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On Saturday 26 November 1977, at 5.10pm, TV news in the Southern UK was interrupted by a strange transmission.

A few comments:

*Nobody has owned up to the broadcast as yet.

* Ashtar Command are a genuine and very popular UFO contact cult, based around channelled messages from Ashtar. The alien’s name, Vrillon, sounds like a twist on Vorilhon – Claude Vorilhon, aka Rael is the founder of the peculiar French free love and UFOs group, the Raelians. His own contact experience took place in France in 1973. But does it say Ashtar or Asteron? (see Fotean Times item below)

* If you’re out there Vrillon, we’d love to hear from you – how about an interview here?

And this from Fortean Times #24, Winter 1977

“Mention must be made here of an event that startled several thousands of TV watchers in Southern England. At 5.06pm, just as the news was being read on Saturday evening, 26 November 1977, a deep voice, accomapnied by an eerie booming sound likened to a “hollow drumming”, drowned out the newscaster’s voice and delivered a short message…

This is the voice of Asteron. I am an authorised representative of the Intergalactic Mission, and I have a message for planet Earth. We are beginning to enter the period of Aquarius and there are many corrections which have to be made by Earth People. All your weapons of evil must be destroyed. You have only a short time to live to learn to live together in peace. You must live in peace… or leave the galaxy.

Somehow the originators of the message had jammed the sound signals frmo Southern TV’s transmitter at Hannington, Wiltshire, so viewers from Newbury and Reading to Winchester and Andover heard the weird voice superimposed over the ITN news bulletin. It caused sufficent panic for SOuthern TV to put half-hourly announcements insisting that it had been a hoax and that the planet was not being invaded. Predictably the IBA and Post Office took a rigid humourless stand, vowing prosecution of the culprits… and if the planet had been invaded we’d like to have seen them try!

Whoever did the deed knew their stuff, for the android (as one Post Office representative persisted in calling the mystery voice) needed sophisticated equipment or techniques to break into and dominate a TV transmission. One perceptive letter in the Times pointed out that if this was the first time this had ever happened in Britain, as the IBA claimed, then how could they be sure it was a hoax? Inexplicably the News of the World and Daily Mail call the owner of the voice ‘Gillon of the Ashdown Galactic Command’ and that he said “Unless the weapons of Earth are laid dow, destruction from outer space invasion will quickly follow”. We hope their regular news reportage is more accurate than that, for the indication is that they’ve simply invented a more shocking message. The Sunday Times claimed to have tracked down a student group who invented a new type of transmistter (for £80) which can ‘hich a ride’ on conventional transmissions. But again, how can they be sure that this isn’t a bandwagon hoax?

Incidentally, we’re sure you noticed that the ‘entity’ and message closely conform to the messages given to UFO prophets, psychic sitting groups and contactees (see UFOs:John Keel’s Operation Trojan Horse and Clark & Coleman’s The Unidentified for discussions of names and messages from UFOs). Whoever perpetrated the hoax had done his homework; especially if he was a terrestrial. Of course the massive TV publicity of the imminent Star Wars must have reinforced its effect for those ripe for the salvation-from-the-stars belief. One professor (quoted in the Carlisle, Penn Evening Standard 3 Dec 1977) said that the reference to Aquarius proved the message was a hoax… he reasoned that as the most intelligent body on Earth, the scientists, do not believe in astrology, then ipso facto intelligent life elsewhere would not believe in it either.”

Transmissions are contact which are definitely controversial but also intriguing. Can we be certain this is ‘aliens’? No, but is anyone certain? I think the governments of the world are because they have been in cahoots with them for decades.

Did an article on a letter/channel from the Galactic Federation of Light about their CONTACT date. This is in addition to that.
They are giving us the date of AUGUST 4, 2012 and the location being: LONDON OLYMPICS.

I read recently that the reason for the CHEMTRAILS is not only to make us sick but for them to hide the ‘alien’ presence. Then, another interesting comment was that it will be used to initiate the BLUEBEAM experience.

VRIL & VRILLON seems to be a match made in heaven! They are both the same entities, I believe. OF course, I’ve said this before.
VRIL is a shortening of VRI-IL which means “Like God”. But this is their favorite thing to do isn’t it? TRY TO BE A god!
Officially, Vril was “The All German Society for Metaphysics” which merged with the THULE GESELLSCHAFT and the obscure DHvSS (Men of the Black Stone) in the year 1919.
I believe these people to be ALL one in the same. Hitler was in contact with ‘aliens’.
They believed in “Hollow Earth;

So here are some additional links which correspond to this subject matter;

FIRST-Let’s address that AUGUST 4, 2012 is President Obama’s birthday, now if this has anything to do with it…I dunno. But, I will tell you I don’t think he is like ANY President we have EVER had.
This next link is interesting in that it is called, “Sangreal”, this is supposedly the bloodline of Jesus Christ, but obviously this is the ALIEN VERSION!   Also take note that this seems to be conducted by a ‘new ager’ due to the definitions used. Is this a Tower of Babel? It gives the date of August 4, 2012.

This one is interesting too!
Blue Beam Discussion;

I think it interesting how it lasted 6 minutes!
Same version but in text form. BUT, this actually tells you it is the GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD. This is important because it closes the gap between the theology of the FREEMASONS and the ASCENDED MASTERS, being one in the same.

Saturn NASA Transmission-DECODED

I think with the INFESTATION of demonic activity, there is no doubt that we are receiving conversations NOT OF THIS WORLD!
Now, I would like to address PHONE CALLS-it seems that people from around the world are getting interference in their phones! Not just any interference but the demonic kind;

Carl Sagan Message Turned Crop Circle


We definitely can include ghosts/demonic activity as ‘alien’ but I only gave two here because I’m working on a larger article for this subject.

Actual Account of GHOST Activity

Police Officer Accts of Entity

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