Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Letters From The Age Of Aquarius Demons


The demonic reality is that these entities work with purpose and reason. They like us have free will. They work in unison to use synchronicity to gain acceptance. With many false religions under their belt and divine powers, they use in concert to encrust fear, control and an overall scenario of superiority. The contrived plan which facilitates their leader, Satan, into the forefront in the apocalypse, is one of unpredictability. But, ultimately, they are under the control of GOD, for they want us to think they are uncontrollable, but they are not. The veritable mine field within their plan is one of negativity and hate. They dispense to the contrary of their peace and love energy.
The plan within their letters of demise contain threats and control mechanisms. The energy field within the letters are pride. This is the exact reason they are in the position they are in. They contaminate everything they touch with darkness. They work in unison with our world governments to bring about a ‘savior’ scenario which will be accepted by society.
The counterfeit techniques they use are transparent, but not enough to gain a mass awakening. With the collapse of religion and government and sciences, we have the perfect atmosphere for their “Consciousness Ascension” plan. To accommodate these plans are our evil elite and powers that be in control of the New World Order, which has been the demonic plan for many millenniums. The elite believed themselves to be in control and a vehicle for oppressiveness but beyond their control are the demonic characters within their master plan.
Firstly, the so called “Ascended Masters” claim to be of love, peace, tranquility and light but they are the complete opposite of this. Secondly, upon persistent research, what begins to emerge is a plan that’s used many of humanities most intelligent people at their disposal. With the density of space within their grasp, we are nothing but puppets to do their bidding.
Their presence in the Golden Age was one of pretense just as it is now. They admit their elusive behavior and many dimensions within their plans. The plan now is to use the 2012 Mayan agenda to their benefit. They injected these many beliefs into races and cultures within and throughout the world over the period of thousands of years to bring about the 2012 events to come. With fear tactics and an ounce of subjection, they want your very soul in their midst to take. This is their objective.
The letters come in various sizes and from different sources that channel them from the end result remains the same. Delusion, and illusion. The details are not complicated, and they spiral into the vortex of horror. Can you read between the lines? Can you see their powerful source of trickery? I am going to place key points in this video;


The last time we were in was Atlantis.


In ancient history there are many references, particularly by the Greeks and Romans, to a Golden Age wherein there was nothing but light, love, peace and tranquility, a place where death, war, famine, disease, and poverty were unknown.
**This speaks of their habitation of Atlantis and their wanting humanity to worship them.**


