Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Sirius Plates


Seems 25 years ago or so some “Sirians” from Sirius left some “GOLD” pictogram records of substantial size. This will be broken down and deciphered as best possible, considering Hungarian is not my native language. This comes from a posting in a internet forum. There are secrets out there that many have and they want to share! I will post my notes at the end of each PLATE as **ED. NOTE**

Transylvania 1975. This event took place in Spain too.
Sirius is the message – something almost impossible, but they do have such ??In small flakes of unknown pictograms and the signs were very like what rovásírásunkhoz. Decipherment of the local magazines published in the hope they have done, and such a magazine was one of the Harghita mountains between ethnic Hungarians living in the hands of researchers. I know him personally. That is indeed a real person, who would welcome the new application. Reached me a story of a manuscript, which described the whole story.

I quote from this. The instructions show a gold record in Spain as to how to add a connection to the ominous creatures. The instructions consisted of a large size (20-30 meters) make up a given signal into a meadow, and wait patiently on the ground, even days, weeks even. Lime scattered on the large sign on the grass and waited. Suitable site was found near a wood-looking place.

Suddenly, a UFO appeared and landed. This shows you that some very dense frequency monitor the entire planet, because this has not happened in the Spanish site! A blonde, a fully human-like creature came out of the vehicle, and a small cube-shaped shiny metal box has brought you over to the spanking is for men. Then a rather unpleasant incident occurred.

This meeting is only a few attempts were able to decipher the message after the first disc, but the thing is so bad. The contemporary Romania intricate spy network is still deterred by the Securitate (the Romanian secret police sometime) men, so they are already on the ground flattened, and the box is handed over előrohantak heavily armed. Then the vehicle repeatedly sounded an urgent alarm, and the box is a small donor ufonauta ceruzaszerűkörbemutogatott device, and indicated to the earthly, to flee into the forest in the box. At the same time the spot is a strange thing happened. Locally and were selected by the actors and objects can “stop time”. I can not write better than this, they fled towards the forest and the space passenger were able to move around, but the soldiers and the other completely lemerevedtek present. But not only people but also the weapons, we just tried to shoot it.

 Űrpilóta the back of the vehicle, and off the machine. After a while the eldördültek lemerevedett weapons, and this is the first victim was a Securitátés belügyis. A machine gun started belügyis one shot the other one. Later, one of the researchers also died, who was wounded in the battle of the back of her neck, just the alien sword. Just days after it appeared a more intense red stain, and then succumbed to some kind of symptomatic sugársérülésszerűsebesülésébe.

The rest of the Secret Service men were looking for a long time, and eventually drove them to the box and drew a sketch he had already photographed the contents of hiding places. This eye-witnesses (the researchers) believe that a compartment within the box was a nickel, something like a microscope, which is usually kept tárgyüvegeket. The box was completely closed, as if it would be entirely in one piece, so felfűrészelték the “top”, and so it came in a gold-colored panels. A box of slides and films were confiscated from them. Because it was something that elgondolkozhatunk together now. With nearly a hundred plates we present 16 pieces, and they attempt to give an explanation.

This “little” will differ from the author’s original manuscript magyarázataitól. I own my knowledge, approach the issue, although the original text is interesting. The author Szatmárnémedi living in the area somewhere, but unfortunately the address and the name has been lost. I met him ten years ago. The responses to my questions if they were honest, and detail a complete and accurate answer to all this I saw that the story is true, and actually met these strangers. I know the type of skill.


**ED. NOTE** Seems credible. Sounds like he has a story to share of great importance. Broken English makes for odd interpretation but we drudge through for lack of our own interpretation.
Sounds as though a landing took place where it got physical. The objects in which the “Blondes” possessed had time manipulation factors. Seems like physical evidence was left at the scene. The “Box” appears to contain a large amount of plates and other items as well. Films/Slides were obtained and curiously, I wonder if these are made by the ‘extraterrestrials.’The first disk

