunaki.
In an unusual book, “The Pleiadian Agenda” by Barbara Hand Clow, in which the author claims to be a human vehicle for various alien communicators. The aliens (in her) say they are using this book in an attempt to push certain buttons and awaken readers into an understanding of just who we are. Clow’s work speaks mostly on behalf of the Pleiadians, a race of aliens interested in helping humans rise above our situation. The author claims that we also share this planet with mainly two other alien races, the Reptilians and the Anunnaki. It is the Anunnaki who appear to be the villains in this story. These people, who reportedly come to Earth from the planet Niberu every 3,600 years, appear to be the creators of some of us. But according to the Pleiadians, their motive was never divine. They made humans to work as their slaves. They created our complex religious belief systems to make sure we always remain trapped in their elaborate program of social control.
The Pleiadians claim that the planet Niberu is part of our solar system, but it has such a wide arch that it only comes into view every 3,600 years. At that time Niberu gets close enough to Earth to allow the Anunnaki to physically travel here. Their last visit was at the time of Jesus. Niberu was the star referred to in the Christmas story. The visit prior to that was made at the time the Sumarian Empire rose to power.
The strange Book of Enoch, an ancient text discovered in Ethiopia in 1773 (and because of references to it in ancient Hebrew writings considered to be among the oldest manuscripts in existence) talks about 200 angels who came down to earth to mate with the women. Led by a high angel named Azazyel, the angels produced giant men who ate so much they soon consumed all of the food. After that they fed on the animals and even the flesh of humans.
During this strange occupation, Enoch writes that humans were taught to make swords, knives, shields, breastplates, mirrors, jewelry, paints and dyes, make cosmetics, and use valuable stones. The people also learned sorcery, use of roots and plants for medicine, astronomy, astrology and other “signs,” and the importance of the “motion of the moon.”
The book of Enoch, a book not chosen to be in the bible for its details of the fallen angels of Genesis. The Watchers of heaven. It is very likely that the key to understanding the founding of the world’s great cities and civilizations rests on a fundamental understanding of giants, or as the Bible calls them, Nephilim. These creatures were the offspring of fallen angels and human females, and according to scripture, contributed to the very downfall of antediluvian society (Genesis 6). Some of them, it would seem, even survived the great deluge, cropping up in later millennia under various other names, such as the Old Testament’s Rephaim and Anakim. The perseverance of their race could account for many of the world’s great cities or monuments. If we broaden the Biblical interpretation of this colossal line of creatures to include world mythology, then possibilities emerge after the most cursory of glances at man’s religions.
In extra-biblical sources, such as The Book of Enoch, one can find the very work of transforming hunter-gatherers into a more sophisticated society. The fallen angels waste no time in developing a scheme to influence man for their own ends. We are told that under the guidance of their leader Semyaza, the fallen angels trade knowledge and technology for access to human females for the purposes of breeding offspring. To the great misfortune of mankind, civilization was a high price to pay for what would soon become oppression and violence. At any rate, the fallen angels along with the Nephilim taught men metallurgy, war craft, farming, husbandry, and a host of other bodies of knowledge defining civilizations
The great Mesopotamian hunter and king, Nimrod, is often regarded as a giant. We read clearly in Genesis of his renown, no doubt contributing to the memories preserved by Abraham, himself born of Sumeria. Consequently, Nimrod (a giant) is also credited with having built the Tower of Babel, preserved to us in image as a ziggurat, one of the stepped temples of ancient Mesopotamian society. The very Cradle of Civilization provides an early example civilization and its connection to the giants of old.
Egypt, whose legends whisper to us in the present, was most likely not without its own giant origins. At least as much may be said about its monuments, and in particular the pyramids. Some scholars who entertain historical ideas outside of convention, such as Patrick Heron, posit that the antediluvian giants constructed the pyramids. This design spread with them as they spread to other lands east and west of the Holy Land.
In the Old Testament, we get a picture of the descendants of these giants. You may recall from Sunday School that the spies Moses sent into Canaan on the eve of its conquest were all terrified save Joshua and Caleb. They related that they were as “grasshoppers” compared to these enormous men. Jewish tradition tells us that one giant, Arba, built the great fortified city of Hebron. Another giant, Og, who allegedly had survived the great flood, ruled over Bashan, a vast kingdom northeast of the Sea of Galilee.
Moving away from the Near East leaves one with no fewer examples of giant-founded societies. Most of us remember to some extent the myths we were taught in grade school about the Greeks and the Romans. Scholars have long been aware of the influence of the Near East on Greek ideas and religion. Similar residues may be found in the pottery and art of ancient Greece, an indicator of trade with Phoenicians and other peoples of the Near East, and something known to scholars as “orientalizing.” The very gods were all believed to hail from Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Egypt, and other lands to the east. As for feats of city-building, Poseidon and Apollo were believed to have built the great walls of Troy. The Greeks also contended that the Cyclopian giants had built the city of Mycenae.
In the case of the Romans, we learned that the twins Romulus and Remus, descendants of the great Trojan refugee Aeneas, founded Rome. For obvious reasons, teachers leave out the gory details which Roman historian Livy relates to us. Mars, god of war, raped the Vestal Virgin Rhea Sylvia, and the products of this violation were Romulus and Remus. The twins, as with other children sired by gods, were of great stature. Somewhere between myth and history, we learn that Romulus built the city of Rome in the eighth century AD, promptly after killing his brother. The conditions of their conception, their size, and their violence all smack of traits borne by the Nephilim.
Even beyond the scope of Western Civilization proper, evidence of giant engineering abounds, as do the legends pertaining to such structures. German mythology relates to us that the walls of Asgard were built by a frost giant to separate the realm of the gods from that of the giants, known as Niflheim (which is phonetically similar to Nephilim). Mesoamericans, likewise had firm ideas about the origins of their civilization and giants. The Maya believed their civilization to have been founded by giant gods. The Aztecs called their God Quetzacoatl, which built their cities and their society had been established by giants gods. The great monuments of Machu Pichu, the earthen tombs of China, Angkor Wat, the great earthen pyramid of the ancient Indian city of Cahokia-they all speak to engineering feats that defy foundations in human sweat and toil alone.
The civilization of giants are descendants of the Annunaki. They are dead. But they along with the fallen angels will arise. It will cause heart attacks. The ‘alien’ agenda is just demonic activity that is led by Satan and his legion of Ascended Masters/Galactic Federation of Light. Their websites claim to ‘save’ humanity. But in reality they are just soul scalpers. Their domain is here in earth and our skies. Their plans include bringing forth all the weaponry that can be brought, including the giants, aliens, etc.
The Bible speaks of them coming into our homes, through our doors and windows. They will come by the millions. This is exactly the scenario of the ‘aliens.” First, they will come, the Ascended Masters will come as peace keepers. They will deceive in order to bring into play Satan’s plan.
These are websites that details the ascension process. There are others as well, which detail who they are and their New Age religion. It’s a guide to channel, to bring into your body a demon! It’s all so plain. The Bible speaks of these deceivers.  The Bible is a basic guide to the supernatural!