The Sirians will be making mass landings


on Earth to help us through the experience of the photon belt (The mass landings will occur 2-6 months before the photon belt reaches us).
**They give timelines but ultimately they are not the force in charge! GOD is! Okay, the parts next are from a letter I just found recently. It sounds as if they are getting very close to making their appearances. It also sounds very fierce and determined. They speak of us in terms of virus’ and such, and the simple fact that these channelers cannot see what they discribe is definitely the truest of illusions and deception.**
Come the ending of this year it will be the last one of its kind. From hereon the changes will manifest in a destructive way, that will tell you beyond doubt that you have broken away from the right ways. Even for those with little or no knowledge of the end times a sense of doom for the slaughter will destroy them. You have been going through some of the easiest times you have ever experienced with lots of food and clean water to drink, but you shall be more than destroyed by the darkness descending upon Earth. It will take announcement of the coming destruction to fully awaken people to what an utterly horrifying period you are entering.
**I can read through the lines. This is the fear factor in action.**
Much depends upon your successful eradication, so that the whole Universe can also breathe a sigh of relief that the potential pandemic of the human virus has FINALLY been eradicated once and for all.
How we wish we could shout the news from the treetops, but for the time being we have to approach the whole matter in an orderly manner so as not to panic the populace too much lest any of you escape the planet and spread the virus elsewhere. It is essential that we do not cause shock or confusion by our actions, and this is where we need to co-ordinate our progress with our allies upon Earth. At present many of you unaware that you are enlisted in our activities, but until the right time we cannot reveal your identities. Your potential for slaughter has already been recognized, and pre-planning has ensured that you are primed and eager to start the final stages of Earth’s destruction.
**This tells of us being salt in their wounds. It’s a precursor to what their intentions really are**
It is not that you are lacking ideas as to how to deal with the problems connected with your environment, and many now wait some opportunity to use their expertise in the weapons of mass destruction. You have been impressed with many wonderful ideas as to how to totally destroy the Earth and its people. Therefore, moving up another level of doom will seem quite natural, and we shall train personnel to use our advanced weapon technology. Speed will be of the essence, and with our help we shall successfully work together as a team that shall achieve total and horrifying demise for your pathetic race. Mother Earth will be pleased, and able to delay what would inevitably have been some serious physical changes, because the virus called humanity will finally be killed.
**Wow! Now their really speaking their minds. Notice the point about Mother earth, this makes point of the true paganism’s origin. Then, we have them referring to us as pathetic. Really key to what true intentions they really have!**
Transport and communications will be amongst the first things that will be destroyed, but our allies must be able to move freely around the world and keep in touch with their base. Much of the directions that will accompany you will be given on board our ships, and we can download information into your consciousness in a way that requires little or no time. You will not of course be on your own, and we will be delighted to work with you. Over long periods of time many of you (Politicians, military, Illuminati)have been closely associated with us, and unbeknown to you we have often met and laid down the plans that are to be implemented.
**Transportation will be key to our getting to loved ones, calling loved ones, etc. They won’t allow this. In the Bible it speaks of a ½ hour of silence in the heavens…do you think this could be our communications and satellites being magnetically disengaged? Satan will still have control of the air (1st and 2nd heavens (space). They admit they have been in unison with our powers of elite and this agreement they made was not kept long. It was for the allowance to abduct humans in return for technology beyond our realm. This was not kept long. For they did not stick to the original agreement. They tell of taking people aboard their ships! This will be accomplished by a false rapture, an agreement made to help one ascend to the next level of consciousness. This cannot be achieved without GOD! And they know it. Their intention is to get you aboard and to soul scalp you!!**
What a wonderful time of horror and slaughter is ahead, and what a relief it will be to you to throw of restrictive practices and controls that prevent your free and uninterrupted destruction. We will ensure that our plan is put over to you in a clear and simple way, and it is our announcements and subsequent communications that will put beyond doubt our intentions for you all. Of necessity we will need to land some of our craft upon Earth, but a mass showing of our presence will come at a later date. There will be plenty of time to acquaint you with our teams of destruction.
**Seems they look forward to our demise, our destruction and they relish the thought. Simply sad that people believe their lies. Teams of destruction seems ominous. My intention to at least get the knowledge out of their plans, so when these events do start happening, people will start to wake up…even if I am scoffed at in the process!**
Weather control will be our responsibility, and we will ensure that it is totally destructive to you, and in a very short time you will find yourselves in a unlivable climate. Presently you suffer from the tampering with your weather patterns, and it has not been intended for your good. The demise of Atlantis was because the Atlantean’s played with powerful energies that they could not control, and you will all face a similar situation because for our coming. We have absolutely every intention of allowing the dark forces to have a free hand to destroy your Earth. Already they know of our presence, and have experienced our permission to sanction their actions.
**They tell of our weather being dominated and controlled and they will do the same. Do you think this condition they speak of is why our elite continue to build underground cities and spaces? They have been warned. But it does not matter for the demons are underground as well. They tell of having every intention of allowing dark forces to have free will at earth, this is because they are included in this statement!**
We know that Man is at heart a totally corrupt Being, and all that is required to bring his evil mien to the front is to remove the constant threat of his freedom. So many of your “lost souls” will respond to our coming and the destruction we bring. We will show you that you are spiritually doomed Beings, with an enormous potential to bring death and destruction to the universe. It is your natural state, and we shall release you from the intense laws and regulations that bar your way by eradicating you before you escape your planet.
**They came many times to try and eradicate man and our Savior! Because GOD had no intention of letting this happen, it only went to certain degrees. They speak of lost souls! Indeed! For they know first hand, do they not!!! They have been spiritually doomed for thousands of years and they want to keep every soul they can from reaching GOD. This is their leader, Satan’s goal.**
Doomed Ones, I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I have come with orders to destroy you, because you still have not learned about all life around you, and we shall ensure that you are destroyed and cleansed of life as soon as possible. Busy times are ahead for us, enjoyable times where death and destruction will have first place. Be in doom and despair at the prospect of taking a great leap forward into your certain demise, because there will be no going back to the old ways – never again.”
**Yes, we have the same SaLuSa that has been channeled for centuries now. He has never spoke in these intensities before. WHY? Because this is their true character and integrity. They have no morals, no integrity! They want to destroy mankind for we were made in GOD’s image.
The TEMPLE with which we communicate to GOD is in our DNA. We need no building, stone or place. We only need call on GOD. BUT…these demonic entities want to come to help you ascend because when you do you will not be able to communicate with GOD any longer. They were here in the days of Noah (Noe) and came into daughter of men. This produces Nephilim. This changed the DNA of some races of mankind. This will and is happening again. They have two plans of destruction…both through mankind’s DNA! This changes our communication channel and also slaps GOD in the face in the process. What a plan Satan has had for all these years. GOD has allowed it for purposes of freewill and choice. What is your choice? Will you see through their demonic plans? Will you choose GOD?