This and the other plates showing a lot of symmetry there is a pictogram. In the upper left corner to see a five-pointed star refers to the common elements of our culture carries the signal on Earth as it is widely used everywhere. The all-powerful symbol. The American flag can be seen in the same way as the national flag of communist China. A period of two Hungarian coat of arms appeared in the top of the red five-pointed star. Magic effects and sense signals. The other two are very similar to a pictogram. Both six-figure circlet in connecting lines. The two holes form on the left trapézos sign is a sign that life can appreciate. This may be correct in many ways because of the time feedback (uroborosz), which constitutes the basis of life and all existence. This also means lélekszikrát. Here’s a right and a left signal appears, which together with the asterisk above the mirror-like nature of space and antitér points. The inclusion of five-and six-square is also suggestive. (Can not get the five to six).

The above drawing of the original manuscript. This is called Transylvania arvisurának. The original record is hun-Hungarian arvisura aranylemezeken are, all of them. In addition, a further interpretation will be included as well, which is a direct reference to this assumption. The drawing did not find an explanation, but also a strange beszámozás spacetime, and that over the long-distance space travel reference. The bottom left chart of gold is allowed to think of two reflective tetrahedrons, but this figure created by the other right now suggests that this is something else. For example, a CPT can pose a mirror in which the stars formed and located in the space. This will also suggest additional disks.

**ED. NOTE** This five-pointed star is the pentagram in which we use exponentially. I believe this to be given to us by the demonic realm. In fact, the writer expressly notes that magic is present. Transylvania seems to be an origin for many subjects that tie together in this scenario.
On this record, a regular eight-pointed star can be observed. This is the mysticism of light, or energiacsillag, and modern science, although there was no sign of this, but in fact it is the Fotini appears. So you can find extensive explanations of the pages of HELLO magazine. The lower left figure fours and sixes in the mixture of symmetry, as observed in a regular hexagon inside corner of the square. Are not two but four are signs of life. Two right and two left. This message can be macro-and microworld, both are too awkward. The original interpretation suggests that the planet homo galaxicus nine lives. I know that I could not read from this figure. Which is still exciting, is that it is very similar to the human soul energiacentrumának image. Of course, this may be the macro sense as well. The Cosmos-zimmetriákra may also refer to as “above it as below.

**ED. NOTE** The eight-pointed star is also given to us by the spirit realm, it is used in the Catholic Church and many pagan religions. As Above, so below…this again brought to us by demonic realm. Why it’s given the name of Masosodik, only time will tell.


In all the mirrored disk. Sign above the center of the cosmos, above two axles and a symbol for reflection. The two kockaszerű sign a “planetary” symbol is very similar. Included in the middle of the “planet” will appear, and both the vieces signal, which is people. This is an indication that the full knowledge that the universe is ruled by the principle of parity. Matter and antimatter, and energy antienergia, antifény and light, space and antitér. The cosmic signal is above the whitewashed Budaörs Airport will also launch an architect, Mr. Attila the leadership of the Hungarian scientists, but neither the airport visually, or radarmegfigyelői, neither the researchers did not see anything.

Not much later, in a case of a huge UFO későőszi passed through the housing estate Kelenföld ten-story houses, the sixth floor level. Many witnesses spoke of the vehicle and went his way. Albertfalva have seen, and also in Budaörs. A local pediatrician and everyone who he was, he saw a burly gadgets. So low it was quite bulky monster that we all believed that it will sweep the chimneys. Then, passing over around Budapest. former airport at the height of the enormous speed and disappeared tipped page top. Josef Hoffmann reporter personally saw, even the Kelenföld városközpontnál and tried to follow, but not the UFO followed the trail of the road.

A local radio announcement immediately, and not less than a half hour, when it began to have rebuttal to say that this is only an agricultural helicopter, which was delivered to an illuminated advertising hoardings. This was indeed true, but people are not so stupid that a csühögő, agricultural flail összekeverjenek a mosquito flying elephant. Indeed, such a helicopter flew in the air. I have seen. However, the original vehicle and a huge gray coating, rotational elipszoid was shaped like a horrible bright spotlights, illuminated windows, and was also an observer, who was shaving in front of the window (6.emelet) and seen from a few meters into the spacecraft. It is also looking at one of the astronaut, who has kindly waved to him. The vehicle is all the same independent observer wrote, or drew it. That is seen.