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  1. Thanks for your research. Past time to get the word out!

    May 27, 2012 at 7:07 PM

  2. Nancy

    The man names Billy Meiers, that has supposedly had contacts with this Nordic aliens since he was a child, had a alien leader he called Semjase which is basically the same name of the leader of the fallen angels in Noah’s day, Semjaza ( Book of Enoch, Ch6; v3). What a truth that should make him think, he is conversing and learning from a fallen angel leader….

    August 2, 2012 at 5:37 PM

    • Nancy,
      SO true. This man and RAEL also. So sad.

      August 2, 2012 at 6:42 PM

      • Nancy

        Our commission is to pray for them. Look forward to next post. Have a great night

        August 2, 2012 at 8:59 PM

  3. Richard

    It looks like Gaius Julius Verus Maximinus (AD ca. 173 – AD 238) who stood at 8 ft 6 in tall (2.6 metres) may have been a descendant of these giants?

    October 22, 2012 at 8:47 AM

    • Richard,
      Absolutely! Anyone with that kind of stature has this bloodline within their DNA. Also people with 6 fingers and 6 toes.

      October 22, 2012 at 10:01 AM

  4. The Imp

    Google “acromegaly” it has information about giants

    December 29, 2012 at 9:43 PM

    • Oh I get it… present a ‘hormone’ which allows for this? Such contempt for the truth. And I suppose you think the Bible is a ‘fairytale’?

      December 30, 2012 at 10:16 AM

      • Mallory

        not a “fairytale” more of a book of books written by numerous with numerous meaning, as well as removed books that were removed in ancient times, a misrepresentation all together really, leaving out major point in history (religious history). So I think I might call it an incomplete book of stories that is easily misinterpreted….

        August 18, 2013 at 2:20 AM

      • satan works in mysterious ways but he loves to duplicate parallels of polar opposites.

        August 18, 2013 at 11:48 AM

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  6. Jack

    First off *@@&@&%$-religious-freaks stop using the internet because it is technology created by science reasoning which you all lack something you’ll dont understand which can only be explained by God because you are all to lazy to seek the truth. Im sure in all your little minds the world is still flat, and earth is the center of the universe. You freaks probably dont even believe we’ve been to the moon. I’m sure you also believe in witches real and there for the religious freaks in the past who have killed innocent people for being alittle different was justified. People like you assholes are the reason why God turned his backs on us virgina patrick. I came here to seek the truth and all I’ve reading is fear being spread by you all that an invisible enemy is out to get us, and you wonder why people call you fly over states. Every last one of you take the good book to the head which has some validity today, such as the ten commandments, but if I had to change one or things about the commandments is replace “remember the sabbath and replace it with thou shalt not rape.” But I’m sure Virgina Patrick would have a problem with that change. By the way Nancy, women arent allowed to talk in the good old religious days so keep your mouth shut and your opinions to youself like a good little girl. Just like the people in the middle east… That’s right you &@@%^$@$ are just like the people we are fighting against. By the way virginia patrick you ass you broke a commandment “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” But I’m sure what that means to you is your next door neighbor and nothing else. You’re are a warmongering, derelict, male shovenist, racist, prick, small penis, with man-tit ass who is probably single but married an idiot(and probably is kicking herself while cheating on him) douchbag, pervest garbage loser. You make me sick and you shouldstop what your doing and kill yourself. I hate your guts and I thank God for the 2nd Amendment but conflicted with the first because your tripe writing. I cant believe your linking scientific to spiritual. No wonder you only have 9 reponses.

    February 25, 2013 at 3:44 PM

    • I was going to delete this but people need to see this for what it really is. Ignorance.

      February 25, 2013 at 5:19 PM

      • Gary R. Sayers

        —- Hatred and vitriol from one of our ‘educated’ progressives in our ‘perfected’ society… I guess that his ‘tactic’ is militarily called ‘fire for effect’ in artillery circles… Shoot every direction with everything you’ve got and HOPE you ‘hit (or HURT) something’… A lot of that on the internet now… You ought to see the Cardinals’ baseball chatroom when the KUBZ fans pay it a visit!!!… Way to go, Virginia, in allowing that little display to show in this space… Certainly does beggar the question of ‘evolution’ being a “DE” rather than a “RE”-generative process, does it not? (assuming, of course that the aforementioned visitor DOES advocate ‘evolution’ as “assumed demonstrable fact”; as they do in our institutes of ‘higher learning’ today) So let the profs and faculties of same peruse the previous written bloodletting and themselves decide how far their ‘evolution’ has taken mankind.
        “Rebuke a fool and he will hate thee, yet rebuke a wise man and he will love thee…..”

