Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

The Illusion We Live In

Long, long ago there lived a Prince. This Prince was like no other, in fact this Prince was destined to be everything to mankind. This Prince was here and died for us, and our sins and left in the Princes path was evidence of worlds beyond our imagination. This path was full of miracles and healing which no man before or since has ever accomplished, although there are some who profess they have.
This life of the Prince was destined to be King, our King. Our King of Peace.
But, before all this could take place we had to live a life of illusion. This plan was set before us in a book, and this book produced many prophecies which would tell of the things to pass before our live would bring us together with the King of Peace. The book was told to us by prophets and others set in their destiny before them by this King of Kings.
Many would like you to believe this book is tainted, or untrue but it sets before us a guide. This guide has everything in it we need to use in the war we are about to fight. This war is unlike no other ever waged, nor witnessed. This war has been going on since time began. We have the necessary tools to fight in this war but we need to know the rules and how to use the armor.

Let’s set scene before us:
A man enters a bar, and in this bar he is to waste time before a meeting. This is a bar/lounge. It is likened o many other sports bars in this world we live in. More than 20 screens showing football, horse races, and weather channels…etc. This is so distracting that it was exhausting. It felt as if his brain was electronically saturated to the max. No one person could stay in this place for a lengthy amount of time in this environment and not be zombified.
The people would be described as your typical weekend crowd, with mainly people who were retired and many others workers needing time off to set their minds free of the slavery of day to day work. These people were there with their girls, and all were friendly, sociable and making eye-contact when approached.
The staff were prompt and courteous, with bartenders both male and female who were very attentive. Seemed much like many other places of this sort, and the man had a sandwich and drink and left for his appointment.
The appointment was for his neurologist. He was blindly taught to reach for a book for any situation that would arise. But he was ignorant considering this man had an issue which didn’t fall between the pages of his college-taught books. He had been experiencing voices, and objects around him moving uncontrollably. This man was a complete idiot in regards to anything metaphysical and spiritual and yet, he took great pride in his ignorance. He may have been an expert in his field but was a fool in the subject of our reality. It is now that he must awaken and see the Truth that is around us.

But, a far more disturbing revelation was to follow this fateful day. Before I get into that, lets balance the picture by saying not all book smart ‘experts’ are oblivious to the real world we live in and the supernatural within it.
The man left his appointment not receiving any results worth mentioning or reacting to, so he went back to the same bar/lounge and this is what he saw…
It was frightening. The people were no longer the same. When he looked into their eyes, what he saw was NOT human! He had seen people spent long hours in pubs, and the few that get drunk are obvious. But this was not a case of a few being drunk. They were ALL zombified, but not simply from the glare and electric emanations of the TV monitors. The ones he had said “Hello” to some 2 hours earlier looked right through him. Their eyes were glazed. Some looked demonic, but most of them were in a trance-like state. It appeared as if they were all in a bubble of Unreality, in a more malevolent sub-dimension, and did not belong to this level any more.
It wasn’t like the experience of when one leaves a party and then returns a couple of hours later. There the participants are usually happier, more garrulous, and drunker in some cases, with egos and personalities flaring and highlighting a jovial time. We have all been there. Remember in your younger days, as we were always having parties, and when one of us was called away it was hard to fit back into the swing of things for a while on return.
This was definitely different. It was ominous and disturbing. It was not just a party or alcohol effect. The energy of the place was horrible, far, far worse than 2 hours or so before.
He had gone back in to have a full lunch, but confronted with this scenario, H raced out as fast as he could. It was very unnatural. He had never encountered such a thing. It felt very uncomfortable in there. Had he been psychically injured in the few minutes he was there? He realized he did not feel well and his mood had dimmed. He was certainly drained of energy.
Had all the consciousnesses been displaced? Who, what, were in the bodies?