**ED. NOTE** Just how far does this UFO cover-up go? Oh my, years upon years. Wow, friendly ‘aliens’. Hmm…I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Wait, no other word to describe it…vomit!


The fourth album
On this record, showing us the whole universe, it contains szimmetriákat and reflection systems. Dominant in the sixth and five-symmetrical systems. The two galaxisjel rotates in one direction. Are those in which a water man, drew a mermaid. Vieces left a mark and below the figure of a winged figure is observed. Almost in the middle of the plate dominanciális a man is present and that it does not have horns on his head, but a sign of higher intellect. In the lower left corner of the man carrying the sign of the highest intellect, and this representation is very similar to what szentjeinkhez.

A double circle of dead stars and the galaxisjelben signal can be observed, which are not mutually exclusive, presumably because they are also a higher, but not the physical body intelligence directs live. This is indicated at the bottom right-hand side of the plate is observed two signals. A hexagon is complemented by four small triangles. This symmetry gives 6 4 points. Ten are original. The left and right signals are placed in two ősteremtő (original) signal is also understood to be held in a six-symmetrical system. Bottom right corner, separated from the Creator himself seems likely. The dual időkónusz sign. The variety of symmetry and the variety of people representing a pictogram indicating that the cosmos is populated by diverse species, and at the same time it also may indicate what kind of symmetry to which species are dominant.


Aranylemezein the previous page was that the macro universe around us is very colorful and diverse creatures living in it. Now let’s look at the plates, where the creatures basic scheme, and the closer csillagvilág populated planets are shown.

**ED. NOTE** Do you have to be Einstein to understand what is being told here? I understand one thing for sure, these entities are all about astronomy and numerology.

Top left open by a “time capsule” signal a “technical object”, meaning to mark. This is a direct indication that this information has long been on the planet is located. As the old message of support for the theory of “book” and a sign of the right of the pyramid is depicted. In other words, the message is related to the pyramids. The anyagvilágot also left four people representing a symbol meaning. The signal in legbalabbra bolygójelen is not, but it seems that the planet itself. This may seem rubbish in today’s world perception, but the civilization it is also a possible manifestation. The Earth is living like the remains of civilizations, who are descendants of survivors of the previous bolygókatasztrófa. Such are the Eskimos (Inuit) and the Australian abók. These language and then we will study the language águnkon.

The second sign has a planet emberjel. This is also characteristic of the Earth, since this species has only a tenuous relationship with the intellectual szülőbolygójával, even though there are vague memories of the old relationship. This refers to the Gaia theory, where the planet itself can indicate intelligent thing. This hodgepodge of a rigid materialist tries skatulyájába beletömködni. The main reason szeparáltsága individual. From then constantly unhappy, as devised by his soul shiver of loneliness. This is not something dumb people, just so strong and so it goes through. The third signal crossover people, then the right is a very high intellectual level of the other species, to monitor dominanciális helping people.

**ED. NOTE** Can we see the relation to the symbols of paganism in this plate? Yes. Are they trying to reveal secrets? Maybe. But it would benefit them if it does, I’m sure of it.


The above album is perhaps an entire planetary system is represented with three inhabited planets. All three live in planet-developed intelligence, so it’s not in our solar system. These will be familiar to perhaps a weird. After the “star” may be a sign of the signal in two hemispheres, cohesive way of living and operating in the symmetry of the star system can be shown, and beside them drew the complex signals of the planets themselves (or the inhabited planets) report. We will still only three-dimensional thinking, but remember that those who have the messages forwarded to us a much more thorough knowledge of the dimensions have since passed on to the environment of other stars. The double, triple and quadruple combination of symmetries and the planet’s signal can refer to this as well. In any event, it is obvious that lived near us are stellar as well.