        August 22, 2013 at 5:24 PM

    • Mallory

      Wow words of a truly religious man! To uh quote you a second…”By the way Nancy, women arent allowed to talk in the good old religious days”….first weren’t would have been the proper word there, as well as possibly an apostrophe in there oh smart one, or in your “religious fit” were you just too angry? And last I checked we are no longer in the “good old religious days” so Nancy please speak freely. Now by the language, name calling and telling people to “kill themselves” Why the hell do you turn around and “thank God” ? oh wise commandment keeper cause hell I lost count of all the uh ungodly things you spat out! Oh and if you do in fact read the story book called the Bible you would know that witches are real. (yep it’s in there dumb a$$) Tell me do ALL religious fanatics have to be hateful? Your so called “good book” is a tale of events as interpreted by the man writing what ever book it may be. There is NOTHING good about it! Am I religious? yes. Do I believe in a higher power? sure do. But I will never label myself part of ANY Bible based religion. Not a chance. If I do that I might as well be in a religion based on the book Green Eggs And Ham….which is actually probably better because ONE man wrote it and EVERYONE can understand it! no you need not know what my beliefs are because well for one thing it’s none of your business, and for two I don’t go around like a da%# proud peacock spewing out things I believe in, nor do I bash or condemn those who have different beliefs. In fact I do believe it says something in your “good book” about free will right? well then ASS please do shut the hell up already and stop acting like a da%# priest which you are most defiantly not! If the Bible explained things so well no one WOULD have to question things! Maybe next time, if anything, to keep your self from sounding like the head of douche bags, stop and think before you respond, you hateful little troll! oh and please do feel free to TRY and bash me or make me sad…as words from people like you have absolutely no effect on me what so ever so give it your best shot little man!!!! Do you really praise God with that mouth???? WOW

      August 18, 2013 at 1:49 AM

      • Q: What is so ironic about Atheists?
        A: They’re always talking about God.

        Yep, that’s the truth. Pointing out others faults makes one feel what? Good about oneself? Nope. So what? Why do it? Then, we have the issue of proving yourself right and everyone else wrong. What is behind this reasoning? PRIDE.
        Witches are VERY REAL! Indeed. Check out the book: The Witchdoctor and the Man.

        If your a Believer as you say then why browbeat other Believers? Take the Bible out of the equation, and religion. What do you have? GOD! This is a reason to be the best you can be.
        I have a family member who gave me this same, exact same message. He said don’t judge me…I believe in a higher power. I’m NOT an Atheist. That was 6 yrs ago…he tries his best each time we’re in the same location to beat my beliefs down. Them, I began to see others around him thinking the same way, even children.
        Now, today….he’s says “There’s NO GOD!” So in a few short years, he’s convinced himself he doesn’t believe in any power but himself. But you see, it wasn’t HIM that decided this. The demons within him speak to him and convince him of it. Now, the children are at risk of these same demons.

        Now that’s a true story. Scary but true. How does it make you feel. Oh…wait you might not believe me. But, that’s your prerogative. Is is because I didn’t rave and spew cuss words? Well, so sorry. Not gonna happen. Am I perfect? NO. By far, but I am a Believer. I try my best each day to be the best I can be. Can you?

        August 18, 2013 at 11:46 AM

    • Scripture and Truth

      Firstly the Apocryphal books have been removed in the fourth century for the soul purpose to us in the dark about the truth, by the same church who changed the times, Sunday worship is false, and Season, Christmas is a lie too-it is Nimrods Birthday. And if you look in the glossary of a good KJV at the word Easter=Passover is definition, not Ishtar worship of pagan bunnies who lay eggs. The Book of Hannok (Enoch) was always there before Rome took it out, also found in the Quamaran Scroll Daniels Vision, and Genesis only your own laziness to get into the Hebrew will never reveal scriptural truth, Google Nephilim images, this is what the world’s science departments do NOT want you to know, it is suppressed information. Furthermore calling anyone ignorant is Lashon Hara-evil tounge and is a sin. I suggest a book on Lashon Hara it will open your heart to simple truths taught by Yahshuah (whom you call Jesus) Secondly, the comment about being a good little girl and shutting up is another Christain false doctrine. Shaul (Paul) is the most misquoted and misunderstood apostle-Historical context was his teaching in Corinth, a place that held the Oracles of Delphi-women who would be temple prostitutes to trap the souls of men by soul connection and use that energy to phrophecy, it was these women Paul admonished-the witches. Thirdly; If those “poor women” who were witches were not real then why does G-d forbid the use of witchcraft, by penalty of death? If it were not real, it would not be in scriptures. Yet, men in power like Popes who are illegally lording over people which is also against the command of G-d were not in power, these things would never happen, these Popes used trumped up charges to keep power asserted over the people, it was a ruse to go after those saints keeping G-ds true feasts and Sabbaths and faith whom he had desire to kill under the guise of ‘witchcraft’ it is the deception of the ages. Beloved; calling another the names you have called out with your evil speech will be recorded for your day of destruction. I warn you of this out of love for you, in that you do not die in your sin. We are called to love one another, this is how we are known as His. I agree that the commands are still in effect, and cheap grace is a lie the only law that was nailed to the cross is the sacrificial law of atonement. Do you realize that there are more than one type of Salvation; Parable of the Wicked Servant, in that the believer who accepts Yahshuah (jesus) can be beaten and held for the Millennium as punishment, bet your panties those false shepherds and hirelings will never tell you this. These are the foolish virgins without oil. Works doctrines are also false, the only work not carried over into New Covenant was circumsion, all other 613 Mitvot (works) are still valid. All science is linked to spiritual, just who created all this, if not from G-d’s Dabar (word) your DNA testifies to this very fact, and did you know that a life of sin also scars your DNA which is a newly found fact done by a secular British science report , this alludes the truth that all will be recorded in the Great and Terrible day, guess where your sins are recorded-in your DNA. I do not ask you to believe, check the facts for yourself. Also, most people do not understand the word because they do not know Hebraic thought, customs or language this impedes true understanding and going past the milk of the word into the meat of the word, it is a Jewish perception of rightly dividing the word, Eph. 4:3 They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts. and the next level
      Pardes refers to (types of) approaches to biblical exegesis in rabbinic Judaism (or – simpler – interpretation of text in Torah study). The term, sometimes also spelled PaRDeS, is an acronym formed from the name initials of the following four approaches:

      Peshat (פְּשָׁט) — “plain” (“simple”) or the direct meaning.[1]
      Remez (רֶמֶז) — “hints” or the deep (allegoric: hidden or symbolic) meaning beyond just the literal sense.
      Derash (דְּרַשׁ) — from Hebrew darash: “inquire” (“seek”) — the comparative (midrashic) meaning, as given through similar occurrences.
      Sod (סוֹד) (pronounced with a long O as in ‘bone’) — “secret” (“mystery”) or the esoteric/mystical meaning, as given through inspiration or revelation.
      Christians are stuck in Peshat and can gain no further understanding. Did you also know that Mashiach was NEVER crucified on a cross, it was a tree, the cross goes back to Babylon. May I suggest before you righteously Judge others, you spend some time in the Apocrypha that is biblical as it has reference from Yashuah himself. And get a better translated bible like Halleluyah Scriptures, or Scripture from Institute of Scriptural Research which can be found on Amazon, when not sold out.

