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The Stone of Heaven

This entry is taken from Guardians of the Holy Grail by Michael Ford. It entitles information about not only the so called Stone of Heaven and its origin but also information that leads us to believe that the Templar’s are involved in more “mystery” schooling than we think. I have given credit to the author because my research it honest and forthright. I do not take credit where credit is not due. In the process of gathering these details I have learned many secrets that possible might endanger my life, but I feel obligated to publish these facts. Some may seem as mere myth or legend but, as you may or may not know, many of these tales are not fantasy but fact. Truth IS stranger than fiction.
I have found by the research I have uncovered that whenever a name of a chosen one of GOD is given, that this is usually NOT the original but a counterfeit of said person/entity. Example: Angels are frequently used.
I added noted in a few areas, and it will be added that I did so by *NOTE* and an indication of the end of my notation by *END*.
Lastly, DISCERNMENT must be used when reading from this author for many are under the “spell” and delusion of Satan, and it’s usually one or the other, meaning some know of who they worship, others are mislead by the wonderment of the feeling of being illuminated or enlightened.
“By this Stone the Phoenix is burned to ashes…however ill a mortal may be, from the day in which he sees the Stone he cannot die for that week, nor does he lose his color. Such powers does the Stone confer on mortal men that their flesh and bones are soon made young again. This Stone is also called “The Grail.”
Wolfram von Eschenbach identified the Holy Grail as a Stone of Heaven, he knew he was eluding to a Holy Grail tradition that had extended far back into the mists of time. Many traditions tell so primitive man, who experienced a physical and or emotional change just by being in the proximity to certain stones.
Alchemists tell of transforming a base metal into gold and a human into a god or goddess. Many texts were cataloged of the Muslim Empire by the Sufis, who added their own alchemical data before transmitting it to their students, the Knights Templar, who took the wisdom into Europe. Those indoctrinated were of the Holy grail Mysteries and eventually given the wisdom of the Alchemical or Philosophers Stone. Some tell of it being a platter or bowl full of precious stones.
Stone of Heaven is a European translation of the term Lapsit Exillus, closely related to Lapis Elixir, an appellation used by the Sufis that denoted, “Philosopher’s Stone.” Lapsit derived from “stone” and related to the Latin lapsus, meaning fallen, thus denoting “fallen stone.” Since the term Exillus is related to exillis stellis, meaning : “from the stars,” the entire moniker Lapsit Exillus literally translates as “The Stone of the Heavens” or “The Stone which came down from the Stars.”
The name Stone of Heaven can also be derived from the word Grail. The term Grail derived from the French gres or Persian gohr, both denoting a stone. Grail of Greal could also be related to the French grele, meaning hailstone, which is a “stone” from heaven.
According to Arthur Edward Waite, the term Lapsit Exillus is “Exiles Stone.” This surprisingly affiliates the Stone of heaven with Heaven’s most notorious exile, Lucifer. A poem of a German heritage called, Wartburgkrieg, the “Wartburg War,” summarizes the heavenly battle between Lucifer and St. Michael, and identifies the Stone of Heaven as a large emerald that became dislodged from Lucifer’s crown and descended to Earth:
“Shall I then bring the crown
That was made by 60,000 angels?
Who wished to force GOD out of the Kingdom of Heaven.
See! Lucifer, there he is!
If there are master-priests,
Then you know well that I am singing the truth.
Saint Michael saw GOD’s anger, plagued by His insolence.
He took (Lucifer’s) crown from his head,
In such a way that a stone jumped out of it.
Which on Earth became Parsifal’s stone.
The stone which sprang out of it,
He found it, he who struggled for honor at such a high cost.”
Lucifer’s fall that is incorporated into this poem first popularized by the Prophet Isaiah during his harangue against the King of Babylon in the book of Isaiah. When describing the decline and all of the King of Babylon, Isaiah used the metaphor of the Morning star’s “fall” or descent below the horizon at sunrise, an image subsequently became linked to Lucifer when translated into Latin was Luz-I-fer or Lucifer, the Light Bringer. Morning Star then became known as Shahar or Helel, which were the names of Venus’ dawn appearance. Thus, Lucifer is associated with both Venus and Helel, a name that evolved into Hell, Lucifer’s underworld home.
In the Book of Ezekiel, he expanded upon the meaning of Lucifer’s infamous fall. While comparing the King of Tyre with Lucifer, Ezekiel identifies Lucifer as the anointed cherub and forever-young boy who once walked in the Garden of Eden while covered in precious stones, including the emerald, and was perfect in his ways and from that day he was created until iniquity was found in him. Thus Ezekiel perpetuated the tradition of Isaiah by making  Lucifer’s fall the product of pride.
Lucifer then resolves to rule in Heaven and this culminated in his expulsion from Paradise. When St. Michael and his angels fought with Lucifer over his right to rule, states John, “that old serpent, called the devil, and Satan which deceiveth the whole world…was cast out (of heaven)into the earth, and his angels were cast with him.”
The remainder of Lucifer’s legend in the poem states that during the battle with Michael an emerald became dislodged from Lucifer’s crown and fell to Earth. This is based on Ezekiel’s description of the gems-especially the emerald-that adorned Lucifer’s regalia in the Garden of Eden. It is also influenced by the Knights Templar. But of course this predates the Templar’s by many thousand of years. Before their time the emerald had been recognized as the esteemed Stone of Venus, the “fallen star” of Lucifer.
Ironically it is said that Lucifer’s favorite color is green. Did Ezekiel know of the association between Venus and emerald? Seems in Egypt when the Jews resided in Khem, this wisdom was part of the canon of arcane knowledge taught within the temples by Babylonian priests during the Jewish captivity. In ancient Egypt the emerald was the stone of Hathor, the Egyptian Venus, and in Mesopotamia the color green was the stone of Venus in her manifestation as Inanna or Ishtar. She was considered the Goddess of Love. She was portrayed as a two-headed  deity who ruled over the polar opposites which later became known as the Greek Aphrodite. Venus was sometimes represented as a androgynous female with a long beard. The planet Venus was recorded as the Star of Alchemy. Alchemy is the scientific process that unites the polarity to produce fire which is then used to transform metal into gold/ or a human into a god or goddess. Venus, the goddess was portrayed by her Egyptian priests and priestesses as a Phoenix. Venus’ “alchemical” cycle of eight years begins with its sunset position when it is just above the horizon, and subsequently when below the horizon and “under the Earth,” represented a persons passage through the hellish underworld regions of their own subconscious.
In Egypt and Mexico, the sacred scientist personified Venus as the seeker, which they duly named Osiris and Quetzcoatl. Thus, when the planet went under Earth, it was either deity visiting the underworld, and upon the dawn it was said to be reborn.