**ED. NOTE** What appears to me from this pictograph is that ‘they’ seem to “WATCH” everything. Hmm…this reminds me of Scripture…THE WATCHERS.
We see here is indeed a planetary system, and this is not the solar system, since only six planets were placed around the central star. The top two may be similar to our system of two óriásbolygójához, Saturn and Jupiter, but notice that these are signs of how similar the center-star signal. Transylvania, the author of the concentric circles was correlated to the deserted planet, and the right and left visible above our Jupiterünkkel and Szaturnuszunkkal make an analogy. The star sign to me more like a three star system suggests a planet inhabited by two people, while the above two types of sub-planetary orbit is also star pose. The ringed planet thought the upper-left mark (Saturn-type) can also mean something else, because the same flattened ring around our sun as well.

Think of the “zone of asteroids”, which is a planet beyond Mars orbit in one plane and dominated system. This is nothing more than pieces of a fallen planet. Sometime Phaeton (feto) or Vulcan was the name. Degradation may not be very old because the earth is in places more mondáiban. Reappeared on the Internet today to the existence of the planet Nibiru, which is called the north wind caused by the collision with the satellites of the planet’s destruction.

Today is also associated with the destruction of Earth, but on the Greek legend about inspire others. In Phaeton, the Sun-god (Helios), son of his father’s fiery chariot to envy, and sprout into the sky with him, but can not handle, from which the Earth became too much trouble, all spent, dried up or caught fire.

This destruction of the planet Phaeton bolygómag temporarily released from burning intense, sun-felfénylése szerteáradó of heat over a short period of time has created an overheating of the Earth that were formed following local disasters. The Phaeton has worked for a while, like another sun. Distance was comparable to the central csillagunktól távolságunkkal, but is very dependent on the extent of the impact of where it was at that moment in his career. If you stayed on the same side of the Earth, then the effect was much more intense, as if the sun had stayed on the other side. After the intense warming stories to read, so probably there were ominous planets perigee position.

The Nibiruról (one more planet, solar system) is still on the living legends. This is a huge-sized planet Uranus. Proximity to a planet of this size can be very dangerous because they may be caught in the earth, and if not, close to a hundred feet high tides can also give rise to the Earth’s rotation due to one and half times the speed of sound körbenyalhatja planet. This power can not even imagine.

**ED. NOTE** They do infect space, like bed-bugs! You can’t seem to get rid of them. I bit of humor there. The circle with the dot in the center is again, Sun (Helios) worship Symbology. The ancient races of Earth worshipped volcanoes and were told to revere them by these entities.  Sounds like this author is confused and programmed. But, the thought process of Nibiru is spot on. Why would NASA try to hide such an enormous planet? Why, unless you know what it is and where it’s going. Makes me wonder just what do they know. Wonder what else is on the other 80 sum plates!

On this record, an eight, that is, one can see fényszimmetriát while also turns out that the message came from. In the upper left of Figure depicts a man and a woman. These four also included on the disk, only the gender reversed the lower figures are present. The two small sign, or another variety, or some mixture of the four species. Nemiségtől mean free, otherwise reproducing species, once the signals are symmetric. Say, the small grays, who live in some kind of collective society, such as ants or bees.

The top left star in the direction of a weird double-double arrow-like symbol (symbol spacecraft) pointing towards the central star, which in this case, the sun may be, after the message was addressed to us. A nearby double stars in the Canis Maior’s alpha, that of Sirius, which is an eclipsing binary. 49.9 years to avoid one another. Only in this century of discovery in astronomy, this is the name of the Hungarian People’s csillagpárnak much longer standing. Kata called lame. This is the Kata but only two of over a century limp. The board is also here that human beings live, similar to us. During the meeting they had seen a blond-haired astronaut, who was fully human-like than we do. A kind of homo sapiens. This thought-provoking as well as the Platonic Year. This represents a shift in the sky 72 degrees during the year. That is, Plato does not observe, however, described it.

**ED. NOTE** To me, this represents genetic manipulation. The descriptions of the ‘aliens’ are those of the infamous blonde hair, blue eyed husky Aryan Nordics. But if research serves me correctly, these ‘aliens’ want to be gods. This is the 5 WILLS of Satan, one being that he will be worshipped. These entities are so transparent.THE Time Capsule

The previous tab was already a sign that you are now back. This is a sign of the time capsule. There was a technical object in it, and open state could be seen as a bit of magic. You may find that if this particular time capsule, a major surprise to us will be taking power. Why is there a time capsule of technical subject matter? That work?