      Have you ever invested the time to find a first century church program, I have–it is NOT the faith we practice today-at all. I can send you a copy-but you will reject it in favor of the lies of our fathers.

      Most people do not even understand why HaShatan hates us soo much, or what the glory of G-d is about, the Laws of Grace, The offerings we are to make to the King upon His return. Time is short beloved; I suggest you get into the word, and you can start by the foundation which is the first 5 books, without that there is no foundation. His feasts are not Jewish-they are HIs eternal feasts. Find out what the fallen tabernacle is about, find out what the covering of Satan really was, find out about pagan christian beliefs; a good suggestion is Fossilized Customs, adn Come out of Her My People, both books can be found on Amazon. Prove yourself a good workman, also watch Bondservant series on You Tube by Biblicallife channel. And bridle your evil tounge, which is hate-which is murder.
      Shalom Aliechiem (Peace be unto you)

      April 8, 2014 at 7:44 AM

      • So much “Christian” bashing….judging is meant for GOD, not man. Man believes himself to be a god and this is why we are in such a mess. Worse, the fallen angels are convincing mankind we are gods too! I don’t have to prove myself to anyone, especially a man (or woman)! So, I let this be printed on the forum to show people who judgmental they can be against one another. It’s okay, with this forum and the strays which come and go…I’ve learned to have thick skin!

        April 8, 2014 at 5:09 PM

      • ” NEVER look down on OTHERS’ WHO ARE LOOKING Up to GOD…… Because THERE WILL come a time when you won’t see anyone down there but YOU; YOURSELF “

        April 8, 2014 at 5:39 PM

      • Definitely I do believe in the supernatural. I normally have dreams of exra ordinary happening. Very true witches are very real. There can fly and cause disasters or affliction. May you help and shading more light on the bible to my email if you can I am really interested to understand the names of God and Jesus and was he crucified on the cross.

        June 8, 2015 at 6:30 AM

      • If you hit the RSS posts….you can subscribe to my site and receive regular emails. Thank you.

        June 15, 2015 at 7:15 AM

  7. Russell

    First off, as a scientific mind, I am compelled to question why someone that claims to have scientific knowledge would spew such anger and hatred out on this page. There are legitimate links between some of the stories in the bible and events that have happened throughout history. Jack, you need to collect yourself and use the reasoning that you repute to have. Your anger has you using improper grammar, spitting obscenities, and telling a woman to kill herself. None of these are characteristics of a reasonable, scientific, or sane mind. No, I do not believe in every aspect of the bible. I do not believe that all the stories are true. However, there are vast similarities in the stories of the bible and “legends” through the entire timeline of the human race. I do believe that aliens have, are, and will continue to visit this planet. If anyone with a capable mind looks at artworks from the distant past the the resent, they can clearly see that there are representations of UFO’s and alien races. The stories and legends that have been passed down from the generations have validity and concrete roots. There was a massive flood and have been several throughout our planet’s 6 billion year history. I also have researched the Babilonian texts, Sumerian texts, and several central and south American texts. They all have similarities, they all tell of the same events. What they don’t do is explain them the same way. The bible uses angels, most other books and writings use names, probably the proper names of these beings. They also all use the blood in ancient or old testament time to cleanse, show loyalty and devotion, and to appease the beings or “God/Gods” . People have used gods to explain things that they could not understand since the beginning of time. As our knowledge and understanding grew, our gods dwindled in number. In the 3 major religions today we are down to 1 god. No more gods of thunder, oceans, love, war, sun, etc. Just one, I do believe that most people need a superbeing to believe in. They are still afraid that this life may be all there is and want to believe in a wonderful afterlife. If they need that, why hate them for it. I do know that life is energy and while you can’t destroy energy it can be changed and transmuted into a different form. But, this world is in need of a good cleansing. COME ON E.L.E.

    March 17, 2013 at 8:04 AM

    • Well said Russell!! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Peace & Blessings-V

      March 17, 2013 at 10:06 AM

    • Scripture and Truth

      Russel; promise that if you get a different translation of scripture and research historical events, biblical archeology and learn some Hebrew you will BELIEVE every word, jot and tittle. Get a copy of Halleluyah scriptures, and the Apocrypha’s you will not be disappointed, also check out my former post on other book suggestions and You Tube Chanel series

      April 8, 2014 at 7:55 AM

  8. Nice Work, I am going to share with my friends. Thank you

    July 15, 2013 at 12:13 AM

  9. Mallory

    Biblical is now “a guide” Bible says this Bible says that….I’m not trying to offend here but come on! the Bible was written by how many different men now? And sorry grew up under too many Biblical religions to count and guess what? If 20 people all read the exact same verse, all knowledgeable in religion….you will get 20 interpretations from that verse. If it was meant to be a guide, why then dose it word things is such a way? also in pretty much EVERY religion I have come across so far that DOES NOT use the Bible, Lilith, Adam’s FIRST wife is mentioned, only in the Bible is she only mentioned ever so briefly by succubus but not her name nor who she was/is. Also numerous books were removed from the bible in ancient times….hmmmm not too good of a guide huh? And I am sure that this information is on the internet however I learned it the old fashion way by these things called books. But just in case you think I might be another cornball please do google Lilith…might be surprised as to what you may find. Hate to tell you but if you go by one source, and one source only, how is it that you are sure it is truth?????