They could not all have drunk that much to be like this. But it was not a state of drunkenness. Did something else happened. Did aliens and demons who were unfamiliar with the bodies had invade those bodies en masse as a trial run.
What he saw he had never seen before. It was sinister. It was unnerving. The energy was ghastly. The atmosphere was demonic. He walked amongst them and they did not even know he was there. They were indeed wraiths in a phantom dimension.
He rushed out as fast as he could and drove home. As he drove, he kept thinking that he had seen that effect before, but he could not quite recall. Then suddenly it came to him. “Nursing Homes!” Bingo. He had seen the same effect in Nursing Homes that one frequently visit. One could not simply blame just the medication these elderly and often demented patients are given. Of course not!
These bodies are purposely being surreptitiously kept alive way beyond their expiry date by the Evil System so they can be used as training machines for Aliens and Demons who come onto this level for the first time. That had been revealed to him years and years ago.

Changes in personalities which occur with new elderly bodies are often excused away as being due to the dementia or silent cerebral infarcts, or ischaemic attacks, etc., etc. How convenient. But, in all fairness, unless the Nursing and Medical staff are Metaphysicians and have this knowledge, they will never suspect the reality that is occurring.
This explains much of the dumbing down of people we see in our midst. But now the Demons and Aliens have progressed in their takeover of this level. They are taking over younger, more capable bodies, as he noted in the pub! And people are facilitating their own takeover by using alcohol, drugs, sex, and other agents of programming and pollution.
Almost three hours later, he was home. The inclement weather had lifted and there was enough daylight left to walk his dogs as he would usually do daily.
He had been protecting and cleansing all the way home and still felt flat from the most unusual and unnerving experience in that pub. Indeed he felt drained, and almost in a bad mood but he could not pinpoint why. On reflection, he was sure it was the negative energies in the pub that had impinged on his spirit. Recalled how he felt drained whenever he visited the Nursing Homes, but put that down to the energy needs of the sick, elderly inmates.

Now he knew it was more than that. In their midst, like in the pub, there would have been Energy Vampires that efficiently extract energy from any who have it. Some psychic damage must have occurred. Be warned, such things could and will happen to you in such places, especially if you don’t protect well, and especially now as the negativity of the planet is increasing alarmingly.
When you feel you are in such a situation, exit immediately. Do not delay. You are in danger as he was. These sites ARE full of demons. They are possessed, as can be houses and vehicles. Casinos, brothels, drug joints, sex clubs, race tracks, legal and illegal gambling places, etc., are demonic dens. The stories such as the Amityville Horror are of real demonic possession. What is remarkable about that experience is the extent to which the Archons went to call it a hoax and deny the reality of demonism. You will see this throughout the history of the Virtual Reality on this level. They go to great lengths to hide the Truth!!
It was no accident he witnessed the Demonic and Alien Possession of a whole crowd. Demonic Possession and body-snatching are real mechanisms, even if only for a short time.

In anticipation of the many questions that arise, I give you these further facts: The original consciousness of the body can simply be displaced out of the body, or pushed aside and neutralized. If totally evicted, because the invading demon or alien wants to remain in the body. Sometimes more than one invader take possession of the body and a condition called Dissociative Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) will manifest, or else a Schizoid Personality will.
If you are aware of something, someone attempting to impinge upon your spirit or enter your Consciousness, and many are, you can resist the invasion. Say “NO, in the name of Jesus Christ, get away from me!” loudly and forcefully and flood yourself with the energies of JESUS CHRIST.

Of course if you are in a weakened state, sick or unconscious, under anesthesia, inebriated or deranged by illicit drugs, you are an easy target. Bouts of drunkenness or drug bingers often lead to possession as do intimate exchanges with prostitutes and demonic persons. If it is not full possession, you may end up with damage, and that will manifest sooner or later as mental illness.
Thus you will find possession is facilitated in places that have vice, gambling, drink, drugs and hard rock music to open and let evil entities into them, just like drugs.
If you are sincere about your spiritual welfare, you must learn to perceive energies accurately. If you don’t, you will fall into traps like we all did when we were unaware, and you will be worse for the experiences.
The various molecules in the brain act as keys on locks to allow communication at the quantum level with non-physical manifestation. The various agents, usually called neuro-transmitters, such as serotonin, acetylcholine, dopamine, epinephrine, endorphins (which can appear to heighten pleasure) in regulated concentrations allow stability to manifest. Agonists and hallucinogenics disrupt the transmissions and swing the spirit open as a consequence. This lets the consciousness exit and demonic dimensions and sub-dimensions, and also lets entities, partial or whole, always EVIL, to enter the spirit, the emotional body, etc.
Depending on the dosage and strength, damage can occur to the spirit, and then the individual has less control over what his mind does and does not do. This explains the spontaneous and often unwanted trips that occur long after drug ingestion. LSD is the classical offender in that case. The more common disruptive manifestation is mental disease in the form of Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Dissociative Disorder, Anxiety and of course, Depression.