Two signals can be seen in time capsule. The right figure is very similar to the week in a large disk image. There it was assumed that the three stars visible in the picture. In the same shape (irregular hexagon) can be seen, however, are the two top stars, stars that had been marked. Planet of the bottom three and bottom right is a planet of deviating from them and there is a mixture of vieces signal. I said about that lényszerűplanet. One of (the central planet of a time capsule under the symbols. szövetségjel her left one (which is above the intelligence of a higher signal to indicate that this alliance is a higher intelligence monitors. A time capsule can be seen above the symbol in the technical subject matter signal left. You can be the time capsule a pyramid, which is down pyramid in nature. Maybe the pyramids to mummies, robots instead of lurking?

**ED. NOTE** Sounds like a ‘time capsule’ is in the pyramids. Is this why it is said that digging at night was heard in and around the pyramids? What were they looking for? And why only dig at night, unless your hiding what your doing and what you will find. Transhumanism is on the rise in our cultures and this just may be a clue to why. Are their already figures that are half-human half-robot? I think so. I think the so called ‘aliens’ have had them for thousands of years and perhaps they have given our governments a peak at this technology, just enough to keep them on the leash!

The Tenth PLATE
We have long looked at this figure by which the two stars and two stars mark is extinct. So here are four stars. The right of the “Star of David” in the middle of a csillagjel consists of a signal are known, but variations in the earth used to be a small circle. Over the visible sign of alliance, which also may indicate that they are in the same way federal members, such as the human race. Think in the Old Testament or New Testament.

However, this is not essential information. The figure four, the central figure in the scope of the initial letter T has a similar shape, why? This is four less than the stars thread and sign a timeless figure in three is at the top of each other. This is one of the four-way, T-ended fiber, followed by a (plane) and a star of David (dimensional) octahedron. This operation is the source of spacetime. The two dead stars, said the sign is parallel to the existing source oscillations of the mirror-opposite niverzumot, but against the fast pace of existing stars are misaligned or too mean. Then the other two are not even in existence!

**ED. NOTE** This so called, “Star of David” is nothing but a mockery of the Davidic bloodline. This is basic occult symbolism, nothing else. The fact that people idolize this symbol is sad. Maybe some do the same with the Cross symbol. Essential information is exactly what this is inferring. We need to take our immortality seriously. Just what do you believe will happen when you die? Especially if you don’t believe in GOD! The “TIMELESS” figurehead is GOD! Not these fallen angels. The letter ‘T’ is worshipped in ancient religions. A counterfeit message is given and inferred.

The Eleventh PLATE
This disc is again reported on the importance of symmetry. The above chart also featured the very first page, next to a star sign. During one of these, the western asztrológiából and asztronómiából also known as a symbol for the sign of Gemini. Man posing next to a sign, then sign a planet. Right symmetry is essentially the same as the ninth disc, but in only four and a symmetry in the diagonal. Pairs of diagonals of a point, the “dead star” points to start, and it acts as if it would mean that the vast distances of stars of some existing szimmetriarendszerben spondálnának correlated with each other, and / or so that would be created, maintained, or the existence of symmetry distant opposite points of the associated planets.

Since these starting points is essentially the top of Figure 5-5 assumes such a radius, it may be that the symmetry completely, and every element in this context is alive and exists. This symmetry-based existence, and there should be a reflection of bolygóinkhoz sexual traits, and the planets assigned to the ancient deities. Think of your Venus or the moon and the female Jupiter, Mars, the nature of man. The signs of life left and right signals to do so utalóak.

**ED. NOTE** Again we have the symbolism of ancient worshipping of the male and female images. I’m surprised there’s no egg symbol.

The twelfth PLATE
Here we are facing now is a complete message. Two identical but mirrored ábrasorunk here.

You’re the man of the four dual alliance alliance in his book you will find a flared, the secretary of the fire, and stars in this new system has gyújthatsz. With this in mind you can join kozmoszába.