Three important “alchemical” numbers eventually occurred to the alchemists from observing Venus. The first was eight, which is the number it takes for Venus’ cycle to elapse; the second number was five, the number of times the planet becomes the Morning and Evening Stars during the cycles; and third was 13, the number of times Venus revolves around the Sun during the span of eight years. Of these three numbers, the Arabic numeral 8 was adopted by the alchemists as their definitive symbol for polarity union and the infinite state of immortality it engenders. The number 8 symbolized polarity union as it united two circles, and it also revealed the alchemy was the union of two circular “worlds,” Heaven and Earth. The number and symbol 8 became so important that they made it the sacred numbers of their eternal patron, the Egyptian Thoth-Hermes.
The Venusian number 13 also denoted the stages on the alchemical process leading to death and rebirth. Legends has it that 13 stages were inscribed by Thoth-Hermes as 13 concepts on a tablet called the Emerald Tablet that was made of solid emerald; thus the three stages leading to the creation of the Philosophers Stone were themselves inscribed on a version of the Philosophers Stone. The 13 concepts became the foundation of Egyptian alchemy, and later inculcated within the Islamic Universities of Constantinople and Seville in Spain.
Some researchers asked themselves if the Emerald Tablet be Lucifer’s legendary emerald. It should be noted that if “al” was added to the Persian word for Grail, gohr, it would become gohr-al, which carries the meaning of “engraved stone.” But then again, emeralds do not fall from the sky, especially engraved ones. There is such a green stone as Moldovite, a Tektite, which in some New Age circles is being touted as THE stone of Heaven. Moldovite is created by intense heat from a high velocity meteorite colliding with a deposit of earth’s minerals, thereby making it a green hybrid species.
Venus was once believed by the ancient cultures to periodically come to Earth in the form of a meteorite. The was the legendary genitals of Uranus, the Lord of Heaven, whose fiery sexual organs transformed into a meteorite after splashing down into the Mediterranean Sea. Since Venus is synonymous Lucifer, the meteorite must then be taken into serious consideration as Lucifer’s Stone of Heaven.
New Age and other ancient alchemists consider the them “stones with a soul.” They are often used to awaken the inner forces within the spiritual seeker by conducting a strong electromagnetic current at the base of the spine to the crown of the head, the Kundalini. On Crete, they were known as “Thunderstones” and used for inductions into the Thunders of Nocturnal Zeus.
A cone or pyramid (pyr-a-mid, fire in the middle) shaped meteorite was venerated as the Goddess Venus in her main temple in Paphos on Cyprus, and a huge cone shaped meteorite was also worshiped as Venus in her form of the Phoenix in Heliopolis, Egypt. In Ephesus, where she was worshiped as Artemis/Diana, Venus manifested as a huge meteorite carved into the shape of a beautiful woman, thus denoting her role as Queen of Heaven and the Universal Goddess.