    August 18, 2013 at 1:13 AM

    • Mallory,
      It’s typically hard for someone to swallow the pill of Truth once they’ve been influenced by all the false doctrines. For just the reasoning you gave, is one of the reasons for the falling away from the Scriptures, and sadly away from GOD. Satan is so good at his job. Don’t think for a minute there’s not a supernatural side to this world or it will come up and bite you on the butt one day. The increase in the paranormal is for two reasons; because people are straying away from GOD (and into occult); and because we are getting closer to the D-DAY! They know their time is short, especially now! You say you are being confused by all the different ‘versions’ and this is the exact reason why satan has had man devise them, and the exact reason for all the variation of religious sectors of Christianity. I prefer to stick to the main source. GOD! The King James is my go-to Word. Why? Because there are so many levels to it! Once your given the gifts (only give by GOD) then, and only then can you discern the Truth of the supernatural. So, on a surface level…the immature Believers are yawning at their churches while others are so passionate you cant pull them from the Word…whooops…THE WORD. That’s right, I said it. Because it’s true.
      So, you’ve become a naysayer. Sad, but the reality of that is you’re becoming bait for the supernatural. The Hedge of Protection which surrounds you as a Believer is not a force field for just anyone. You must decide to seek GOD, and this is through is Son, THE ONE AND ONLY Jesus Christ. Sure, there are others who come in HIS Name…and the last one will even say he’s god…scary but true. You see, this Hedge of Protection allows a Believer to remain safe while satan and his millions of minions go after the rest. The old saying: “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:” Yes, even this has many levels of interpretation but basically you get the jest….the road is wide but the gate to heaven is narrow. Why? Because GOD sets standards. Standard which this world hates and satan is there awaiting your fall. When did you fall? Do you believe in hell?

      August 18, 2013 at 11:21 AM

      • Mallory

        Ok Allow me to to first apologize to my reply to the um swell guy above. I’m sure you might have seen buy the time it was, and I don’t sleep much at all since my health has been getting worse and worse. What I did, bashing him back wasn’t right but sorry for someone to thank God and so on and so on yet be so hateful and vile mouthed kinda put me in shock! Now, to be clear I am VERY VERY aware of demons (how is a topic not related to this page) In fact I do allot of research especially on fallen angels, their history, traits and so on, that’s how I got here, since unfortunately books are scares thanks to lovely technology. I most defiantly believe in the good/evil’s and I most DEFIANTLY do believe that there are many many supernatural sides to the world. To believe just humans and humans only live on earth is extremely naive. Yes I believe in fallen angels, demons, devils, spirits and other “unexplained” things. I also do believe in angels (obviously if I believe in the fallen). And I don’t recall saying I didn’t believe in God or say I am atheist, for this is most certainly NOT the case. As I said I have been numerous religions (thanks to my father) there for it lead me to do start researching at a young age. I get the different versions of the Bible meant to confuse, however if you give the same exact verse of the exact same Bible to 20 different people, even people in the same religion for that matter (as I have seen) you will get 20 different versions of what that verse means. Why? Yes it was not in “today’s” language, but it is worded in such a manor that it can so easily be taken in so many different ways….God’s message is clear, so why base your religion on a book that is not??? Now I have always loved Psalms….no matter what was wrong I could flip the pages in Psalms and the very first verse I saw would always pertain to me and make me feel better. However I still think of the Bible as a book of stories written my many different men based on their views of events. If leaders of Bible base religions wanted you to know “God’s” word, why then would books be removed one in particular, can’t recall the name at the moment, that was right before Revelations, that explained the end of days more as well as had so much useful information? and that was just ONE of the books removed…didn’t only read about this, was also told this in different churches mind you. I wouldn’t say I am a naysayer as you would like to think. Nor am I immature in my beliefs. Nor am I into the occult in any way shape or form. Quite the opposite I’d say as the Immature parts goes. As I have said I have been through pretty much all religions, which I think in itself sad and confusing, So I have heard the Bible interpreted in just about every which way. I am Baptized, by choice, again I do believe in a higher power or God. Because I do not agree with the Bible does in no way make me less spiritual or grounded, nor mean I have fallen from FAITH.
        I do have one question for you as you do seen to know the scripture so well, why is it that the Bible says you have free will, yet also says God knows your life beginning to end? Just doesn’t quite make sense. If that is the case then why are we here? if we do have free will our destiny then should be undetermined no? And if he already knows our life beginning to end isn’t that the same as watching the same movie over and over? Which even if you love the movie is still quite a waste, especially a waste of time, and especially if you love your people and want them with you? Also If he knows life beginning to end then why would God test us? Would he not already know how that would turn out as well? Make no sense at all! Sorry but I refuse to believe we are here as entertainment or as a game. Then you have things in the Bible that are meant LITERALLY and then other things meant FIGURATIVELY, I would give examples but I have donated all my Bibles. The only thing I have is a prayer book for each day of the year, for each year, My grandmother and I both do the daily prayers in the mornings before we talk. Not saying that is all the praying I do, just throwing it in there why I don’t know. I know all too well God sets high standards, and know all to well about distraction. I am in NOOOO way perfect I have had many many downfalls I have legally died a few times…I had, well not the best life I guess. Not good environments, no real structure, and we’ll not get into the abuse I have had to endure. Did that make me “stray”? nope. I guess it boils down to I do not need a book written long long ago my many men, which also has been translated many times as well, today’s language was not theirs at the time of writing it, that is actually incomplete as books have been removed. So I do not find it GOD’s word. God want me to know something or go a certain path, if you are a TRUE believer would you then not believe he would show you the path in his time in his way? I do not need to nor do I believe in the words of man. How does it go? Even Angel’s have their wicked schemes? Yet I am to believe those who wrote the Bible followed God’s EVERY word??? As holy as they may have been the were not immune to deception. I mean after all “the Devil” “Satan” “Beelzebub” what ever you wish to call him, was he not God’s favorite angel (again Biblical) He sat at God’s side! Now TA DA…..arch enemies! The good vs. the evil. So in that way of thinking if God’s chosen angel went corrupt….HIS ANGEL….I am to believe all the men who wrote the Bible were immune not only to deception, but immune to deceive? Is this possibly why It can be so misinterpreted? If it is GOD’S guide…knowledge HE HIMSELF wants you to know, needs you to know, wants you to follow and live by, learn from…why then, how even dose the Devil have control there too? Why would a loving caring God allow his word, his guide to follow allow it to be a puzzle to solve? Allow as you said have satin confuse you with it? How is it God would allow him to use his HOLY “guide” to lead his people away? I’m sorry but I am a good person, I try to do my best day to day. I do my best to do for others as well. But when people constantly shove a book (I once believed in) that I no longer believe in in my face saying hell awaits if don’t believe in it. So because I do not agree with the “Bible” which by the way technically isn’t HIS scripture….not the Bible….do you know what is per chance? Any way I’m writing my own book here. So let me end this by saying whether I believe in the Bible or not dose not, should not, make some one who dose better than or closer to God than me. One one other little note here there are so many religions, many many gods, with many many books to follow them by. May I ask, how do you know the King James Bible is in fact THE book? THE truth, THE word to follow? cause it says it is??????? I have so much more to say but will bite my tongue and end it there. Hope your day is most glorious. Oh and um Judge Not Least Ye Be Judged……right?