**ED. NOTE** This reeks of genetic manipulation to me. Counterfeit beings without souls who resemble GOD’s masterpieces-us! They have tried for thousands of years to do this, bringing forth many beings of evil.

The Old Testament EMPIRE

**ED. NOTE** ??The Thirteenth PLATE

This album is far more specific message lurks as a centralized location managed system schematic shows. Emberjelek at least eight different species indicates the presence and migration, mixing signals is included four times. Very interesting picture on the right side alone in a double cross. Compared with a small “o” is lying, which can be interpreted as a sign of the creator. In addition to being eight eight spacecraft to image, but in any case above the left and right are two. Here’s a totally different from our usual csillagképeinktől way connected with the stars, constellations, although the connection of ground used to be completely random, so this is not standardized. In astronomy, for example, is completely different from the eastern csillagképekkel operas. The original manuscript, this figure was on the same page.

**ED. NOTE** Seems to be a star-map with ‘alien’ Symbology. Integration of different species and worship of Satan is throughout this plate.
This part of me does not cover the upper sky star map, but it still may be correct, since not only the solar system can be seen in the universe. This would certainly békaperspektíva. Let’s turn the next page.

**ED. NOTE** The fact that everything comes full circle with the fallen angels is of no surprise to me. They bring forth the same images and references in all their workings. They use humanity to spread their evil and laugh all the while, because the puppets follow the puppet master.

The fourteenth PLATE

Board is now in the veil. This figure shows a good agreement is already known to us as csillagképekkel. It is also marked with the above match. On this record, there are already characters, and each “word” is a typographical five. Two súlyzószerűsign in the picture, which is nothing more than hyphen, also known as spácium, space. Center of the top stars of the Orion constellation is better, but mainly in the winter constellations and bright stars of all it is a typical star in this league.

Above, the white star map of the constellations on it are those that are in the right direction for the direction (towards the relatives) nézegethetsz in the sky. This can be seen to the south in the winter night. Come to the southeast, southwest, and buried it. Interpretative decipherment of the original discs that: PAGASZ, REGASZ, LUTESZ, JUNESZ, VICSESZ, FADOSZ, and the author thinks these personal names or planet. The album was much more original material, and this has helped to decipher the alien alphabet. And here comes the real surprise.

**ED. NOTE** Five denotes ‘Grace’ in GOD’s kingdom, and we know that Satan counterfeits everything of GOD! Orion is “The Hunter” in the Zodiac. Because this is referenced to these characters. Orion is depicted in Urania’s Mirror, a set of constellation cards published in London in 1825. This card reveals a Hunter with a Club, about to strike a Lion. Yeshua is this LION. All is transparent when looked upon as a story in the skies. The first Message of GOD was told in the skies and still is but it is tainted by Satan in the current Zodiac. The Solstice is actively worshipped even to this day. The veil opened reveals a story of the beginning of time, and these characters were there. They are very intelligent and use this to taint every work of GOD. Time and space are used by these entities but is the origin is of GOD! Satan has but a short time left to convince you that you are god, that you don’t need anything else. You see even if you don’t worship him, he would rather you worship yourself than to worship GOD.

In the fifteenth PLATE

The album is written in Hungarian, the two plates above the back, but it was not for our benefit, but because they speak this language and such – like our rovásírásunkhoz? write letters. Once we know that this relationship holds many thousands of years ago, and I also suspect that they know the languages of earth and írásjeleit, but it is not only a Hungarian interpreter should not.



DAY ONE: lost

This is so stupid the first few sentences, but these are some of today’s rules of spelling errors too much to say about it tőmondatok carrier, because it is in the past and the distant future. Hungarians, the Hungarians are very distant history shall message. A three-star, solar system resulting from our ancestors, who moved to a system kétcsillagú and lived there as well. The writing shows that are still living relatives. Telling them to shape the kétcsillagú system or the solar system, or move back to the old in our country, to where they live. These special plates are placed in a runic script was off the field, where even today many people understand the rovásokhoz. In the Latin script, which is straining to write only for that language to express our diversity and our culture. This is not the Székely, but the runic szinzu.