When the fundamental religions of the Middle East captured the sacred sites of Venus and her worshipers, they inherited some of the meteorite forms and constructed temples for worship around them. Such is the history of the famous Stone of Heaven interred within the great Kaaba, or “Cube” of Mecca. The Kaaba, was erected in the center of Mecca’s shrine area, where Venus as a meteorite has been worshiped for thousands of years. The cube shape of the Kaaba incorporates the alchemical number eight by having two four-sided squares, one above and one below (4+4), thus emphasizing and enhancing the alchemical properties of its indwelling form of Venus. Eight symbolizes the number of perfect expression, the octagon, the cube. As mentioned, the number 8 denoted both enlightenment as well as the two “worlds, “ Heaven and Earth, a point made explicit by the builders of the Kaaba, who incorporated into its structure thirty-one courses of stone and wood, then added two more, symbolizing Heaven and Earth, thus making thirty-three, the number of enlightenment.

Sticking out of one corner of the Kaaba is the sacred meteorite that devout worshipers of the Middle East once worshiped as goddess Venus. At first a solid rock, time has split the meteorite into many pieces that are held together by a silver ligature.  One legend says that this stone was brought from Heaven by the Angel Gabriel right after the Kaaba was completed, while another tells of the stone being presented to Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden by GOD. The rock was white at the time Adam took possession and since turned black from the sins of humanity. The latter tale seems to trigger some intriguingly and possible accurate , in light of the Islamic belief that the original Garden of Eden was in another world, or dimension.
A Peruvian legend goes as thus, the Incas had disclosed to the Spanish conquerors that six million years ago a small spaceship from Venus landed on the Island of the Sun, which the Muslims now call the Island of Sri Lanka. A figure of a woman emerged from the craft with elongated ears and head, with four fingers on each hand. With her, she brought plants, animals, and others things from her planet, including the black stones. Supposedly she mated with a tapir and their progeny became the ancestors of the Andean people. The Spanish conquerors called her Orejones, meaning “Big Ears.”
After the departure of Orejones, the legend continues that the god Tvira built a temple over the spot where she had landed and place the black stones she brought within it. These stones, called Kala, were worshipped for thousands of years, and unfortunately disappeared from the temple before modern science could analyze them. People tell of them being taken to Mecca where it became the stone of the Kaaba.

A Venus visitation in the past would explain why at Tiahuanaco, an ancient temple was built thousands of years ago on the shore of Lake Titicaca, one can find stone effigies of otherworldly, extraterrestrial entities. This would also explain how they had knowledge if the cycles of planet Venus. One of the remaining chiseled artifacts at Tiahuanaco is a fabulous Gate of the sun, which upon it has engravings that have been interpreted by some scholars to represent a Venus calendar that perfectly calculates many of the planet’s normally confusing cycles.
The Chintamani Stone

The rock of Orejones’ might be more suspicious had we not legends of extraterrestrial rocks in many other cultures in the world. The Chintamani Stone of the East, was made popular during the last century by the Russian mystic Nicholas Roerich.