        August 18, 2013 at 1:32 PM

      • My remarks were meant with grace and respect. I don’t try to judge only give different perspectives. I’m not perfect, by far. I understand your misguided views on the Bible but you don’t seem to get the whole supernatural factor within the Bible, nor its place in society. If you did then maybe you could get a jest of what the Bible is about. It’s not just stories, dear. It’s meant as a whole to give you a perspective of the supernatural battle we fight, then and now…especially now.

        The bloodlines are demonic. They began with the fallen angels, then to the Nephilim, then they merged within many nations. This is the same people (blood) we fight against today. Yes, I know it seems farfetched but you must gather the idea of this before the Bible begins to come together as a whole. Yes, it’s meant as a uplifting source of inspiration but mainly it’s about the spiritual side of creation.

        The 13 bloodlines which operate and control are from these same entities. Truth. Read some of this:
        Then, why did this man go to jail for years after writing his books about these subjects? Because the truth hurts those in power, it lessens their ability to control the masses.

        The freewill issue goes hand in hand with this same subject. Fallen angels know it better than us because there are some who will never see the light of day for their actions, still others who try their best to pull the world towards darkness. You profess to understand but the depth of it all bit it encompasses so much more than on the surface.
        If free will gives you choice, then your choice leads to your destiny. Your soul is the destiny I speak of. This destiny is the immortality which we all have but to ‘CHOOSE’ or not choose (to access). This is what it’s all about. Existence in a nutshell.

        Here’s some on the Merovingian bloodline and their admitting their blood is of the fallen ones.

        Be aware if we don’t choose GOD, then GOD has no choice but to think you don’t want HIS Salvation. Salvation comes with a relationship between you and HIM…and of course this must take place through Jesus Christ. But, the Word is a true test of your ability to learn about the supernatural. This is why the number one subject in the Bible is demons. (How to fight them, to know your enemy, to understand their history within mankind’s existence, etc…) This is why there was so much controversy on what would be inside the Bible in the Council of Nicea (to exclude as much about the fallen ones as possible). This is the purpose of THE WORD. Anything else is secondary. Because with this knowledge you begin to grasp the scope of it and everything GOD offers.

        The reason why there are so many interpretations of one verse is because GOD wants to convey the depth of it all. You may understand one part while someone else is given a deeper understanding. I think the Bible is written on levels! This is for the baby believers, the next level, and so on and the more you mature…the further your understanding will be. But this all comes through the Holy Spirit. GOD decides if your ready to see it. If you think your ready for this kind of discernment…ASK FOR IT! GOD is always there, it’s us who pulls away.

        I don’t sit in judgment, please don’t think that. I only try to be a messenger. Peace & Blessings, V

        August 18, 2013 at 2:29 PM

      • Scripture and Truth

        His name is Yahshuah he is King of the Yahudah’s (jews) we don’t have a letter J in Hebrew; thus it is a false name prophesied by Yahshuah himself, I come in my Father’s name (Yahowah), yet you receive me not, in another s mane, him you will receive. He is a Hebrew, The king of Hebrews as stated above the tree He was impaled upon, not a Babylonian cross, a tree just like the type and anti-type of the Garden. Nehemiah Gordon wrote a book called The Greek Jesus vs. Hebrew Yeshuah, fascinating stuff, highly recommended. Shalom Aliecheim (peace be unto you) By no other Shem (name) …….

        April 8, 2014 at 8:02 AM

  10. Mallory

    Ok one more thing (yes I am extremely um “wordy” ?) I came to this page as well as many others to learn. Instead I find a very one sided site that has absolutely no room for question. It is what you say it is and that it. I am sad to say that I am disappointed in the close mindedness I see here. I am only doing what I do…seeking knowledge. Now yes I very much agree you cannot go by just on site for truth and facts…just as you cannot go by just one book for truth and fact.

    August 18, 2013 at 1:46 PM

    • But you see, we agree…it’s much deeper than people realize. Herein lies the problem;
      Few will listen,
      Of the few who listen, fewer still will understand,
      Understanding does not mean believe,
      Of the handful who believe, most may not know what to do.

      August 18, 2013 at 2:31 PM

      • Mallory

        So then, may I ask you something? If all of this is so cryptic so to say….of all of the true believers….who thought they knew what to do, but were unknowingly mislead….Are they punished? If so why? Of those Who truly love God, praise him, worship him, if they were given wrong information and not doing what King James Bible is said to be done…are they too punished????

        August 18, 2013 at 3:18 PM

      • These people who are being misled are not my call. Only GOD can judge.

        I say there is an agenda to change THE WORD. The changes are minute but if your know The Word, then you realize the difference. The newer versions of the Bible are misleading. You should be wary.

        This has been in the works for hundreds of years. The Works of GOD will make itself known to HIS followers. The Truth will be revealed to those who seek HIM and the Truth.

        The changing is being done to mislead people into the New Age Movement which is just paganism. The esoteric Satanic occult mysteries. These people who are being misled are choosing to.