Who would not be depressed having a demon in the spirit? These are vicious, malicious, destructive and very lecherous entities. Crystal meth ( Ice), for example, turns users into insatiable, lustful demons because of the energy that has invaded their spirit. Invariably they become psychotic. In truth, once damaged, they live a vile, demonic reality due to their indiscretions and drug abuse.
By now you should have gained the impression that Mental Illness has a spiritual basis. And that is so. But Modern Medicine believes none of this.
Why is this ubiquitous Demonic Possession happening? Consciousnesses, both Demonic and Alien, are coming onto this level in order to retrain themselves in the use of a physical body under the conditions of Earth because their dimensions are collapsing. Hybrid and artificial consciousnesses, created in crafts are also given a training run in the bodies until they are competent to fully take over. These are all of the Evil Empire and refuse to accept that all physical dimensions will be eliminated.
Some close to you or someone you know will manifest demonic possession sooner, rather than later. Spouses, parents, relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbors, any or all of those will now manifest demonic possession. The changes may be subtle or gross in them, but sooner or later you will notice them change for the worse.

Our tools given to fight these problems which WILL arise are in the Bible.
READ——— Whole Armor of God
READ———— Armor of God
Prayer works MIRACLES! This is another part of the Armor of GOD.

Prayer is the force field around the Armor of GOD!

7 responses

  1. This is amazing a part of me says you are right but the other part says : How do you know these things ? I mean your research methods. Is it intuitive knowledge? Revelation by the holy spirit ? Experience ? What is the role of antidepressants and mood stabilizers in the spiritually tortured ?

    September 18, 2012 at 2:22 AM

    • bonnie anastasia gorny

      Any true Holy Spirit believers who give the Lord free reign and ever increasing trust will become aware of all this crap :))) if you are called into this level of witness you will learn and know that ONLY the Holy Spirit can navigate you thru this…doing exploits is what we do…but we do not waste our time on satans little dramas…we are here to tell everyone the truth so they will choose Jesus and come to heaven and receive the inheritance He has won for them…count the cost…this is no cake walk but the rewards of Glory are as vast as the Universe and all creation itself…when you go anywhere you will know that the Presence of God in you will give you an authority that no devil can withstand…they will flee…seek Jesus and the great cloud of witnesses that surround us and eyes up! what a joy to see the walking dead fill with God’s light in their eyes and see them stretch out…back to life…follow Hillsong United on youtube…no greater love for Jesus have I found….take over the atmosphere and Let His Glory fall…God Bless and remember it’s only the saving of souls and keeping yourself unspotted by the world…and Loving Jesus more and more that matter…

      January 23, 2014 at 7:58 PM

  2. shani

    Exactly what i have suspect (:

    thank you

    May 13, 2013 at 8:02 PM

  3. So are there prostitutes who deliberately sell their bodies just to spread demons?

    January 1, 2014 at 10:59 AM

  4. Bonnie Anastasia Gorny

    Right on…but the focus of us is Jesus and understanding what His Mighty Works accomplished for us…without Me you cab do nothing…deeper still in His Heart

    January 23, 2014 at 10:32 AM

  5. After 7 days straight no sleep, using an illicit drug i shouldnt have been using came an out of the body experience where I asked Myself who was in charge here as I was speeding down the freeway to meet up with my transgender Gf/ fb to do some more of those illicit drugs with. I could see that I was out of control and that there was nothing I could do to stop me from where I was going. It was a demon. It was baphomet.

    July 3, 2016 at 9:20 PM

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