*NOTE*-I have found research on this man that leads me to think he is involved in many other secretive avenues, such as Freemasonry. He was a fanatical Theosophist. He was called an Ascended Masters. This would also bloom the fascination of many to find out he is the head of a dynasty, and a painter of mysterious creatures including blue black stones (with a crucifix cut into it, with a emerald green hues), and hidden treasure inside mountains, angels, among many other things.  He and his wife founded the Himalayan Research Institute there and named it Urusvati, meaning the Light of the Morning Star.*END*
According to legends compiled by him and others, this stone was brought to Earth by missionaries from another star, possible Sirius, and it is composed of a mineral that exists on one of the planets that revolves around their home star. The Buddhists of Mongolia and the Buryat shamans of Siberia maintain that the bulk of the rock currently resided in the magical country of Shamballa, which is somewhere in the Gobi Desert. Although pieces of it can magically manifested itself anywhere in the world, especially now it being the Golden Age. He maintains that the stone or fragments of it have been in the possession of King Solomon, as well as the chiefs of the conquering Mongol tribes, including Tamurlane, Ghenghis Khan, and Akbar the Great. It has become known as the “Treasure of the World” and ascribed to possess power to elevate its possessor to the position of the King of the World with powers to see the past and predict the future. Supposedly it changes its temperature, color, and weight. Supposedly one piece of the Chintamani Stone was gifted to the founders of the League of Nations in order to help their planetary organization effectively and efficiently govern the world. When the League dissolved, Roerich was chosen to carry the piece to Shamballa and reunite it with its parent stone. During the subsequent long travels across Asia, Roerich made the stone the subject of many of his famous paintings.
Russians tell of visiting Mongolia when the Bogdo Gheghen, the chief Lama of the abbey and an incarnation of the most famous Buddha, the Shakyamuni, had one of his attendant Lamas read a history of this magical stone. At the Bogod’s request, the Lama began: “When Gushi Khan, the chief of all the Olets or Kalamuchs, finished the war with the “Red Caps” in Tibet, he carried out with him the miraculous “black stone” sent to the Dalai Lama by the “King of the World.” Gushi Khan wanted to create in Western Mongolia the capital of the Yellow Faith; but Olets at that time were at war with the Manchu Emperors for the throne of China and suffered one defeat after another. The last Khan of the Olets, Amursana, ran away into Russia, but before his escape he sent to Urga the sacred “black stone.” While it remained in Urga so that the Living Buddha could bless the people with it, disease and misfortune never touched the Mongolians and their cattle. However, about one hundred years ago someone stole the sacred stone and since then the Buddhists have vainly sought it throughout the whole world. With its disappearance the Mongol people has began to gradually die.”