        I make no call on their judgement. But, satan needs hands to help and they are willing. Maybe some are unknowingly doing so…I have no clue but if you do these things and know what you do, then don’t you think the punishment would be severe. GOD says don’t mislead my people.

        I try my best to be clear. I’m not perfect. There are those who tell you DON’T believe in the KJV cuz it was written by the Jesuits/Freemasons. But, I say this…GOD is in control.

        The Truth is coming out now, even after more than 2,000 years!!! Now, that’s amazing in itself. So, does this negate the fact that they tampered with it? Your call. I trust GOD to lead me to the Truth.

        August 18, 2013 at 4:59 PM

      • Gregory Katsapas

        Hi All

        Here the thing I too didn’t believe in Christ once upon a time, and the bible never made any sense to me when I was a non believer. The funny thing is once you give yourself to God he then reveals much to you through his Holy spirit aswell as wisdoms and understandings you never had before.

        The bible itself 66 books, 40 different authors, makes one think maybe it is a wishy washy story? One problem the 40 different authors were not in the same time period when the writing occurred took place over a time and the early authors who had already died spoke of things that would occur or take place (prophecy). Now I don’t know about you but can I write about what is to come and then a hundred years later when I am long gone these events take place? I wish I could hahaha sadly not. To have a text that speaks to every reader in some way or another across the planet is just too amazing and you see the prophecy is what separates this book from the fairytale stories. This is just my 2cents worth use dont use it. Once you get that there are only two teams it all makes sense. There is the for and the againsts. The blessing is this God had a plan for everyone one and with God no soldier gets left behind. May God bless us all.

        August 23, 2014 at 1:03 PM

  11. Mallory

    I do apologize if you were offended by the judge not part I wasn’t aiming at you. I should have been clearer. It was in general of most religious people, not pointed at you. Also I do very much have knowledge of demons fallen angels, the dangers and such, now I haven’t had a chance to click your links yet…Allot going on today and I am not in the best shape today! However, I do know much of the Illuminati, the MKUltra, and bloodlines. In fact I am also aware that those who govern….or shall I say control the different lands including the good old U S of A, all share the same blood line. In fact inbreeding is even found to be within the best interest of the “family”. Fallen Blood…..King Blood Queen Blood PRESIDENT Blood….. there is allot of information on all of this in soooo many different places. I mean you can even find allot of this on Youtube these days!!! Information on everything is every where, you just have to look and sift through all of the information, again a good place for knowledge and good judgment to be. Not unlike scripture other places can be just as confusing. That’s why it is best to have firm foundation of truth (from God) beneath your feet. Again in this world there are many Gods being worshiped, many different scriptures being read many thing going on in many places. Followers of one God killing followers of another God in the name of God!!! Just because I no longer have interest in the Bible doesn’t mean I am uneducated. With pretty much EVERYTHING there is always more the just the surface. Yes there is depth in the Bible. There is depth is most everything if you are just willing to start scratching away then brave enough to dig. I do not research The Fallen, Demons, Myths, or things such as Bloodlines, Illuminati, MKUltra, so on and so on with impure intentions. I do it because I want to know what to look out for. I seek knowledge, on anything, everything going on around me. Yes I know the signs of the end of days….I know about the Anti-Christ….(remember religion, although constantly changing, has always been in my life) I have acquired vast amounts of knowledge on many things in my life journey. And still I research and research,why? knowledge is power, not meaning I crave power! Meaning that the power of knowledge can be life saving. If you know what to watch out for, what to avoid, and how to handle situations, and yes religious a well, well mainly. Yes the signs of the times grow daily, however in the time of Hitler I am sure they thought the same….in fact there are many moments in history when the “signs” were present. Truth is no one knows when the end of days will be, sure looks close now, it could happen today… year, in decades from now. Nobody knows. I do understand where you are coming from, I do, I know where you are with scripture and it’s meaning or understanding, and I know where I am. And to be honest with you I do not see it as a betrayal to God, or loosing my way, or being deceived, or being demon bait for that matter. What I read what I learn and where I learn it from shouldn’t matter as long as it is God that showing it to me guiding my search of knowledge. Times have changed…there are things going on that the Bible can not inform you or warn you of “specifically” you have to find out other ways sometimes…such as the links you posted. I must be honest with you it offends me when my faith or religious knowledge is judged based on where I learn (Bible or not) as long as I feel I am being guided in the right direction and as long as I keep my faith strong, as long as I am doing his will it should not matter. This here is the reason I try to avoid talking religion or politics with anyone. Some people are so head strong. And so convinced they know the absolute truth, and yes sometimes with good intentions explain what they believe to others, yet they refuse to listen to others. Ah so in there the rub lay! If you choose not to believe in ANYTHING someone shares with you, how then would you expect them to believe in what you share? Ah human nature! Such a fickle mistress!!!! It has ALWAYS been and still is my belief that when God wants you too see something, he opens your eyes. When he wants you to hear something he opens your ears. When he wants you on a certain path he hands you the map. Everybody is in a different place with their spirituality. I believe you are where God wants you to be….and as long as is it is his will you seek and follow….I don’t see why I am “off the path” “straying from God” “being deceived” or anything else. I answer to God and well God only If you would like to share information that would be wonderful. If you choose to continue on with the Bible, well unfortunately I don’t think I have much more to say on that topic. I read the Bible a few times…now I am choosing to move on and seek knowledge and truth else where, where I don’t need 20 people to help my understand a few sentences. As long as I have God is there to help me understand then well I think I will be ok~

