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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes!
Ancient cultures are replete with stories of beings from distant planets, and one of the most fascinating being that of the Dogons of Western Africa, a people well known for their cosmogony, claim that their knowledge of the existence of the faint star Sirius B, of which they had been aware for over a thousand years, a star which was only discovered by western scientists in 1978, was given to them by a race of people from the Sirius system itself.
An African tribe, the Dogon, lives in the Mali Republic and has known precise information about the Sirius star system for 3000-4000 years. Dogon shared their most important secret tradition with two French anthropologists, Marcel Griaule (1898-1956) and Germaine Dieterlen (1903-1999) after they had spent an apprenticeship of 16 years living with the tribe. In the late 1930’s, four Dogon elders:


The Dogon live in a place called Bandiagara, in what is today the nation of Mali, between the fabled city of Timbouctou and the city of Ougadougou. Bandiagara is quite isolated, although Timbouctou was once a mighty trading center on the Trans-Saharan trade routes. By the beginning of the twentieth century, all of this area had become a French possession known as French West Africa.
In 1966, Robert Temple, a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and the author of several books, happened to read some of the Griaule material on Dogon Cosmology. In 1968 he obtained an English translation of Le Renard Pale. Temple became interested in the question of how the isolated Dogon could have known for hundreds of years that Sirius, one of the brightest stars in the sky, has an invisible companion: Sirius B.
Contemporary critics have challenged the idea that the Dogon tribes drew their knowledge from extraterrestrials, citing instead their extensive contacts with Western explorers, travelers and missionaries as well as members of the French Army, with whom some members of the Dogon served during World War I. Others have called out errors contained in the Dogon myths, including the number of moons possessed by Jupiter, that Saturn was the furthest planet from the sun, and the only planet with rings.
Now, what few have come to realize is that this region of space is recognized from around the world! They come speaking of lifting our consciousness and taking us to another dimension of enlightenment. Who else speaks those words? Oh yeah…the Freemasons! Why? Because this is where they got their teachings from. The Great White Brotherhood who have lodges…hmm that sounds familiar too. The ritual magicians of the Western mystery tradition sometimes refer to the great White Brotherhood as the “Great White Lodge”, a name that appears to indicate a initiatory hierarchy similar to the Freemasons. They are the “Masters”, or “Inner Plane Adepti. Who have gained all the experience, and all the wisdom resulting from experience, necessary for their spiritual evolution in the worlds of form. While some go to other spheres, others become teaching Masters. The Great White Brotherhood, also known as the Great White Brotherhood of Light, is a spiritual organization consisting of Ascended Masters.
Considering the knowledge of these beings, it is but a simple task to see the trail they leave. They have had an agenda that has lasted for thousands of years and it began in the beginning of time with the great fall. They work in unison to bring about a spiritual façade that fools even the elected. Their purpose it to bring souls to their side. But it’s not for enlightenment, but most don’t see the whole picture. They have lost hope and think this is what they need. They have lost faith and believe this is the way.
Many beings pretend to be from all over the universe and beyond but really they are all of the same organization. Their purpose being the same. They make humanity believe they are here to ‘save’ us. They conjured up this plan to deceive and they use magical powers and gifts to bring forth enlightenment.
Many a fool has been led astray by these beings. Many a wise man too.
Why would they take millenniums to bring forth their plan? Because we are the CHOSEN GENERATION! We are the last generation that will have free choice and free will. They have but a short time to culminate their plans now. They are desperate. They use trickery and bribery. They lie, deceive and use people to meet their needs.
Satan knows he has but a short time left and these are his hierarchy that do his bidding. All UFO’s are demonic. They are all demons or clones. The elite of this world are in unison with these beings. They work for the purpose of bringing forth the New World Order, and this will bring forth a One World Religion.
It was not mankind who came up with this plan. Oh, yes…mankind is evil enough to have brought forth such a deviously integrated scheme, but the elite are only the puppets….they are the PUPPETMASTERS!

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