Are these stones one in the same? Are they the same as Lucifer’s Stone of Heaven? Considering the stone belongs to The King of the World, this would in fact be Lucifer, at least until GOD comes. According to Buddhist Lama who has traveled the East, the King of the World came from Venus and is reputed to have acquired a predominately dark and self-serving temperament after becoming Earth’s planetary monarch. The stone is supposedly interred in the place of the world’s monarch located in the center of Shamballa.  One of the stories told of the Holy Grail has been that the center of the human heart, and Shamballa is to the Earth what the heart chakra is to a human being. Like the human heart, Shamballa possesses eight sections or “petals” surrounding it, and within its center is the spirit of the Earth, the legendary King of the World. So, just as we all possess a personal soul and spirit that resides within our heart, the King of the World is the spirit and soul of the planet Earth residing in Shamballa.
The Even ha’Shettiya and the Dome of the Rock
Thus, Shamballa may be the home of Lucifer’s Stone of Heaven, but surprisingly, there is another Stone of Heaven candidate residing in the Middle East that is also associated with the center and heart of the world. This is the Even ha’Shettiya, the “Stone of Foundation,” which resides within the eight-sided Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, the Holy City and the early Christians and incipient European mapmakers placed at the center and heart of our Earth. The Even ha’Shettiya is famous for being the rock upon which the patriarch Abraham made his legendary attempt to sacrifice his son Isaac in the sight of GOD, and the place where Mohammed was lifted to Heaven by the angel Gabriel/ Since the Even ha’Shettiya was known by the early Knights Templar who resided nearby it in the al’Aqsa mosque, the Stone of Foundation may have been an even better claimant that the Chintamani Stone for being THE Stone of Lucifer. Lucifer’s European legend was, no doubt, greatly influenced and enhanced by the Knights of Templar.
Since the Even ha’Shettiya is located in the exact middle of the Earth, it is part of an axis mundi, a pre-existent column that unties Heaven and Earth, ot Earth human to GOD. This feature of the Even ha’Shetityya was not overlooked by King David, who purchased the rock from the native Jebusites to as the location for the Ark of the Covenant, the power object that served as a vehicle for communication with Lord Yahweh. Later, David’s son, King Solomon, a renowned alchemist, similarly acknowledged the stone’s alchemical property as a Heaven/Earth mediator when he used the rock as a foundation for his famous Temple, which was designed to be an alchemical cauldron that could unite the polarity and thereby produce the presence of Yahweh as the androgynous Yod He Vau He.
The value of the Even ha’Shettiya as a natural unifier of the universal polarity was apparently known by the Muslim Caliph Abd al-Malik, who between 687-691 A.D. built the eight-sided Dome of the Rock over it. His octagonal structure, which is more explicitly a Heaven-Earth mediator and alchemical chamber than even the sacred Kaaba, significantly enhances the stone’s power as an alchemically charged Stone of Heaven. Each of the eight sides of the Dome of the Rock were painted with dual colors representing Earth and Heaven. The bottom half of each of the panels was painted with the same whitish color of Earth that the temple rests upon, and halfway up each panel the color was changed to blue, the color of the upper sky and Heaven. This dual motif symbolized the two polar-opposite “worlds” of Heaven and Earth and their alchemical union that is engendered by the Dome of the Rock.
While living next to the Dome of the Rock in the al-Aqsa mosque, the Knights Templar came to understand the Dome’s unique octagonal design and how it is a natural unifier of Heaven and Earth. The Sufi teachers that helped them arrive at this understanding were members of an order of builders known as the Al-banna, a Masonic organization of Sufis that had inherited its wisdom from Persia, the Asian country that consistently utilized the octagon in its enclosures. Because of their in-depth Sufi tutorials, many Templar Knights became builders themselves and participated in the construction of the octagonal Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the eight-sided Church of the Ascension.
The Templar understanding of the alchemical effect of the esoteric 8 no doubt played a contributing role in their adaptation of their distinctive eight-pointed Cross Pattee. Along with the image of the Dome of the rock that they inscribed upon their official seal, the eight-pointed cross served as a telling emblem of their Order. The Templar’s were schooled in the eight-pointed star’s very ancient associations and knew that it had been a symbol of not only the Muslims, but also the Persians and Mesopotamians. All early civilizations had recognized it as the symbol of the goddess Venus. Thus, by adopting the eight-pointed star as their definitive cross design, the Templar’s were revealing their own special affiliation to the goddess Venus and her path of alchemy.
Seems even the Even ha’Shettiya appears to have most of the criteria needed to be Lucifer’s Stone of Heaven, except two. It is not an emerald, not has it dropped from the sky. There are, however, Islamic and Persian legends that ostensibly assign it these characteristics. These are intriguing myths referring to a mountain in the center of the Earth, called Mt. Kaf by the Arabs and Mount Albourz by the Persians, that may be synonymous with the Even ha’Shettiya and the Temple Mount it sits upon. Mt. Albourz, state the Persian scriptures, was the first stone or mountain on Earth; it was the original “Holy Mountain of GOD” and the axis mundi in the center of our planet. From Albourz evolved all the other mountains around it, like saplings spouting from the central tree. In this regard, the Bundahishn, the Persian Book of Creation, states: “First Mount Albourz arose…in the middle of the Earth; for as Albourz grew forth all the mountains remained in motion, for they have all grown forth from the root of Albourz.”
The Muslims central mountain is Mount Kaf, which is considered by most researchers to be an alternate name for Mt. Abourz. Mt. Kaf is mentioned in some of the most important scriptures of Islam, such as the Araisu’t Tijan, which states: “GOD Most High created a great mountain from a single emerald. The greenness of the sky is derived from it. It is called Mt. Kaf. Thus, when taken together, the Islamic and Persian legends anoint Albourz-Kaf as the primal mountain in the center of the Earth that was formed out of an emerald. Since a mountain made of pure solid emerald has never been found, the green mineral matrix of the primal mountain of the Persians and Muslims may simply refer to its alchemical property of uniting the polarity of Heaven and Earth as an axis mundi just as the green color unites the polarity within the color spectrum. Thus, from this perspective, the Even ha’shettiya and the Temple Mount is sits upon qualify is both an “emerald” mountain in the center of the Earth and Lucifer’s mythical Stone of Heaven.
The Philosophers Stone