**ED. NOTE** Like the Urantia Book/Papers is something that comes to mind here. Decipher this message on these plates,  and I assure you it will lead to no good.

In the sixteenth PLATE

This is the sixteenth album is a back image. Text makes clear that what is meant by “two days”means.


/ Message \


/ We \

They, with the knowledge and results from the historical perspective is something to see what we are today with our knowledge eszünkkel and now can not imagine.

**ED. NOTE** FINAL NOTE** I don’t see why people feel the need to look at these demonic plates as a thing of beauty. The angel “Lucifer” is beautiful because GOD made him that way. He retains that beauty even today using this to deceive and justify his position to those who will listen. All the while, if you look beneath the exterior of his beauty…you will see the evil that lurks there!

I bring these plates to your attention to reveal the status of these beings, which is desperate. They desperately want attention and worship. They want you to forsake your Creator and Almighty GOD. They twist and turn everything to fit their perspective.
In depth research shows an escalating worship of Satan, and other false esoteric religions. This is because we are near the GREAT FALLING AWAY. In fact, maybe…just maybe it is upon us now. The Beginning of Sorrows!

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  1. Bob

    I was brought up a christian, but i used my intellect to question everything, not blindly accept like all the village idiots who go to church. I do not believe all of the religious teachings r literal. Think rationally not emotionally. God, logically speaking, has to be perfect. Therefore how can god make a mistake with satan. answer is that god doesnt make mistakes. therefore either god made satan deliberately as is, or satan doesnt exist, or some other reason. This fight against satan is ridiculous. Why would god foist a demoinic creature onto defenseless humans? How dare he??? Therefore, again logically, if satan exists as religion portrays him then god had a good reason for doing so. however, i doubt that is the case.

    Unlike what new agers think, ie that humans r here to evolve & learn, or religious nut jobs that we r here to serve god (OMG what stupidity), i believe we r here to simply ‘exist’, make of life what we wish. We have nothing to ‘learn’ or evolve into since god can do that in an instant if he wished. since he didnt there is no real need to improve ourselves. for light there must be darkness, for good evil, etc. A magnet cannot only be positive or negative, it must have both, it is both. Hence 1 possibility is that god (being everything) is both good & bad, back & white, (& all shades), fat/thin, etc etc etc. This logic provides clues to reality rather than the ‘wishful thinking’ or ‘fears’ of the religious.

    Hence all these beliefs r mere projections of our human/animal/natural problems, issues, daily struggles & an attempt to put meaning to them.
    IMO, god can be seen when u look in the mirror (ie you, me, everyone), all animals, plants, rocks, the whole universe including abstract ideas, maths, etc IS GOD. There is nothing but god, there can be nothing but god, IF God exists at all.The generic definiition of God is All powerful, all everything basically. therefore there can be nothing taht is not god because if there were then god would be 100% all that is. What most religious people consider to be god r actually demi-gods like Zeus. ie really powerful, but still vulnerable. in the case were r demi-gods to ants wince we can squash them easily, however as with demi gods who r vulnerable we can also be killed by ants.

    Some of the bible at least did not originate with the Jews but from earlier civilizations, ie the Sumerians. Noah’s flood, etc r all stories found on tablets predating jewish scriptures.

    The scriptures are taken too literally especially by those with no scientific knowledge or ability to think outside the square.
    for eg, “humans r made in the image of god”. people assume therefore that god looks like us. But think laterally, it is incredibility stupid to assume this. 1. Our body is designed by nature for survival on this planet. 2. however, there may be some truth in it, but instead of humans ‘looking outwardly like god’ how about our composition being that of god, ie, at an atomic/sub-atomic level (energy) we r in gods image. everything in the universe is pure energy, that like bricks, r formed into various shapes like trees, planets, people, water, etc. So on the most basic level we r in gods image but not like most peoples visions of an old man in the clouds, hence witless sheep r the religious doing as their jewish masters tell them.

    We r god. Therefore we r all equal. Why were we & the universe created? Well, u have to think outside the square. U cannot think like a human or based on nature like people have done since the dawn of human existence. IMO, a guess is all it is, that all existence (the universe) is God ‘expressed’.

