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Colorado ET Protocol

Colorado Flying-Saucer Believers Have Ghost Hunters in Their Sights

Denver May Not Be Big Enough for Both; Earthlings to Decide on
UFO Haven


DENVER—There has been plenty of partisan rancor across Colorado as Election
Day approaches. Here in the capital, it’s out of this world.

Ballot Initiative 300 would require the city to set up an Extraterrestrial
Affairs Commission, stocked with Ph.D. scientists, to “ensure the health, safety
and cultural awareness of Denver residents” when it comes to future contact
“with extraterrestrial intelligent beings or their vehicles.”

Promoting the initiative: Jeff Peckman, a silver-haired entrepreneur who
lives with his parents. “Low overhead,” he explains. Mr. Peckman is a firm
believer in intergalactic life, though he has never been personally contacted by
an alien. That gives him more credibility, he says; it’s harder to dismiss him
as biased.

Mr. Peckman has recruited about 20 volunteers for his campaign.

They face an impassioned opposition led by Bryan Bonner, who dismisses the
unidentified-flying-object buffs as delusional if not outright frauds.

One thing about Mr. Bonner: He spends his spare time crawling through spooky
spaces, deploying remote digital thermometers, seismographs, infrared cameras,
electromagnetic field detectors and Nerf balls in pursuit of evidence of the
paranormal. He is, in short, a ghost hunter.

And he has rallied his colleagues at the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research
Society to fight Initiative 300 as an embarrassment to science—and to Denver.

“This is about the reputation of the city,” Mr. Bonner says.

Replies Clifford Clift, a Colorado UFO researcher: “The paranormal group is
saying we’re outlandish?”

Initiative 300 made it to Tuesday’s ballot on the strength of roughly 4,000
voter signatures. It starts from the premise that intelligent aliens have been
visiting Earth for decades, but the federal government has conspired to keep
that quiet.

“We need to get this out of the realm of the Tooth Fairy and into the realm
of diplomatic protocol,” says Ricky Butterfass, who works on the campaign.

He and several other volunteers spent a recent afternoon hanging
flying-saucer posters on a college campus in Denver. More than a few students
brushed past with bemused looks. But those voters who stopped to talk seemed
taken by the concept, especially when they learned that the ET commission would
be financed by donations, not tax dollars.

“I don’t really believe in extraterrestrial life, but if we set something up
like that, we’d be prepared for anything,” said Brandon Coby, 23 years old, a
biology major at the University of Colorado. “You can’t go wrong with it.”


That logic drives the ghost-hunters at Rocky Mountain Paranormal nuts. Mr.
Bonner, a founder of the group, says he has no problem with anyone scanning the
skies for UFOs. But he does object to giving the saucer seekers credibility by
setting them up with an official commission and posting its findings on the city
of Denver’s website, as Initiative 300 requires.

Compared to that, he says, his profession is a model of discretion.

“The world is full of ghost-hunters,” Mr. Bonner says, “but we’re not trying
to get ourselves affiliated with the city government.”

UFO believers got a big boost in September when six former Air Force officers
held a press conference in Washington to share what they called credible
sightings of otherworldly craft cruising over nuclear weapons sites in decades
past. Days later, a team of respected astronomers announced they had detected a
far-off planet that had the essential conditions to support life.

But Steven Vogt, one of the astronomers who made that discovery, says Denver
need not worry about a welcoming committee just yet.

Or ever, really.

If intelligent aliens make it to Earth, “it will be very obvious—they won’t
be playing hide-and-seek,” says Mr. Vogt, a professor at the University of
California at Santa Cruz. “All of humanity will surge after this thing, and it
won’t matter what any commission says.”

Recognizing that ET contact protocols aren’t foremost in the minds of voters
these days, Mr. Peckman has refined his pitch on Initiative 300. These days, he
promotes it as a jobs bill.