All the Stones of Heaven so far mentioned are naturally occurring, but strictly speaking, a Philosopher’s Stone is synthetic. This fabricated version of the Stone of Heaven have the same alchemical properties as its naturally made cousins, and it can even be said to have come from Heaven to Earth. This is because part of the process of its creation in a lab involves sending the lighter parts of an alchemical compound to “Heaven,” a name for the top of the test tube, and then reuniting it with its heavier parts on “Earth,” the bottom of the vial.
-Water Stone of the Wise-
In brief, the process of creating the Philosopher’s Stone involves the classic thirteen stages of alchemical processing, during which the material substance called the Philosophical Mercury that contains properties that reflect the universal male principle and Spirit is united to a second substance, called the Philosophical Sulfur, which possesses substances that are mixed together into a alchemical compound, which is then placed in a test tube and heated until “dead.” At that time its watery, Mercurial Spirit rises to “Heaven” at the top of the test tube while leaving a lifeless ash on “Earth” at the bottom of the vial. This remaining inert mass, known as the Prima Material and acknowledged to be a reflection of the “First Matter” of the universe, continues to remain on “Earth” until the test tube cool and the vaporous Spirit comes back from Heaven to unite with it, thus completing the alchemical union. The final steps of this alchemical process is cryptically detailed by Thoth-Hermes on his Emerald Tablet as: “…The Impalpable (is) separated from the palpable. Through wisdom it slowly rises from the world to heaven (from the base to the top of the tube). Then it descends to the world, combining the power of the upper and the lower. Thus you shall have the illumination of the world, and darkness will disappear…”
*NOTE*-It is rarely noted by I have found that Mercury is used by many alchemists, and it seems even UFO’s use this as one of their energy sources.*END*
The result of the Heaven/Earth reunion is the Philosophers Stone, a rock-like substance that is normally red in color and fiery like the blazing conflagration that was kindled at the time of the Big Bang. Among the alchemists of Medieval Europe, the Philosopher’s Stone was usually fiery red, the color of purification and destruction, but in ancient Egypt it was often black, which is another color associated with destruction. Alchemists in both areas normally ground up their Philosophers Stone and scattered the dust over a base metal so its transformative power could “kill” the metal and transmute it into gold. By this practice, many Medieval alchemists of Eruope, including Raymond Lully, Nicholas Flamel, and Wenzel Seilor, are reputed to have converted base metals into gold. Flamel, as well as the alchemists Saracen Artephus and the Knights Templar chief, Saint Germain, also used Philosophers Stone to engender human longevity and immortality y making it into an Elixir of Immortality, or by simply placing the Philosophers Stone in the proximity of the human body just as the ancient mystery schools had once done with their meteorites. Similar to a meteorite, the synthetic Philosophers Stone would engender heat within the Root ot Maladhara Chakra, thereby awakening its indwelling Kundalini and beginning the process of alchemical transformation.

Although a Philosophers Stone is efficacious in the awakening if Kundalini, almost any red or black mineral has to a certain degree, the same potential for activating the inner alchemical power. Naturally occurring minerals with the strongest stimulating influence of this nature include black tourmaline, which strongly activates the electromagnetic field, and obsidian or volcanic glass. Since it is made from red-hot magma from the bowels of the Earth, obsidian possesses both a black color and the “vibration” of heat and transformation. It is the Stone of Vulcan, the smith god and patron of alchemy who lives within the volcanoes.
Crystal Skulls