    Imagine if u were all that existed. No planets, no light, nothing, just a void with u floating around in it. Your human/animal brain would quickly become bored, lonely (although not ever having known other that may not be the case – is u dont miss what u dont know), maybe frightened, or maybe you’d be like a computer with no thoughts until software was programmed into it to ‘think’. Maybe the universe is a way of keeping gods thoughts occupied & rational. Of course this is a silly proposal since god is not a biological being with biological needs like foods, shelter, fun, etc.

    Maybe nature (physics/chem) is god. maybe its no more or less complicated than that. Maybe its teh implications that stem from that basic construct that become complicated thereafter. Am i a genius or what?? I should get paid for this… LOL cheers all

    December 6, 2012 at 7:04 PM

    • Such bogus, repetitive nonsense. Nothing is happenstance. No such thing as coincidence. So, this means Satan was definitely a forethought. GOD uses everything according to His Law. Freewill gives choice, therefore this determines your destiny. Even the angels above are given Freewill. This was Lucifer’s choice to ‘try’ to be like GOD. This was all for purposes of lessons but depending on your conscience…therein lies your outcome. True there must be bad with the good, thus begins the whole process.
      The trickling in of New Age mentality given here in your comments leads me to believe that you have questioned our origins but got mislead due to your thought processes.
      True, we are made in GOD’S Image, but this DOES NOT make us gods….this means DNA! Our spirituality and immortality….not humanistic value. The problem here is the ‘secret societies’/and elite who run with this thought process and are trying to become gods, themselves. It’s not a mentality sequence, it’s a DNA process….and this can only happen (transmutation/transcending) with the ascending WITH GOD. Nothing less. Everything else is less.
      Equality comes with morals, judgments and integrity. Many do NOT possess these qualities. They have forgotten them at the front door when they exited to become a ‘god’. GOD does not take second place…therefore you cannot live your life as you please and expect GOD to say….it’s okay!
      Serving GOD is a depth towards your reasoning and actions that few, very few understand. Some believe they are ‘too good’ to serve. Your beginning with a mother and father and the love there, is but a small increment of the final destination of a relationship with our ‘real’ Father. So, love is essentially the basis for life. When you lose compassion, trust, and dishonor GOD with a snooty ‘better than thou’ attitude then what else do you expect to happen?
      Nature exudes GOD in it’s very core…so true. But this does not give the expectation to ‘worship’ it. Chemicals/physics/biology is NOT GOD. Not even close, it’s a by-product.
      I take GREAT pride is explaining my relationship with GOD. It means so much more than a mortal life. Call me a sheep….please do because my Shepherd is Jesus Christ…the One and Only. No substitutes or replications. Peace & Blessings, V

      December 6, 2012 at 7:44 PM

  2. Bob

    …. then god would NOT NOT NOT be 100% all that is
    …. in that case we r demi-gods to ants

    apologies for the other typos…. 😦

    December 6, 2012 at 7:13 PM

  3. Radu

    Bob is right, everyone and everything in every dimension is God/All there is. And God/All there it is experiencing itself from different perspectives(ex:human individuals) for the experience(ex: forgetting that you are god and remembering/rediscovering this; the experience of creation in the illusion of time; transforming “bad” into “good”; etc), seeing itself from different points of view, this is the mechanical truth/the structure of existence. Now, when other believe God is an old man in the clouds who punish people who do “bad things”, is not the mechanical truth but it is the truth for those who believe it because the experience of it is real for them. From the mechanical perspective they are punishing themselves, it is a reflection of their current belief system and their choices based on the negative/non-preferred belief system, and this is good because this gives them the opportunity to examine and clarify their belief system/filter/ego structure.
    This is a small description.

    Unconditional Love to all.

    November 6, 2014 at 8:00 AM

  4. Radu

    Both of you are right, bob is talking about the structure of existence, and virginia patrick is talking about his/her own experience of his/her own belief system.

    Unconditional Love to all 🙂

    November 6, 2014 at 8:13 AM

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