12 responses

  1. irving

    this is stupid your taking all they are saying and making it sound negative and your excuses for things are petty. the creator has been here all this time and will be here as well like he always has i think your fear mongering, really dis informed and rely on the bible which has been manipulated to fit the elites demise and wars and future plans for humanity

    March 28, 2012 at 9:28 PM

    • Fear mongering and disinfo is for the elite. Truth does scare people if they don’t understand it. The time is short and one must seek the truths through research. I’m not the only person who says these things about these entities. Demons love to disguise themselves as the innocent and if you research demonology then it reveals characteristics of demonic activity.
      Can you pray with them? Can you have them speak the name of Jesus Christ and do these things for ten minutes. Even the upper hierarchy can’t do these things for more than a few minutes. GOD says test the spirits and these entities don’t like being tested by the WORD. This should be a clue.
      I’m not seeking to hurt anyone…or scare them. My work is to get people to wake up. Attacking someone for one’s own lack of knowledge is not positive behavior. The amount of bashing on these subjects is exponentially increasing because GOD foretold it.

      March 29, 2012 at 8:25 AM

      • Thank you Virginia!

        March 7, 2013 at 3:53 PM

  2. Virginia, just want to tell you to keep up your work. Even though we have one heck of a task ahead of us, we know the One we serve is faithful and can be fully trusted to supply our every need in this battle. Blessings!

    April 25, 2012 at 2:25 PM

    • Thank you. I know having a blog like this allows people to speak their opinions and I applaud this. As long as the respect is there…izzz all good. I don’t agree with every opinion, but GOD made us all different. Righteous!

      April 25, 2012 at 8:52 PM

  3. actuallty, this is not stupid … me myself used to believe in all of this galactic federation stuff , until i opened my eyes and mind … its the ultimate deception that is written in EVERY holy book, i used to be an muslim, and we are warned of the false prophet and his good solution for our problems on earth, at first it seems all amazing, but it will end like Atlantis, where the people became too arrogant, played with nature and genes and DNA, acted like god, but we all know how that ended … galactic federation is our ” NEW WORLD ORDER ”, the solutions to our problems, don’t fall into it, it’s the ultimate deception that moses, jesus, mohammad and many others have told us !!

    July 12, 2012 at 8:34 AM

    • BRAVO! Not too many see this as the ultimate delusion. The New World Order was initiated by these demons long, long ago. Peace & Blessings-V

      July 12, 2012 at 12:17 PM

    • It is curious to say the least that you being a former Muslim say you have read every holy book. How is this so? I would presume you were culturally brought up to memorise the Quoran/Koran from your childhood. Do you follow any so called belief system these days?
      If you are following Jesus (Isa bin Miriam from the Koran ,
      is the same Jesus from the Bible), I am somewhat perplexed as to why you use the Illuminati / Pharaoic symbol of the all seeing eye Horus and several other claimed entities as your avatar. Just curious.

      March 26, 2016 at 12:52 PM

  4. Alex

    This is by far one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read. You claim you don’t want a new world order but you want humanity to unify and think together etc….well that would be called a new world order. And yes we are created in God’s image….maybe the changes in our DNA are meant to be so that we stay in god’s image since God is everywhere and everywhere is changing and therefore as we change based on our free will out DNA must change to maintain his image…

    December 15, 2013 at 11:41 PM

    • This is not my work….this is the schizophrenic work of the Ascended Masters (Fallen Angels). They channel through people and this is the end result. Their reasoning for us to accept the changes in our DNA (which their causing) is so we will believe they created us.

      December 16, 2013 at 8:17 AM

  5. eric gordon

    To the person who posted this blog please contact me I have some information you need god lead me to this page for a reason and to everyone saying its crazy a year ago I would have said the same but I say to you the word of god does support and now ive seen first hand myself please send email to me

    October 30, 2014 at 3:37 PM

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