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This article interrupts my regularly scheduled articles! The level of events which are happening around the world have exponentially increased to the degree which the governments cannot cover-up any longer.
I am writing this article, which interrupts what was previously going to be published here. It can’t wait any longer.
People need to realize the sounds in the skies are NOT natural. And they are being misconstrued as “heavenly sounds from GOD” but they ARE NOT.

Let me take a second to refresh your memory on a book which was released in 1898 called, “War of the Worlds” by H. G. Wells. Written as a psychodrama in which it details the conflict of a war between mankind and the extraterrestrials. It was the first of a two-book series. The first being: “The Coming of the Martians” and the second, “The Earth under the Martians”.

File:Young Huxley RN.jpg

H. G. Wells was a student of Thomas Henry Huxley, who was a major influence upon him. Huxley was commonly referred to as ‘Darwin’s bulldog’, due to his vigorous defense of Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection.
The fact that Huxley has his hand in his jacket in this picture obviously placed him in membership of the Freemason’s.  I question his theology. Although he frequently discussed this, he was known to have coined the term ‘agnostic’ to describe his views.
What does this have to do with H.G. Wells? I think it weighs in the validity of the books which H.G. wrote. I think this determines his reasoning behind the plots of his many books. Was this a conspiracy from the get-go?

Definitely a possibility. Did they know of the extraterrestrials existence? I think so.
Next, we have the American radio drama anthology series “The Mercury Theater on the Air”.
Full Length Video
It was performed on Halloween, no less! On the date of October 30, 1938, and aired over the Columbia Broadcasting System radio network. It was narrated by actor and future filmmaker, Orson Welles, the episode was an adaptation of H.G. Well’s novel. Panic was reported to have spread among listeners who believed the news reports were real.

Orson Welles was a celebrated Shakespearean stage actor and accomplished magician. He was considered a man of the LEFT throughout his life, and considered himself to be as ‘progressive’. These views are generally more egalitarian which promotes revolutionary movements such as socialism, anarchism, and communism.
A movie, “Black Magic” starring Orson Welles, glamorized his life and certainly leaves one wondering if he was into the occult.
Was he a Freemason?

Well, research of many come to the conclusion that he was by the symbolism he used in his films. He definitely has friends in high places. He was said to have been friends with President Harry S. Truman, a 33rd Degree Mason. HERE


In fact, you MUST take the time to read many of the works on this site!
The fact is we were brought up in this world with people we know very little about. We live in a society where these secret groups run the banks, hospitals, and every avenue with a mindset of a ONE WORLD collective. But, I digress.
My point to these additions of biographies is to form a connection between their mindsets.

In both the old and new movies, we have a scene which I will give a video to emphasize the sights and sounds;

Jul 31, 2012

I give you a page solely produced for these sights and sounds:

I found this while conducting research for the strange sounds article in conjunction with this one;

BUT<, I want to say this…..these ANUNNAKI are not our makers/creators!
BREAKING!! 8-1-12 UFO WAR!!!

So, we have pre-programming? Or is this prophecy in reality? Do we have man-made engineering which is providing the means to allow prophecy from the Bible to become a reality for religious control of the masses? Maybe a fake ufo invasion? Or, is it possible that GOD really is warning us via the earth’s natural sounds? Or is it a little of both…a REAL invasion of cloaked UFO’s (demons) with the technology to control their manifestations until the time is given to do so?
I tend to think it’s a matter of the supernatural kind. The choice is yours to think what you will, of course.

“The Martian” in Woking-

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