He envisions sci-fi film directors flocking here, space-travel researchers,
and engineers hoping to pry the secrets of intergalactic technology from space

Councilman Charlie Brown is skeptical. “That’s not the kind of job we want to
create,” he says.

But Kelly Brough, president of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, says
she’s game: “We are open for business to all other planets.”

Such talk does not sit well with Julie Shuster, director of the International
UFO Museum in Roswell, N.M., which attracts 150,000 visitors a year.

Her father, a bombardier, issued the famous press release on July 8, 1947
declaring that the Roswell Army Air Field had captured a flying saucer. The
military soon amended the statement, saying it was just a weather balloon.

“I don’t mean to be ugly,” Ms. Shuster says, “but we have the UFO cover-up.
What does Denver have, other than that they want to make money off this?”

Plenty, Mr. Peckman answers, starting with location. The city is perched a
mile above sea level, so why wouldn’t travelers from a distant galaxy stop here

Mr. Peckman didn’t have much luck with the last initiative he managed to put
on the Denver ballot. That was a 2003 measure that would have required the city
to “help ensure public safety by increasing peacefulness” through
stress-reduction techniques such as mass meditation or the piping into public
buildings of soothing primordial sounds. Voters rejected it.

This time, Mr. Peckman thinks he might pull it off. His campaign has its own
rap song and a poster that asks: “Are you ready for the truth?” A cluttered
website lists a half-dozen celebrities alleged to have seen UFOs.

Mr. Bonner, the ghost hunter, is fighting back with his own website asserting
that “Peckman and his ‘little green people’ are not representative of the people
of Denver.”

“Little green people,” Mr. Peckman responds with outrage, is a “racial

The intergalactic-ectoplasmic smackdown ends Tuesday. No polling has been
done on the initiative. But a 2005 Gallup poll found one in four Americans
believes extraterrestrials have visited Earth. One in three believes in


Now, considering my recent video containing info on the Fireman Manual with ET Protocol, this seems to go hand in hand with it. Is this baby steps towards DISCLOSURE? Why are we not waking up? Are people just overlooking this? Seriously? Between the Chemtrails, poison/prescription drugs in our food and water…is this keeping everyone dumbdown? Seems there is also a push to get DIGITAL TV Screens into everyone’s homes by the govt, why else provide vouchers, all this for a signal that can be transmitted to our brains for mind control, plus the subliminal messages….all this contributes to our VERY CONTROLLED atmosphere.

Here’s my secret…..pray!

2 responses

  1. Opal

    Maybe Mr. Peckman knows what is really under the Denver Airport and where all the tunnels lead to and thinks people needs some kind of protective measures setup to protect them when the time comes for what is in those underground tunnels and facilities to come to the surface.

    Maybe he knows of the agenda of the Golden Dawn secret society near Denver and elsewhere.

    JFK in his 1961 Secret Society speech warned America about the the great Monolithic Secret Society but it went right over their heads because few understood as it was kept SO secret and they didn’t have the Internet to search with. That speech can be found online,I think everyone should listen to it JFK was killed for that warning and giving an order for the US to issue it’s own money and not the Federal Reserves Fiat money as was Abe Lincoln when he issued the same order.

    Yes everyone get knowledge because knowledge is power and pray while you do so for protection of your children and yourselves your nation and the world.

    Yes I do Pray,Pray,Pray! ….in the mighty name of Jesus Christ because I know that aliens are fallen angels and they are below us, the whole earth has a vast tunnel system all over it and more and more are being created. There are five whole underground cities in the U.S. alone not counting all the tunnels and facilities. Look them up. The Gov. Military and Intelligence agencies know about them but are not talking and now all these sinkholes?

    March 16, 2013 at 2:07 PM

    • Opal!
      Well said! GOD BLESS YOU! Bravo to you for the courage and strength to speak the Truth. That Truth is GOD! Nothing better than that. Life is meaningless without HIM! PRAISE GOD! Peace & Blessings-V

      March 17, 2013 at 9:57 AM

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