-One of the 13 Skulls-
Clear quartz also process an electromagnetic influence that is stimulating and transforming like a Philosophers Stone and must therefore be recognized as manifestations of the Stone of heaven. These rocks can be conceived of as coming from the Heavens because they are captured and solidified clear white light. Like the white light, crystals have a full spectrum of properties, including alchemical transformation, a property that is enhanced by their atomically matrices of silicon dioxide molecules combined into tetraedrons, the sacred geometrical forms that generate transformative fire. The terminations of crystals, which often slant at the same alchemical angle of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, 51°, also contributed to their transformational property.
Quartz Crystals have an ancient association with the Knights Templar, who were reputed to have used crystal skulls in their rituals. According to author and researcher Frank Dorland, one of the most famous crystal skulls on Earth today, the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, may have been in the possession of the Templar’s. This skull, which is reputed to be one of the thirteen crystal skulls that once resided on the continent of Atlantis before becoming the property of the occult priesthoods and secret societies around the globe after the continent sank, somehow ended up with the Templar’s who transported it to Belize where id was later found by Mitchell-Hedges, an initiate of Freemasonry. Dorland’s assertion of an ancient visit by the Templar’s to the Western Hemisphere may not be as outlandish as it seems since stone slabs carved with Templar crosses were recently discovered in Patagonia that revealed that the Knights Templar may have visited the North, South, and possible Central America in the past.

The Templar’s ritual skulls are said to have been made of precious metals and human bone covered in gold and/or silver. Some of their skulls may have been their own deceased brethren, a notion implied in the Holy Grail rendition Pervlesvaus, wherein a Grail maiden is portrayed leading a cart that holds the heads of knights sealed in gold, silver, and lead. We may never know the nature of extent of the Templar’s skulls, however, because most of them were hidden previous to the Knight’s arrest in the 4th Century and the closest the Inquisition’s raids on the Templar’s commandaries came to finding an intact skull were two silver-encased skull bones. These were found in the Order’s Paris temple and were supposedly those of a small person, perhaps a female. They were encased in gilded silver and then wrapped in a cloth of white linen.
There are, however, references in the Templar documents and the Knight’s own testimonies extracted by the Inquisition that alluded to the skulls possessed by the Order. A skull of gold or silver was mentioned in the testimony of a Knight from Burgundy in 1307, who claimed to have seen it when it was being taken out of its cupboard during an important Templar ceremony at his temple, which was a daughter lodge of the Grand Priory of Champagne at Voulaine. Another metallic skull of the Templar’s apparently came from Asia Minor, is alluded to in the following unusual legend: “A great lady of Maraclea was loved by a Templar, a Lord of Sidon; but she dies in her youth, and on a night of her burial, this wicked lover crept up to the grave, dug up her body and violated it. Then a voice bade him to return in nine months time for he would find a son. He obeyed the injunction and at the appointed time opened the grave and found a head on the leg of the skeleton (Skull & Bones). The same voice bade him “guard it well, for it would be the giver of all good things.” It became his protecting genius, and he was able to defeat his enemies by merely showing them a magical head. In due course, it passed into the possession of the (Templar) Order.
The famous skull and crossbones motif normally associated with pirates is often said to have originated with this skull from Sidon, but it was probably much older. This haunting motif, which we today associate with poison, was most likely a symbol related to the earlier alchemical rites of the Templar Knights. During these early rites, skulls were used representing “Caput Mortumm” or “Dead Head,” which refers to a stage in alchemy preceding creation of the Philosophers Stone.”
The most important skull or head used in the rites of the Knights Templar was known within the Order as Baphomet. This most sacred of heads, which many of the Knights alluded to during their depositions preceding their French trial, may have been that of Jhon the Baptist, whose head was acquired by the Templar’s as part of treasure they looted from Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade.

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  1. John

    Check out the Forbidden Letters to Philip Gardiner at World Mysteries. There the mystery is solved.

    March 26, 2012 at 9:54 AM

    • John-
      I read these letters-my opinion is that no ‘stone’ or kundalini fire of any type is going to produce immortality. The only avenue to achieve such a goal is through the One and Only-Jesus Christ, Son of the Most High GOD. It certainly is not via these false messiahs either.
      A spiritual balance in not given just in material means but through the blood of Jesus Christ, via the Holy Spirit. This is a temporary balance due to the fact that this world is NOT our home, our home is in the supernatural with GOD.
      I do not believe in physical immortality, and no amount of Alchemy will change this fact. Before these so called ‘illuminated ones’ reach this our world we currently live in will be history. Souls/Spirits will exist.
      To quote LETTER ONE-“By the way, your man is a gay man. Born on the 17th of January. In possession of that very special balance in microcosmic male and female forces. A balance never possessed by heterosexual men. And your stone is Christ”
      This is utterly ridiculous and absurd. The Bible states clearly-no man is to lie with another man, period.

      March 26, 2012 at 12:49 PM

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