    August 18, 2013 at 5:16 PM

  12. Mallory

    hun I would also like to say I am truly impressed with your faith and knowledge and find you to be a true dedicated follower of God, defiantly a servant of God to say the least. Please do not think I dismiss any of your knowledge…In fact I commend you on posting it. I truly hope that I am that I am on the right path, and if not pray that I am lead to the right one. as I said in his time when he feels I am ready I feel He will guide me further. I am trying I am but can you understand the difficulty of have to switch religions as many times as I was made to? It is very confusing to say the least, and yes I will admit I did stray at one point, I got into a life style that I ended up paying for. Lost a husband (to death from drugs, and I woke up on his dead body) my children were taken by his family…that part is a long sorrowful story. and yes I got angry at God, lost sight of who I was and lost sight of who I should be. my life was very testing I felt like Job many times. Questioned God…Questioned everything…but I was young, misguided, wrongfully educated, and cast out by all family. after Hitting rock bottom so hard I bounced, my eyes were once again open. I repented for my sins, changed my life and got back on track. My “parents” are now an internet religion, well last I heard. So yes I tend to question everything now. Searching truth and the right path. seeking guidance. my methods my be different, but after witnessing things in the religions we were is when I questioned the Bible the most. that is why I have left it behind, but I will never leave God behind. All I want is to serve him as well. I want to learn as much about the fallen not to be pulled in. Quite the opposite I want to know what to look for to know the signs of what to avoid. Dose that kind of make things clearer as why I am where I am with this right now?

    August 18, 2013 at 9:38 PM

  13. Rose

    im confused…what is the sumerian? if you know about it?. people say joseph smith had a vision that there was a sumerian tablet and he went to get it . and he got it. on the research it says that the sumerians were the ones that created human beings long before the bible?…im not sure if that person on the website was right or misunderstanding. but if you knew about sumerians tell me please so i wont get confused. who are the sumerians?. what are their laws of what joseph smith found?. also, why the book of enoch is not in the bible?. i was surprise . i didnt know there is supposed to be included in the bible but had taken it out from who?. also, does these aliens are truly aliens such as reptilians and annukani…?. or they all part of the fallen angel?. im pretty sure these aliens dont created us to be human slaves -_-. idk if its true……does the bible explain about sumerian?…

    November 30, 2013 at 10:58 PM

    • Sumerians were the first humans to encounter the fallen angels once the great deluge occurred.They were duped into believing these evil ones were gods, and therefore based their whole lifestyle around them just as the Egyptians did, and many other cultures for that matter. Joseph Smith was conned by these fallen angels into believing the lies as well, as was Muhammad.
      The reason for books being left out of the Bible is that the elite don’t want the masses to know the truth of GOD. The truth also includes the events which transpired around the fallen angels. Enoch was said to have over 100 books which were not included. The elite have kept knowledge from the masses every since they had contact with these fallen ones too. Are you beginning to see how controlling these fallen angels are? And to this day they still control the world, but GOD is in total control! Never doubt that.

      December 1, 2013 at 9:10 AM

  14. Rose

    oh btw..if these fallen angels mate with the human females..and bore children ..then how come they are not powerful?…were they powerful?…the fallen angels should had have power by God. and their children must be have that too. i think i am really misunderstanding.

    November 30, 2013 at 11:16 PM

    • The fallen angels have enough power to convince mankind they are gods. That’s not enough power for ya? They come with their original powers, and this is how they manipulate mankind. I for one will not be misled anymore.

      December 1, 2013 at 9:11 AM

  15. littleking8590

    Jack [ass’] comment caught me off guard lol. I guess its only natural to project the way one feels about a topic on someone else. He calls her the feminist while telling her to keep her mouth shut like the females in the middle east. pretty contradictory. well from what I’ve been revealed in anthropology, a lot of world events proven by scientists, coincide with bible stories. its alway easy to tell when the person ranting and raving knows nothing of science and/or the bible. its purely entertaining.

    January 2, 2014 at 11:53 PM

  16. littleking8590

    After reading some of VP’s replies to Mallory, I have to also say that my brother is 29 years old and knows nothing of this internet age. He knows nothing of modern technology of the web and cellphones and such. He has been imprisoned for most of his adult life and has been limited to these new ways of information and technology. That being said, I so have to agree with VP that God surly does reveal the true battle to those who seek Him. Even without the technology of this time, my brother was shown by God all of what I am barely finding out this year. and without any internet, but by flesh and visions(2013). So even without the technology, if you are truly one who choses God, He will equip you with the knowledge of it all. My brother has battled demons and seen visions from God while he was awake and the people around Him saw nothing. He fights demons daily constantly. He sometimes is angry with God because He thinks God should get it over with and start the judgment day so all the tormenters, human and demons and devils and fallen ones, can finally be destroyed for ever and ever and the true worshipers of God can have true peace. He is always torn by the perverted demons showing him images of child torture. What can we do VP? How can I help my brother? the demons try to enter him all the time because they know his faith is strong and they seek to take over him and use him for their own purpose through his faith? please help? I am a new learner, I am in need of saving my brother. It is easy to fall in the lies of satan. The line is thin for my brother.

    January 3, 2014 at 12:48 AM

    • Ryan,
      To begin with please understand that GOD does NOT give us more than we can bear. We are given what we receive from GOD as a tribute of HIS trust in us. I am reminded of the 1929 movie…Metropolis. This movie was YEARS/DECADES before its time yet it is so pertinent to our time we live in. Someone must have been very gifted from GOD to see these things, yet haunted by the very images of what was/is to come…almost 100 years ago! WOW!!
      Please don’t fight this alone and give your battle to GOD. Rely on HIM for your strength and promise of your bother’s every need. Our trust is everything. Most have heard of the phrase…”Let go, let God.” Well, it’s important to understand its meaning. When we do this we are giving our trust in HIM! A test is trust. Also, prayer works miracles. IT DOES! Reading the Bible, and prayers are your answer my friend.
      I can give you loads of worldly advice but spiritual advice is what will work. Take heed to give him this message. He needs to understand the reason for his passage and place in this world. We all do.
      Now, as far as demons! This fight is one which wages on…this is where his Suit of Armor comes in! NOT kidding either. The Armor of GOD is so important in our walk. Once we get a grasp on how to use it, our problems have more solutions. The key is…THE WORD!

      January 3, 2014 at 6:59 AM

  17. mark

    nc work virginia patrick… keep it up…. don’t mind the critics…. we all believe in god…but in our on free well and understanding….tnx 🙂

    May 28, 2014 at 7:55 AM

  18. mark

    (will) sorry xDD

    May 28, 2014 at 7:56 AM

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